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  1. That's what a payday will do to some people... Just kidding, he was never that good anyways. And that is supposed to be where his value resides. LOL
  2. Allow Hurney to make a move, as he wishes, and Tepper has to OK whatever he comes up with if it cost draft capital.
  3. If Cam goes down I have little faith in the backups more than physically filling the spot. That's fine for me because I'm not trying to save my job. Cracka raises a good point for Ron and Marty who should be squirming at this point. If Cam goes down or is not available they still have to win, I'm not sure they get a pass like in the old JR days. They need to do whatever keeps us competitive. Yep, look everywhere. We drafted Grier and I would be fine with riding him to see if he could develop but that is not a luxury those two should be able to afford, which I find funny because when he was drafted him it was seen as a move they had to do. Well they chose him, now play him if you must. Suck it up and fix it. That wont happen but as a fan I would be happy to go that route.
  4. I would rather have safeties that can cover but he is a head hunter and the best safety we have had in years. I didn't like the hit but that's what you get from a thumper, big hits and penalties. I have accepted he is going to be flagged often for playing style and the fact he is in a pissing match with the league. He will still be a better safety than Boston... And no, Colin Jones should never play another down of defense. Ever.
  5. Even when the season starts, the first 6 weeks can be an ugly curve towards competency. Every year I talk to friends who can't believe the sloppy play and lack of cohesion and I'm like yeah, it still early and teams are still settling and we had this conversation last year. So buckle up it's not just one more preseason game, it's that game and real games too. At week six we will know what we have. Last year that was when Pitt reamed us and that was the look we produced until the last game of the year.
  6. What a vast improvement in ownership. It is embarrasing how long it took us to get to this point. That is just beautiful
  7. I'm fine with this. He's been healthy this camp and I would like to see the starting Oline perform before Cam is put at their mercy. I like the different approach this year. It's like the organization actually chooses to think and not just go through the motions.
  8. Great write up! Thank you for the great content. I was wondering how Williams was doing at LT. It sounds unfortunately what was expected by many of us. Has Moton got any work at LT?
  9. He took a Dungy SB caliber team that was competitive and turned it into the team they are still trying to fix today. The guy's ego is probably the only thing bigger then his disappointing record post SB. TB has had 3 winning season since Chucky dismantled a winning culture. They were 4-5 winning years with an 8-8 year before he showed up. The only thing serious with that team is how much they are paying Gruden. It's seriously insane and incompetent. Davis with the childs hair cut from the 70s is turning out to be a chip off the old block.
  10. He is looking like a project this year. He looked on par with the 3rd stringers and bad for a backup. Hopefully we will not see him during the season because he looks no where near ready to protect our QB against NFL starters. Alarming would be Larson. He was getting manhandled and looked terrible. For a guy with his experience I was hoping for a step forward, not backward.
  11. And he is recovering from frostbite? Lolz It's like the Raiders built the team in a way I have always thought about them. Hilarious!
  12. I have no idea what is wrong with Buttler. He appears to have the physical tools. He will get penetration on one play and then get abused or disappear on a handful of other plays. Is it effort or his mind?
  13. He was a guy that was a bad fit in a 4-3 but projected really well in a 3-4. Well, he showed that was true. The scheme switch really brought value to him as a player for us. It's great to see guys put into a situation where they can succeed. The future of 3-4 looks very exciting this year and beyond.
  14. I love the open air games, even when the weather sucks. The roof on a stadium opens up revenue streams. I don't really like it for football but I concede you don't become a billion dollar sports team owner and avoid revenue and profit. The more I think about it and the way Tepper has behaved since purchasing the team, I am interested to see how this unfolds. He has integrated himself very well so far into the area but not 'can I have a trillion dollars to build my business' well. I would think that even if we had a dome tomorrow, Charlotte still would need to grow before it was considerable for a SB. Is what he is building around the training facility going to count towards meeting that goal? He sounds to be pushing this hard, what is the angle the he will get to sooner than later?
  15. Love hearing Thomas isn't set up for a sophomore slump. I was fearing that this year but it sounds like he is ready to be a beast.
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