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  1. There are reasons why we have been a constantly mediocre and moves like drafting Little and trading a starter for a replacement for Little are great examples of that mediocrity. Could be worse but sure as hell isn't good. The Oline situation is degrading each year and none of these moves have yet to show a glimmer of long term hope outside of homerisms. We will see what happens next and where the chips fall. I still don't know what the coaches really bring to the table and all of my hope resides in that basket at the moment.
  2. “Retirement is nowhere near imminent. And it’s not being used as a ploy to get a new contract; that will take care of itself at the appropriate time, and we’re on the same page with the Panthers in that regard. . . In uncertain times, players have to keep all their options open, but for as long as it makes medical sense for Russ and his health, again, he’s completely committed to the Panthers.” There is no indication there won't be issues with Covid this season which could change this situation quickly. So how much would it take for Okung to retire if there was an outbreak at camp? This is still an open issue any way you look at it, unless you are still going the complete denial route. And let me go on record that I completely understand and back him 100 % especially with his health history if he did go that route. For all of those that hated this trade as much as I did, just look on the bright side. We didn't do this trade and then give him a multi year contract so I guess it could be a lot worse.
  3. Anything that could get rid of Thursday night games is worth looking into. Saturday games are the best NFL game days that we only really see during the playoffs.
  4. No preseason is good for bad football. It's still football and that is good enough.
  5. Well he better get good quick or we will be on Hard Knocks being a complete show
  6. https://hbr.org/2020/03/what-coronavirus-could-mean-for-the-global-economy Sorry but the concern was already global and effecting stocks.Here is the stock market tanking on the 9th. By the 15th we were already suffering though a Financial crisis fears and that was publicly. Yes some people were surprised by this but professionals shouldn't have been.
  7. Business were making plans and projections at that time including into next year. Its was and remains best case and worst case scenarios. Using the last panademic as the example it hit 2 years in a row. Best case was it would be summer season and winter looked grimm at that point. Again, look at the BBC article and the answer is yes. Everything in investments and business as of March 1 was when and how long. Looks like worst case is winning unfortunately.
  8. This was infecting Italy and spreading into the rest of Europe link in February. The idea business were not planing at this time of Covid-19 being an issue is ludicrous. By March 17th NC had closed bars and nightclubs which are still closed if a private club. The entire angle of Hurney getting a get out of jail free card for a dumb trade that could get worse is just false. I kind of hope he does retire, then we get a real good look at the available options and know if we need to upgrade this off season and not next year. So who plays LT if they were giving Little a look at OG back in March? Quoted
  9. Well duh, T Dilfer has a SB ring. Pretending it hurts to justify Teddy is lame tho. Just let him play before hoping he is a Brees or Brady short passing HOFer.
  10. No one is throwing deep behind our Oline. They have always invested in protection for Brees, especially since he went over 30. Also, comparing arm strength of a guy still in his 20s to a guy who is 40 is highly suspect. Also, one of those players is a SB winner and the other has played 1 entire 16 game season in his career. But cool stat.
  11. Good for him. Smart kid and is nfl ready already. Tough on the kids that need another year before making that jump. I'm notnat all interested in another top shelf LB. We have so many areas where we could upgrade that a top 5 pick LB isn't on my list right now. CB or 2, multiple positions on the OL, DE, maybe TE and maybe QB. This year should show our actual strengths and weaknesses and not preseason hype fantasies.
  12. Lots of potential. Going to be fun to watch him develop.
  13. 4 or 5 wins. Lots of learning but the reality is this is not a good team. For us to hit good, we would need best case scenarios across the board which is unrealistic. I don't care either, it's Panther football so it's fun either way and we are rebuilding so that is where I am putting hope.
  14. I don't doubt you one bit and always enjoy your insight and what you bring to the Huddle even if I didn't like the implications if has on the Panthers. The fact is that if draft grades by teams equaled great players there wouldn't be so many misses in the draft every year. It's obviously a tough and imperfect process. Easy to say from the bleachers so I don't want to give any indications that I am criticizing you at all. So far he hasn't been worth a 2nd let alone a 1st. Will that change? I don't know but I would not bet on it and that's outside of the concussions.
  15. It's just a complete waste of time. If it was some other poster then going over old data and facts can be fun. I couldn't agree more and I enjoyed your facts in this thread. It sucks but drafting for need can really screw you, the fact we thought they were BPA is just tragic. I completely understand missing on a draft pick but when you look at the opportunity cost, as you have stated, it's painful. I really want to see this unit in action this year, it's a position group I am guessing and hoping we will be addressing heavily out of need in the next offseason. Can Daley grab a starting job or will he have his sophomore slump? Will Paradis continue to get thrown around like a chew toy or regain some of his pre-injury play? Is Moton on the cusp of a breakout year? Will we look like a nightmare on the left side again? How much will the quick passing game cover up some of the Oline's known deficiencies? Either way it's going to be fun to watch and hope for improvement one way or the other.
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