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  1. I suppose if he starts a war or there turns out to be collusion.
  2. You addressing that one to me?
  3. Yeah. Part of that is just being in the TB.
  4. In all fairness, that is something I put in a tag to shock and offend the easily shock and offendable people here.
  5. I just want it noted how hilarious it is that you lose your poo at the right fearmongering. But here you are doing the same damn thing. Nazis are to progressives what immigrants and black people are to the alt right. A bogeyman used to scare us away from conversation and debate.
  6. You’re 100% incorrect. I’ve said many times that I know that society was constructed in a way that advantages the ruling class, which for the longest time was whites. I will half heartedly agree with you that those reverberations are still felt in some ways to this day. I think we have a disagreement on to what degree those reverberations are felt. Obviously you and some of the others on the board think that’s still playing a large part in today’s society, but I think it’s not that big an impact. What rights do I enjoy as a white man that are not afforded to a black man? Look at all the programs we have in place to build up minority communities. Is your argument hat they aren’t enough?
  7. Because this notion of privilege strips people of their agency. I have no clue how hard someone else had to work, what struggles they had to overcome to get where they are. And they don’t know how hard I’ve had to work. It’s wrong to just hand wave someone away by saying “oh you have privledge.”
  8. I think both parties pander to what they think will work. In my opinion democrats have moved away from being about the working class and now are catering more towards extremely far left fringe groups who advocate for destructive things like socialism. And the right in turn has become to entrenched in nationalism(full disclosure: I am a very very mild nationalist, but I think there are ways to focus on your country but help others). I think the vast majority of democrats and republicans are good people who want what’s best for the country and best for the rest of the world. I just think right now we are as divided as we’ve ever been and someone who can bridge the divide and bring both sides back together would be nice.
  9. @Porn Shop ClerkAhhhh... now I get it, the weird obsession with right wingers on this board, your open hostility to cat, and why you constantly post pics of trump and Ivanka .... you’re in love with him. You’re posting those pics because you want to be Ivanka in them, have daddy trump boss you around. Give you the what for. Gross...
  10. What a little bitch.
  11. Creepy. What’s that got to do with me pervert?
  12. Yeah dumbass, that’s etiquette 101, How not to be a bitch on the internet: let the person know you’re talking poo about them.
  13. Saha

    ABCB is the only rhyme scheme

    How is it possible for you to be two places at once? Weird....
  14. If there was no wall funding but a genuine plan for border security I’d be fine with that. But there’s not. Hell, if Donald trump came out tomorrow and said we are taking every last cent we currently spend on illegal immigrants and giving that to blacks and legal immigrant communities, not a dime goes to white people, I’d be ok with that , as it’s a more sane and American centric policy than what we have now.
  15. Also interesting to know @GOOGLE JIM BOB COOTERCan say *** unedited but if I use it, it gets bleeped regardless of context. What was that oh the mods are protecting me argument he whines about?