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  1. Yes Cam was injured and did not play well. How about Directly comparing the defensive performances also...we'll wait.
  2. This is the bullshit narrative that is floated out when people are called out for their unjustifiable ignorance in regards to Cam and what he means to this franchise. It's lazy.
  3. You don't remove a hot hand. With that being said. Neglecting to talk about how stellar the defense has been playing and behaving as if Allen himself has been responsible is just a desperate act of a particular contingent of this fan base.
  4. I didn't use the term racist in my post. Where arw you getting that from? I guess guilty dogs bark.
  5. You are so triggered, you can't process the fact i'm talking about people like you.
  6. The fact that Allen can't be successful without it being a commentary on an INJURED Cam is disgustingly telling. Even more shameful is how it's allowed to continue unabated.
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