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  1. Mistake free football with this Defense is the key - We have the best player and weapon in the league with CMC !!! Do not over think it we can Trent Dilfer this Bia to the ship
  2. I am an Auburn Alum biggest Cam fan ever- man gave me a NC so will always have a special place in my heart but I’ll be damned if Kyle is not making a damn statement today. Loving this !!!! We
  3. Gano is a good kicker but he misses so many clutch kicks - Key xp and 4th quarter FGs that have cost us many games - We should have kept Butker no doubt
  4. This is funny >>>>> Great Coaches would have clock management inside of 2 minutes under control but somehow we blow it every damn time - His Vet bias and loyalty is major downfall
  5. He played the Panthers!!!!! went on a sob story about a retirement tour because he knew he would be cut for his massive CAP last year so Panthers would keep him and convinced the Organization to sign his sorry ass brother prior to that- Ma Fugg this sorry A$$ SOB
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