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  1. They actually care about their quarterbacks longevity anybody wanna pass this on to our staff??
  2. That's just hilarious but so honest since week two I've noticed Julio standing in front of him and every week since it's a easy pitch and catch situation when it comes to Munny every week
  3. trucpfan

    2019 Free Agents list

    Those de's actually make me so excited I realized we've really not developed our own talent the last few years. We've drafted players to convert a little to much but any one of those de's would be the best de on our team immediately that says a lot about our pass rushers. Adding that piece with Addy and two young hungry DE's (Cox/Obada) who should push Addy for time might be disruptive. A real safety still young enough to pass for under thirty is all I need to know sign me up lol naw it's been old and untalented o the back end for about the last six years. Breeshad Breeland might be an excellent addition especially a year later saw him last week treating Matty ice like he is a subpar qb. Edit::From post above me about Frank Brandon & Cameron as our next de
  4. Never been a negative person but it doesn't seem like a good situation for us, we might as well put his shoulder on the operation table bc after that game he's going to be dam near in a body bag. Cams arm can't win us these games can't hope to loose but I don't want to jeopardize great draft position for a drubbing opening week.
  5. I sometimes don't fully express myself this would sum it all the way up
  6. I understand situations to the fullest extent the oline has been terrible many different years understandable what do you want us to do now have sympathy those times are over, Cam doesn't do anything special that others can't do we don't need him rushing escaping defenses we need our qb to put the pass where it needs to be somewhat accurately in the mix of the defensive players barreling down on him. If our line gets a qb killed because he doesn't have time then that'll be in the offense coach and staff. But for us to say because we've had a bad line we need a cam because he's very mobile to escape the pressures we're kidding ourself. I'm focusing my argument simply on passing efficiency accurate passes ball placement prior to the shoulder becoming sore the last few weeks. He had zero passes traveling 20 yards in the air for completions. What's so hard about understanding that when you miss four basic throws to end the Washington game or a easy toss to end the Detroit game. Maybe the misses on the last Seattle drive or basic picks vs Tampa shouldn't be used as evidence because we've had a bad oline in the past. I'm not discounting anything Cam can and will do he's out of the world gifted a good qb with a few knocks but one is his inaccuracy therefore I'd like to see an average qb throwing it around to see if our weapons can flourish with not as gifted qb who can't escape a de trying to tackle him but can lead our wr into catches can scan the field and make the easy throw I'm not looking for supercam super man whatever basic poo not the greatest basic plays let the guys make the plays o appreciated the days of Cam running for seventy to ice Minnesota or whatever but it's not what we need know and it's basically killed his longevity so it's obviously not what we need.
  7. Jokingly but I mean that's how much I'm willing to support my qb throughout the years.
  8. What don't I deserve I've bought his jersey my son his jersey supporterd his ugly clothing line been to numerous games, what is that doesn't deserve Cam. Bc I specially said I'd like to see and average qb playing with these weapons. I'm saying with his current arm status and accuracy issues his skill sets are diminishing let's see if we can be a good team with an average qb ball placement means more then we'd like to admit. Facts
  9. Oh yea that play had no mutha.... business being a 50-50 ball smoked his man which is becoming the norm just to be drastically under thrown and have to jump and fight mid air for a pass naw that's all on Cams poor acccuracy and fundamentals. I keep seeing Taylor Heinke isn't good I don't give a f he actually doesn't have to be good (I need to copy and paste in his thread) we need a average qb with decent ball placement skills that's it. Put the pass in front of Curtis he scores like last week and other weeks. You don't have to be Brees to see he's open with mad separation let him run under that. Or hitting Samuel so low he has to go to the ground to make the catch it's pretty hard to beat the db when u start getting off the ground first. I've appreciated Cam and our success but fellas it's time and endings don't always have to be negative he's been compensated heavily we got some wins as some playoffs appearances with a super bowl game thrown in. Much love how's time to find us a average slinger put him in winking position and let out talent go the rest Cams throwing predetermined passes that get picked like that's rookie level poo. But with all that said I believe with an average qb we'll be dangerous we need accurate passes imagine CMC catching a few of his wheel routes because of accurate passing we'd be a dominating offense imo any thoughts??
  10. Thanks for clarification, I remember Moore's drop
  11. He's a more dynamic and productive wr why would he not get more snaps no thoughts needed it's clear as day.
  12. Huh I missed that when did he drop a pass?
  13. We really need to look into that losing to win next year we need to be smart about tanking some to move up in draft position forget TD wanting to play for pride blah blah play to get a beast or two early April it's the smart thing to do.
  14. trucpfan

    Choker Cam

    Naw that's far fetched it's because he throws perfect passes all day running falling spinning his accuracy is still there he's spectacular *** his skin color that's an excuse.
  15. trucpfan

    Put Heinicke in

    We only need an average qb to be dangerous I'm not turning on Cam but he can't get it done no matter what we try to say he's done can do etc he doesn't have it.