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  1. I'm with you. We need to sign another safety for depth at a minimum. I just prefer it not to be Boston.
  2. On our team? Unknown. I think Gaulden deserves his shot in the preseason to see how he plays but we need to sign another. In FA, there are plenty of FA safeties still available.
  3. I'm sure he will eventually be signed by someone unless he's expecting more than vet minimum. I'm just keeping my fingers crossed it's not us. I want our team to get better.
  4. I did. I guess that shows you we don't know poo and the only people that do are the NFL talent evaluators (who haven't signed Tre Boston b/c he sucks)
  5. He had 70 tackles and 2 interceptions and 2 TFL and multiple passes defended. He must be good. The stats told me so!!!
  6. Wow should change his name to "I like shitty safeties"
  7. Wow can definitely judge safeties. He also wanted the guy who isn't in the league either.
  8. That's pretty much it. Nobody wants him. I agree with them.
  9. The same guy that quit during the Atlanta game and said afterwards he needed more cardio?
  10. I'm not at all. But I like hearing other fan's opinions. My point was I'm not the only person out there that thinks he isn't worth a poo. 32 teams feel that way too.
  11. Guys, he's been on 3 teams in 3 years. That's who we want? I do see a lot UNC fans giving me a poo post though so I think I understand this better now.
  12. But we are using PFF as our reasoning for him being good? Or number of tackles?
  13. You cannot judge a safety based on stats. At all.
  14. Here is a bunch of NFL fans on reddit talking about how shitty he is. Including Cardinals fans and Chargers fans.
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