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  1. AppHeel

    bP Eats Crow on MKG

    @bLACKpANTHER I've always screamed that MKG needed to come off the bench. For all of his faults, the guy's motor never stops and I always felt like his energy and defensive ability would benefit a second unit that (traditionally) couldn't keep scoring pace with better teams. Clifford loved defense and was going to start his best defender, but I always thought that was shortsighted. Gotta tell you though, I never thought about playing him at the four. Borrego's vision in that regard needs to be lauded and I'm at the point right now to where MKG needs to be resigned after his contract ends. I say this knowing he won't be nearly as expensive on this next one.
  2. AppHeel

    Hornets in talks for Bradley Beal

    If Charlotte is intent on keeping Kemba (and it sounds like they are) then making a deal like this is essential. Charlotte is 2-18 in their last 20 games decided by one possession. Too much is dependent on Kemba to score right now and ultimately that's not sustainable over an 82 game season. Thus, we have seen Charlotte in the lottery the past 2 seasons. Adding a proven scorer/all star in Bradley Beal would elevate this team and take A TON of pressure off of Kemba to single handedly win games. Beal has a hefty contract so, in order to match salary, Charlotte will probably be able to offload a bigger contract to Washington in return. Batum is obviously the ideal contract here, but Marvin, Cody and MKG all have large contracts that could be considered as well. Once the money evens out, Charlotte will have to make it worth Washington's time. I think Malik Monk has to be included as a young shooter on a rookie scale contract that the Wizards can develop to replace Beal in the lineup. I also think Charlotte will have to part with a first round pick which, to me, is worth adding Beal. I could feasibly see Jeremy Lamb going over as an expiring contract as well, but a contract like Batum/Marvin plus Monk and 1st is a solid starting point. Make it happen Mitch!
  3. I feel like evry time I read that team X has no cap space, team X is still able to sign players some how. Until further notice, I've decided that the Cap is a conspiracy set by the NFL to fool fans and players about money availability to pay and sign players.
  4. AppHeel

    Cam Newton = Blake Bortles

    I am on Twitter so that's where I get most of the hot takes, but I'm pretty good at tuning most things out. If the Panthers lose, I've learned to just avoid Twitter.
  5. AppHeel

    Cam Newton = Blake Bortles

    I've just stopped listening to WFNZ and now trash takes like this rarely enter my life. It's amazing.
  6. Is there a way I can pie and eggplant this entire thread?