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  1. Little Georgie knows this is standard procedure within the Democratic Party......Hillary paid for it
  2. Misleading headline fake news
  3. So everyone is a Joey fan.....can't wait to set thru the investigations of his family members. I'm sure y'all will be as enthusiastic about them as I will .
  4. I'm middle of the road abortion and no to late term....sep for you. they can abort you at any time
  5. Lmao....again you don't want to see what's coming
  6. Lmao good try......on to Hillary and the real criminal investigations
  7. 2 yrs and what 16-18 lawyers and how many millions.....case closed
  8. I've read threads for 2 yrs where you quoted things like you were a fly on the wall .......today the fly-swatter smacked yourass
  9. Stop the fly on the wall poo dude.... your gig is up
  10. Enjoy mofo.............happy for ya !

  11. yep...the 115 are dyed in the wool Trumpers and the "0" dems are all upstanding statesmen. got it.
  12. any Ralphie/decoder ring reference gets pie........
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