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  1. People having less children solves even more problems than just that imo. Where's thanos when you need him? Quick do over anyone?
  2. Specifically for the georgia election people like myself wouldve been hammered by her tax hike. It was a case for me at least similar to the presidential election. Voting against her rather than voting for that guy. A vote for independent while an option is basically just a nothing.
  3. SCMunnerlyn1

    Luke Cage S2

    What was worse was the looney tunes ending to iron fist.
  4. SCMunnerlyn1

    Have you voted yet ?

    Looking like a win for Kemp in Ga. Abrams proposed income tax hike would've hurt pretty bad. Think she went too hard too fast or she may have won.
  5. pussy flag..pick that poo up man :/
  6. Greg got away with a push off there.
  7. Wow..that was a piss poor effort from Moore.
  8. Forgot Swearinger played for them. Love that guy.
  9. Guy just makes something out of nothing.