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  1. Well I’m not after anyone to part with dollars foolishly. So hey no worries. I’ve got a set of principles (my anonymity) that I’m not willing to compromise. I’ll research funding websites and if I find one I’ll let everyone know.
  2. Lol ok then don’t worry about it. Would I have success if I created a twitter profile and asked there? This is the online presence I have. I’m working with what I got.
  3. Why would I vote for politicians to do this when citizens are much more efficient and expeditious?
  4. Meh I get it. So ok no worries
  5. I’ll look into go fundme’s etc. if they can do anonymously then I’ll start myself. But if they can’t then I guess we can’t proceed.
  6. Seriously? Why do you think I’ve been begging for one of the lefties to lead this thing?
  7. I’m not after credit here. If I help set everything up I’m happy to do so anonymously. That’s my whole point.
  8. Being doxxed because my family might be targeted is my primary concern with not having my name associated.
  9. Fry... do or do not. I’m attempting to try and contribute to the social fabric. My fear is that my family will somehow be targeted by exposure. Doesn’t mean I don’t still want to help/contribute
  10. Look, isn’t the idea to help the less fortunate? Who cares who does or doesn’t get the credit.
  11. That’s a fair assessment. So don’t donate/ don’t associate.
  12. Essentially yes. Once the initial project is successful I’d take more of a lead because I’d have some credibility. But as it stands right now I think if I did associate my name with a project, not only would it not get funded but there’s be people here out to get me doxxed and fired.
  13. @PhillyB why don’t you take the lead on this then? You obviously have a reach considering you’re a big time Hollywood director (giggle). Perhaps you could direct funding. That way there’s no chance an “evil conservative” like me could have access to the money. Maybe you could be useful in getting the ball rolling.
  14. Not gonna lie, it amazes me the number of leftists shitting on this idea.