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  1. If Cam is released it’s because he and the Panthers has a terrible year.. which means he’s retiring
  2. They’re miserable right now. Will be the same people waving their Pom poms if we go on a winning streak and take the South
  3. So you’re saying Will Grier is better than Cam
  4. Tepper just stopped what he was doing and grabbed a box of tissues.
  5. Ron said the reason for letting him go was that he wouldn’t fit into the new scheme. But hey, I love TD and hope he gets a ring before hanging it up... will always be a Panther
  6. Biggest blame I put on Hurney is how he dealt with the qb position. They knew Cam would be coming off surgery and there might be complications yet he proceeded to keep Allen and draft a guy that may not be ready for multiple years. And what about the o-line. Cam is still getting crushed and the two guys everyone was so excited about are playing like crap
  7. Maybe because of all the contract talk... could be his agent told him to reduce the risk of injury
  8. Don’t know their schedule exactly but they have to play the Hawks, Cowboys, Bears, Cons, Jags, Cards and Bucs that I know of in that span. Unfortunately they could easily go .500
  9. In case you didn’t notice he probably won’t miss the games against us... cool your jets
  10. Will be out at least 6 weeks... yeh. That’s muther f’ing right we still have a chance
  11. Got some help from Brees today, don’t like injuries but if he has to miss multiple games and we can get our crap together we can keep it close in the South
  12. Cards played pretty well against the Ravens, Looks like Murray is all that was advertised. I don’t see how the heck we’re getting +3.5, could change as we get closer to Sunday.
  13. You saw what life will be like for the Aints if Drew misses any significant time... waiting to see their comments concerning that blown call on the Goff fumble..will probably petition the Supreme Court Pretty sure you won’t see saints4life anywhere around here next week
  14. Biggest storyline so far besides Brees being out is the blown call on Goff’s fumble.... cost Aints 7 points. If the Aints lose I fully expect those inbred morons to petition the Supreme Court
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