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  1. Yea that’s hustling backwards if we take a guy who gets replaced by a guy we’re trying to replace easy pass.
  2. So he’s ready and we were just calling him the second biggest bust out
  3. Seriously I don’t know about that they got the best safety in his prime let’s see who they pick and their production. Jets likely to end up with two decent players out of the whole trade. That is a loss trading away all pros just for ok players is how u become the jets. Bingo they just added a all pro Safety to all pro LB, that’s two outta three layers of defense. With the way Russell makes plays you’re in good hands offensively and now defensively as well.
  4. Such a beautiful thing to see. Know if they can get DJ and in the mix it’ll be the beginning of the run. We’re a strong offense there’s no denying that will we be able to come together and be on the same page is key to winning.
  5. Schedule looking real 10-6 ish just call me optimistic
  6. For them that’s a good pickup they just need a small contribution from him.
  7. What would have done differently? Or what didn’t you like because I’d say a solid A +/-. Very tough to gauge I’d say you’ve made such a Good point it should be a topic. The way we played with Kyle Allen is NOT a representation of the Panthers we had no coach no QB Luke was looking to move on as we see now aging veterans just trying to get through the season. But good point I can’t call the wins but we should be back to atleast an average defense. Does the Hurney Rhule get negated with Rhule and all his college knowledge of players? Or J Chinn equal Armanti E and YGM equal Eric Shelton?
  8. It seems like a lot of fans forgot how he was terrorizing OT once Ron forgot they forgot as well lol. With the emphasis on D line I’d expect a increase in production based off where he left off I get hyped thinking about it.
  9. We got lucky to swoop in and land the best available QB that also know our system.
  10. Man I read this and said what huh I know you’re not just bs posting but maybe you don’t like the kid or something so I went to look up a few things I’ve knkwn only because my brothers as big a Minny fan as I’m a Panthers fan so we discussed in detail TB. I believe he’s here because he excels at certain areas as a QB. I’m gonna quote an article from Pff back in 2016. ”Our adjusted completion percentage takes into account drops, batted passes, spikes and passes where the quarterback is hit as he throws the ball. Bridgewater had the best mark in the NFL last year at 79.3 percent, after finishing third as a rookie at 77.3 percent. Pressure didn't overly affect that, either, with Bridgewater having the fifth-best adjusted completion rate on throws under pressure at 70.7 percent.” —This is from his second season in the league he’s a good QB let’s not try to down play it looking at free agency he was the best QB available and he knows the system would be a more realistic answer. I use to joke myself about check down Teddy, did you actually see him putting in work last season if not take the time those check downs were slants stop and Go’s basically he hit targets all over the field continually and that’s what we should expect not some second rate QB who’s barely better then Kyle A lol not even in the same category. We’ll see soon enough hopefully.
  11. I think you said in another post about him playing 3-4 and him not fitting a 4-3DE but all these highlights are 4-3 did you notice? Yea poo goes south quick but this was informative, do we have the best D Line in the NFC South? Will we dominate upfront where it matters most? Can DJ be a lockdown corner with the experience and a nasty front giving minimal time to let it fly, it definitely seems so
  12. Man this is too dam funny to me, Burns a misfit check the measurables matter fact check his stats top five in QB pressures per snap. He’ll be much much better bigger and easily ready to play 4-3 ball like he did at FSU (do you even watch film) especially with the added push upfront a healthy KK stop living in denial. Efe played well in the 4-3 played well in the 3-4 has had time to grow into his NFL body you think he’s still a project or solid rotational piece as it stands? Weatherly was the top rotational piece on a nasty Minny line for 2-3 yrs had one down year after two strong seasons at DE years for a rotational piece you say a project lol. Your backups can be jags at DT when you have a top 5 and the top rated DT coming into the draft. This ain’t the dam all star team my guy we have premier talent up front a nightmare for opposition this season. I disagree because your way off on the one elite player that’s funny, with Kelce elite Jones elite Tyrann Mathieu elite Tyreek elite OT Schrawtz ELITE so it seems you build up a very dominant roster then add that key cog to finalize the deal. Are you thinking about the system Joe is bringing have you seen footage on the LSU or what about last year Saints games??? Teddy hit everybody on the field just go back and check the stat line on his games before you just randomly say asinine nonsensical points of view. Week 6 last year Mike T 8 catches Alvin 7 catches that seems like what we can expect I can keep going if need be. Week 5 Mike 11 catches Alvin 6 catches etc it’s funny to say check down Teddy but when you dive deeper the narrative should be a winning QB with good pocket presence and a accurate arm but keep up the nicknames.
  13. Man Happy Born Day triple OG we appreciate the forum value to the community.
  14. Shaq may end up the vocal leader he was groomed under TD and Luke he knows what it takes.But make no mistake KK is the leader of this defense and a healthy KK can be counted on to make a play when needed you see he was excited about the draft he’s gearing up to play. I see why Top got so mad it’s basically disrespectful to a players hard work and what he wants for his career to say oh he stopped after he got paid so he doesn’t have fire? He’s gonna bumble and fumble through this season with all these professionals hungry dogs just because he’s gotten one good contract? Naw some people want rings accolades achievements to actually leave a legacy and this rhetoric that he quit makes no sense because his pff grade changed some. You need talent and GOOD SCHEMES to be a successful football player. Edit: I just read they above honestly context matters, I’m still hype off the draft so I’ll have to respond to people spewing out bs football talk.
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