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  1. How come you didn't cast your vote for that "take one in the Buttigieg" guy ??
  2. Suck it losers... shame all the way. history will win out
  3. Thing ends this week... Trump WINS Call witnesses... Trump Wins End this sh*t
  4. I try to avoid the ones listing anal seepage as an issue
  5. And Hillary would be in jail
  6. Not worried bout total wins to begin with....show me you can Rhule the division and we got a keeper
  7. If we're looking for that offensive HC...then OC won't mean so much.
  8. havent seen the Fisa report in the MSM....did I miss it ?
  9. No.....they actually mentioned the instances of wrong doing. would like to hear from the fisa judges that were duped.
  10. I saw the report on NBC evening news. Guess their part of the conspiracy as well.
  11. One is a report and the other an investigation. I'll hold out for the investigation in the months to come. Should be pretty interesting
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