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  1. Exactly, my response was to mr competely who posted the teams record and other statements like it was an indictment of Newton. Like he was the sole reason for the losses and whatever else he included. I would ride with 2015 Cam any day. Didnt post anything wrong, but wasn't all informed. Just like the media who just says random statements to support their believe. How we got that record counts too. A loss is a loss and a win is a win but what you do with the information that happened during those losses and wins shapes your future.
  2. Yes, winning but it is a teams sport. Im just not with the dissing bc of a record. It takes more than the driver to make it to the finish line. Supporting cast counts too. You can win but will u be remembered, or will you be that team that someone says I forgot they won a championship. Its all good like i say its all what you value. I enjoyed the time Cam was in Carolina the good and the bad ...didnt win it all but it was a spectacular ride.
  3. People like u dont understand and never will. Panthers will recover yes with Bridgewater probably. Its not the same tho. Its like a sports car versus a Honda. Both are good cars both get u to where u want to go, but trust me most people like attention who do you think will get the most. Myself i just hate the change. Newton gave his all and thats hard to come by. His record isnt a reflection of him but of a team that lacked some talent and coaching. One on one Cam is great on pure talent. So dont go there.
  4. Well my time as a panther fan are over. I was going to stay for Luke but he gave up on it all together. I think Luke saw what others couldnt ...the end of an era... football isnt what it was its getting worse yr by yr. Now that Cam has been dismiss I will dismiss the panthers. I dont know if any team will snap Cam up if they do i will watch but not like i did with the panthers. Just will not be the same. Panthers will have success. It just will not be with Cam and Luke who I will miss from the game.
  5. I cant really determine the value for real. I mean Luke was a beast but when klein played we did not miss a beat. Thats not saying Luke wasnt the better but its not the most valuable position. Steve very valuable but needed a qb to throw the ball. Peppers was a beast but still need points. Cam could get it done in 2 ways legs and arm and did until he got hurt. To me position of impact determines value. Cam, Steve, Peppers and Luke are all 1s. Cam and Luke are like mirrors. Plus sthe offense side of the panthers sucked and handicap the offense. Really hindered Steve and Cam but both still did great in spite of.
  6. This team is just a mess. Changes. Time went by so fast with him and Cam. Now they are old and beat up. The coaching of this team deflated the team and made good players injury prone and with bad taste in their mouth. Started with departing from Smith and has cycled back to the faithful few. Olsen was a good player who got tired of watching teammates on ateam not playing worth a blip. He and Cam out there getting beat up playing with injuries and the rest showing no effort. He said what needed to be said. A bunch of ussies is what Carolina faded to and it started with the departure of Steve Smith. Yes vets get old but you dont neccessarily have to get rid of them just negociate a little harder. Now if you dont have a great scout team tou are doomed. Will miss that QB tandem. White men cant jump.
  7. I would like to know how Byrd and Hill are doing? I hope both make team!
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