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  1. KatsAzz

    Corona Virus

    The following was on a Florida Doctors facebook page.
  2. I have no idea what his platform is and neither does that poor fellow.
  3. KatsAzz

    Corona Virus

    If you don't feel sorry for Biden and realize he has Dementia and perhaps the early stage's of Alzheimer's,then you are as stupid and hard hearted as you sound.
  4. KatsAzz

    Corona Virus

    I feel sorry for Joe Biden and the condition he is in. The DNC should be ashamed of itself for letting this poor man that obviously has Dementia and perhaps the early stage's of Alzheimer's attempt to campaign for the extremly stressful job of running a country as big as the United States.
  5. Yet another pathetic post by a person that hangs out on Tinder Box and is out of touch with reality and the real world. Pitiful Ha Ha
  6. Taking another humans life is not something to relish,even if it is warrented in a live or die combat zone. It something that a person can never forget, or would ever want to be placed in that type of position as a civilian.
  7. You sorry piece of Dog Poo,i served in the U.S,Army for eight years,,was wounded in combat serving my country,so i don't want some smart mouthed nobody like you,hiding behind a computer, telling me what freedom is about on a piss poor message board. You can take your opinion and shove it where the sun don't shine.
  8. This is (was) my response. "They don't have to fit symbols of racism, white supremacy pattern to be offensive to others. Some people wouild find flags that say Blue Lives Matters,White Life Matters,Black Lives Matters,All Lives Matters, Black Panthers, ANTIFA as well as many others." I agree these flags i mentioned (and others) may not be as offensive as the Confederate Flag but they are still offensive to some,so to level the playing field NASCAR should ban ALL flags of this type if they are sincere in treating everyone fairly. I hope this explains my view better. I agree with you that all of us have racial bias at some level, so if i jumped the gun and labled you racist unfairly,i am truly sorry and apologize for being judgemental without doing more research.
  9. You seem to be the type of person that reads what they want to believe regarding others comments, just to further suit your narrow mindset. I have stated that i dislike NASCAR and have no love or connection regarding the outdated Confederate Flag. I also believe you are racist, considering all your racist comments. This is as plain and blunt as i can state it,so if you don't understand this,heaven help you.
  10. For your shallow mind and limited information,i don't like the Confederate Flag, NASCAR or people like you that are Racist and see it in everything people do.
  11. I seriously doubt you have ever proved anything to anyone in your entire miserable life. Ha Ha
  12. No wonder the country is getting so fugged up if race baiting people like you are putting racist in kids head.
  13. Homicide is a ‘devastating plague’ on black communities, and it is time we stop ignoring it By JOHN HUDGINS FOR THE BALTIMORE SUN |APR 03, 2020 AT 2:34 PM Homicides in Baltimore are largely committed by African Americans who kill other blacks. As Michael Bloomberg ran for president earlier this year he faced criticism for his “stop- and-frisk” policy when he was the mayor of New York City. Gov. Larry Hogan was at odds with the Maryland General Assembly during this year’s legislative session over his support of mandatory sentencing for gun violations. When Hillary Clinton ran for president nearly four years ago she was forced to apologize for once saying there were predators in the black community. The reality is that homicides in major cities including Baltimore are not race neutral. Of the more than three hundred people killed in the streets of Baltimore last year, just about all of them were African Americans. The shooters (killers) were most likely black as well. This is a devastating plague acutely affecting black communities across the country. This is a devastating plague acutely affecting black communities across the country. The killings continue even as the country faces a coronavirus pandemic that prompted the governor to place the state on a stay-at-home lockdown. No one is to go out unless it is for essentials such as groceries and prescription medications. The killings don’t stop. Again it is mostly black victims. And while some people don’t want to admit it, the aggressive law enforcement tactics that some declare overbearing have worked in reducing crime. The stop-and-frisk practice in New York City was associated with a decline in homicides. When Richmond, Virginia, got tough on gun violations the homicide rate went down. By allowing gun violations to be prosecuted as federal crimes guilty persons were renditioned to federal prisons in places like Utah. This likely included some African Americans. When former Mayor Shelia Dixon and Police Chief Frederick H. Bealefeld III got tough on “bad guys with guns,” homicides in Baltimore went down. It is likely that most of those detained were black. In these three reductions in homicides, the people who benefited most also were African Americans who lost fewer sons, daughters, fathers and mothers to senseless street violence. More black people lived. This poses a real problem for the black elite and white progressives. How to address bad behavior by some black folks without denigrating the “whole” black community? Many continue to struggle to give a balanced and positive picture of black life in America. The truth is, there are some black folk who do bad things. The sad truth is that their victims are most often other black people. The attitude toward bad guys with guns is not the same in these violent neighborhoods, where people fear for their lives everyday, as it is in the relatively peaceful suburbs far away from the crime. Many African American communities are under siege by black gun-toting terrorists. Children cannot play in their yards and the elderly can no longer sit on their porches. At a recent town hall, a young black woman could not understand why her brother’s killer had still remained free on the street awaiting trial for a previous gun violation. Many of the people accused of murder in the city frequently have existing gun violations. This is a cycle that must be broken. Now is the time to reconcile, black pride, civil liberties and civil rights with the need for safe black communities. No one wants to resort to stop-and-frisk policies or mass incarceration, but something like it may be needed. Such efforts can target illegal weapons pretty much the same as stop-and-frisk efforts at major airports. This is not a problem in the larger white community, but it is in black communities and must be addressed as a problem particular to those neighborhoods. This senseless gun violence and predatory behavior should not continue to be tolerated. This lawlessness victimizes black families, the black community and future generations. At some point we need to stop letting the presumed rights of a few endanger the lives of many. John L. Hudgins ([email protected]) is co-director of the Human Services Administration and an associate professor of sociology at Coppin State University.
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