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  1. Lmfao. harbs are you ever on the right side of anything, ever?
  2. Good god this place is fuging shameless
  3. Can’t wait unti the Panthers sign Kaep to rid the fan base of these hot take degenerates stinking up this place. Seriously.
  4. Colin is a genuinely good guy outside of football. Don’t see why you’d dislike him personally. That’s just petty and weird.
  5. lmfao, scot still doing his best to play devils advocate for no payoff. Getting rid of racists is always a net positive. Not sure how one even says something so blatantly dishonest.
  6. It’s so fuging obvious the moderates of this fan base hate the guy beyond football reasons. I pray Colin is signed not only for this team to remain competitive if Cam is out, but also to cull the bigots that are now running rampant around here. Who I’m almost positive would bail on the team if he is indeed signed. Ill forgive Tepper for not axing that ignoramus; Rivera, but getting CK onboard would be just as awesome.
  7. Obviously. Reid is talented, young and a spirited leader for this young secondary. Hopefully the front 7 woes are addressed this offseason so we can see the backfield finally feast.
  8. Win for the good guys, hopefully this sets a precedent for the NFL’s players and our Nation that fighting for your rights and remaining steadfast despite all negativity can pay off both figuratively and quite literally. Colin will be on the winning side of history when it’s all said and done.
  9. Dude is literally saying “yeah the KKK is bad, but what about those other guys?” . You can’t make this poo up, man.
  10. So there was blackballing at play here. fug the NFL. Great news for Colin.
  11. How is this @New momentum troll not fuging banned yet? All he does is shitpost.
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