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  1. We were the least penalized team last year. Try again.
  2. Of which Kap will now get proceeds since his people trademarked his face logo, lol.
  3. Still Brooklyn

    This is fuging hilarious.

    Now watch them set up fake Klan or Proud Boy marches to get even.
  4. Still Brooklyn

    Official Panthers at Eagles Gameday Thread!

    Haters won't care. Where are Cam's rings? Where were Vick's? Run all you want, just win.
  5. Still Brooklyn

    Official Panthers at Eagles Gameday Thread!

    Once I stopped living my life through football, games like this are like water off a duck's back ... or whatever the saying is. Really though, some of you are going to develop ulcers, lol.
  6. Still Brooklyn

    Prayers for Saint's Bushrod

    Brutal. My wife and I just welcomed our first child Thursday. Can't imagine losing her during after a week.
  7. The Halftime show always sucks and always will.
  8. Still Brooklyn

    I just walked in on a lady taking a poo

    Why would you knock?
  9. Still Brooklyn

    Opposing teams' fans visiting this forum

    Who cares! It's the Internet.
  10. Still Brooklyn

    Antifa Gets Destroyed

    White people, lol.
  11. Still Brooklyn

    Televangelists: Sowing the Seeds of Wealth

    Welcome to the 1980s!
  12. So you can only idolize someone by watching them live? Interdasting.
  13. The Internet ... how does it work?
  14. Still Brooklyn

    Personally, I find this disgusting!

    I'm in favor of banning guns. I'd be curious to see what those white boys, and other criminals, would use to do evil while they try to get a smuggled gun. Knives? Back on topic, what if your ancestors were from the north? Escaped, and lived life up this way? Sure, you can say the first ancestor was brought over here against their will, but if no one truly suffered and they prospered, but you yourself can't hold a damn job, do you get paid? I feel sorry for whomever has to write the criteria for this. Seems like a headache. And of course, some poor, white trash bumpkin who has lived in the stick their whole life and who had poor ancestors will gripe as well. There is no logic in their gripe, but reparations will not go over well.