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  1. If the Panthers are playing then the halftime show will suck...more so than usual.
  2. Murph

    Gronkowski is a moron

    Fug politics.
  3. Murph

    Trade Chatter

    Rumors that we like Marc Gasol from Memphis. He would be a better fit than Drummond and wouldn't cost as much
  4. Murph

    Aints Fans Continue to Devolve

    I'm becoming obsessed with girl in black cap. Yummy
  5. What about OT Gregg Little? 2nd round? Isn't he projected as a left tackle?
  6. It went well considering. We both woke up with cooler heads and enjoyed the holiday. But of course Murphy's law happened. Late that night after the alcohol wore off I drove us home in her truck with a horrible hangover headache and I was so anxious to get inside the house for Advil that I rubbed her front corner panel on the side of the garage entrance. fug me
  7. The Mrs. and I had a good old fashioned spat last night. Probably the worst all year. All my kids quietly went to there rooms and closed their doors while we went at it. Now I have to spend all day at her family's house. Lovely. My tip, choose your battles and it's best to avoid them on the eve of a holiday. At least there will be an abundance of beer available.
  8. Murph

    Post a pic, any pic.

  9. So if I won them and then offered them to you...??...
  10. So, based on preliminary info wouldn't this be some sort of race related hate crime?
  11. Murph

    Watching a NFL Preseason Game

    FWIW, in the six seasons the Panthers have made the playoffs, they never had a losing record in those preseasons. All .500 or better.