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  1. Thats exactly my thoughts he’s exactly what we need to make us very hard to defense. Along with a Thaddeus Moss type of strong pass catching TE. I like the connection it’s putting us in the driver seat for negotiations people love familiarity.
  2. Not even I see some are not fans of CeeDee but once the process is over he’ll be top 15 he’s close to a Julio clone. He’s going to be the first WR taken. Oh yes Tee Higgins may sneak into the first round as the 3-4 WR taken this year there’s some talent at wideout. And more then 3 going on the first round this draft. Exactly but I’d say our defensive line isn’t that far off with the return of KK and McCoy, the addition of D Brown and a solid 4-3 DE via free agency we’re are in position to feast. Our O-line seems to need more talent infused and we need to determine what’s up with our LT. GVR needs to be a backup and if we could snag a C to start day one I’d be ecstatic. Does anyone think Paradis can play LG? Is that to far fetched?
  3. Tepper’s working on that Marty’s an excellent scout but overall GM duties may be split between him and the new guy we hire
  4. Hahahahaha this is hilarious y’all drunk posting I see. How can someone with that accuracy, pocket escapability, and touch on throws all over the field from different throwing positions be a product of anything but pure talent. Do y’all watch football have you seen the clutch throws he’s made when he had to have it. Wasn’t a system in sight when he dropped that dime after looking off the safety for their first touchdown. Don’t discredit the man to make a silly point. Trevor May be a better prospect but Burrow is right now best QB option I thought Tua but health is key and Tua has a lot of healing to do.
  5. That seems like a bad deal for us would the system equal just a third rd pick for swapping picks? This seems like a much better situation for us I want, but new ownership being a strategic man and that tear down to rebuild comment from earlier in the week. I could see us finally switching things and playing the draft to maximize our needs a trade back could add a few pieces we need. And if we have the best talent evaluator we should be able to grab a pro bowler at 13 I’d say based off the past few years picks 12-14
  6. But our trenches can be fixed throughout free agency which has been said in this thread. The whole draft is usually set up by a team’s free agency moves but I believe you add pure top talents when you can to become a top team consistently. I have a perfect example Saints 2017 draft pick 11 Lattimore CB—pick 32 Ryan R OT both excellent players but you scoop the top talent based off upside I would think. That’s how we can get the most out of our players our second pick should be a nasty OG to fill in next to one of our two LT.
  7. Draft a qb other then Herbert or Tua with the 7th pick I’m assuming both are gone by 7.
  8. I guess this discussion is over
  9. He got arrested for speeding driving a little reckless 23-25 years old with tons of money can throw off your judgment he’s good to go. Those petty charges aren’t anything to even look at he’s more then worth it. Let’s remember this is the nfl where millions get thrown around Devin Funchess made 10 million this season (contract max was 13) Roby isn’t worth Devin money?
  10. I feel this way myself but honestly do you think there’s a better option anywhere for us for next season. Because a player playing for a contract usually drops his nuts (has a good year) lol especially someone like Cam. Especially after having a substantial amount of time off. I’d expect the 6-2 Cam but more deep passes. And the price tag isn’t hefty at all that’s a key point he’s making middle of the pack money this upcoming season for a starter so it’s not to pricey to play it out. Not for another thread but I don’t think there’s a real winning option beside Cam so let’s embrace the come back player of the year.
  11. I just choose a few huddlers even though everyone seems to be extremely excited about this pick. I have one main reservation about this if we pick at OT with our top pick does that mean The best talent evaluator in the NFL completely whiffed on a trade up situation when acquiring Little . Does that mean neither of our current two the greatest talent evaluator choose are worth a dam? What does it say about evaluating talent for Marty seriously based off Tepper comments on him?
  12. If y’all haven’t you yet You must see the day Richard Sherman destroyed him second funniest episode to the day Jalen Rose almost made him cry literally and was banned from the show it was all time hilarious. He looked up his high school stats and stated you played JV as a senior and have the nerve to talk down about my career it was so epic Skip had a follow up show the next day to explain his high school career. Jalen said you averaged 1.7 points a game as a senior on JV awwww man I think he (skip) took it off YouTube it’s hard to find these days.
  13. Grier seemed extremely pro ready leading up to the draft if you follow college football he was definitely seen as a pro ready option. Being a seasoned starter in college. We definitely didn’t make it easy on him with that line play.
  14. Soooo you’re trying to tell me a much needed position with direct ties to our new coach and a owner who is showing he’s going to spend money to win. While he just made a clear reference to his old coach and he’s a free agent wouldn’t you think he sees the money? Playing in NY with Sam I see ghost or a healthy Cam the best RB in the league his old coach it’s not to left field or as extreme as Tom Brady leaving NE for us.
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