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  1. Out of curiosity why is the only acceptable solution to ban all those icky right wingers ?
  2. Top comedians were employed for that joke kev you deserve the best bud
  3. Kev, tell the truth you saw Dave Chapelle‘s black Klansman skit and thought you were watching a documentary didn’t you ?
  4. Or I could just just Google pantyfa and copy and paste the first thing that shows up. Holy cow dude you are so bad at this
  5. So I assume you’ll be taking this back now that it’s been proven that the kids didn’t do anything wrong?
  6. How is it possible for you to be two places at once? Weird....
  7. I think it’s sweet you and @rodeo hang out in real life.
  8. ‘\_(•~•)_/‘
  9. Oh noes......the SJW gatekeepers have declared a topic forbidden.
  10. Bump..... @Fryfan what is red facism and why are you against it?
  11. I won’t mock or belittle this, but I’d be genuinely interested in what you think red fascism is.
  12. Do you think mankind should be moving forwards?
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