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  1. Reminds me of E Cat Panther thinking that a proposed 90something% tax on the very top income bracket was a flat tax. Like the government is going to take 90 cents on the dollar from some guy working at Bojangles. Basically just bluntly lying to people is the only way they can convince anyone it's bad
  2. With 0% reporting the Buttigieg campaign is declaring victory also this joke is dead
  3. Bernie at 46% overall with plenty of room to grow as he closes in on the nomination and more Americans start paying attention. That's compared to Trump hard capped at 43% because everybody in the country already knows who he is and what he stands for.
  4. It's not only that, there's a different set of standards for white people. How many takes have we read over the last four years that a major misstep of the Clinton campaign was her proposal for (mostly white) people in the failing coal industry to get them retrained for new careers. It was decried as insensitive and out of touch lol.
  5. Somebody needs to get these Pete Pals, Bloomberg Boys, and Liz Lads under control
  6. I remember Trump dipshits losing their minds over the alleged "Obama shill" during jury selection. I believe Alex Jones attempted to mount one of his signature harassment campaigns against that person too, possibly after his daily mind-erasing bowl of chili. lol the only reason that person is on the damn jury in the first place is with the blessing of Roger Stone's lawyers. It's as if the thought never occurs to these people; like there's never a chain of events that leads to something, everything is just some uncaused isolated occurrence that is either good or bad based on what their reality is today. Obviously though if Kellyanne Conway herself was on the jury they wouldn't have a problem with it. Oh man this is so true. They always pick the weirdest people to defend to the death. Trump, Roger Stone, that crazy sheriff from Minnesota, etc. That's where the Republican party is today.
  7. He legitimately has better shooting form than me
  8. Stone thought the entire process was a fuging joke and continued engaging in witness tampering and intimidation as his trial was going on. I mean he legitimately broke the law and the DOJ has sentencing guidelines, I don't know why this putz is having such a hard time with this concept. Like I wonder how he would feel about a judge appointed by Trump getting tough and dressing down some robbery suspect who flipped off the courtroom daily and mooned the bailiff. Would he be crying about how unfair the process was then?
  9. Medicare is unfair to all the old people who died before it was implemented
  10. That's what the leftist pundits at the Trump DOJ recommended actually. Of course this was before the guy you will vote for on election day stepped in and forced them to change it e: and yeah as others have mentioned he probably won't serve a single day because Two Scoops will pardon him for his loyalty.
  11. ah yes, the boomer trolley problem
  12. No, I'm talking about people I've interacted with who perceive Bloomberg as some "reasonable" alternative to Trump who can "get both sides to work together", as if such a thing is even possible with the current clinically insane version of the Republican party that's currently ruling over us. Bloomberg is the Stop and Frisk guy who endorsed George W. Bush, a man whose lies led directly to the death of hundreds of thousands of innocent people. It's already galling to see how dubya's image has been rehabbed and I think it's even worse if "heh remember the good old days when Bush was President?" is a stance that actual Democrats are willing to go for. e: to sort of sum it up, I see a lot of W's so called "compassionate conservatism" when I look at Bloomberg. It's a superficial departure from the crass, in-your-face vulgarity of the Trump era, but the differences are purely aesthetic.
  13. Warren and Sanders selling out to Big Student
  14. Bloomberg spoke at the 2004 RNC and endorsed George W. Bush for fug's sake. How stupid are people?
  15. Not going to watch that but I suppose Meghan McCain, heiress to a multi hundred million dollar beverage distribution fortune and daughter of a US Senator, is up to her usual business lecturing everyone about how selfish they are for wanting a living wage and healthcare again
  16. The die has been cast. If Sanders wins he gets to enjoy unlimited executive power. If you want to stop him, there's always peach mints I guess.
  17. https://www.bbc.com/news/world-europe-51567971 He posted a manifesto of sorts to YouTube and apparently wrote a letter outlining a bunch of Q Anon type stuff that's popular with Trump supporters and the American right
  18. fug off, Bloomberg got Pat Toomey elected in Pennsylvania
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