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  1. analyse him all you want and discuss his negatives and positives. He is an UDFA backup in the NFL and my hope is he wins 50% of the games he plays. He's got a good head start and hopefully he keeps the ship in the right direction till the Captain returns.
  2. better be searching for your safe space.....
  3. Give her credit for the humor. as long as the flag is not on state, gov't, etc.. Property I couldn't give two sh!ts what you do with it
  4. I'll wait till it comes from the house floor before I call it real
  5. Op was a fly on the wall during the muller report.....can't wait to get more inside info on the fake impeachment
  6. ok.....thanks for the advice
  7. LMFAO..... Trump is going nowhere and this impeachment circus is laughable. Dems are playing a losing hand.
  8. just another pissed off loser
  9. Enjoy mofo.............happy for ya !

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