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  1. Only way Ron/Hurney go after a vet is if Tepper tells them they have to... other wise they’re riding Allen and Grier to the end
  2. Man I sure am glad Norv signed DW to that one year prove it deal!!!!!
  3. Those rushing stats are abismal. Would like to know where the runs are going, outside or up the gut
  4. If he did it doesn’t make himself look any better. At the end of the season(assuming he makes it)Tepper will look at the whole body of work and decide what it best for the team. He’s not going to accept any lame ass excuses like “it wasn’t me calling the plays”.
  5. We aren’t going after any qb’’s... Ron and Marty will live or die with what we have
  6. Allen plays better than Cam but defense gives up to many big plays.. Ari 27 Car 23
  7. Cosell has been with NFL Films for 40 years, talks with WFNZ once a week about the prior game and upcoming game. Heres a couple highlights; Says Cam is not throwing any different from the way he did before... all arm, no lower body torque. Darryl Williams isn’t the only guy struggling in pass protection, said when one guy is getting beat it sometimes turns into a domino effect Said the Ravens played a lot of man coverage and pressured Murray with some success. Not sure Panthers have secondary talent to play man. Believes Ron will come up with a scheme that confuses Murray Said Allen is a better option than an injured Cam right now. Can throw deep and is mobile.
  8. If jumping really high equated to being a really good safety then I would be excited about this... but from what I’ve seen Eric is just an above average safety.
  9. Was looking at the Vegas betting lines and they took the Panthers vs Cards off. I’m not an expert at this stuff but I’m thinking that’s a sign they figure Cam isn’t playing. Anyone with knowledge about betting let me know.
  10. It’s a messy situation no matter how you look at it. Ron and Marty are trying to keep their jobs and will more than likely push Cam to play. Cam has finally got to a point where he’s thinking about his future and is “tired of being injured “. If I’m Cam I’m sitting out until I’m fully 100%. This kid has given everything he has for this team and they have refused to protect him.
  11. Am hoping we can get some constant pressure on Murray, keep him rattled. If we end up getting into a shootout we’re screwed no matter who’s playing qb
  12. Ron said the foot wasn’t an issue when asked by Person. Then he started saying “we don’t trust the” and stopped.
  13. Went into OTA’s thinking the o-line was finally a strength but low and behold it’s the same crap we’ve been seeing since Cam got here. Who’s bright freaking idea was it to move a proven RT to LT when you’re present RT is a better LT??? Tepper has to be thinking that they should be fired based on this alone, not including the clusterfudge at qb
  14. What he said about Cam only caring about Cam was BS... what he said about Cam being done could very well be true
  15. Cards are 31st in yards allowed so we should be able to move the ball even with Allen. They’re 9th in points allowed so we could see yet another game where the offense stalls and Slye has to kick 5 fg’s Dont know how anyone can be a fan of Ron or Marty(And Gettleman) who refused to give Cam the protection and weapons he needed to succeed... the Cam you see now is a result of piss poor management
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