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  1. Lmfao. harbs are you ever on the right side of anything, ever?
  2. Good god this place is fuging shameless
  3. Dude is literally saying “yeah the KKK is bad, but what about those other guys?” . You can’t make this poo up, man.
  4. I used to think dude was outright trolling, but his content went over-my-head at the time.
  5. Incel culture is at a premium high right now
  6. Oh wow. White Nationalists are a sick, sick bunch.
  7. It’s ban-worthy to call ECAT tier poo knockers a racist now. ok zod
  8. Oh my Any of our resident bootlickers want to address this?
  9. Didn’t you know? Kanye is the ambassador of this monolith called “the blacks” and apparently he’s owning them pretty hard right now.
  10. Tim Allen is a snitch. And “hood” credit? Good God you must be 16 or some poo.
  11. Isn’t the illustrator Australian too? The same place that outright hunted the Aboriginal Populace until the 70s. Wouldn’t expect any less from those colonizers.
  12. Why are you promoting this guy like he’s a modern day Tupac? Dude would literally go on interviews, guest appearances and performances lifted out of his skull. He kept very shitty company and made poor choices leading to his unfortunate death.
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