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  1. Just saw a video of Donte smoking Trae Waynes in one heat by a few steps. He could very well “win” the event.
  2. Trade for Reshad Jones in Miami and lets go win a Superb Owl.
  3. Joe Person now tweeting that our interest in McCoy has intensified, per a league source but no word on a visit... yet.
  4. Rapoport just tweeted a video saying he’s in Baltimore and right now it’s between the Browns and Ravens but if the money isn’t right for either party, the Panthers are the third team in the mix and that Carolina is closely monitoring his situation. Still hope and the interest is real.
  5. A FS 3rd round pick may not start out of the gate but he damn well would contribute on special teams immediately and push the current guys in the FS rotation. By week 4-5? Good chance he’s seeing the field in certain packages if they are able to scout even the slightest bit. You’re really prepared to ride into the season with the likes of Searcy and Colin Jones playing center field with Brees, Ryan, Julio and Michael Thomas in this division?
  6. Wow, Cam really did just unfollow the team Instagram account right after the pick was made.
  7. Smh. So many of y’all saying “but we needed a backup QB!” What is Kyle Allen again? A young, former highly-touted backup that actually looked halfway competent in limited action. If Cam goes down, Grier ain’t doing a thing to save the season regardless. Meanwhile, enter Colin Jones at FS. We enter a deep draft with two third round picks and leave the third round with a backup QB that likely won’t see the field here.
  8. Move up for Juan Thornhill and call it a night.
  9. Witnessesd the horror of that game in-person and will never rewatch it. My last memory of that night was leaving the stadium early and the parking lot being a desolate wasteland of Panther fans as Bronco colored fireworks lit up over the stadium. Just brutal from start the finish. Denver got points on the first drive of the game and I was pissed from start to finish.
  10. Happy for my buddy Thomas Duarte. We were together at UCLA and then again when he started his career in Miami as a late-round draft pick. He’s a bit of a hybrid tight end with good route running skills and his best attribute is his hands and body control in the air. Probably a longshot to make the roster, but he stuck around for a couple years on the Dolphins practice squad and made some plays in practice while I was there. Pulling for you TD!
  11. Kyle Love just posted this photo and then deleted it soon after. Hmm.
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