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  1. It was clearly 50/50 If Edelman does NOTHING the ball hits the dirt.
  2. NE’s offense is literally Cam or nothing. They need to make a move pronto.
  3. My expectations for this season were already super low. Honestly at 3-4 I feel as if the team has already overachieved. We’ll steal 2-3 wins from other tanking teams before season’s end which is what I expected to begin with. The competitiveness and offensive 180 is what has blown my mind so far.
  4. Blitz blitz blitz. moleface needs to eat turf in the 2nd half or this is going to be a fuging shootout. This team does not win shootouts.
  5. Funny. When we aren’t playing the trash cans of the NFL we look like absolute poo.
  6. If this god damned team don’t go OL for like the first 3-picks in the draft... enough is fuging enough
  7. Robby looks good because he’s fuging good. Wtf lol.
  8. If “one of the best” in the NFL has a 6/5 TD ratio then we’re in for some dark ass times
  9. Defense kept this team in the game. If the 1st round pick is dropped (YET AGAIN) on a defensive player I’m gonna vomit
  10. These fuging weird as fandom gatekeepers seriously need to fug all the way off this god damned site. It’s irritating as fug. referring to you @PantherOnTheProwl1523
  11. If we aren’t playing Bottom Feeders expect this type of result almost every time.
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