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  1. Going to be tough watching Panthers football without 59 on the defense. Going to be tough on the guy who replaces him as well.
  2. Burrow already said he doesn’t care who gets him, just pay him
  3. We know one thing is for sure... if Rhule likes him he’s going to get a shot. Ron wouldn’t give him anything but ST’s and garbage time
  4. I hope he doesn’t mind being on IR by week 8
  5. D-Lew was on FNZ this morning, said he doesn’t want to see Cam go but if he ends up in Chicago you’ll see them in the NFCC game.
  6. Rhule said he’s going to look at the players and determine what the best option is. Whatever he chooses I hope the qb doesn’t have to hold onto the ball for more than 2 seconds.
  7. My question is how long will Brady be in Charlotte? Don’t know his contract details but we might be looking for another OC in a couple years. Hard to say who we draft this year with everything that’s going on.
  8. Why would I follow another team? I’m a freaking Panther fan which means I follow the Panthers. Fans don’t leave when times are tough then return once everything is peachy again. If you’re that “fan” then GTFO and stay out.
  9. Luke might want to decompress for a year, let his body heal up. No doubt he’ll be on the staff in some kind of capacity.
  10. Maybe he sticks around long enough for Luke to take over
  11. Look at what Burrow did the season before Brady got to LSU, not much. Brady arrives and he wins the Heisman and a championship. Does that carry over to the NFL?
  12. Do the exact opposite of whatever it is the Browns have been doing for 20 years... yes, it really is that easy
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