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  1. Gotcha and kind of got that vibe. I meant no negative or to come off as attacking you, just throwing it out there. I don't care about pro-bowls, it's a glorified popularity contest with name recognition being more important than actual play. Teddy's probowl year was awful. And wasn't he a runner up and got in because someone else bowed out? I won't take that value to 0 but it's pretty close. The wins and losses can't be attributed solely on the QBs stats without a lot of film and evaluations. This isn't baseball where it's very clear how to attribute a win to a pitcher. Not lossing a game and putting the team on their back to win a game is two different things. So with all of that, how many of those 5 games for Teddy last year did he win and how many did he not lose? And that is not taking anything away from QBs not losing a game, Allen did it last year but when it came time that he had to put the team on his back he couldn't and is now gone. So we can compare QBs to other QBs and even that still takes some evaluation. It wouldn't be fair to compare Teddy to a Rodgers or Brees or Mahomes,I agree it's not close or fair. Comparing him to Dak who is a solid starter with good talent around him is a more achievable comparison. As for the Oline, Teddy had a better one last year and still put up worse numbers with a much better team around him. And that's playing 5 games as a backup and not grinding out 16 games. If I had to guess, that is why the comparison to Dak. We aren't projecting Teddy's numbers to our team, we are comparing last years numbers and Teddy was on the Saints who had better offense talent than Dallas last year. It's not hating on Teddy but just accepting him for who he is which looks like a journeyman as starter. A guy that was brought in to build the new OC's offense due to familiarity. It worked with KC and Smith so I am hopeful for us but I am not expecting Teddy to suddenly be better than he has been his entire career.
  2. Dak isn't a barometer for exceptional play, he is just exceptional compared to Teddy. Good use of stats but it still makes the point, and that's against Dak and not against an elite franchise QB. It will be a fun year and Teddy gets his chance. Making him out to be exceptional or even close to the top 1/3 of QBs in the league is just not a reasonable stance at this point.
  3. Maybe because what he said was so tone deaf and badly timed that only the Tinderbox can hold it now? It was here but soon it was obvious that it needed to be moved from Panthers to Tinderbox. I swear I posted on it here in the first page in the regular forum.
  4. Kneeling isn't disrespecting the flag, on this issue it's trying to keep it worth respecting. I wonder how defensive players will view his opinion?
  5. Great move and good look for the new Panthers. Genuine and quality stance.
  6. New facilities won't be finished so not a great surprise. Pretty fair given the circumstances and still gives the fans that can make training camp one fairwell camp there.
  7. Like in person or not even by teleconference? Huge difference but either way it's the players he is going to have to work with this year.
  8. And blow out knees and lightning is fun to play with. You do know hurricane season started and will be open during training camp. But keep being a dong
  9. Thank you! I didn't know it was 2 full fields. So the fringe roster people go to the ballrooms on rain days?
  10. So they will stay in Charlotte and practice in the bubble, the stadium and the ballrooms? We have double the team in the offseason and no way they fit all of the in the bubble. Looks like the convention is soon to be moved so that shouldn't be a hindrance but not having the new facilities hurts here.
  11. The part about him being overpaid is opinion but based on facts you avoid and discount with terrible debate. This is where you are dead wrong and the part of your argument that is incorrect. Players get cut or restructured lower all the time due to injury. The fact that he missed an entire year and had a meh year in 2018 is factual. Keep trying to talk those facts down but they will always be there. Also, his contract was signed and structured pre-new staff and backed by a HC that got fired. If he doesn't step up then look for him to be tossed out on his butt. This is the what have you done for recently league, not you looked great in 2015 league. I hope Brown is a beast and allows KK to rebound but there is a good possibility the rotator cuff injury could lead to further issues or reductions in play.
  12. That is ridiculous and sideways. If that was true then Cam would still be here. He is nowhere worth $20 million a year for this and next year.
  13. The best ability is availability. Added to the fact he is vastly overpaid at this point is not a good spot for him to be in.
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