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  1. peteywheatstraw

    Tepper wants a roof on BOA.

    Internet tough guy huh? Symptomatic of an idiot = you and your threads.
  2. peteywheatstraw

    Tepper wants a roof on BOA.

    Have none of ya'll had your nuts roasting in stew of your own sweat in August, September and October at BOA? I'm all for this for that alone.
  3. Really good player, but dude is straight up looney tunes. Bless your heart type special.
  4. Fake rings and a fake parade is coming I bet. Lol
  5. Yes, I have family on the coast. Hugo came through Charlotte is the only reason I referenced it specifically.
  6. I think the NFL gave it to them after Katrina. We need another Hugo to roll through, and we might have a chance.
  7. Ummmm.. what? Unless they're under 10 years old they got to celebrate once already unfortunately.
  8. peteywheatstraw

    Anthony Davis will not sign an extension w/ the Pelicans.

    This is either Fred Whitfield or Mike himself. Lol
  9. peteywheatstraw

    Trade Chatter

    Probably do it, but think it only makes us marginally better. Still probably not cracking top 3 in the east imho.
  10. peteywheatstraw

    Do you watch the pro bowl?

    Hot Garbage, but for some reason I'm still watching this bs.
  11. peteywheatstraw

    Peppers might not be done.....

    I'd bring him back cause of one thing I saw Sunday. He actually looked great playing inside at DT against the run and pass. Could be valuable rotating at both spots for a cheap price, plus the vet presence for a young d lineman we draft or sign.
  12. peteywheatstraw

    I hope this is not true

    I hate it, but feel like Rivera is staying and he already knows. Why would he start pulling starters in the second half if he's fighting for his job? Trai got pulled early on and McCaffrey pulled in the 4th with time to score a couple more times. I hope the report is wrong, but looking more legit to me.
  13. peteywheatstraw

    D.J. Swearinger?

    Would love see him put the wood to Julio, Evans, and Thomas yearly.
  14. peteywheatstraw

    So How Bad Was the Defense Today?

    Player execution? I'm all for it!!! Lol
  15. peteywheatstraw

    Hornets Gameday Thread

    Kemba needs a mysterious toe injury that keeps him out most of the year, try to dump all the old guys we can, and hopefully luck into a top 3 pick. NBA would probably never give us Zion anyway. Lol.