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  1. You do know there are klansmen in major branches of politics, right? Lowly street gang member is hardly an appropriate comparison.
  2. So the Huddle is your racist safe space while RealGM is where you simmer down and not post like a bigot. I wonder why.
  3. rico6

    Cam Newton

    We go by “Cans” now, catch up, hubby.
  4. “I didn’t vote Trump, yet I represent. everything he and his base enthusiastically represents” You ain’t fooling anybody.
  5. Not really, @Montsta said he’d gladly vote Trump back into Office and would have to be thoroughly convinced otherwise to not vote for him again. My first response wasn’t to pin him as a racist or Nazi; it was initially shock and awe that this is how low the standard for being a President has gotten, and how Trumps base is a disillusioned mess of a group. Fry is digging in to you pretty hard rn. So don’t bother responding, but it’s simply food for thought.
  6. Apparently the burden is on us to discern through the ABUNDANT veiled racism, sealioning, and bad faith arguments to confirm if someone is in fact a Nazi/Racist Basically.
  7. left-leaning folks I’ve witnessed around here don’t practice this. I see a group of fine people who don’t appreciate White Nationalism and proudly speak against it. For a non-nazi you sure do have a strong sense of white knighting for those who speak against that heinous group.
  8. The term Nazi is being loosely used, yet you describe a completely traditional and casual Nazi in your post? Im confused. Is it such a tall order for those who “don’t” co-sign with White Nationalism/Supremacy to speak out, abhor, and be against it? You lot must have some sympathy for one another to continue this tired ass both sides commentary.
  9. God damn this is scary poo. Trump has created a disease that needs to be killed. ASAP.
  10. rico6

    My million dollar idea

    Saha is unhinged af right now.
  11. rico6

    Devin Funchess: JAG

    Never saw Moose as a big slow possession type.
  12. GG. Knew we were gonna get smacked up early. Team looks dead.
  13. Cam got benched for a tie. Brown needs to be suspended until the 4th Quarter imho.