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  1. Doesn’t get Int’s, gets burned by fast receivers but plays excellent against some of the best who happen to play in the NFCS. Lock this dude up
  2. Not playing in Charlotte. Dude wouldn’t budge on his money and doesn’t look to be a good fit in a 3-4. Hard pass
  3. How long will it take Cam to remind her she’s a female and doesn’t know anything about football.
  4. Meanwhile the Pats are already planning their party after winning the division 50 years in a row
  5. Can’t hurt to give him a look. If he makes the team he gets paid in wings... won’t count against the cap.
  6. Could’ve had CJ last year and let him walk... dude is better than everyone we have minus CMC.
  7. Depends on Cam, obviously. If he returns 100% and can play all year our offense will be scary good. Also depends on if we get any worthwhile production from our rookies. Little has to play well, as do the guys on defense. Ron calling the plays late last year paid off, only gave up around 18 a game.
  8. I think having Tepper around instead of his buddy JR has made Hurney realize that his job is on the line vs Hurney 1.0 who basically did what he wanted with no consequences
  9. Some players do just enough to be competitive, others want to be great. CMC wants to be great
  10. I’m impressed that there’s at least ONE Cons fan who can count to ten.
  11. So he’ll be out against the Panthers Meanwhile Reid passes every test he takes
  12. Most contestants on that show don’t know jack about sports so I’m actually impressed
  13. Moore Samuel Hogan Robinson Hurney trades 1st pick next year for Kelvin Benjamin
  14. Don’t mind my team losing but when it’s against a team from that area it makes it not even tolerable
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