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  1. DID I EVER?! I have an unhealthy obsession to mah bitch. And thanks to you I was actually able to catch it.. So please post so I can rep you.

  2. Did you catch your girl on FirstTake this morning? Very Nice!!! If you didn't, make sure to catch the rerun.

  3. What is your avatar? It's cool.

  4. I've stayed away from reading the Manga... People have told me once I start reading I will never stop. Since I've stuck with the anime I don't know what I am missing. For the longest I downloaded the torrents from Dattebayo, but once they stopped subbing Naruto I started downloading torrents from the links on NarutoFan.com. It's usually Taka or Horriblesubs

  5. Ahh I read the Manga. I am many chapters ahead of the Anime Where do you get the Anime ?

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