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  1. After watching that video I’m excited to watch Jaruis Wright this year “I’m really like that, I’m really like that lil bro” man has chain moving ability he like every body else needs touches.
  2. Actually he’s not at all it seems normal at the end of the last CFB season I would definitely put Grier over Jones. Madden doesn’t take into account how your combine went and doesn’t care if a team fell in love with you because you seem similar to Eli. He hasn’t performed well when playing he had a 8 yes EIGHT interception game last October. Madden is calling it how it should be, Gettleman really shitted on NY by taking him so early
  3. It’s very early into his season so I’m not going to jump as far out there as I have before but If needed to I believe he can start by week six. Based off my expectations of this defense all he’s going to have to do is be a game manager. Not saying over Cam in anyway but if his arm falls apart again or someone on our schedule gets a hit stick type of hit like TJ Watt did. Things are setting up for Will to easily drive this train I’ve said it before just my opinion it’s the reason you have depth on your team but Im encouraged about ours. And working with Norv from the start of his career he could atleast equal out to Kirk cousin who I’d say is a average nfl starter give him a nasty defense and a strong run game, you could be in the playoffs with a chance to win the Lombardi. Before I get kicked I’m assuming a top 4 running game and top five five defense.
  4. See above article I’m down for a good debate but you claiming those two playing together doesn’t matter muuuhahahahaha (in my villain voice) man yous gots to be shittin me.
  5. Yea added slot competition is a bonus but really we can find a gem or a person who performs better under better circumstances ie mike mitchell:Coleman is all we are looking for now all our weaknesses are consistently being addressed besides ummmm safety but in Ron’s eyes safety is obsolete so we are good Lol that’s hilarious
  6. Ok so back to the same stats that don’t actually represent two pro bowlers on the same front so ok playing on weak Tampa line he hasn’t gotten to Brees who is I think least sacked QB-actually looked it up real quick 3rd last year and second 2017 in least amount of sacks. So yea that’s a good argument Brees is rarely sacked overall so you sound good making those points about a weak d line with one probowl player. I’m thinking more of our Hardy/CJ days hike meet at the QB Brees getting rocked left and right. Guess we’ll see this fall.
  7. Yea it’s weird to wonder if he has fire today, today is more about how will Brian’s rookie season turn out now that we have put very good pieces in place to allow him to go out and have a defensive rookie of the year type of year based off stats and usually stats get you the national attention needed to get that award. Has anyone seen any video of him taking plays off or anything cause to that because I haven’t read that anywhere in any player profile out there.
  8. I see this off-season different I see it more like a Tepper getting into the grove of things and Marty working his ass off as far as understanding how to manage a cap and acquire talent better then his previous stint. He actually learned from his time off and is a world better. But the true difference I see is a owner who understands you have to make moves to win in this fast changing league. The owner has a excellent business mind and the type of players we’ve went after are directly tied to his business being successful. The best C available, the best D lineman available, moving up to get what we considered the best T available Resigning Williams given his potential prior to the injury (probowl level). It’s doesn’t seem to be we need to win now as much as it’s a Boss: hey what would help you be most successful Employee: a productive assistant new computer etc Boss: ok done now go out and be great. I believe Tepper is going to do this for any coach and Gm he has driving this train he seems to know what it takes and everything we’ve done has been within reason WE (the fans) are just not use to our owner showing a willingness to directly go after what we need. We’ve become accustomed to settling for fixing a few holes or needs but never attacking our weaknesses with top notch players. New owner new mentality as far as how to achieve what’s considered a successful business in football which would be wins and our owner has done what it takes to make sure we can be successful.
  9. Your taking stats that actually aren’t accurate to this situation name a probowl DT that McCoy played next to? Or name a pro bowl DT that player directly next to KK the last four years for either? Now 93 is towards the end if his career but I consider him probowl level to this day so with that taken into consideration don’t come with meaningless stats it doesn’t paint the real picture. And honestly if they push the pocket cause havoc force bad throws or our ends and backers make the play all game cool with me. A DT’s impact goes way beyond sacks stop being a slow saints fan you sound like you don’t really watch football just check the box score and stat sheet then come to the barbershop arguing he didn’t even have a sack disregarding three pressures that lead to three picks but keep stat chatting
  10. This would def be a moment to easily eat crow man up and be happy as sht for your team.....if this is really your favorite team. Can someone post the gif of him typing banging his head bloody gave me a gut busting laugh.
  11. Man this is how I feel this fake a.. reporting why would the best weather, best defense best defensive coach with a QB who’s done it before not be a legitimate option. That was some straight bologna acting like the Cleveland browns would be a chosen destination for anybody in the league.
  12. I’m not going to go to the the extreme but that D line and defense itself how I feel and based off your description could be lead by a rookie QB just being decent get the ball to the weapons and watch the chains move. Hand it off watch the chains move, throw a bad pick the defense gets a quick three and out and back to work we go. This is how I see us setting up with a signing like Gerald. Even in a 4-3 defense since we’ll be doing both of course can you imagine giving Luke those two in front of him with burns and Addy crashing off the ends that’s a meet at the quarterback type of party often. This a the perfect addition to offset our rivals 28-3 drafted O-line Aints drafted McCoy time to attack both teams rookies in a major way
  13. Exact reason why he’s still available. Yea we stand a much better chance waiting on cuts and looking for a reasonable but beneficial trade before cuts come in. We’ll should be able to snag a very reasonable safety and if our pass rush is up to par he’ll end up looking like mike Adams before Pittsburgh or Coleman his first year tied for league high picks.
  14. I’m not trying to be the speculation king but that seems like little something to me. I’m a avid ig user and I know three teammates aren’t following a non teammate for no apparent reason. He’s coming here fellas news incoming tomorrow. Hopefully this doesn’t turn me into a fake predictionist but it’s like they know already, those followings are like welcome to the family. This is just my ig opinion but I’m usually ok with understanding social media.
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