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  1. Governor Cooper just signed an order not allowing anyone's utilities to be cut off in NC
  2. Dear Panthers organization both the old regime and the new
  3. Britain now on lockdown with police enforcing fines for gatherings.
  4. Sure. It doesn't really matter either way. I'm not saying we're all going to die. Just be prepared for some kind of lockdown.
  5. I'm passing this along after talking to a few friends in the military and or government. All of us need to get any business or personal affairs in order asap (unless it can be done from your home). Banks, stores, etc. If you have family close by make sure they are set with weeks worth of supplies and Rx. We are about to be heavily restricted in our movements. I honestly have nothing else to add but this advice needs to be taken seriously.
  6. This year isn't even 25 % over and it is already the worst in my life. And there is no light at the end of the tunnel. F U 2020
  7. Which is exactly the same thing I'm calling the organization right now. This is bullshit plain and simple.
  8. Funny story. A client just got back from Walmart. All the frozen microwaveable and heat and serve foods are heavily picked over or gone. Raw meats, fruits and vegetables are in abundance. Instant rice and other stuff gone, regular foods that need some prep are still there. It looks like the rumors are true, a lot of this country has forgotten how to cook.
  9. I guess everyone will be eating milk sandwiches again. Plus they will have tons of toilet paper to use as napkins.
  10. Is the massage setting really necessary or just a personal choice? asking for a friend
  11. I would say yesterday was an important date for the Panthers. It was Auburns pro day and Hurney was there https://www.google.com/amp/s/www.ajc.com/sports/football/tweetcap-from-auburn-pro-day-2020/XrDhtHcQBgwZDMwjIw3qjJ/amp.html
  12. I'm actually a fan of Cody but it is becoming apparent he is not in the long term plans of this franchise as a starter so I would do the trade. I'd even give Dallas one of our 2nd rounders just to convince Cuban to pull the trigger.
  13. Someone alerted them to all the cigar smoke. Smoking is illegal in the entire stadium.
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