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  1. Of course he would. He will play for any team that gives him money. I don't blame him. I'd cheer against him until he retired though.
  2. jamos14

    London here we come

    Well, I meant ticket and tailgate package. Not just ticket. Gonna be a on a budget so we will probably be trying AirBnB through the trip to save cash.
  3. jamos14

    London here we come

    I'm hopeful to be able to get a ticket only. I think we are looking like we might want to do Paris and Italy over the week prior. Getting to Europe is expensive and I can't imagine I'll go anytime soon so I want to visit more than just London while I'm there. When do you expect dates to be announced?
  4. jamos14

    London here we come

    Any ball park figure? I was guessing 1,750
  5. jamos14

    London here we come

    I'd guess 30% is the minimum
  6. jamos14

    London here we come

    Me and my wife paid the deposit. Never been to Europe. We figure we can take train to Paris and spend 2 days there as well.
  7. jamos14

    London here we come

    Holy poo. That is insane. Have to charter (3) 747s.
  8. jamos14

    The Interview Circuit

    Arians (HC) and Bowles (DC) appear to be a lock now in Tampa. This is the best coaching staff they have had. We now have the worst HC in the division. And Bowles is light years better than Eric Washington.
  9. That's how TD became an OLB too. We drafted him as a safety. He played it for one season. Then he bulked up and became OLB.
  10. I just hope that at least 1 starter on the D-line falls to us at pick 16.
  11. Can you stop making every thread about your UNC ignorance? There is a forum for that. Thanks.
  12. It's possible that Ferrell is available at 16 but unlikely. I would love him. Most of the teams ahead of us aren't QB needy so unfortunately, there will be a lot of quality EDGE and OL prospects picked early.
  13. Yes. Which is why Hurney can walk his ass out the door with Rivera.
  14. Not necessarily. I think this is damning for Rivera. Wilks all but gone already and Rivera has higher odds than him. And I have no clue.