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  1. If no Carolina team I would support either the Bengals or just kinda follow players from my college team.
  2. SCMunnerlyn1

    XFL fires a shot across the NFL's bow

    If the rules are similar to the early 2000s in terms of on field play i'll certainly watch.
  3. I literally answered it in my first sentence. "I can't speak for other teams. This is my opinion" All I can tell you is what I would've done. I likely would've run the ball all game long and coasted till the end and taken my better draft pick to make dealings easier for the draft. Again just my opinion. For all we know that could be considered taboo by Goodell " Don't shave points or obviously tank the game and piss off our sponsors and yada yada yada"
  4. Can't answer for other teams. Is just my opinion. I'd rather start at 9 and go back to 16 by way of trade to get more picks if i had a team with a lot of aging players. Lets say for example if everybody has their original picks and im trading with the 16 slot. Ill swap my 1,3,5 for your 1,3,4. Its nothing crazy but a team that really wants that pick may be willing to do all kinds of things far more extreme than that. The higher the picks you have the more options you have. If a player starts slipping for instance a MLB (we obviously have a great one) 16 slot may say oh hell no slot 10 needs one too andgod damn it i want that one..boom thats when you take a team to the woodshed.
  5. My issue is the ability to take that 9th pick and trade it back to get to 16 and grab more stuff to fix the team. There in losing provided more options. I can see both sides though. Personally in a lost season I would want the best bang for my buck so logically the loss on paper would give me more.
  6. SCMunnerlyn1

    ************NFL important dates**********

    oooo Ima need one of these for if my college team ever does anything that doesn't make me want to projectile vomit.
  7. SCMunnerlyn1

    D.J. Swearinger?

    Absolutely LOVE the guy. Dont think we get that lucky though.
  8. Personally I take no issue with taunting no matter what it is. Think you should be able to rub your opponents nose in it. The more important penalties to me are things like clipping and chop blocks. Blatant attempts at injuring. Dude gets rocked. Taunt at him..call him a pussy..whatever. Football is a mans game after all.
  9. Whining about a hit like this is what makes me contemplate not watching football much longer. Every year the league enforces a more intense version of patty cake until eventually its flag football. You already can't play defense and a minimal amount of special teams. It was a great hit and Barner got Dicked on. It'll be ok.
  10. Oh id make fun of him forever for that.
  11. One of his best plays this year that was pretty.
  12. Yep..thats the season boys. See yall next year.