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  1. Is a long term contract for a 28 year cornerback who has only had 1 all pro year of play (in a cover 3 scheme) under his belt REALLY the best case scenario for the Panthers?
  2. I feel like PFF is the exact opposite. They are extremely objective and grade the game by what a player does good and bad. As a casual observer or a fan we can look at Cam's performance and subjectively say "well he carried the whole team on his back and willed the team to victory when it seemed everything else was against him". But the PFF team isn't interested in that sort of thing. They simply grade a player on the plays they make or don't make. I personally think PFF is great at exactly what they do, which is to give a completely unbiased, objective view of what the players do on the field. Are they always right? Of course not, but they are one of the most accurate sources for info like this around, feel like we should understand it for what it is.
  3. Just for reference do you think they didn't take the game seriously last season, or did fans not take it seriously? I feel like preseason has always kind of shown where we would be weak or strong but this season is a little more difficult to decipher. I feel like the offensive line has played tremendously but the running game has been abysmal outside of the couple nice runs from guys that won't be active on gameday and jordan todman. I also feel like the defense hasn't tackled well throughout the preseason, not in the slightest, and the pass rush has been non existent outside of a few plays, but then again its hard to criticize too much because we haven't had Johnson, Star, or KK so far. And the special teams have been awful as usual. I feel like that will continue to be an issue throughout the year, although I think we have better guys touching the ball in those situations. So for me it has been a mixed bag which means that the Patriots game should be a great test to see if all these things come together or if this team will continue to be an enigma. If they aren't perfect I won't care, but if the issues I listed above hold true tomorrow night I feel we could be in for a long season.
  4. I realize the point you are making but thinking that any receiver on the roster besides Funchess could elevate into a number one wide receive role is either crazy or just shows how long its been since we've had a true number one receiver in Carolina. No wide receiver fits the mold, has the talent, or creates the mismatches that a number one receiver provides, unfortunately Greg Olsen is our number one, the best we can hope for is for someone to step up big time and be a number two.
  5. The only problem is that teams will stack the box and come after cam hard. Three yards in a cloud of dust still ends in a punt. I'll be honest, Cam isn't Peyton or Tom Brady, he needs good/great receivers to be successful. We still have Olsen but that's really it, everyone else are role players at best.
  6. You know its funny, sometimes when a player falls in the draft further than people think it doesn't mean you are getting a steal, sometimes it means you are getting a player that no one else wanted. Look at ajayi this year, he dropped to the 5th round because of his knees and the dolphins thought they had a steal. And now he can't even move past lamichael James on the depth chart. Gettlemen might have made that pick with an eye on hardy and the situation we have now, which isn't a bad idea, but Ealy just hasn't panned out so far. But I will saysay this, I thought the entire defense played like garbage during that game. From Thomas Davis down to that Regis kid who essentially started. I don't think it means anything particularly bad, just that they need to step it up next week.
  7. This is such an interesting statement. At first I thought, this is ridiculous, but in reality it makes sense. Yes, execution shouldn't involve whether you think it will work but it definitely affects it. Imagine if your boss gives you a project that you think is doomed to fail miserably and in the process make you look stupid and incompetent...would you give it 100%? I'm not giving these guys a pass becaus ultimately, even for the worker in my scenario it is the wrong thought process, but hey, we are all human. This may be more of a reason that we give credit, stagnant offenses are generally that way because of poor execution. But in a classic chicken or egg situation, which comes first? The terrible play call or lack of conviction from the ones executing it?
  8. Igo is begging for this guy to make the team and contribute so we can listen for months how he was right about Ward. I like Ward and hope he makes the team but I'm not sure that's going to be worth it.
  9. I guess the bigger philosophical question here is if giving away trophies to only the winners of children's sports actually damaged our generation. For instance, creating a generation of people who would think giving out too many trophies make children "pansies". It amuses me when people just assume that because something was done in the past that it has to be right, especially when so many other things prove otherwise.
  10. Yeeeeeah, I guess I was more referring more to the part about the 2x Super Bowl thing. But yes you're right, he had a terrible first half to that game. And since you brought it up, here's a much more relevant stat that makes Russell Wilson who he is and what separates him from "Alex Smith". During OVERTIME in the PLAYOFFS of THAT GAME, he was 3/3, 80 yards 1 TD and won it for his team. Defense never even got off the bench. Lynch rushed twice for 8 total yards. Questions?
  11. You don't really believe that right? Like seriously? You're just basking in the Russell Wilson hate, you know, the kind that reminds me of when a friend gets a nicer car and you make fun of him because he doesn't get good gas mileage.
  12. Soooo we've gone from hating luck to hating the whole franchise? That seems about right.
  13. The thing with Bersin is that he has reached his ceiling. Hard to get excited for s guy who's at best a third down chain mover. I mean I think he's good in that role but that's about it.
  14. Agholor is one of those prospects that will go much earlier in the draft than people expect because the media hype hasn't caught up the scouting. Strong is big and fast and showed out at the combine, the media slobbered all over him and in the process made people believe he was the second coming of Megatron. But in reality, on teams boards, Agholor has probably been ahead of him the whole time.
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