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  1. Just recreate Captain Munnerlyn and make him 6'2
  2. You take the money imo. He can do more with less with his mobility. May actually be easier to build around him starting from nothing than Lawrence imo.
  3. I mean Justin Fields isnt exactly a bad consolation prize?
  4. Id like the best Mike in the 1st round or through free agency and then after that build the trenches on offense.
  5. OL had a bad day. Moore had a horrible day. Teddy played ok up until the end. That defense is way too good to not be on your game.
  6. If any if you have ever worn those gloves. There's more or less no excuse to drop a ball you have 2 hands on.
  7. Try to find his high-school highlight tape. Its literally spin move after spin move. But you know those kids aren't as athletic so its absolutely filthy.
  8. Its arguable that McCaffrey would start at one of our receiver positions as well. Makes it easier to get our best players out there when he comes back. Obviously not suggesting he play WR full time. But there will be several packages we can exploit now.
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