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  1. Can’t really be fair since Rhule only has two games under his belt, had no preseason, battled Covid restrictions. Everyone had to know this team would struggle early. Let’s see what we look like after 10 games.
  2. Gave up almost 200 yards passing in the 1st, only around 20 in the 2nd. These games are great for getting guys experience, not mad they lost. Gotta figure out how to get pressure
  3. Should give us his opinion on keeping a GM who shouldn’t be a GM
  4. Dude did “nothing” because he didn’t get 10 sacks and 100 tackles... give me a freaking break
  5. If you’re critical of this team after one game with no preseason, new staff, many new players then maybe you should find another team to follow.
  6. We’ll keep it interesting when playing teams close to our level. We played a team today that isn’t considered to be very good, they scored 34 against us. Brady, Brees, Mahomes will up 50.
  7. Not hard for me. First game for the staff and a lot of our players , only lost by four. Guarantee we make the playoffs before Rivera does.
  8. Was waiting to hear the name Short on my radio, don’t think I heard it once.
  9. Give this team time, it’s the first game for a lot of them. For them to only lose by four is a great sign.
  10. If we win sooner than later it probably means that Hurney stays until eternity...
  11. Could Rhule and company have picked a worse year to start their rookie season? Guess it had to begin sometime so why not now. Nobody is expecting much from us early in this season, winning against the Raiders could really boost everyone’s confidence. We have plenty of talent on offense, minus the o-line as usual. Should be able to score. Defense has talent, if our front 7 can get pressure the corners won’t look like straight up trash. Will come down to a fourth quarter late score...
  12. You can’t even say this team looks good on paper. Going to need a lot of alcohol.
  13. No Luke... No Cam... Will take awhile to get used to it
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