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  1. This website seems to give up to the minute updates we’re 12th with room to move down I’m assuming down to 7-9. If we loose out and honestly I don’t see how we can win especially with Kyle’s ineptitude. http://www.tankathon.com/nfl
  2. I think 7th would be our best position based off all the terrible teams out there. But if we end up 9 we should be able to really add quality players.
  3. This is the best thing that happened now they’ll beat us silly and help us get onto top 7-9 range win win.
  4. This is what I was wondering, I saw slot of what we needed came through today.
  5. Man that was was the most asinine move we’ve made in a long time that one struck a nerve after Daley playing so well weeks prior. But I’m no coach so let me sit back and get ready to enjoy the show.
  6. Lol we’re about to blown away with bs
  7. Funniest poster out here. Hard to fire the NFC SOUTH Championship coach
  8. I know we get reactionary threads but honestly we can beat NO twice this year. We can win this division I’m ready for today’s game but beware a win today and we’re getting flexed in to prime time probably twice if you like MVP candidates that are setting the league on fire.
  9. Man this made me laugh, is it really though seems like it. Literally the first thing I was thinking we are a team with that literally should be 6-2 maybe 7-1 they see it also. We’re good to go we had one bad loss outside our that we’ve beaten all our opponents with Kyle. CMC is having all pro MVP season so far who doesn’t want to see that. We lead the league in sacks and interceptions (2nd I think) who doesn’t want to see that vs one of the best throwers in the league. Luke the best middle LB in the game playing chess with ARod maybe I’m crazy but this is worthy of prime time but we dropped the ball last year so no networks wanted a 7 game losing streak team on any prime time games. Things change quick I’m the nfl we're a 5-3 contender this game should have the intensity of a playoff game imo we win this we start putting ourselves in WC contention and they need a win coming off a loss excellent game to move to primetime.
  10. Lmfaoooo That’s what I’m saying not criticizing but wondering do we attack a team as much as we think we should. I’m starting to think maybe it’s because we’re limited with Kyles shaky deep ball so we’re somewhat limited. This week is no different if we’re in any type of snow Ron may scrap any normal passing plays past ten yards and go full conservative all game.
  11. Who capitalizes most off this? What do we do different to gain an advantage if he’s out?
  12. I’m hoping his question was sarcasm, it has been like worst in the league. Wes does one thing well in his time here, problem was he also had to rush the QB. Even though his las year he was productive if I remember correctly.
  13. Yes yes yes Allen needs options that can get separation and catch. This is big if he can go this week. This is what I was thinking it’s big if he can come in and contribute but I see him more of a outside WR and probably moving DJ to the slot.
  14. That means he’s not playing this year with the depth we have we won’t push a player to get out there we still have two games vs Mike T and two vs Julio let’s keep the horse in the stable for this one run. And now a huge matchup imo vs Josh Gordon who I believe he’ll shut down if healthy but Russell throws the most accurate deep ball let’s make sure he’s fully healthy for the long run and trust out other CBs to handle their business
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