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  1. Lol at those thinking Bellicheat was gonna waste a prime top 5 defense on a tanking year lmfao. honestly, if that rookie pans out and Cam gets at least mediocre offensive line, Patriots are going to be scary good.
  2. Total class. Meanwhile Cam gets a half-assed Instagram post from our PR team. Ah well, back to irrelevancy.
  3. Rhule quite literally has everything working against him as a first time NFL coach. Finishing above 8-8 in the next 2-3 years should heralded as a success for him and the franchise. If Brees and Brady retire by then that’s the only way this team even sniffs a playoff berth.
  4. You poo’d a post where I condemned white supremacy lol. Shut up.
  5. I mean, Cam did make folks like Igo and the roaring riot money and relevancy when he tore through the league in his MVP season. That’s probably the least that could be done lol.
  6. This fan base is gonna deserve going back to irrelevance and being the laughingstock of the division until Brees and Tom retires. Honestly, I think they want it. Badly.
  7. Can we just round up all the clowns that said some silly poo like this so we can point and laugh at them like the clowns a they are.
  8. Cam was fuging breaking records with Legatron for god’s sake. He’ll be good.
  9. Lmfaooo. Screw that dumb ass boomer and others like him. Black People aren’t monolithic and honestly it’s about as discriminatory and insulting like the Black on Black crime Red Herring.
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