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  1. Unclear if it was $9M over 2-3 years or 1 year with an option, but WCS took less money to play with Golden State. Don't blame him for the decision, but......life comes at you fast. Hornets used the money they didn't give WCS on the Martin Twins and Jalen McDaniels. Not that the Hornets will be buyers at the deadline, but keep an eye on a deadline trade for WCS in February if Mitch likes him. Could be a candidate past this season to replace Biz as the team's rim protector. He's got a player option next season. Maybe trade Hernangomez's expiring with a 2nd or a pick swap. If he has a good first half though, could easily see playoff teams be interested in adding him to their bench. Young player on a cheap contract to add to your roster.
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