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  1. I know this is crazy but I honestly think Grier has potential to be a good QB. Don't let last season full you.... I think it was a rookie..... Well... Playing like a rookie. Plus, it's a new system and Brady did a pretty decent job developing Borrow (who was projected to be a late round pick/ undrafted free agent before transferring to LSU) Give the kid a chance.
  2. Patience will be key for fans because Rome wasn't built overnight. This is a brand new offense with several new players mixed with current ones so obviously it will take time to gel but I think given time, they will.
  3. That's what I am thinking as well... It's always a questionable pick because it's not a need but he always goes BPA.... I am calling Herbert
  4. Who knows? The last back-up Saints QB we signed played pretty well for a little while. How ironic would that be if it happened again? Lol
  5. Am I the only one that feels like we are not done with the QB position? I feel like Teddy B will not be the long term QB for this team. I think he is just a bridge QB until our rookie QB (I truly suspect we will draft one in Rd 2)
  6. Surely I would think Teddy B will buy Palardy's #5... He has always been #5 so it just makes sense. If Palardy does not sell his jersey # to TB then I can see #6, #8# being possibilities.
  7. Lol I posted this in the wrong thread... It was suppose to go in the Corona Virus thread. Oooops lol
  8. In light of the craziness that is going on in this world, I would just like to share a little positive vibes to you guys: My wife and I welcomed our first child on Sunday and he is just incredible. We are so beyond happy and blessed that we have a healthy little boy (who I think will be a future Panther some day *wink* *wink*) All that said, to the idiots who are hoarding formula and baby wipes... Screw you! Infants need that formula sometimes to live off on until the milk comes in. Stores really need to start limiting how much people buy.
  9. I am still not convinced that Cam will be on the team this season. Rhule never said he would be a starter. We all know that one thing can be said but can have a very different outcome with this team. I am in "wait and see" approach.
  10. New uniforms makes a lot sense since several teams are starting to announce that they are releasing new uniforms
  11. If Phil Snow is indeed coming with him as DC, expect the Panthers to stay with the 3-4 scheme because that was Baylor's base... Also, they did run a lot of 3-3-5 packages as well
  12. Looking back at his time with the Giants... Two names stood out as potential coordinators: Sean Ryan and a former Panthers LB coach in Al Holcomb. Looks like Rhule will be bringing his DC from Baylor though
  13. I might be a bit bias on this but as a Georgia fan, I would to Jake Fromm lead Carolina. My concerns I see is I don't feel like he would make more of an impact than Kyle Allen has. Fromm is a game manager that has been surrounded by a great run game (does that sound familiar?) I do see Fromm being a bit more polished and a little bit more accurate though.
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