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  1. I liked how he kept pointing out that the man questioning him went to Harvard law. "reeeeeee elitists reeeeeeee" -Man who is fervent supporter of and directed campaign for TV Money Man who lives on the top floor of a gold tower in Manhattan with his name on the front
  2. lol yeah I saw that. Of course people like OP are only going to get the Fox News spin version of it but that was the best half hour of live TV I've seen in a while. Lewandowski is an opportunistic liar with no moral compass whatsoever- just do whatever it takes to get ahead or squirm out of whatever jam he got himself into. As natural of a Republican and Trump man as there is. Those are going to be some good campaign commercials for his NH Senate run though. Per his own words everybody should just assume he's lying unless he's under oath.
  3. People seem to have a hard time grasping the notion that being a high-visibility professional athlete is fundamentally different from whatever their job is Like there won't be a second of my life today where I'm sitting at my desk going "man this is just like what Cam Newton does"
  4. Allen already got Heinicked in the actual most recent regular season game he started
  5. Jake's 2008 WR corps with Moose on the back end of his career, DJ Hackett, and a still in his prime Steve Smith blows away any group Cam has ever had. Hell Hackett might even be a starter on this team. Even then that 2008 corps was probably only the second or third best group Jake played with in Carolina. Obviously 2003 (prime Moose, ascendant Steve Smith, veteran Proehl) was the best, and I think you could make a case for 2004 (All Pro Moose, Keary Colbert's only good season, Ricky Proehl) or 2005 (All Universe Steve Smith, Proehl) being better than 2008. e: although iirc according to certain metrics Steve Smith actually had a historically significant season in 2008 considering how much the Panthers ran the ball, etc
  6. Probably went out and bought Corey Lewandowski's book last night too. The world is full of easy marks.
  7. Jake himself would probably say that Cam is a better quarterback than him
  8. Little fella just tried so hard. He would talk poo about anything and would never back down.
  9. Oh really, and why is that? Because you have decreed it doesn't? The thing that's baffling to me, but not altogether surprising considering the current state of the R Cult, is how far you're willing to go to avoid addressing exactly why the hell there were barely any Democrats in the chamber at the time the vote was called. It's been established that the vote had been scheduled daily or something like that but had yet to occur. There has to be some reason why the party's leadership thought it would be a no-vote session that morning. The most likely scenario is that the Republican leadership just lied to them about it and then held the vote anyway. Of course if that's the case, it's merely deeply immoral, unethical, and dishonest, but not illegal- basically the Jesus Party's motto at this point. It'll never happen because the Democrats are cowards, but if they ever take back control of the GA and the governor's mansion, I hope they forcibly exclude Republicans from state politics by whatever means they have at their disposal as long as they're in power.
  10. Alejandro's entertainment value was in the embarrassing, pathetic stuff he'd do in a desperate attempt to impress random people on the internet. Like posting pictures of his calves or the oil change receipts for his sports car or shoving his phone in Rob Ryan's face at Home Depot. There was no pissing match he would ever back down from, and his half-understood uncanny valley-esque notions of what a "cool dude" is like led to some Tim and Eric caliber cringe moments. op on the other hand is just a boring troll who wants attention
  11. Unless you lived in California when Ronald Reagan and the NRA tag-teamed against the Black Panthers for bearing arms, that is: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Mulford_Act
  12. There are egos at play here too. Like let's say we go 3-13 or 2-14 or whatever and Ron and Marty get hosed off the deck. A new coaching staff and FO isn't looking to come in and go 0-16 for draft position.
  13. And then... what if we don't get the quarterback we want anyway because some other crap team was worse than us.
  14. Manning's cap figure is like $23 million this year. If given the choice between riding the bench and getting turned into a reddish brown smear in a Panthers jersey it could really go either way.
  15. It's funny cause I remember Rodman being one of the most hated men in sports when I was a kid coming up in the 90s. Odd how perceptions change over time.
  16. Makes me want to put on my wraparound Oakleys, make sure my goatee is looking tight, shine up the ol chrome dome, and hop in my crew cab F150 to film a rant video for my YouTube channel
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