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  1. Go back to the teachers union Nancy, this is a football forum.
  2. Washington Human Beings.
  3. As long as he doesn’t jump on the fumble again...
  4. Yeah, what time should at be at your place?
  5. TV in the bedroom, hard pass. But love the large single sink in the kitchen.
  6. Ooh yeah, sorry I didn’t include it in my post. But my gym is not allowing more than 15 people at a time. But, honestly I think that number is too high. It’s a small location having that many people in there would be kinda crowded without the Rona.
  7. The fire marshall code is what I was thinking as well. I view the gym as too crowded when I have to wait for a spot to workout, so I’m there prior to 5am when there are few people and everyone there is taking care of business and not socializing. Nevertheless, I’ll be there tomorrow and for the foreseeable future (hopefully).
  8. My gym in Holy Springs opened up today. Word on “the street” is that next week all gyms in NC will be allowed to open up.
  9. NHL only has the structure of play, 24 team playoff. Nothing else, date/time, location, testing, protocols, etc.. So they are not nearly as close to play it may seem.
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