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  1. Of course he is not the blame for everything, but his portion are repeat offenders. In the real world those costly mistakes get you fired bc your not being proactive but reactive and kissing money not showing signs of growth. Eventually being stagnant kills your business and this is what has happen to the panthers. I think he is an average coach. I believe we could do better, we have to at least try. He has had time to correct his issues and its the same thing yr after yr. We can not get probowlers at every position to win a SB. This team has to play at an elite level every game to keep Ron' decision making coming into play. So tell me what is his job?!
  2. Steelers game we were not making a comeback game was literally over at halftime. Why was he in there playing during 4th qtr and Luke sitting on bench? Game was well lost. 2016 we were not fighting for a playoff spot. Deferring is all Ron does. You are a coach, a manager of a team. Your sole job is to make decisions. And yes even the hard ones if all your going to do is deferr what are they paying him for. Half of the time he says he hasn't even talked to the medical staff about some players injuries and I am at a lost for words on those comments bc the game was on Sunday and here it is Tuesday or Wednesday and you don' know the condition of your star players.
  3. Ron Rivera has already proven your statement above wrong, yes no one having a brain would play their millionaire QB needlessly, but Ron is only using half of his brain. He played Cam the last 4 games of the season when he knew he had a damaged shoulder. Why take any risk with that even if he could still play we weren' going to playoffs even if we won all 4 remaining games so that is NEEDLESS. Again this yr when we were trampled up under the sun with no chance of a comeback and is where I believe the injury occurred he had Cam, Olsen who was on borrowed time, and CMC taking hard hits who is our only RB they seem to want to play in another NEEDLESS game. I believe he doesn't value offensive guys like he does his defensive guys that is why Luke was not playing he took him out and if anyone should have been made to continue to play in that game it should have been Luke with all those missed tackles.
  4. Of course they will say that. They don't want us to get better. They want to keep representing the south. Cam has his issues but it isn't bc he his a subpar QB its bc of a boneheaded coach who didn't have enough balls to pull Cam in a meaningless game in 2016 when he knew his throwing arm was damaged, and then in a straight loss to Steelers this yr kept him in knowing he was hurt kept him and aging hurt Olsen. Ya keep reading saints forum.
  5. Name one coaching decision that seemed like a great call by Ron. Only time I remember is when Cam and basically the whole offense telling him to let them stay on the field for a 4th down conversion. I have seen Olsen and Luke coaching him up instead of vice versa.
  6. Darvinsun

    Is Rivera Coaching for his Job

    Cam has played good enough to be sitting at 10/2 it's not his fault that he is hurt and the OC is not calling plays to help him. CMC they run him in the ground when not needed but wen its needed they don't. Cam is not perfect but has played good except for maybe 2 games. So get your head out of your butt.
  7. Play design maybe for all to be decoys except one. I hardly see any wrs on our teams signal to Cam that they are open or ready for the ball like I have on other teams. Our players just run and half the time not even looking or expecting the ball. I have seen Olsen waive his hand but no one else. Funchess told me all I needed to know last yr when he half effort to catch that ball against the Saints in playoffs. If u are that hurt dont play sit out and give someone else an opportunity. As Ron says missed opportunities and these are the days of our lives. Play the music!
  8. Darvinsun

    Are we using Rivera as a scapegoat?

    Everyone has a part in losses. Players on the field make mistakes some caused by others and some not. Cam had a terrible game yesterday from what I have read on here. I didn't watch bc I knew we would loose and I went and did some things with my family. You have to make some tough decisions being a coach or being in any manager position. That's what they pay you for to be smart enough to know what to do bc you have the knowledge of what should be done. Ron has repeatedly displayed that in a tight situation he has no clue as to what to do. It' like he just flips a coin and doesnt think it thru. Yes players screwed up and that' to be expected its part of the game, but its never part of a game for management to continue to make bad decisions. In the corporate world Ron would have been fired a long time ago.
  9. The problem is we are out of the playoffs contention. This should have been done earlier in the season like after the Steelers game. We were already suffering poor play from the defense. If it wasn't for the offense we would not gave 6 wins. This team is reactive and not proactive and like at most jobs being reactive gets you left in the dust or fired. Forever chasing your tail. Just not very bright.
  10. For all who said Ron Rivera was a good coach maybe at some point he was and I'm being generous there, he sure isn't now. Making commercials as inflate his ego. He no longer feels HE has to earn his pay and has rubbed off on the team. He should have been gone before and after the SB.
  11. Darvinsun

    Cam just has nothing on his throws

    Doesn' commit to his body? Cam takes care of his body.
  12. I also think last week broke Cams spirit along with him being hurt. Playing for something can will you to play thru pain and be successful.Ron pissed away this season. After the Steelers game he should have stepped in. It's not like our defense were playing like world beaters before that game. He should have recognized that Washington wasnt ready and stepped in then. You owe it to your team and especially the vets to not waste their opportunity to win a SB but no you sit back until we are near the bring of contention and then step in. I think for the first time in 8yrs Cam finally gave in.
  13. Darvinsun

    Cam Arm Is Done

    Cam was done last week. The mention of Cam head in his hands summed it up. I do believe Cam has never fully recovered from the shoulder injury and should have sat out longer to recover. He wanted to get his old teammates rings, but finally realized last week that you can be playing lights out as an inividual its still not enough. He finally realizes that superman needs batman, captain America and Wonder Woman. For yrs he has carried the offense and now that he may need a little help there is no one. When the defense finally steps up and decides to play its all but little too late and then when that works special teams or bad coaching decisions happen. I am not shocked at this loss and was expecting it. Rivera pissed this season away and then waited to the last minute to step in. Now media will do the usual spill on Cam. It took 5yrs to get Cam another decent OC and 7yrs wrs. I think Cam is drained, frustrated, and yes physically hurt.