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  1. I never agree with Harbs, but this "announcement" screams contingency plan when the fruits of this rebuild rot and amount to nothing. But like @TheRed said, all we can do is watch and see.
  2. oh my god shut up lol. Nobody is watching the product that's going to be put on the field next year anyways. When Tepper unceremoniously cuts/trade Cam the stadium is gonna be half filled with out of towners anyway.
  3. Hopefully Cam goes to a contender and gets a ring. He shouldn't be subjected to this bullshit. Panthers are clearly dead-set on being a bottom feeder for at least the next 2 seasons.
  4. lol, I remember working a retail gig in college about 10 or so years ago (jesus how time flies) and I remember heading to the back-of-house area where I normally worked and saw Smitty with his kid looking at bicycles, (from previous experiences and first-hand accounts I knew not to approach the guy) so I gave him a simple head nodding gesture and smiling ear-to-ear while doing it and he straight up fumed and stormed out the department only for my Manager to approach me about an hour later and fire me. Smith is a bitch.
  5. Well...another Snake thread I wouldn't print on paper and wipe my ass with bites the dust
  6. I get what you're trying to do, but if the first orders of business is to resign Boston and pay Braderry 10+ mil then you're GM'ing horribly wrong. I've yet to see a single justification for the Grier pick since he was drafted. None. I was a Hurney can for his last offseason up throughout the draft, but this season showed what the man is for what he is. A fraud.
  7. And I'm sure Tepper is Richardson's progressive plant. Keeping Hurney dispite his machinations leading this team to straight up NFL purgatory. Oh and the statue thing is still really fuging weird. Is that claused in or something in the bill of sale or whatever? fug this team.
  8. Rivera is nothing without Cam. Can't wait to see the poo show he orchestrates next.
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