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  1. Constant drone strikes. Oh wait...you said reasons trump deserves a Nobel. Not Obama. Excuse me, I’ll see myself out.
  2. Without reading other replies to this thread. A nuclear North Korea has been one of Japan’s biggest fears. Trumps effort to bring peace to the region and his attempt to unite the koreas, whether ultimately successful or not, has got japan feeling pretty optimistic. So no wonder they’d award trump something.
  3. Lol. After a concentrated effort to drive out everyone who’s even a smidge to the right of him, he asks for right leaning answers. Here’s my answer: go cram something prickly up your ass.
  4. Well if true then I hope the dude at least gets removed. Although jail time would be the correct move.
  5. It’s a joke. I saw it on Twitter, thought it was funny, and knowing 95% of the the TB has no sense of humor, thought I’d share.
  6. True. I am a proud Trump supporter. Not only do I claim to care for the forgotten man, but I demonstrate that as well. I’m against low skilled immigrants flooding into the country which drives down the cost of labor and devalues the American worker. Also I’m against socialist policies which would bankrupt the country and put millions out of work. I did start a thread about the shutdown ultimately being the Democrats fault. Because it was. Reading your post in my mind only confirms in my mind that I’m correct in my positions. You don’t care about blue collar workers, you’re actively supporting legislation that would metaphorically cut their throats. Your only reason to oppose something is because Trump put it forth and trump supporters are in favor of it. That’s about as tribalistic as it gets. You need to examine your reasoning. I seriously thought you were a pretty reasonable intelligent guy, but your downward spiral into orange man bad NPC politics is disappointing.
  7. I don’t agree with that action. I do agree that Muslim grooming gangs need to be identified so they can be properly ostracized.
  8. Out of curiosity why is the only acceptable solution to ban all those icky right wingers ?
  9. No it seems like you guys got the sanitized, heavily moderated overly authoritarian censorious safe space you always wanted. speaking of.... I know I’ve been in and out for The past month, but where are googly and rodeo ?
  10. Top comedians were employed for that joke kev you deserve the best bud
  11. You need to get a sense of humor the tinderbox is supposed to be the place to shitpost
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