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  1. Id like to grab Moss if for no other reason than he can play right away already knowing the system.
  2. Nose tackle is probably THE most important position are you nuts?
  3. If we take Simmons with Brown and Kinlaw still there i will punch a baby.
  4. He will get knocks for his 2nd half performances. I won't knock him for that considering the poo show on offense he had to watch game after game. I wouldnt care after half time either.
  5. Really enjoy the Poe character.
  6. Big time YAC guy, breaks tackles, not that fast. Loved having him at SC though. COOOOOP!
  7. Paying a lot in year one is good with the dead money falling off after this year.
  8. Ignore me for obvious reasons when I say no. Cluck Femson.
  9. Welp at least we scored someone on our home soil right.
  10. A stationary head vs 240+ running half speed. Of course he has a concussion. That however is the only thing you're interested in and that's the problem. Him being hurt does not make the hit worse. Trying to scream and moan that I don't agree with lynching the guy for delivering a hit that he felt was within the rules is dumb in itself. The fact is I feel and a few other players would feel the hit was ok and the majority would be devastated to know it's an injury. And that likely is what sets this apart. Burfict has the reputation therefore this entire argument is moot because they'll call it just about every time whether it's borderline or not.
  11. I define a love tap as a "remember me" hit. Like i guess I would describe a love tap as the point between a shove/tackle and launching into someone. Basically what most LB/S would like to do to a receiver across the middle. But, obviously with a different outcome. Certainly not aiming for injuries one would hope.
  12. You cannot sense intent from watching the play. I'm giving you what I would see and what a lot of other players would see. You see Brown struck in the head oh burfict is a pos yada yada. I see a guy hitting a receiver with his shoulder bracing for contact after he touched the ball. Nothing more nothing less. The fact that his head was there is unfortunate but I have no reason to believe that (though Burfict is an asshat) it was intentional to cause injury.
  13. I just said he likely feels no remorse for the injury. Read it again. Yes he's a piece of poo. But on this particular play I feel it was ok.
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