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  1. We don't get any comp pick for him. And we will still owe 11.8million in dead cap.
  2. I'm so sad about this news.....
  3. Where is Vaccaro? I don't see him on injury report but you mentioned Sanford at SS.
  4. Sounds like Brandon Williams roster chances have gone down hill dramatically. Not surprising when you miss all of training camp but really disappointing. I had high hopes for him.
  5. Hard comparison, San Antonio has been one of the best offense's in basketball.
  6. There is no truth at all to the torn meniscus so don't speculate on it.
  7. I didn't mean they were reservists but rather the I&I guys at the station.
  8. None of them are fat but two are sloppy looking by Marine Standards. No, they are absolutely Marines. Who knows what unit but probably a local reserve station, probably not band. Those female Marines get more attention than they know what to do with. They don't even have to be attractive, just female. Pretty funny to witness from higher.
  9. All I noticed was the LCpl who's gig-line and trousers was all fuged up
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