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  1. I am not convinced that Rivera is gone after this season. I am not a Rivera supporter by no means but given the factors that have played a part this season (no Cam, new look defense, new guys, team jelling. Etc) I can honestly see Tepper giving Rivera a pass THIS SEASON and let next season being a "Make it or break it" year for Hurney and Rivera. That said, if the season ended today and Rivera was fired, I would say that Tepper's mindset will be someone younger and that has fire and tenancy. I could see a guy like Kris Richard (DC for the Cowboys, previously of the Seahawks) being a guy to really keep an eye on. I know it isn't the route most will go because it is another defensive guy but if Tepper really has that "Steeler" mentality, then he'll put defense before offense any day of the week. I will say this, I honestly believe he is building his own identity here in Carolina and yes, he may use some concepts from the Steelers Organization, I don't think he is trying to make this team the Carolina Steelers. That said, I could see him go bold and get a top guy like Riley (even though I really do not want college coaches, tbh.) Just my two cents
  2. I might be a bit bias on this but as a Georgia fan, I would to Jake Fromm lead Carolina. My concerns I see is I don't feel like he would make more of an impact than Kyle Allen has. Fromm is a game manager that has been surrounded by a great run game (does that sound familiar?) I do see Fromm being a bit more polished and a little bit more accurate though.
  3. I find the prospect of Riley in NFL to be vastly overrated. It's easy to say that his offense would work in the NFL but look at how many teams are running a similar style and not winning games. College coaches scare me because most who don't succeed in year 1 most likely will go back to the college game in a year or two. So I may be in the minority who is saying no to any college coaches. My top choices (as of right now) would be Eric Bienemy, Kris Richard, Dan Campbell, or Don Martindale. There may be others who I would look at soon but so far, those are my favorites.
  4. I have not played Madden online in years because mainly it's 13 year olds constantly cheating to win the game or when I am actually winning, they rage quit.... Not enjoyable at all.
  5. I am going to be so glad when Cam starts again so we can just put an end to this madness.
  6. Week 2 almost in the books and so far I feel as if AEW has won. Monday Night Raw was horrible and I felt like it was just filler until tonight when WWE starts the "Draft." NXT was pretty good though, I will give them that. Also, I do not understand why they are having a draft because they had a superstar shakeup back in spring but didn't stick with with and decided to just let any superstar jump on any brand. If they actually plan on staying true to the brand split and if they actually utilize their talent the correct way, I might actually enjoy WWE. It is still early in the "war" but AEW, I feel has a leg up.... Let's just see if they can still be fresh.
  7. Disclaimer: Before the anti-wrestling patrol makes their "heel" presence known, let me start by saying that, yes, I know wrestling isn't real and yes, I am a grown ass adult still watching it but you know what? I don't care. So please, save yourself from wasting our time and do not post if you do not have anything nice to say. That said, who watched this last night? I recorded it last night and thought it was a well produced show with lots of intrigue. It was awesome listening to good ole JR and Tony Schiavonne (sp?) Back at the booth once again. I also think it is great that TNT has wrestling once again but thankfully Ted Turner isn't running the show . Whatcha think?
  8. No love for Sam Ehlinger? I feel like he has The Golden Calf of Bristol's running ability and (early) Jake Delhomme's gun-slinging mentality
  9. No worries... Come next Sunday against Arizona, if Cam balls out, all will be back to rainbows and unicorns.... Comes with the territory of being a huddler lmao.
  10. dark horse Candidate: The LA Chargers... and for a few reasons: 1) Opportunity to play if Rivers calls it quits. I am not sure when Rivers will retire but Cam could fill in nicely and I think could exceed in that offense. 2) Location. Cam seems to love the L.A scene and could really branch out his brand moving out to L.A. 3) Thomas Davis. TD could influence Cam to come to the Chargers.
  11. After the way Pittsburgh played last week, I am not sure I would want Tomlin. Also, wasn't Tepper one of the Minority Owners who wanted Tomlin gone from Pittsburgh? And on that note, I understand many automatically think that Tepper's first choice of GM and head coach would come from the Steelers organization, however, I am not convinced. I truly believe that Tepper is trying to establish his own identity with this team. I predict that Tepper will look outside the box for a candidate.
  12. As much as I love to have a stellar offense led by Moore or Bienemy.... I think Kris Richard is a dark horse Candidate. This dude has put together some stellar defenses in Seattle and now in Dallas. Also, he is young and innovative and I feel he would be more willing to to bring in a young offensive coordinator to match what the rest of the league is doing.
  13. While I am not ready to give up up on the seas just yet, if it comes to it and Ron is actually fired my choices would be: Kris Richard (DC, Dallas)- I know many will be clamoring for a offensive guru but I really like what Richard has done in both Seattle and Dallas currently. He runs an agressive defense and knows how to get to the QB. Plus, he is young and fiery... Something this team desperately needs. Shane Waldron (passing coord, Rams)- Everybody wants the next "McVay" so why not go straight to the source? Waldron is young, innovative, bright minded.... Could be what this offense needs. Don "Wink" Martindale (DC, Ravens)- Another DC but Ravens playing pretty well on defense. I am pretty certain they run a hybrid defense and Martindale could bring in some fire to this team. Reminds me a little of Rex Ryan (which could be a good or bad thing.) Greg Roman (OC, Ravens)- Speaking of the Ravens, Roman has really turned around the Ravens' offense and is doing wonders with Lamar Jackson. I know he was Carolina's OC back in the days but how ironic would be if he made a full circle back to Carolina as HC? Jim Schwartz (DC, Eagles)- Former HC of the Lions and didn't think he did a horrible job there. Runs a pretty aggressive defense and is a pretty passionate coach... Could be a good one for this team. Eric Bienemy (OC, Chiefs)- Young OC under Andy Reid who got some looks at HC this past off-season. He is doing a great job developing Patrick Mahomes and creating a stellar offense in KC. So far, the Andy Reid tree has been quite successful. Dark horse Candidate- Kellen Moore (OC, Dal)- Moore might be a bit raw right now but keep an eye on this guy. He is very smart, innovated, has played the game at QB. I feel he will get some looks at HC.... I am just not sure it will be this off-season. I did not include any collegiate coaches simply because I do not trust them at all just based off of past experiences.
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