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  1. mc52beast

    So...statistically is it better

    Great idea... let’s forget about a defense that just lost 100 years of experience and absolutely sucked last year and concentrate on putting more stars around Cam... who is coming off surgery and nobody knows if he still has an arm left.
  2. Had WFNZ on this morning, guess there’s a draft pro who thinks that because Hurney was in Columbus yesterday that he had to be interested in Haskins and is looking to replace Newton. If other guys we are obviously interested in are off the board at 16 and Haskins is still available would you be mad if he was the pick?
  3. Just a little FYI for anyone thinking about stealing MY car... if you take it it’s yours, you can’t return it
  4. Dude was Cam’s kryptonite, that’s all I know. Had 8 sacks in 5 games against him.
  5. Liked Mayock. Like Davis and Brooks also. Don’t care much for Kiper.
  6. mc52beast

    Panthers 3-4 defense confirmed.

    If this is “confirmation “ that we’re going to a 3-4 then you guys must realize that Tepper is giving Ron more than one offseason to put it together...
  7. mc52beast

    I don’t believe in the 3-4 transition

    As far as the defense goes I’m putting my faith in Ron. If he knows anything it’s defense and we averaged giving up around 18 when he was calling the plays. He’s going to turn this thing around, if he doesn’t he’s coaching somewhere else.
  8. Dude had one decent game last year and then he did nothing. Not sure how that should give me hope that Efe will burst onto the scene and make us all drool.
  9. mc52beast

    Carolina Panthers teasing us again.

    If all that stuff means we finally have consecutive winning seasons then yeh, give Tepper a pat on the back
  10. mc52beast

    Cart Talk - Bruce Irvin*

    Dude could’ve easily ended up like Hardy or any of the other guys who came into the League with immense talent but couldn’t stay straight... glad to have him on our team. I’m sure Cam is too.
  11. Nice pickup, brings versatility and experience. Wouldn’t say this is a WOW signing though.
  12. And I’ll be waiting patiently with a truckload full of paper bags
  13. mc52beast

    Is Paradis better than R Kalil?

    Can’t base this on Kalil’s recent play since he’s been injured