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  1. It’s finally over... almost. Wonder what the players(especially vets) are thinking now that they have less than a week before entering TC. Heat index gonna be crazy
  2. This doesn’t change the fact that he’s horrible at clock management, makes terrible in-game decisions and looks like a deer in the headlights on the sidelines. But the guy is a true players coach, knows when to back off and when to ride them. This season is probably the most important of his career in Charlotte
  3. Haven’t seen too much discussion on this topic, maybe a lot of you are like me and didn’t realize he was still unsigned. Am wondering if anyone knows why and do you guys think he misses any TC if a deal isn’t done before next week.
  4. Took almost a decade but Cam finally has a legit wr corp and a legit OC. If Cam stays healthy this offense can be top 5.
  5. A lot of players could make this list; Can the defense in general pick up on Ron’s new scheme. You don’t go from a 4-3 to a “hybrid” 3-4 without any problems. Who picks it up quickly and who struggles? Paradis/Williams- both coming off severe injuries. Can they play to the lofty expectations. Ian Thomas- kid showed in year one that he has the tools to succeed, will he be good enough to take Olsen’s spot in 2020 Can one of the rb’s finally step up and lay claim to the #2 behind CMC
  6. I think as Cam gets more comfortable with the new(and vastly improved) weapons he has he will realize that it doesn’t have to be him to get that short yardage 3rd down, there are other people capable of helping out now. Of course there should still be designed plays for him to run, if nothing else to keep the defense honest. There just doesn’t have to be as many.
  7. Don’t really see Samuel as a slot guy, his best attributes make him a no-brainer for the outside. Moore on the other hand is built for the slot... he’s tough, he loves contact. If he can improve in getting off press coverage he will be a threat at both spots
  8. All I can say is I can’t wait for the Panthers to put an old fashion ass whipping on the Aintshttps://bleacherreport.com/articles/2845677-br-nfl-expert-picks-for-2019-division-winners?share=other#slide7
  9. Can’t wait to watch it tomorrow, all the armchair doctors and GM’s will be able to decide 100% if Cams shoulder problems are to blame for the epic meltdown or if he just sucks at being a qb
  10. I’ve seen kids in kindergarten act more grown up than these two clowns
  11. Less than a week before the guys start showing up. Any ideas on what Cam will arrive in?
  12. I live about 6 hours away in Chesapeake Va, never been to a game yet. Hopefully this is the season
  13. Dude was a beast... over 400 yards in first two games, over 4000 on the season, 14 rushing td’s and OROYPanthers https://www.panthers.com/news/25-seasons-cam-newton-2011
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