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  1. Yeh, I know. But hey, got a while before camp opens so I figured we needed something to talk about. i think for the most part we have a pretty solid group of guys. Nobody really sticks out as a potential problem. Thoughts anyone?
  2. LB’s will get the majority but you have to look at why they would and that’s because we(on paper) have a devastating D-line. And with Ron settling in as the new play caller I can guarantee there will be a lot to like. Maybe call the 2019 defense Chaos Inc
  3. Everyone talks about the players and you’re all correct. But getting Dave Tepper as our owner is probably bigger than any drafted player or great FA signing. Dude went from nothing to 11 billion dollars. And unlike JR who was ok with being one of the “good ol boys” Dave wants to actually win SB’s. He’s brought a brand new mentality to this organization and the players love it.
  4. Panthers had a 7-8-1 team that talking heads said shouldn’t even be sniffing a PO berth. Panthers had a 15-1 team that talking heads said was the worst 1loss team in NFL history. Hopefully in 2019 we have the worst team to ever win a SB.
  5. Dude was the definition of a “lunch box”guy. He wasn’t the most athletic or gifted qb but he had a desire to win that will never be surpassed. Nice to see him going into our Hall after years of JR doing nothing.
  6. We always hear about the screw-ups, the abusers and the idiots. They make national headlines and people talk about them non-stop. Rarely does a story like Josh’s make more than a blip on the radar screen. He kept his head down, didn’t cause problems and was always available to help a guy with football or anything else. Truly a first class guy. Wish him nothing but the best going forward.
  7. My #1 would be Talib. Dude tries to be a thug but would run crying from my son. #1 coach would have course be Payton. I think if I bumped into him I’d probably hit him regardless of the consequences.
  8. Always hear about the bad seeds who abuse their power... Rarely ever hear about the majority of cops who love their job and do it by the book
  9. Most of the religious “tales” have been verified by scholars and archaeologists.
  10. Look at the bright side if games are longer than they already are... more time to drink beer
  11. I’m pretty satisfied with the Sunday Ticket, food and drink are way cheaper and there ain’t no stinkin wine n cheesers crying about the noise.
  12. Would’ve been awesome having GMC and TD on the same defense... would’ve been an entertaining TC with those two talking trash with Cam.
  13. Seemed like Jerry was happy with just being a “good ol boy” and everything that came with it. The moves he demanded and was ok letting Hurney make shows a person who wasn’t dedicated to winning. Did an awesome thing by getting a team in Charlotte but didn’t do much else. Really am glad we finally have an owner who is hell bent on winning SB’s
  14. Ross Cockrell- the guy everyone forgets about. Barring another injury he should really solidify our secondary. Jermaine Carter- pretty sure EVERYONE looked good week 17 against the Aints. Kyle Love- been really good for us, doesn’t get the recognition that KK and others get but he keeps getting the job done.
  15. Guess I’ll break out the old tapes of Hogan and Andre beating the crap out of each other... good times
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