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  1. Gotta be the biggest game of the year as well
  2. Darnold is on our roster next year so it is what it is hahaha
  3. Seeing the games are played early Monday morning over here put me down as questionable for work aswell
  4. I’m the opposite pair him with YGM so they can finger the Falcons, Saints and Bucs twice a year
  5. This is an ego start for Payton gotta prove he was right paying Hill
  6. I personally believe we should draft with the strength of every draft. This draft seems to have 5 QBs in the top 50 and about the same with OTs. They’re the positions I’d be focusing on
  7. I’ll have a meat pie over here just because your all talking about food
  8. I could be way off the mark physically I can see a bit of Peyton Manning. From stature, arm talent and mobility. But we all know that forehead had a massive brain behind it
  9. Yeah nah this team is all about culture and Tak doesn’t fit the Bill
  10. Hopefully he falls in love with the next Herbert next year. And we lock the bastard up
  11. I still would have loved to see KB if he didn’t blow his knee that preseason. From all reports he was dominating camp before it happened
  12. I feel we need to start drawing up some poo to get the ball in Moore’s hands more often. He’s one of the best RAC WRs in the game.
  13. He ran a tuddy in and didn’t give the ball away
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