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  1. Let’s not forget that Short has been out, think what Brown could do with a legit DT next to him.
  2. Yeh, that’s just what we need is some more dead cap. Hopefully we’re lucky enough to find a replacement for Cam in the upcoming draft, let Teddy mentor him next year then let him go.
  3. Listening to local Charlotte radio hosts talk about the Panthers being close to competing in the South. They bring up the fact that both Brady and Brees can’t play forever, also cap situations with both teams. They say we have a young team with talent and a coach capable of getting us to the playoffs consistently. All we need is more pieces. what say you guys? Can we compete in 2021?
  4. Isn’t that basically what we saw in the Rivera era? Soft coverage, make teams move the ball the entire field with no mistakes?
  5. We don’t need someone because he’s better than Teddy, we need someone who can lead us to multiple SB’s.
  6. We’ve had Qb’s that would make an NFL all time worst team.
  7. Is that because our coverage team sucks?
  8. Give me the name of a DC who could do better with the horrible talent we have...
  9. The question isn’t when /if to bench him, it’s why the heck did we ever sign him?
  10. Does anyone remember back a few months when most of us thought the D would be our Achilles Heel? Well guess what guys and girls, the D is our Achilles Heel. Don’t act like you’re shocked by how terrible they look.
  11. Unfortunately (with Teddy) I can see us winning a few more games. Remember under Ron how the team would go on a mini winning streak at the end of seasons and give us hope for the next year? Could be another one of those.
  12. Washington and Detroit are possibilities, don’t see us winning both. Am really not interested in seeing a Ron Rivera type run where the team wins the last few games and gives us “hope” for 2021.
  13. Biden doesn’t even know what football is. Dude thinks he’s running against George Bush.
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