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  1. If Tepper doesn't absolutely clear house of this Richardson era stink, I think I'll just mail in next season and do something else. I know, I know, rain drop in the Pacific ocean, but good fuging Lord.
  2. If this thread is "stupid poo that keeps you from posting here" I can only imagine the white hot rage you get reading this shite
  3. At least the alts aren't an assault on our intelligences like "ByeCam7" or "StylewithKyle"
  4. The Grier pick was unforgivable.
  5. If Cam's out after this season this team will be damn near unwatchable Better get used to the stadium being half filled with out of towners every weekend, Tep.
  6. So the entirety of GJBC's content is wiped? That's epically heinous. Took a few weeks off to see if this forum would get its poo together. Clearly it has not. And +1 @TheRed for comparing the bullying tactics imposed on KT being applied here. History repeats itself yet again.
  7. Honestly, this team needs to tank let the rentals go and finally go ALL in on the offensive side of the ball for once this offseason.
  8. The term "Cam lovers" should honestly be a ban worthy offense because it's so damned stupid.
  9. What killed me was "I can live with the red zone TO" commentary by the OP (and countless others in the thread) I mean the standards we accept for this team/fanbase are absurd
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