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  1. No.....they actually mentioned the instances of wrong doing. would like to hear from the fisa judges that were duped.
  2. I saw the report on NBC evening news. Guess their part of the conspiracy as well.
  3. One is a report and the other an investigation. I'll hold out for the investigation in the months to come. Should be pretty interesting
  4. There are 15 names on that list ahead of Luke... i wish him luck
  5. Looks like our Ambassadors need to sharpen their negotiating skills
  6. Trump set the trap and the Dems took the bait...when this ends up in the senate the gloves will come off.
  7. No the they didn't but, they sat in the laps of the ones who did
  8. LMAO @ First day... hahahahaha
  9. Correct me if I'm wrong.... "a setting president can't be indicted WHILE in office "
  10. I'm for all rioters going to jail ... no matter the race or party
  11. All they gotta do is have the balls to call for the vote..... then we'll get to see everything... in public in the light of day. Dems won't do it because all they want to do is talk about it for 12 months
  12. Only missing one .... oh and that fat loser from Georgia
  13. Under a sanders presidency you'll get paid for doing that
  14. analyse him all you want and discuss his negatives and positives. He is an UDFA backup in the NFL and my hope is he wins 50% of the games he plays. He's got a good head start and hopefully he keeps the ship in the right direction till the Captain returns.
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