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  1. The sky is the limit for Luke be it coaching or broadcasting, i believe he would excel doing either one. However, for purely selfish reasons i want him to be some type of Panthers coach.
  2. I will certainly be watching and keying on Herbert during the game. I realize we need DT,OT and our other needs are perhaps more important than QB this year but i will not be upset if he is available and we select him. {" There’s a lingering sense in the NFL that part of the intrigue by Herbert is that in terms of footwork and development, there’s still a high ceiling. “ } {' I think he’s got the talent, and the ability he has is raw,”} said a veteran NFL coach. {“The guys who are quarterback developers and offensive people look at him as a lump of clay that we can do something with.” } How that clay forms this week goes a long way in forging the 2020 NFL draft.
  3. I hope the team is very,very selective in which players to resign. It wouldn't hurt my feeling if we let the whole lot walk and get a fresh start.
  4. Matt Rhule's decision to leave Baylor for the Panthers head coaching opening marks the next installment in a long series of college coaches trying their hand at the NFL level. Thought it's unknown how he will fare in the pros, we do know that the history of college coaches in the NFL is by-and-large a tale of failure rather than success but my gut feeling is that his will be a success. Even though the college to pro transition has been a perilous one for head football coaches, Rhule is smart,a leader of men and has winner written all over his makeup.. I often wonder if the hard transfer is due to dealing with adults rather than kids? Is it due to the higher win totals being harder to reach in the pros (making comparisons more difficult)? Is it the higher level of competition and talent spread across 32 teams rather than 120? Or is it due to the source of the athletic talent which is a controlled draft rather than the wide-open nature of recruiting?
  5. Brees and Ryan will be gone shortly and our division will change as we change with it, so i expect us to have a winning record in three years and playoff bound years 4 and 5. I believe Teppers will open his pocketbook and give the GM and HC the staff they want and things they need regardless of the cost.
  6. That would be a dream draft and even Hurney would have a problem screwing it up.
  7. https://phinphanatic.com/2020/01/20/nfl-qb-needy-teams-plenty-choose-free-agency/ If Cam is traded/released/retired and we don't chose to start Allen or Grier, what free agent QB would you try to obtain?
  8. I am all in for signing Christian McCaffrey to a lucrative long-term second contract this offseason if it doesn't wreck our rebuilding process However,if it looks like that would be the case put the signing off until 2021.
  9. Steve Smith one of the all time great NFL receivers and future Hall Of Famer. Retire his jersey by all means.
  10. https://spectrumlocalnews.com/nc/charlotte/news/2020/01/14/panthers-cam-newton-wins-charity-challenge--gets--25k-for-foundation January 14 2020 Carolina Panthers quarterback Cam Newton has claimed the Nationwide Charity Challenge. Newton garnered the most votes among the Walter Payton Man of the Year candidates in a social media campaign. He was able earn $25,000 for his foundation, the Cam Newton Foundation. Newton had more than 600,000 mentions while the runner up, Washington long snapper Nick Sundberg was just shy of 300,000 mentions and will receive $10,000. Minnesota tight end Kyle Rudolph finished third in the voting and will receive $5,000. "I appreciate the fans for showing support in helping me win Nationwide's Charity Challenge. I'm using this platform to enhance programs and grants that will greatly impact the community. To be nominated for the Walter Payton NFL Man of the Year Award is something that I really appreciate -- because it's bigger than football. God has blessed me and all I'm trying to do is bless others," Newton said according to an Instagram post from the Carolina Panthers. The Walter Payton Man of the Year Award winner will be announced February 1. The winner of that award will receive $250,000 donated to the charity of his choice. Additionally, all of the 31 nominees will receive $50,000 to donate to charity.
  11. Watching this great video showing why Luke Kuechly is one of the all time great NFL linebackers left me feeling proud of him but sad knowing that i will not be able to ever watch him make those unbelievable plays again.
  12. I will be pulling SF (NFC) but Mahomes and KC really look tough and explosive.
  13. Don't give up on Kyle Allen yet because he proved he can win some games even playing behind one of the worst offensive lines in the NFL. He had an impressive stretch during a four-game winning streak, completing 65.6 percent of his passes and throwing seven touchdowns and zero interceptions. Even though things turned for the worse after that, partly due to poor offensive line play and injuries on the line as well, he was still able to hold his own most of the year. He showed he could be a competent starter, at times, and was able to keep the team alive against good opponents in hostile environments (at New Orleans, and Lambeau Field in the snow). Those efforts shouldn’t be forgotten because of how things unfolded in the second half.
  14. What we do in free agency will go a long way in dictating what we do in the 2020 NFL Draft.
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