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  1. Yes. Which is why Hurney can walk his ass out the door with Rivera.
  2. Not necessarily. I think this is damning for Rivera. Wilks all but gone already and Rivera has higher odds than him. And I have no clue.
  3. If his recovery time is that long, he should've been put on IR weeks ago. That already jeopardizes missing all of training camp and preseason.
  4. No. There are no "favorites" since it's not a head to head matchup. So there cannot be a "-" spread for this bet. This is a prop moneyline bet.
  5. Nope. +200 is the most probable according this sportsbook. +200 means you a 100 dollar bet would win you $200. The more money you win (i.e Lewis at +900), the less likely it is to happen according to Vegas.
  6. Combine this with the Rivera's change of demeanor in the press conference this morning and I think there is a real big fire burning right now. Wish we could keep him as DC though. I know it's impossible.....
  7. jamos14

    Pilots vs Commanders

    Navy is odd. Yes, I agree with your analogy though. A Lieutenant/Captain of an infantry unit would be the equivalent of the coordinators. They are in the middle of the battle, leading patrols, etc. Major/Lt.Col is at the FOB or somewhere strategically located to better command/control his units from afar. He positions his men around the battlefield and let's the company grade officers (Lt, Capt) make the tactical decisions. Source: I am Marine Corps Captain
  8. I love you Greg. Thanks for everything. Good luck in the booth next year.
  9. He had also had 3 straight weeks with a miss. And prior to that 63 yarder, he had been barely 50% over 50 yards in the last 4 years in Carolina
  10. I don't think he played for the FG either. But he settled for it when he shouldn't have. The odds of us picking up a 4th & 4 are probably higher than Gano making a clutch 53 yard FG.
  11. That's a TD. This team is horrendous.
  12. That is just piss poor effort. Mirrors what I've seen on gameday. KK and Poe are non existent and they are getting paid 25 mil a year between the two of them.
  13. jamos14

    Five drops in one game...

    Maybe so but he is the best WR in this class. He isn't good but it's a great time for him to be in the open market.
  14. jamos14

    Five drops in one game...

    He will get paid 15M a year in FA. I really really hope it's not us that pays him.