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  1. I finally decided to watch that despite my better judgement. Farewell Cam. God I hate this year.
  2. If the adoption rumor is true it puts a warm feeling in my heart.
  3. Murph

    Corona Virus

    Spoke with an ER Dr. yesterday. She said cases were going up but so far the hospital is managing it well. What she did confirm was something that all of us suspected but is rarely talked about: the number of patients coming in who are victims of domestic abuse has soared. Suicide attempts have also jumped in past 3-4 months. So many wounds and injuries are from family members or self inflicted. Heart wrenching to hear. I'm sure the rest of the country/world has similar stories.
  4. I'm now convinced those astronauts were the smartest people in this country. They got the hell out of here before nightfall. This year gets worse by the day.
  5. Murph

    Corona Virus

    Britain now on lockdown with police enforcing fines for gatherings.
  6. Murph

    Corona Virus

    Sure. It doesn't really matter either way. I'm not saying we're all going to die. Just be prepared for some kind of lockdown.
  7. Murph

    Corona Virus

    I'm passing this along after talking to a few friends in the military and or government. All of us need to get any business or personal affairs in order asap (unless it can be done from your home). Banks, stores, etc. If you have family close by make sure they are set with weeks worth of supplies and Rx. We are about to be heavily restricted in our movements. I honestly have nothing else to add but this advice needs to be taken seriously.
  8. Murph

    Corona Virus

    Who's Marshall?
  9. Murph

    Corona Virus

    Funny story. A client just got back from Walmart. All the frozen microwaveable and heat and serve foods are heavily picked over or gone. Raw meats, fruits and vegetables are in abundance. Instant rice and other stuff gone, regular foods that need some prep are still there. It looks like the rumors are true, a lot of this country has forgotten how to cook.
  10. Murph

    Corona Virus

    I guess everyone will be eating milk sandwiches again. Plus they will have tons of toilet paper to use as napkins.
  11. Murph

    Corona Virus

    Is the massage setting really necessary or just a personal choice? asking for a friend
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