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  1. I haven’t seen the first one, took my daughter to see the second last weekend. It was surprisingly good.
  2. I think the 49ers and a Ravens look like the best teams in their conferences. But, my gut tells me it’ll be Saints and Pats.
  3. That’s gotta be it, everyone knows wide receivers only learn to catch the ball once they have a consistent NFL receiver coach.
  4. Popsickle

    Eric Reid

    Yeah, I just fixed it. You got to it before I did.
  5. Popsickle

    Eric Reid

    Deleted, I’m stupid.
  6. Rivera is done, the only question is when. And that is once Tepper finds his guy, I doubt Tepper fires Rivera just to get him out the door. Tepper has an ideal coach, and wantS that coach. He isn’t going to fire Rivera just to hire some turd like Jim Caldwell.
  7. One of many players playing like poo coached by coaches coaching a poo game.
  8. I’ve long thought that Tepper wants to get rid of RR, the only issue is Tepper being able to acquire the coach he wants. RR is good as gone, once Tepper can secure his man, the only question is...When can Tepper secure the coach he wants? There is no point in Tepper firing RR until he has the replacement, so RR could be fired on Monday or in March, or after next season, but he will be fired.
  9. It was a scripted walk through essentially, how else would you expect him to perform?
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