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  1. I watched Kyle play at Texas a&m. He looked really good in the SEC started 5 and 0 first 5 games. I thought he was really good then, but the wheels started to unravel with him. I would hold off on any trades until the season plays out. He is balling right now w/o turnovers. I don't care where CAM plays as long as he is healthy when he does.
  2. If u have never supported Cam there is a reason outside of football capabilities. Since I doubt you haven't experienced a personal relationship with him. I don't know him either but from what I seen on the field he is a legit great QB. Well was preinjury. Team effort has always been this team problem, except 2015. Coaches were exposed in the SB..Left the players on offense out to dry. Let the media fool them into thinking that there were no flaws in their system that could be exposed. Many of Cams seasons was wasted. At some point during his tenure you should have had some light flick on and say the dude is not that bad. Sure mechanics is not perfect but every QB lacks something. It's the coordinator who is suppose to mask whatever he lacks. Coach should be on board with this, Ron contradicts Cam. Instead of saying he is not a good QB just say he doesn't fit the coach. But some of u just continue to bash him why? It's not him it's U!
  3. I agree that until Kyle falls off the band wagon he should start. Right now Cam is an unknown commodity after injury. If the team is winning why jeopardize it. I am a Cam Newton supporter. Haven't watched any football since he hasn't played. Not a fan of football anymore since I have witnessed so much bias against Cam. No loss except money when my number does not hit. The sport has become so obvious to read it's like wrestling except the hits are real. Once a devout wrestling fan developed a special wrestler liked and u watch the climb and then the fall when they decide to go another route. The same is true in football, but with Cam I saw something different. A good guy who tried to be himself , help others, but unwelcome from the beginning til the end. He never was afforded any true help until he was broke. I have always said he should have left this organization after 1st contract. I wish, God allows him to comeback better than what he was and wins the ring somewhere else. Shows that against all odds that God has his back, anointed like Sampson, then retires. Panthers ringless still until Ron is no longer the Panthers coach at least. I am a Newton fan and proud of it. If Cam is not a panther next yr and goes to another team that's wear I will be. I know I can go now for those devout Panthers fan. I respect that.
  4. Cam has never been money hungry when it came to contract. I'm sure he has other avenues by now to generate money. This statement does not represent the Cam I have seen. Think before u post instead of just saying what u would do.
  5. I think if CAM had not got hurt in preseason we wouldn't be having this conversation. He is frustrated with injuries. Every time he thinks he is back another set back. For a guy who has never experienced any true pain calls himself Superman, I believe yes it is physical and mental. It's taken a hold of Cam. If he can not play the way he wants to play, I believe he will hang it up. No joy what's the point?
  6. Those illegal hits happened in both games they did call one in these but they were hesitant in calling it a penalty too. It is what it is. The NFL is what it is a money making machine and it blimished Cam what it set out to do.
  7. Lord i commend the play that Allen has shown but to say that well. U went to the extreme. Just say it. U want Kyle get rid of Newton its ok. That name u have it fits your words.
  8. What does the question mean what are u implying? Just throwing out random stats but yea not bashing Cam. Im glad panthers are winning and at this point I say play Kyle until or if it goes south.
  9. To be honest Kyle has had a great set of circumstances to work with. Norv system isn't hard. Running backs are the star. It's really a plug in play system so yes it makes him look good. I really don't care if CAM plays another game as a panther I just want him to be healthy when and wherever he plays. Things change. Comparing Kyle to Cam is not even fair considering all things. Keep your Kyle and let Cam go somewhere else. Has every elite QB did what you say Kyle has. Does this stat make him better than those that haven't? That is the question u should ask yourself!
  10. Jesus we all know he is not superman, but some of the plays he made made him look that way. Injuries have mounted up on him. Cam now he to be Antman instead. That's a big adjustment to make from Superman view. Confidence in Antman abilities is where CAM has to adjust to.
  11. Teams will stop CMC we have seen this. If they don't get better play at the QB position we will loose just like we did in 2015. Ron is not good at decision making and will get out coached.
  12. Half of the QBs you listed are not and were not game managers.
  13. Some may not be racist but just dont like CAM bc he is a big personality..probably had issues early in their life with that or wanted to be a big personality and couldn't mustard enough attention.
  14. Hiding the injury? If anyone watched the game you could see he was hurt. That's just Ron with blinders on when it comes to Cam anyone else he sits.
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