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  1. Unclear if it was $9M over 2-3 years or 1 year with an option, but WCS took less money to play with Golden State. Don't blame him for the decision, but......life comes at you fast. Hornets used the money they didn't give WCS on the Martin Twins and Jalen McDaniels. Not that the Hornets will be buyers at the deadline, but keep an eye on a deadline trade for WCS in February if Mitch likes him. Could be a candidate past this season to replace Biz as the team's rim protector. He's got a player option next season. Maybe trade Hernangomez's expiring with a 2nd or a pick swap. If he has a good first half though, could easily see playoff teams be interested in adding him to their bench. Young player on a cheap contract to add to your roster.
  2. The orginal tweet was crafted and posted by Scott Fowler which means you should take nothing out of context and with a grain of salt. I mean as soon as Cam left with an injury everyone on this board should've known immediately that the media would likely pose a question to Eric Reid about signing Kap. Cam could have broken a finger nail on his non throwing hand and the media would have likely asked Eric his thoughts on signing Kap if Cam was unable to go. Fowler and other media members have just as much of an agenda as Reid.
  3. The roof would be retractable lol. So it could be left open.
  4. The Athletic has a good size Fantasy Sports team with a good library of content that keeps growing by the day. Tons of Fantasy Football articles right now.
  5. I was initially hesitant to subscribe based on some of the reasons listed (free stuff available, etc.), but I was always interested in the content that was coming out through the Athletic so I joined when they had a promotion for it at Christmas last year. Totally worth it. It's really not that much of an expense and the content is so much more compelling than a lot of the free sites like ESPN, Bleacher Report, etc are pumping out. In fact, I can't remember the last time I went to those type of sites for content. The Athletic allows you to customize your feed for teams of interest while also mixing in a bundle of great stories from their national writers and other local ones that may pique your interest. They've recently begun rolling out podcasts which have also been very good as well. I like long form and the writing quality is night and day better than the free sites. It's worth the investment to me. Don't miss those free sites at all.
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