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  1. Just wondering; if they don’t play how would the draft work next year? Would we pick in the same spot as the latest draft? If so, you can forget about us getting that franchise qb
  2. First World problems... squirt me some tears
  3. Tepper isn’t going to accept failure, it’s not an option. He’s going to eventually replace Hurney and will let his management staff run the team. I think within 2-3 years you will see a 180 from where JR had this team.
  4. No worries, Twitter will probably end up banning him. They don’t like opposing views.
  5. Is their qb situation any better than ours?
  6. Everyone is already putting Brady and the Bucs in the SB. Brady didn’t have a great season last year, only threw 24 td’s. Arians will have to alter his “air raid” approach for sure.
  7. He’s not “stepping into the mix”. If he’s healthy and can learn the playbook he’s their day one starter. Would be awesome if he beats Brady and the Bucs.
  8. Yeh, he’s a terrible father and even worse role model. Who in their right mind would want Cam knowing this!!!
  9. Don’t worry, when the FDA approves something that means it’s safe.... well not really.
  10. I really don’t see how it’s going to happen. Even if it does how long do they play before so many players test positive that you can’t field a team? Of course this is about money so Goodell and Co will do everything possible to pull it off.
  11. Luke won awards for being best on the field, he went about his job pretty quietly. Smitty loved the camera, played with a chip on his shoulder because everyone told him he would never make it. Gotta go with 59 here
  12. Seeing comments about JR being pissed. A lot of his former players love him and say nothing but good things so I’m thinking he’s probably not a racist.
  13. It’s going to be interesting watching what happens if players start testing positive. Heard they would have to sit 2-3 weeks... what if 25% of your team has to sit?
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