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  1. SCMunnerlyn1

    Captain Cut

    :'( Good night sweet prince.
  2. Center. You touch the ball more than anyone and still have to handle protections and then still do your job.
  3. I mean we've seen the matchup problems it's created in the past. The issue was the whole catching the ball thing ya know...
  4. SCMunnerlyn1

    AAF thread... Anyone watching?

    Ill be pulling for the ole ball coach. Interested to see how he does when the teams have equal talent levels.
  5. SCMunnerlyn1

    MAGA tax return season is upon us

    Both my wife and I are middle class with her having a W2 and me a 1099 for my small business. She has filed while I have not. When she did hers the only change she noted was that the automatic credit you get she said was almost double. She was unsure about the percentage because she got a significant raise compared to last year. Admittedly this will be my 1st year doing the 1099 so I can't tell you how that has or hasn't changed.
  6. SCMunnerlyn1

    Pre-Combine Take

    I would like to find a legitimate young nose somewhere in this draft. As Love gets 1 year older the wheels will fall off eventually.
  7. SCMunnerlyn1

    If we had every pick in the draft...

    Possible. First half of the season would be rough.
  8. SCMunnerlyn1

    Senior Bowl prospects of note

    Very accurate. Palmed the ball multiple times throughout his career too. One of those guys you move all around to find the matchup and he will come down with it most of the time and the YAC is there as well but like you said probably just a 4.5 guy.
  9. SCMunnerlyn1

    Senior Bowl prospects of note

    Whoever gets Deebo is getting a steal if he stays healthy.
  10. SCMunnerlyn1

    Do we need a CB?

    Id like to see captain transition some into the back 2 because he's always been a solid tackler and blitzer. He's been getting abused on quick stuff lately.
  11. If no Carolina team I would support either the Bengals or just kinda follow players from my college team.
  12. SCMunnerlyn1

    XFL fires a shot across the NFL's bow

    If the rules are similar to the early 2000s in terms of on field play i'll certainly watch.
  13. I literally answered it in my first sentence. "I can't speak for other teams. This is my opinion" All I can tell you is what I would've done. I likely would've run the ball all game long and coasted till the end and taken my better draft pick to make dealings easier for the draft. Again just my opinion. For all we know that could be considered taboo by Goodell " Don't shave points or obviously tank the game and piss off our sponsors and yada yada yada"
  14. Can't answer for other teams. Is just my opinion. I'd rather start at 9 and go back to 16 by way of trade to get more picks if i had a team with a lot of aging players. Lets say for example if everybody has their original picks and im trading with the 16 slot. Ill swap my 1,3,5 for your 1,3,4. Its nothing crazy but a team that really wants that pick may be willing to do all kinds of things far more extreme than that. The higher the picks you have the more options you have. If a player starts slipping for instance a MLB (we obviously have a great one) 16 slot may say oh hell no slot 10 needs one too andgod damn it i want that one..boom thats when you take a team to the woodshed.