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  1. If we can extend him now for a rate that is based on his play last year, do it. He is solid and fits our defense. If not, wait till next year and do the same thing. If he wants pay above his play level, thank you and good bye. Thanks for the comp pick.
  2. Berry hasn't played much in the last 2 seasons. He is a shell of his former self. You are hanging onto a name that isnt who he used to be. 2 years and 3 games? Nobody wants that and it's why he is a FA. This has been stated multiple times on the huddle.
  3. Ron vs Analytics or Ron vs Time Manager In all seriousness, I'm not as interested in one battle but who is battling and who is gifted with a starting position. Little and Gaulden are examples of guys looking to be set up without competition at this point, that's not ideal. Are the vets actually competing with the rookies at the edge spot, or are the Vets penciled in already and the younger guys are fighting for the rotation and roster spots? How will the CBs settle down into CB2 and NB? Hell, who is the RT and does that translate into the other being used at LG regardless? The HB 2 spot will be fun but I'm not sold on the idea that that player will get any meaningful time in games. WRs 3 - 6 will be fun also.
  4. Bradberry, Jackson and Reid are locks. Hopefully Cockrell is healthy and can contribute this year. If Gaulden can't step up or really just one injury to the other starters then we will have this guy playing back there
  5. It certainly is an exciting possibility. Beef up the Dline for this year and allow us options next year after seeing how everyone does in the change to 3-4. Looks to be a chance at a big win for us.
  6. I just dont get the blind push from the team to put it all on Gaulden. Why not sign someone to ay least compete and very possible provide a safety net if this turns out to be a worst case scenario? Best case, Gaulden wins the spot and we have a real backup and not more longshots and a known like Jones who should never see the field outside of special teams. Worst case we still have 2 playable safeties to get through the year. The whole argument about not hurting Gaulden's feeling by bringing in competition is asinine. This is a sport, competition and winning shouldn't be avoided. Even if he flashed at some point last year, which is very debatable, we have a 90 man roster and not bringing in a safety to compete for a wide open spot that is not going to be expensive is unwise and avoidable.
  7. Lol Redskins not winning anything besides overpriced free agents. It's ok, Josh cashed in too.
  8. Omg it was the cardinals during the first season and they had to pack up their year after getting whooped. Lol awesome
  9. The HBO one looks like a poofest and to be avoided at all cost, as a team or a fan. I think the Seahawks did the first year of this but I'm not sure. There is plenty of stuff I would love to learn about the behind the scenes goings on with our team but the entertainment angle of keeping the viewer engaged is a complete no go for me. It's not like anything they show us isnt edited or allowed to happen without closing a door.
  10. I'm not sold that 4-3 is a viable option anymore and with the 3-4 viability that isn't a bad thing.
  11. I understand and dont expect to hear much on those two until later. Thanks for getting what you can!
  12. Meh, I dont hate the guy I'm just more interested in Burns and Little. They should affect the coming season more if everything is going well with Cam. Hopefully Grier will give us a good idea where he actually is as a player and what we can expect from him as far as contributing if its worst case scenario time.
  13. He signed two prove it deals and couldn't get a long term deal. He is looking for money and years, two things no one is giving him apparantly. He will be signed but if it's more than a year I dont want to be tied to him long term. I wonder what the correlation between him being "productive" and on a prove it deal is? Anywho, at least Searcy is gone. On to the next garbage safety I guess.
  14. Bradbury by a large margin. I wouldn't want to break the bank for either but Shaq has a ton to prove and Bradbury just needs to continue. I'd like to see how the 3-4 change affects Shaqs value.
  15. I would hope 10 million would be enough to resign him but suspect 12+ would be on the low side.
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