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  1. At Friday's presser, Ron said this about KK playing vs Houston " we will see how he feels when he wakes up on Sunday". Now, he's having surgery and on IR.
  2. Both are true. It's unfortunate that his foot is going to cost him (guessing here) 6+ weeks. It's fortunate that Allen has played well and gives his confidence to not be completely out of hope before Cam returns.
  3. Cockrell absolutely looks solid. But he's not a speed guy at all. If we have to use him as our #2 CB then we put Elliot in at nickel. It weakens two positions at the same time. We need pass rush big time to survive this game because Watson is going to exploit the hell out of this injury. And KK is hurt too so then our pass rush is losing the best DL we have. Bad bad bad bad.
  4. This is exactly what I would do. They have 3 really good WR. Our secondary will be test big time. Running intermediate and deep routes will take our LB out of pass coverage game too and we will rely solely on our secondary to defend (without DJ, this is bad bad news)
  5. I honestly have no idea. He was limited in practice on Wednesday and then completely out Thursday and Friday. I don't recall seeing him hurt after that and I don't think he left the field. That's a good guess though.
  6. This is by far the biggest injury of the weekend (outside of Cam). Houston has 2 of the fastest WR in the league (Fuller & Stills). They routinely run 9 routes. Jackson is our only corner with enough speed to match them. It's very concerning to have Cockrell or Elliot or anyone else on either of them. Expect them to attack us deep early and often. Any thoughts on how to mitigate this?
  7. I think a lot of the 3-4 / 4-3 difference is due to the fact that Bruce Irvin is hurt. It's tough to stop the run in a 3-4 if you have Burns or Haynes at OLB. Much easier when you are in 4-3 to make up for a softer edge player.
  8. Offense did put them in a few bad spots. But 170+ rushing yards is NEVER acceptable for a defense. That has nothing to do with the field position.
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