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  1. No. It's a performance tracking equipment. Measures HR, sweat, etc. Almost all pro athletes are wearing them now.
  2. I didn't want him and was a vocal critic of him. I think he had too many poor angles and lack of hustle on pursuit plays. BUT now that he's a Panther again, let's go Tre. As a poster above said, we just need him to minimize the mistakes and don't get beat deep.
  3. I didn't mean that as an insult to Thomas either. I just think Julio and Hopkins are in a tier of their own.
  4. He's not even close to Julio/Hop. I'll give him better than AB though.
  5. Tier 1: NFC Elite - Saints Saints - They are #1 in the conference unless Brees arm continues the trend we saw the last 1/4 of the season. Barf. Well rounded team. Excellent on both lines and skill positions. Not many question marks (LB, S, WR depth). They would have been in the SB and likely won if they got the pass interference call (HAHAHAHAHA) Tier 2: Likely playoff teams - Rams, Eagles, Vikings, Falcons, Panthers Falcons - Unfortunately, I also think a lot of people are sleeping on the Falcons. Their offense will still be stacked and they just added two 1st round picks on OL to protect Ryan. The defense was legit 2 years ago and then last year they were crushed with injuries. I think 3 teams from the NFC South get in the playoffs. Rams - I'm also not sold on Goff but McVay knows how to work with him. Aaaron Donald is still the best player in the NFL. Gurley's health could change everything for them. Eagles - Best OL/DL combo in the NFL. Wentz is a damn good QB if he stays healthy. Vikings - Top 3 defense in NFL. TWO elite WR. Cousins is trash but rest of the team can carry him. Panthers - I'm a big believer in them if Cam is healthy. It's obvious a big question mark but for the sake of this discussion, let's say he's as healthy as can be. They started 6-2 last year for a reason. They have lots of veteran talent. This is the best offense Carolina has had since Cam came into the NFL and the best OL (assuming Little, Williams, Paradis, Turner, Moton). 3-4 is a question mark but teams are so hybrid at this point, I don't think we will stick with anything too often. Secondary looks solid if Gaulden can be average or find a replacement level vet. Tier 3: Lots of question marks - Cowboys, 49ers, Seahawks, Packers, Bears Cowboys - Dak sucks. 49ers - I have absolutely no clue what to expect out of them. They have a lot of high draft talent that could make them a contender if Jimmy plays like a top 10 QB. Seahawks - I don't see much talent on that roster but Wilson also pulls the rabbit out of the hat. Packers - If Rodgers is back to normal, this is a playoff team even with it's medicore roster. Bears - Trubisky is worse than Dak. Tier 4: Top 10 draft picks: Redskins, Giants, Lions, Bucs, Cardinals
  6. I'm with you. We need to sign another safety for depth at a minimum. I just prefer it not to be Boston.
  7. On our team? Unknown. I think Gaulden deserves his shot in the preseason to see how he plays but we need to sign another. In FA, there are plenty of FA safeties still available.
  8. I'm sure he will eventually be signed by someone unless he's expecting more than vet minimum. I'm just keeping my fingers crossed it's not us. I want our team to get better.
  9. I did. I guess that shows you we don't know poo and the only people that do are the NFL talent evaluators (who haven't signed Tre Boston b/c he sucks)
  10. He had 70 tackles and 2 interceptions and 2 TFL and multiple passes defended. He must be good. The stats told me so!!!
  11. Wow should change his name to "I like shitty safeties"
  12. Wow can definitely judge safeties. He also wanted the guy who isn't in the league either.
  13. That's pretty much it. Nobody wants him. I agree with them.
  14. The same guy that quit during the Atlanta game and said afterwards he needed more cardio?
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