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  1. Can we bring back Goodwin for WR depth and return ability
  2. He wasn’t up to par with this caliber of a team these days we expect all phases to play exceptionally well.
  3. If he was done do y’all think he would be still traveling with the team? I figured he was about a week away and with the bye would be more then ready to return after the bye.
  4. I see DW trying to get my boy Killed. I want to see Cam healthy balling out but I also wanna see more throws like this Allen throw. The more he opens up the more I see very well placed footballs. He should of had maybe 4 incompletions he was putting the ball where it needed to be all day. Time will tell real soon before we see how healthy he really is and if healthy can he preform at a high level again I’m excited to see.
  5. A scary movie that I actually couldn’t watch real blood and guts would hit the field lol.
  6. I love that combination do you think it’s a option for San Fran? I’d say GVR stays put I just feel especially after the the mic’d up episode he’s a key cog to our line.
  7. For this discussion right now all are healthy after the bye who plays not in weeks next Sunday in San Fran?
  8. Can someone who watches the games multiple times who’s focused on aspects of the offensive line help me? What’s the starting Five after the bye assuming all linemen are healthy (Trai/Little/Daley/Williams) what’s our best chance against a stellar defensive line in San Fran? And moving forward what do y’all think?
  9. Yea I saw they benched Mariotta today that is clearly the game if there is a game to bring Cam back.
  10. Yea this is just silly you never break continuity just To See if Cam can do it lol grow up. We’re trying to beat one of the best teams in our Conference after a bye in what world do you changed what’s been Working this is silly asf.
  11. When I sit back and watch these games I see it differently I saw a qb accurately place passes giving his WRs opportunities to make plays and keep trucking up the field. By doing that we extended drives and made the plays we needed to. The reason the defense has been feasting so much lately IMO I’ll say it is because he rarely turns the ball over. He usually gives the guys time to regroup by not throwing a pointless interception. It allows Luke the proper adjustment time to analyze poo and next series he’s f’n dialed in ready for the opponent. They’re playing off each other out d is tremendous Luke’s brilliant and we have athletes all over the field you need a QB to protect the ball make accurate throws and we’re keep dominating with defense.
  12. His contract may look a lot like Teddy B’s next contract so let’s not get to ahead of ourselves we have a lot more football to play wether he makes himself millions more by playing good oh f’n well that’s how these stories go. But he definitely has to be tested more and continue to ascend at his craft before you get offered a contract.
  13. I know right why show some emotion get the fans extra amped up why have a celebration that you show week in and week out that we are a unit together getting picks creating turnovers it’s a change of possession play they’re going to the bench after that but yea why give the fans memories of stand out plays.
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