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  1. I agree and hope Paradis returns to form but if not we have to get better pass pro from the center position and Tyler biasdaz is looking good in the 2nd. Like you said LG is easier to play and that's why I feel it would help Paradis if he does indeed underperform, plus there wont be 2 young guys next to each other. The line last year ranged from poor to great in run blocking and poor to average (moton was actually good in pass pro) in pass pro. I also believe that the center can make the whole interior line look worse so it has to be good.
  2. Do you think any of them will come for 8 mil per or even 10, if so I'm all in.
  3. I want to keep Cam and go C in the second while moving Paradis to LG. I think that will make 4 out of 5 positions solid on the oline and possibly, if Little works out, all 5. Paradis was good in pass pro at once and if you take him having to snap the ball then block away he may return closer to form. Just what I want imo to make us contenders again as fast as possible so we dont waste any years of CMC and prime DJ Moore.
  4. Yea it was bad man, one reason I really think Brown is priority, It will help the whole defence. The first year in the 34 didnt help any either....
  5. It is horrible and correct me if I'm wrong but I feel the ypc were heightened by a few runs as I remember us getting stops and some 3 and outs. I know through the first 5 weeks or so our pass defence was 2nd in the league. Also the big 50yd runs had been a problem the previous year as well. I could see Brown and KK beside each other destroying run schemes.
  6. But what is it going to matter in the end when we need him anyway? What are you going to do cut our only DT who is almost Elite or Elite. KK and Poe were an ok combo, KK and star were and Elite combo, and KK and Brown would be an even better combo.
  7. It wasn't so bad that runs were a guaranteed 5 yds like at the end of the season, I haven't looked it up but how bad were we in the first two games? My point is we still made stops.
  8. Kicking the can down the road, hes fine as is I just wouldn't do it again at his age, another reason we need D Brown so bad in the draft. It makes him hard to cut...it can mean other things but I'm guessing this is the part you were referring to.
  9. I wouldnt restructure again but I also wouldn't say it was dumb, KK is very underrated around here, our line went to poo after KK went down and our secondary went from 2nd in the league to bad imo due to the Dline dropping off.
  10. I personally dont think the secondary is bad if Tre is brought back and the Dline is fixed. If I was gonna pay top $ to a CB and Bradbery wanted top 5 money and is not retained i would look at Quinton Dunbar and try to get him for 12 annually. Dont think the Redskins are going to afford him.
  11. Like the draft but I personally would change the first two picks, 1. Derrick Brown DT and 2. Tyler biasdaz C. We only are going to have one DT signed before FA and the draft so it will easily be our thinnest position. Center is just as important as LT imo and a franchise one can be had in the second. Let Little play LT and move Paradis to LG, without having to snap the ball before blocking his play may improve drastically and he can help Little. These moves will leave LT as the only questionable position on the line making it a pretty good unit. If Little is not ready bring in an older guy that is a pass blocking specialist to play in front of Little for a year.
  12. With Poe in the lineup the run defense should not have dropped as drastically as it did when KK went down. Poe's primary duty was to take space and stop the run, he was very average to below average definitely no where near worth 10m
  13. If he plays like he did at the end of the year hes easily worth 8m per, pay the man, that's a bargain especially with his locker room presence. He played some single high and actually did well. He also isnt a horrible tackler but as a FS his ball skills are the most important unless it's a broken play and hes forced to make a tackle. Reid is the safety that needs to improve his tracking instead of blowing people up as he plays further foward often. Tre is the one that can blow people up over the middle if the angle is there.
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