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  1. The orginal tweet was crafted and posted by Scott Fowler which means you should take nothing out of context and with a grain of salt. I mean as soon as Cam left with an injury everyone on this board should've known immediately that the media would likely pose a question to Eric Reid about signing Kap. Cam could have broken a finger nail on his non throwing hand and the media would have likely asked Eric his thoughts on signing Kap if Cam was unable to go. Fowler and other media members have just as much of an agenda as Reid.
  2. The roof would be retractable lol. So it could be left open.
  3. The Athletic has a good size Fantasy Sports team with a good library of content that keeps growing by the day. Tons of Fantasy Football articles right now.
  4. I was initially hesitant to subscribe based on some of the reasons listed (free stuff available, etc.), but I was always interested in the content that was coming out through the Athletic so I joined when they had a promotion for it at Christmas last year. Totally worth it. It's really not that much of an expense and the content is so much more compelling than a lot of the free sites like ESPN, Bleacher Report, etc are pumping out. In fact, I can't remember the last time I went to those type of sites for content. The Athletic allows you to customize your feed for teams of interest while also mixing in a bundle of great stories from their national writers and other local ones that may pique your interest. They've recently begun rolling out podcasts which have also been very good as well. I like long form and the writing quality is night and day better than the free sites. It's worth the investment to me. Don't miss those free sites at all.
  5. I'd love if Kemba stayed, but Charlotte not just throwing the maximum amount of money they can at him from the word go is ironically the most fiscally responsible thing that they have done in years. Sure, you take egg on your face in not trading him at peak value and putting all of your eggs in re-signing him only for him to walk, but you give yourself a clear direction and this team needs that.
  6. Mitch referred to Cody as a ball-handling guard in his presser which threw me for a loop because that's not how I remembered him. Always thought it was Caleb Martin who was the guard twin and Cody who had the more low post game. Admittedly didn't watch many Nevada games. He averaged almost 5 assists per game at Nevada though. For 6-7 that's pretty good playmaking ability. His highlights definitely showcase handles. He has some defensive upside too. Not sold he will be a bucket getter, but I'm warming up to him.
  7. I think Little will have more success in the NBA than he did at UNC. I totally understand why fans would not want him, but I personally think his frame, athleticism and defensive upside will allow him to have a long productive career. His shot isn't "broken", but needs work and if he can figure it out then sky is the limit.
  8. This was kinda what I expected the mindset to be going into last season. Tepper's first year as owner seemed like a clear prove it year for both Ron and Marty. They did some things, but it was pretty much status quo. Can't argue with a 6-2 start and Cam getting hurt derailed the season, but they didn't really make adjustments until it was too late so it didn't feel like a make or break year. Fortunately for them, Tepper gave them another year and boy the tone has definitely changed. Ron assuming more defensive playcalling responsibilities and Marty going out and addressing most major key needs both in the draft and free agency has been a breath of fresh air. Can definitely sense that the football brain trust knows they have to make it happen this season in order for there to be a next one.
  9. Remember in 2015 when we were projected to win 6 games and finish last in the Division and then went 15-1?
  10. Gettleman's 2016 Draft Class Rd 1: Vernon Butler Rd 2: James Bradberry Rd 3: Daryl Worley (trade up) Rd 5: Zack Sanchez Rd 7: Beau Sandland Poo emoji city
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