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  1. You've got him fantasy too huh. Yeah , i was pissed. Lol
  2. That's definitely more understandable. Depending what part of the area you're in could make a big difference. I guess i was just thinking more of the actual time it takes from Rock Hill to Charlotte, and didn't factor as much the entire area surrounding Charlotte, which is pretty wide reaching.
  3. No worries. Just don't wanna be misquoted. Plus like I've said I think Charlotte is the logical spot, and have heard Tepper say it as well. I'm not trying to get in arguments over my commute. Lol
  4. Nowhere did i say i make it to uptown in 15 minutes. I said i make it to Carowinds/Charlotte via 77n. Which is technically Fort Mill at the exit, but less than a minute from there you enter guess where? Charlotte, NC. Yes , of course there is more traffic heading into Charlotte during rush hour in the morning , and it even gets bad heading to Rock Hill berween 4:30pm til 6:30pm ish. So it's a huge inconvenience that everyone drive maybe 25 to 30 miles, when you were probably already doing that to begin with? North and west side slightly longer drives for sure. Getting attacked just for mentioning driving to Rock Hill isnt very far. Lol. I'm not advocating for the stadium to be in Rock Hill either. I believe it's where it should be. I don't want to lose my psls, but they are becoming practically worthless as mentioned earlier.
  5. 60-70 ish mph. I do it daily, but whatever you wanna think. Uptown about 10 from carowinds if traffic normal. I'll leave it be though. No more energy to go round and round. I said Charlotte 15 minutes, uptown maybe 10 more on a bad day for me.
  6. Sorry, forgot to quote you. I do agree it could be annoying to some depending on location in the Charlotte area. South Charlotte/Carowinds area is a straight shot down 77 and really 15 minutes or less for me.
  7. Disagree, but its relative to where you are in Charlotte. I've made the trip thousands of times 15 to 20 for me to uptown with normal traffic.
  8. Y'all do realize Rock Hill is just 15 minutes down the road from Charlotte right? Lots of teams play in different cities outside of the bigger metro areas. So to me that's a minor inconvenience. Just like being in the hot August and September sun in BOA is a minor inconvenience. Having said that uptown Charlotte is logically where the stadium should, and I believe will stay.
  9. I don't think he's all NBA by any stretch, but think he plays good D and can score also. If he's on a bad team i think his stats will go up and be somewhat inflated. I believe we still lose plenty of games, but feel like he takes us out of top 3 lottery to mid to late lotto levels. I think he makes our dumpster fire of a team too good for now. Lol
  10. You had too much faith in MJ. I thought you worked for him at one point. Lol
  11. The weird thing is that the Bobcats/Hornets had no issues cutting ties with him, Gerald Wallace and the rest of that supporting cast after one of the teams most successful seasons, but held their cards too long with the Kemba situation. I really loved watching that team play.
  12. Yeah, Rozier is about to ball out if he's on a bad team since he'll be playing for a contract. I could easily see a D-Russ type season from him. Which will make the Hornets just good enough for a mid to late lottery pick per usual if we aquire him imo.
  13. As far the losses i would say probably 0. I do agree with Tepper though giving his players the best competitive edge whether minor or major could help. Sporting news article from 2014 Google search pops up, and mentions from current articles and photos from the ballroom above. There's actually film of this that's been shown on the news locally when it happens. Not going to dig that deep. It's not that huge of a deal to me personally, but just cool to see everything progress.
  14. Kinda strange how you have every article that has ever been written about the team as long as it suits your narrative, but recall nothing when you're shown to be a farce. Nice work, George!
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