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  1. rico6

    This is what MAGA has given birth to...

    @Verge thinks we shouldn’t condemn these little assholes. fug anyone who defends Trumpers and their ilk.
  2. rico6

    ABCB is the only rhyme scheme

    Oh wow. White Nationalists are a sick, sick bunch.
  3. rico6

    This is what MAGA has given birth to...

    fuging yes they were asking for it wearing that god damned stupid MAGA poo.
  4. Even Norman knows how sad it is to see that lol
  5. rico6

    ABCB is the only rhyme scheme

    It’s ban-worthy to call ECAT tier poo knockers a racist now. ok zod
  6. So tired of these sanctimonious concern trolls who pop up to say pointless drivel like this. Huddle has a million problems, 1-2..maybe 3 posters saying KYS is probably the last thing keeping other users up at night.
  7. @Truck Stick yippee another racist troll following me around
  8. Secondary’s hasn’t ranked beyond the 20’s going on 4 seasons now... let that sink in
  9. The Huddle is so racist and beyond help at this point.
  10. rico6

    For those who don't want the border wall

    Took long enough for the conspiracy tripe to spew
  11. rico6

    For those who don't want the border wall

    Or pedophiles
  12. Aside this season where the options for vertical passing is abundant, Cam unfortunately played with an injury limiting certain aspects of his passing. Besides this season and Ginn’s departure there were essentially no viable, consistent options for what you’re trying to slam him for.
  13. Question, with no Ted Ginn who in the flying fug was Cam going to “sling the deep pass” to anyways? The entire premise of your argument just fails. Cam’s deep ball numbers are average because of the SEVERE lack of talent on this team. But I’m sure Tom Brady, Drew Brees, Rodgers would have made the best tasting chicken salad with the absolute chicken poo that’s been thrown out on gamedays by this football club.