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  1. Wouldn’t have been a rash decision. He knows Ron’s history, knows he and Marty have done zip together. A very small minority of people would’ve had a problem with him making changes.
  2. Have been a Ron supporter since he’s been in Carolina. Didn’t jump on the Fire Ron Wagon last year when the team imploded. But after watching this supposed “SB or bust” team play the way it has I’m finally done with Ron. He’s done great things for the team and the community but it’s time for him to go. He’ll get another HC job soon... would love to see what he can do in Cleveland
  3. If he is why didn’t he fire people last year? Maybe he doesn’t consider 7-9 mediocre.
  4. The team has been mediocre for most of its existence, I would call that long term. If he won’t accept long term mediocrity he should’ve fired everyone last year unless that wasn’t long enough for him
  5. Put Grier behind our horrible line and he’s David Carr 2.0
  6. What kind of statement is Tepper going to make regarding Cam when he has no idea what Cam will look like in 2020? He said what any competent owner/GM would say
  7. Why is what he said about Cam breaking news? They have no freaking idea what he’s going to be able to do next year. Y’all are reading too much into his comments
  8. Cam Newton was making his 9th start Kyle Allen started his 9th game Sunday TIFWIW
  9. He said no LONG term mediocrity. Didn’t explain what his definition of long term is. Nothing he said insinuates that he’s firing anyone.
  10. Basically there will be no in-season changes, no surprise there. No long term mediocrity: how many years will he be ok with mediocrity? Sounds like Tepper will be ok moving on from Cam
  11. Honestly I wouldn’t be surprised if Tepper retains Ron and Marty for another year. About that tingle you’re feeling... might not be Panthers related, should talk to your doctor
  12. Hopefully he’s smart enough to take his show somewhere else when his contract is up.
  13. If Davis was the only thing this team was missing we wouldn’t look like a circus act on Sunday. This team is missing more parts than the 67 Camaro I’m restoring.
  14. Is anyone even sure Cam wants to stay in Charlotte? A lot of people are saying Ron and Cam aren’t getting along very well right now.
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