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  1. mc52beast

    I always wondered ..........

    First off let’s all understand that every team in the NFL has fans who question what the coaches are doing, utilization of players. The thing with CMC is that he’s on the field for 96% of the snaps. Am thinking this is the case because Norv didn’t trust CJ in his offense or anyone else on the team. Maybe he picked up Barner and the other guy thinking he will need to rest CMC down the stretch.
  2. mc52beast

    A few minor items

    Maybe Ron didn’t make them watch it as a team but they better be talking about what went wrong. If this team struggles and doesn’t dominate the Lions you can forget about the playoffs.
  3. mc52beast

    Cam Newton

    How many years has Cam had to deal with trash o-lines and trash skill players... get back to me when you figure it out
  4. This team really has to go 4-0 in the next four games. One loss and there’s a good possibility we miss the WC. Only way to win the South is if the Aints have a meltdown, which ain’t happening.
  5. This team really hasn’t shown that they can take advantage of a team’s weaknesses. I really wouldn’t be surprised if we only get to Stafford a couple times. And watch out for their run game... could give up another 100 yard rusher
  6. Thought he was eligible this week. After Clark pissed his pants against the Steelers I’m assuming that Ron will start him ASAP.
  7. mc52beast

    Missing Huddlers Alert

    I take poop pills to help me poop... Sometimes it comes out like a jet stream
  8. Moton Cam CMC There could eventually be others, we’ve only played 9 games
  9. So you’re telling me that black refs are throwing flags against white players because they’re racist
  10. mc52beast

    Torrey Smith is at practice today.

    How is it Hurneys fault that Poe isn’t playing up to expectations??? Can understand being blamed for the Smith signing
  11. mc52beast

    Monday night's game in Mexico City

    Game moved to LA... Trump said National Guard will not allow fans to cross border JK
  12. mc52beast

    It all about the money

    So the NFL brass and the “powers that be” are evidently in love with Bellicheck and Brady. Dude got suspended for playing with his balls and still won a SB...
  13. Why do we continue to compare this team to the Pats? The Pats have a history of winning games when they matter the most, the Panthers don’t. Putting up average loss by stats means nothing. It’s like saying because the Browns beat the Falcons they will beat us because we lost to the Falcons.
  14. Hurney and Rivera have to know that CMC can’t keep up his pace without getting hurt at some point in the season. Dude is seeing over 90% of the snaps.
  15. Did the walkout include Eric Washington as DC or d-line coach?