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  1. Owe you some rep, thanks for the info on the Manning case. BTW, I love it when Deac is corrected on military matters. He thinks he knows it all since he swabbed the poopdecks. :)

  2. Got the Fountainhead too if you want it...I'll just add it anyway.

  3. Let's have a conversation in Matt Moore's inbox...public. tehehehehe

  4. Oh you... *soft fist...squished face LOL

  5. I've been on the last 4 nights. = I suck right now because I don't know the maps still. Honestly, this is the last COD I'm buying...gettin tired of the BS. SOS different title and locale.

  6. Gonna try to get on Xbox Live this weekend. Playing daddy is a full-time job man.

  7. You mean you're not a tom and Jerry fan?!?!?! :Phttp://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KGPkLQKFMto

  8. Thought you'd get a kick outta this. Be sure and observe the whole entire picture. :)http://curryscloud.com/shownotes/index255.html No Agenda FTW!

  9. He submitted....WTF LOL motorboat...bbbbbbrrrbbbbbbbrrrbbbbbbbrrrbbbbbb :P

  10. Where in Cal.? I'm in Redondo Beach.

  11. When's the baby due and how'z the fam? StickHumourH.jpg

  12. It's wrought with Libertarian goodness. :P

  13. THrilH0 with a zero, it's a simspons reference. Bout to change it tho. Let's play Red Dead with Googoo and my buddy this weekend.

  14. Like my new thread? :P

  15. FTL of GOD dont get Fios TV...internet good...TV baaaaad. heh

  16. I'm passin' around some great survival guides to the guys who want'em. If so, just send me an email address to send them to.

  17. Hey didn't you want info. on survival guides and techniques...if so I got a present for you. I've already passed it around to the guys. Send me your email address or whatever one you want to use if you want it.

  18. OK so get the VShare add-on for firefox...install it, restart FF and then go here: http://atdhe.net/index.html

  19. Sweet...enjoy. :

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