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  1. Witnessesd the horror of that game in-person and will never rewatch it. My last memory of that night was leaving the stadium early and the parking lot being a desolate wasteland of Panther fans as Bronco colored fireworks lit up over the stadium. Just brutal from start the finish. Denver got points on the first drive of the game and I was pissed from start to finish.
  2. Happy for my buddy Thomas Duarte. We were together at UCLA and then again when he started his career in Miami as a late-round draft pick. He’s a bit of a hybrid tight end with good route running skills and his best attribute is his hands and body control in the air. Probably a longshot to make the roster, but he stuck around for a couple years on the Dolphins practice squad and made some plays in practice while I was there. Pulling for you TD!
  3. Kyle Love just posted this photo and then deleted it soon after. Hmm.
  4. Thanks for this! That was all super helpful. I currently run 1-1.5 miles a day 4-5 times a week as my warm up when I first get to the gym. So you recommend 8-10 weeks out from the race I should really begin a strict training regimen? I mostly registered for the event to keep myself in shape this summer and force me to run and keep my fitness level high knowing I have a 10K scheduled for August. Should be good motivation to stay active and keep running consistently. I have a pair of Bluetooth headphones I like but will need something to carry my phone while on the road. I currently have a pair of Adidas UltraBoosts that I run in and enjoy but they may not be the best for me. I’ve been thinking about going to a running store and having their employees get me fitted with a shoe that’s best for my foot and running style. Luckily I am in Maine so the summers a pretty mild overall, outside of a few hot days or weeks here and there. I’ll have no clue on the weather the day of the race until a few days out. If you think of anything else let me know. Appreciate it!
  5. 6.2 Miles. The “race” is the morning of August 3rd so I have some time to properly train. I am currently in good physical condition but have always preferred to lift hard and have focused on training explosively for short durations of time. I can run a couple miles at a decent pace currently but if I tried to run 5 or 10K right now it would be a struggle and painful Any advice for a first-time distance/road race runner? What is the best way to go about training with several months to prepare? How many miles a week should I strart running so that 6+ miles doesn’t feel terrible when August rolls around? thanks!
  6. Damn, the Packers with 3 nice pick ups for that defense.
  7. Thank you Pep! Can’t wait to see you in Canton some day soon.
  8. Lets not get it twisted... he voluntarily left the hotel with police and agreed it was in his best interest to seek help for his mental well-being. A friend was worried about him and called the police in a panic. I know Takk personally and he has one of the biggest hearts and personalities I’ve ever encountered in my life. He is a crazy success story to be where he is after the obstacles he has overcome in life. He absolutely has a temper from my experience with him, but I have nothing but fond memories of Takk. Prior to being drafted by Atlanta, Takk was a huge Panther fan and we would watch Panther games together each Sunday. I wish him him the best and hope he gets the help he needs to get right.
  9. Also worth noting that Butler has very long arms and giant hands as well. If he can develop great hand use and placement, interior offensive linemen are going to struggle to get their hands on and engage him in both pass protection and run blocking. Long arms and initial burst off the line of scrimmage, especially for a guy of his weight and power are great traits to have at the defensive tackle position. I suspect the work of Coach Washington and having guys like Star and Kawann to learn from will allow his transition to the NFL to be as smooth as possible. I'm liking this pick more and more. Really excited to see how creative we can get on passing downs and backed up against the goal line.
  10. My biggest worry about a potential match-up with Arizona is their speed at receiver and ability to get vertical in a hurry. Outside of Norman, we really have no excellent cover guys that can cover the deep third of the field in a hurry. Bene isn't particularly fast, and Tillman and Harper have no business trying to run with Floyd, Brown, and that rookie out of UAB. I suspect we will drop our safeties very deep and hope the front 7 can keep the running game contained.
  11. I'm honestly not sure this has ever happened after a win, but I never ever want to watch that game again. I feel like I just got off the craziest roller coaster ride of my life.
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