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  1. I enjoy his game too. He seems to have really good natural instincts, and vision for the game. Love watching those floor general type pg's. Definitely needs to improve the outside shot to make it a little more respectable for others to defend. Overall I think he's a really good floor general that's gonna need a lot of shooters and guys that can get up and down to be really effective. He's a ball dominator so it was a bad fit with Bron I think for sure.
  2. I used to like Wingo before Berman took off when he was an afterthought of a reporter/anchor. Made some ok points. Now he's always spouting off some BS like he's the moral compass of the entire league. Fugg that guy.
  3. Internet tough guy huh? Symptomatic of an idiot = you and your threads.
  4. Have none of ya'll had your nuts roasting in stew of your own sweat in August, September and October at BOA? I'm all for this for that alone.
  5. Kemba needs a mysterious toe injury that keeps him out most of the year, try to dump all the old guys we can, and hopefully luck into a top 3 pick. NBA would probably never give us Zion anyway. Lol.
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