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  1. How often do 'winners' need a head coach? And why would a winner hire a coach that got fired for not being able to win consistently in 9 year? Just bonkers
  2. Shaq isn't a top 10 LB let alone a top 5. I don't mind they we are keeping him, we just overpayed. I dont see how he is worth more than 10 million and thats generous given his play. Edit: This only makes sense if Luke is done. Othereise we need to pay that man like a top 5 and not the guy who is half the player making top 5 money next to him.
  3. Lol. I stopped clicking things that were touted as PFF long ago. PFT just keeps posting to bury the stuff they get wrong, like the opinion pieces that sound like they were written by player's agents. Still, I didn't look long but I couldn't find any rule changes or announcements from the NFL about not trading draft picks, just a bunch of articles from pre-2104 about coach trade possibilities.
  4. PFF article, does there need to be more said? Edit: I googled it and couldn't find anything recently, not that I looked for long.
  5. Getting Hunt also would be epic. Leaving Tomlin to prove he is a coach/GM...I'm not sure he is close to being a Belichick.
  6. I agree. Just weird to me that an organization would allow a coach to win a power struggle over front office if the front office was this good. I also wonder if the Ben conteact was part of the HC vs front office struggle...if so the Stealers could be headed towards a cliff fast.
  7. I get it but I think I would go the other way and get a new coach. Tomlin isnt bad but that front office team is high quality. If this is the shake down, it will be interesting to see hoe thst choice shakes doen for them.
  8. Sounds great! On a 1 to 10 scale, how pissed would the stelers be with this outcome?
  9. Good news, after next year that contract is finally behind us. Bad news, we could be looking at a few more and very well forced to bring back people playing like trash or injured because we can't eat their dead money. Seems like the second part actually matters at this point other than a cautionary tale during FA when everyone is screaming to give away ginormous conteacts to players they favor?
  10. For a billionaire, it could be a lot worse. Weird light in comparision. Edit: dang phone. this isn't about ketchup
  11. Definatly not a polished player but he should have had more playing time. You can't develope a young player completly untill they have the oppertunity to get snaps. I would say a combination of Ron's vet philosophies & fears of mistakes, a terible oline needing more help than the universe can provide and Ian's blocking ability equals no playing time. Now Olsen is out, Ron is gone and winning isn't the end all be all. Good time for Ian to take advantage of the situation.
  12. There are a lot of interviews going real not well right now. Good film for the next HC but damn it looks bad out there today.
  13. With how this team is being run right now, I sadly could belive anything. Its all circus music and clowns.
  14. Wow, bad sign for the future. How embarising. Tepper is looking more like the Glazers than a competent owner. This is what you get for keeping Hirney when he should have been the first to go.
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