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  1. I honestly cannot fathom letting Moton walk. How can our staff potentially be that incompetent? How long has the NFL proven OT is the 2nd most important position on the field? poo like this is so discouraging as a fan. fug Marty Hurney. I have no hope for the future with that clown around.
  2. The contract should tell you Hurney needs to be fired.
  3. Agree with above posters. I would LOVE for the Saints to keep Hill as their starting QB after this year. Hill isn't a good QB. They won yesterday because the Saints have the best roster in football and it's not really close. And the Falcons are the Falcons.
  4. I don't know much about Fields but here are my Teddy problems: 1. Lack of aggression. WAY too often he takes a check down. Yes, sometimes that is a good play but right now we have Anderson, Moore, and Samuel. That's probably Top 3 best WR corps in the NFL. He needs to throw the ball down field more often. I don't even mean deep shots. Just throw the intermediate stuff. He is too quick to come off is 1st/2nd reads. 2. Pocket presence is hit or miss. At times he avoids the rush and keeps eyes downfield. At times, he is horrible at feeling pressure and runs into a sack. 3. Severe lack of clutch gene. It feels that pressure gets to him and he gets lemon booty. He is not the only reason we have lost games on the final drive but he is a big one. In the NFL, a lot of games come down to the final possession or 2. We can't have a QB that folds under pressure. I'm not sure if I'm sold on trading up for a QB because other holes need to be filled too. But after game 9 of Teddy, he is not a franchise QB that I want to see the team build around. *I'm not saying he is bad. He isn't. He is slightly above average. But that's not good enough in today's NFL to be a consistent contender.
  5. Tre makes mental mistakes, misses tackles, and generally appears to display 1/2 effort. I agree with your statement.
  6. Huge problem is the LBs that are replacing him are equally bad. I don't know if LB or S is the worst position group on the team but it's close.
  7. I've lost all hope in Ian Thomas. 47 snaps and he produced 9 yards. On that 1 catch, he had a running start and got absolutely stoned at the first down marker by a CB. A CB should NEVER tackle a TE with a full head of steam without gaining another yard or 2. Dude is soft.
  8. The dude is horrible. And he is paid 20th among the 64 starting safeties. He is likely worse than 30 other teams starting FS and many teams backups.
  9. Here is what I'll say. Trash isn't the right word. He is no longer GOOD. Brees' arm is dead. And it's hurting the Saints. And for the record, I haven't made any comments about Teddy's QB play. I think he is a playing average ball. Nothing special, nothing bad. So I guess that's Drew. He is still incredibly accurate inside 10 yards. Cannot throw it deep with any consistency. No velocity on throws outside the hash. More interceptions than typical. It's not awful but it's nothing special. He is not a good QB anymore.
  10. Your point is what? Teddy checks the ball down too much as well. Teams at least respect the deep pass when playing defense against Carolina. But the difference is Brees checks it down because he physically cannot throw the ball deep with any regularity. I don't really care if you don't believe it. It's true. All the analysts have seen it. I've seen it. Saints fans have seen it. Drew is a shell of himself.
  11. Drew is a hindrance to the Saints. And yes, you can call him trash. Washed, whatever. Doesn't mean he wasn't great for years. Stats don't mean poo in that Saints offense. He racks up tons of yards on checkdowns. Almost all of his TDs are the same. I've watched 3 full Saints games now (my father in law is a huge NO fan). He can only occasionally make the throw that is open more than 10-15 yards down field. He made a few last night in 2nd half. His average pass attempt this season has been around 4 yards from LOS. That's LAST in the NFL. Defenses know this. That's why they are struggling. They would be a better offense with Jameis in at QB even with all the mistakes. Because teams would be forced to respect a potential for deep pass.
  12. What does that have to do with Brees being a hindrance to his team?
  13. He was a 7th round pick. When Burns was drafted, McClover was doing interviews crying about how awesome is was for him to come to Carolina just like himself. pretty cool story.
  14. It's all about Brees. Even with Thomas, that offense cannot routinely challenge anybody deep. Defenses are going to sit on the underneath routes because that's all Drew can throw. His arm is completely shot. Almost 100% chance he retires at the end of the season and if he doesn't, it's good news for us because he will continue to hold them back.
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