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  1. That's what I am thinking as well... It's always a questionable pick because it's not a need but he always goes BPA.... I am calling Herbert
  2. Who knows? The last back-up Saints QB we signed played pretty well for a little while. How ironic would that be if it happened again? Lol
  3. Am I the only one that feels like we are not done with the QB position? I feel like Teddy B will not be the long term QB for this team. I think he is just a bridge QB until our rookie QB (I truly suspect we will draft one in Rd 2)
  4. Surely I would think Teddy B will buy Palardy's #5... He has always been #5 so it just makes sense. If Palardy does not sell his jersey # to TB then I can see #6, #8# being possibilities.
  5. Lol I posted this in the wrong thread... It was suppose to go in the Corona Virus thread. Oooops lol
  6. In light of the craziness that is going on in this world, I would just like to share a little positive vibes to you guys: My wife and I welcomed our first child on Sunday and he is just incredible. We are so beyond happy and blessed that we have a healthy little boy (who I think will be a future Panther some day *wink* *wink*) All that said, to the idiots who are hoarding formula and baby wipes... Screw you! Infants need that formula sometimes to live off on until the milk comes in. Stores really need to start limiting how much people buy.
  7. I am still not convinced that Cam will be on the team this season. Rhule never said he would be a starter. We all know that one thing can be said but can have a very different outcome with this team. I am in "wait and see" approach.
  8. New uniforms makes a lot sense since several teams are starting to announce that they are releasing new uniforms
  9. Honestly, if we are going to model ourselves after one of the two remaining teams, you got to look at the 49ers. I feel like we are very similar in some ways because they have an owner who "trust the process" and allowed Shanahan to get this team in order and develop a playoff team. It took them several seasons to get to this point but finally has.
  10. Ahhh yess.... Good Ole Mike McCoy... I remember when he was QB coach here once and used old tires to have the QBs throw through them lol
  11. If we are truly going back to 4-3, I could see us definitely going after Kris Richard, formerly of the Cowboys and Seahawks. Richard definitely has produced some good defenses. Two other names to consider: Perry Fewell could remain and become DC (not my personal favorite for obvious reasons) or Al Holcomb returning.... Both who have worked with Rhule when he was with the Giants.
  12. If Phil Snow is indeed coming with him as DC, expect the Panthers to stay with the 3-4 scheme because that was Baylor's base... Also, they did run a lot of 3-3-5 packages as well
  13. Looking back at his time with the Giants... Two names stood out as potential coordinators: Sean Ryan and a former Panthers LB coach in Al Holcomb. Looks like Rhule will be bringing his DC from Baylor though
  14. I honestly don't think the 3-4 defense was the issue but more so the fact that we didn't have the correct personnel to run an effective 3-4 defense. Add a true nose tackle and get KK short back, plus an addition of another edge rusher, I could see it being more effective. Personally, I am not ready to give up on the 3-4 defense just yet.
  15. https://twitter.com/TheAthleticCAR/status/1212868764175421440?s=19 To add to that (Edit: sorry all... I am not sure how share tweets on here so sorry)
  16. I could definitely see Phillips as an option at DC if someone like McCarthy is hired. Pat Shurmur could at play at OC if McCarthy is our next HC.
  17. Actually, he was one name that hasn't been mentioned that I am super surprised that he hasn't gotten a lot of talk.
  18. More than likely that is true, however, he did not rule out the possibility of a defensive minded coach either.
  19. Who do you think are some of darkhorse candidates are for Head Coach? We all know about McDaniels, Roman, Harbaugh, Rhule, Riley but who are some guys flying under the radar? Obviously pure speculation here but here are a few names to look out for in the interview process: Brian Daboll, Buffalo Bills OC: His name has actually been mention in some threads before but not to the degree that the names above have gotten. Daboll comes from the Belichick tree as he was an assistant in New England before moving on to another championship winning team in Alabama under Nick Saban. He is highly intelligent and has put the Bills' offense in prime position and is actually making Josh Allen look decent. Considering recent reports that Carolina is looking at Caserio for the GM position and add in the fact that Carolina has several connections in Buffalo, if McDaniels somehow is not in play, don't be surprised if Daboll's name does come up. Brian Schotteinheimer, Seahawks OC: Now I know there will be some out there who won't like this choice but Schotty is actually doing fairly well for himself in Seattle by having a top tier offense led by Russell Wilson. I think right now, Seattle is 4th in scoring and 9th in yardage and could really do wonders with Cam and CMC. Plus, his dad has ties to the area and may want to be closer here. Don "Wink" Martindale, DC for the Ravens: More than likely Carolina will be looking at an offensive guy for the head coaching position, however, I have a feeling that Martindale will get a lot of looks once the season is done. "Wink" (as they call him) has the Ravens' defense in prime position and is producing one of the best Ravens defense that hasn't been seen since the days of Ray Lewis, Terrell Suggs were there . The Ravens also run a hybrid defense and would fit well with the continuation of what the Panthers were trying to do this season. The only requirement would be for him to bring in someone who is willing to put the offense in prime position ( one possibility could be QB coach, James Urban) There may be more names but these are guys to keep an eye come interview time. They may be complete long shots but worth mentioning. Thoughts?
  20. He was McDaniels' DC with the Broncos during his first go around as HC. So as long as McDaniels doesn't bring Mike McCoy back as OC, I am good lol
  21. I think McDaniels success as a head coach a second time around will vastly depend on who he brings with him on his staff. Let's keep this in mind, his two coordinators in Denver were Mike Nolan and Mike McCoy.
  22. Am I the only one to think Szoke is a much better commentator than Mick Mixon??? Tepper's next move is to replace Mixon.... This dude does not need be calling football games.
  23. I do no trust Saleh as head coach.... Only one good year so far and that is not enough to make him a good candidate
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