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  1. Dam it I selfishly want him to play vs Chi but I definitely understand. Pick up the dam fumble this isn’t a topic. That’s a big game as far as early playoff positioning. I know it sounds crazy but realistically boys we’re a good team about to get a lot better with CMC coming back.
  2. Dam that’s crazy I bet after this week he jumps to like number 3 once they catch wind. They’ll go back to that magical formula they have and he’ll be ranked nice and high.
  3. I agree with everything you said except more like a Stephen A...if we’re talking basketball his primary sport he’s one of the most knowledgeable talking sports head out here. That’s why he took over ESPN but he’s extra flamboyant etc etc for tv bit honestly dude b-ball iq is ridiculous. If you put these games with any context you me feel the same way can we atleast say game one was a preseason type of game. First time our coach “coached” a nfl game. And we def had chances to win. One major difference is less 3 man fronts and less Whitehead. Now that we’ve mad this adjustments we’ve seen different results. We’re on track to be a contender and I love it.
  4. Knock it off that never happens we all know that.
  5. I mean we literally lost an all pro and picked up someone who’s on his way out the dam league. This looks like his last stop playing like he did today.
  6. If your considering Burns part of the LBs because I understand what you’re saying but our strongest personnel seems to be Burns YG/Weather and KK with Brown. I see us running 4-3 primarily to keep out playmakers on the field.
  7. Shoulder, foot/toe and he’s going to need a few playmakers to actually help him get it done I hope so. See you outta control This weeks line is based of assumptions especially this year being we’ve had zero preseason to see if certain rookies dominate or are lacking. I mean let’s break down people who think Teddy can get 350 2/3 tds with OUR roster. In reality we have the best back in the game a top WR who eats up yac. I seem to remember days where DJ caught accurate slants passes and went 50 plus. What in the Hell makes you think he won’t get more accurate passes from a accurate passer. That pass vs az that day traveled 25 yards in the air that’s not a bomb actually something we should expect consistently. Did we upgrade our second WR? What about upgrades to the LT/LG? If sorry azz Kyle can get 250 2 tds you think Teddy’s on par with that. His best season do you know who his best wr was? A Dam rookie Stefon D, Adrian P was the man had what 1400 yards how many rec yards? I’ll tell you 222 lol what do you think CMC is gonna do by week 3? CMC 1300+ rush 1k+ rec do you start to see the reason we believe it may be more yards then ever before m. Second WR had 473 yards look at our 2nd WR if you don’t expect more then 473 yards you’re against the Panthers please stop the madness. 3300 yards if that’s his best season add about 1k to it based off our playmakers and scheme. It’s not hard to understand you just don’t won’t to you’re trying to argue without giving all the facts and that my friend isn’t reality dumazz. We’ll keep going later if you like we can break it down more if you don’t understand.
  8. Lmao that whole one player thing made me roll. Imagine only 50 yards for DJ when he was getting a hundred with Kyle (fumble if you touch me) playing QB. Like I’m so confused how we think we’ll be worse with upgrades at all positions on offense. Better WRs a better line and a much better QB we’re probably gonna put up a 50 burger continuing Brady’s offense dominance.
  9. This is a big fact I can see 350 3tds. Lots of yac to get him to 350. A missed tackle for DJ or CMC or even CS can add 40 yards to any catch.
  10. I’m kinda excited to see what we can get we know he’ll take his lumps but is there a time we end up with rookies who can really preform. We have pieces in place to rush the qb well from the outside and inside. With that type of pressure you just have to be able to hold your own nothing special. He’ll get beat but will he make a few pbu’s? Will he have a tip that leads to a interception as long as he not constantly getting burnt I’ll see it as a positive getting early experience. If he ends up on Ruggs I’d expect rookie vs rookie he’ll be able to make a play. I’m also expecting help from Boston who’s an above average free safety.
  11. Looking forward to a couple big runs early in the game allowing Robbie to get loose deep. I’m looking for us to move the ball at will. Putting up a 40 burger on the Raiders. Defensively I can see our guys out performing our expectations. Our O scoring early can change a teams game plan and once you become one dimensional it forces errors, tips, picks or fumbles. This may be a bad team to judge us on because they’re probably a lesser talented team.
  12. That would be huge for us. Do we then say it’s Matt knowing these guys from colleges because Hurneys sucks at round 2-3.
  13. That’s a really high standard as far as football play craziness aside but he’s play was all pro level we can’t expect all it any players to reach that level. Pro bowl is high standards but all pro whewwww
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