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  1. It's rediculouse how much criticism the whole team takes considering the changes to the team, young players, shortened off-season, and lack of a preseason
  2. Thank you, this is a level headed nice post. Games like this happen to every team it doesn't mean we couldn't play the Bears tommorow and best them.
  3. Dude he's fine, look at the positive parts of his performance today then look at how many pressures, Qb hits, and sacks he took. Yea he's not a top Qb in this league but until we can draft a guy I don't think your gonna find better. There are alot of teams that would take him today.
  4. I'm thankful and happy whatever happens this year. We have the coaching we never had and honestly came into the year thinking rebuild. The cherry on top is we have a nice young core to build around and st worst at above average Qb. Think, did you guys really expect to have Chinn, Burns, Rasul, D. Brown, and Anderson playing at this level? I didn't even name everyone that probably deserves it but dang that's a nice way to start.
  5. I agree we need a Safety however I'd wait a year so we could take one in the first round unless one falls into the second thats really good. I feel atm Boston has at least not let much beat him over the top and is average enough for another season. He sucks but the next FS we get I want a true sideline to sideline guy that can play single high if needed.
  6. Imo our biggest needs are MLB, 3 tech DT, then G. DB would be there if it wasn't for the emergence of Rasul, we really needed that. MLB is the most important because of how bad Tahir is and we need a sideline to sideline guy. For DT we could use some interior pressure. Having a good lb is the difference in the run game and underneath passing D. To get either a DT or MLB of the quality we need, it needs to be a high pick.
  7. Not even for prime Cam, Luke, Olsen, and Davis.... Would consider if I only had to suffer for a year and get Rhule back with the above.
  8. Honestly I don't remember, i wouldnt think so as I've have not liked Ron for awhile now but I have defended Hurney for awhile. I've definitely argued for Cam and Hurney but id say they did the right thing bringing in Bridgewater. I was happy when Rivera was fired and excited for Rhule as soon as I heard him give his introductory speech. In fact I don't believe I've ever liked Ron that much.
  9. Shaq is one of the top tacklers every game, I don't understand the hate for him. He is ant outside linebacker and not as good as Luke obviously but he is still a hell of a LB. Just don't expect Luke or even prime Davis level performance as they were unreal.
  10. I do agree to always get better when you can and if you can find a Gm you absolutely know will do better go for it. Odds just say you are more likely to get a worse gm and you can't sub a gm back in like you can a player. Hurneys not the best and not the worst either, his ability to land first round picks is nice. Having Tepper money really does help though tbh and if Marty's role is so diminished to where he is only scouting I say let things stay like they are. If we have another draft like this last one, don't fix something that isnt broken as long as we find someone to do contracts.
  11. Why would you guys want to change anything after this off season? If they bring in a cap guy to help Hurney it will cover up his biggest weakness. How many good players did we get this off season? I bet it's one of the best if not the best output and most production from any team in the league from New players.
  12. I think they will be better imo, we are about to see our offense get even better. What is the ceiling for the offense, top 10, 5, or 3? Looking forward to it!
  13. I never hated him like others did on this board as I have always felt it was coaching. Yes Hurney made some horrible mistakes and some awful draft blunders but he's also put some good players on the field. Who knows what some of the busts might have looked like with better coaching. This year truly proves how much coaching matters and we are truly lucky to have Tepper to pay Rhule a big enough number for him to come here. I'm willing to bet in a few years he will be considered a top 3 coach in this league. Coaches also impact drafts more then what I originally thought. This was one of the best drafts I've seen along with the off-season moves and I bet we continue to see these types of drafts. It's going to be a great future for this team and im really excited!
  14. This is just the start, imagine how good we will be by the end of the year when we usually turn up! Wish Rhule would have been here earlier, what he could have done with prime Cam and Luke would have been amazing.
  15. Here's to hopefully sweeping the Falcons!
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