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  1. This virus is not going anywhere, you protect the old and other vulnerable and everyone else goes back to living like normal. We had the down time for hospitals to get ready with respirators. Herd immunity is going to be a requirement and then we just hope that this virus doesn't mutate and adapt like the influenza virus.
  2. I'm thinking right at a 1k season and 10 tds. He will start being game planned for after he catches a few behind the defense and they start playing two high safetys all game.
  3. Smith by a small gap.... The coverage he drew was more then CMC drew due to other threats such as dj Moore, Samuel, and Olsen.
  4. I read somewhere they would be playing Tahir in our base 43 at MLB and Shaq in our Nickle at MLB. This makes sense, as it would put Tahir in at MLB against heavier run sets and shaq in against more pass happy packages where he would be more likely to drop in coverage.
  5. SS89 is the best sub 6 foot receiver of all time period and the only one to do the things he did. If your talking about the panthers also Luke retired early, Cam got hurt, and Pep produced half on other teams. He's the pound for pound goat and give him a Hof Qb and he might have been the goat period. Luke, if he had played a Ray Lewis length career would have been the goat at his position as well.
  6. Yup, that's why I'm so excited, new owner and a young innovative coach, when can we say we've had those ever?
  7. Oh exactly I was stating the obvious but some on here are stubborn lol. Just thinking maybe it was Rivera and Turner and not Cam then Grier. Seemed Grier didn't even know where his targets were supposed to be at times. I definitely wasn't a fan of the pick but maybe he's just rookie bad and not Pickles bad lol. Olsen would have been around long enough if there was an older system to try and help the younger qbs.
  8. I just wonder if it wasn't also possibly stubbornness from the same coaching tree running old elongated complicated play calls when they have possibly updated and been using a different system in college that gets the calls in easier. Then when Cam gets here they try running something old school and he's not used to it... It just sounds like something Rivera, Shula, and turner would all do where Rhule would use the up to date system.
  9. Ian Thomas has great athletic attributes for a guy of his size and has shown flashes of good hands and route running. If he learned enough from Olsen and shows consistency he will put do what most people think. He actually has the speed and acceleration to be dangerous on shallow routes as he outruns most lbers and some corners. CmC just got paid for a reason he will touch the ball every time he is open and be a centerpiece of this offense no matter what Brady did before.
  10. Cam sometimes talked about the play calling being hard to grasp and over complicated. It often showed on the field as calls would come in late and the ball would be snapped last second. Yet another thing that will haunt me about Cam, how much of any of his issues came down to Riveras system? What could he have done in the offense... How much was he truly wasted along with Luke. I mean seriously, how often do you get a Cam on one side of the ball and a Luke on the other!
  11. It will definitely make it easier to watch and deal with especially with all the other stuff us and the world has going on. The start of the season now as stands looks like everyone will probably be a little sloppy or rusty.....
  12. I love the way Rhule thinks and everything he says, I truly believe we landed the best coach we could have period. The way he talks about offensive personnel needing to learn defense and vice versa is so on point. I give us one down year at most and this team is gonna be perrineal. Thanks for posting this dude, I read it all and it was a great way to delve into the mind of our new coach and to see what to expect. He is a coach that can do more with less!
  13. Honestly watch his TD highlights and you will see why im excited for even an average passer to be throwing to him. Alot of his catches are fully contested and quite impressive. He possibly has the most lost wide open catch yards in the NFL I swear.
  14. This has me hype I truly belive our offense will be great this year, hopefully we field at least a middle of the pack defence barring injuries but there is no excuse for this offense.
  15. The redskins aren't a bad team on paper so we will see what Rivera really has. Jay Gruden was an abysmal coach far worse then Rivera. If they still suck next year it won't surprise me though but with good coaching they should be better.
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