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  1. Waldo

    Gaulden's tweet...

    With Rogers as the coach and what I have seen from Gaulden, I'm not hoping or expecting much. The worst part of the defense is the one that is coached by Ron's besty. LOL FML
  2. It's ok. We got that kid who is really accurate late in the draft last year...
  3. Florida has no state income tax. Very smart move by Tepper. I'm guessing that owning a private jet helps with living where you want to and not being inconvenienced.
  4. Our indoor facilities are booked this week due to a convention so I imagine it wouldn't be a factor with that kind of weather. On a side note, there is a huge chance of precipitation in Ron's pants if this goes like the past 4 games, but that really is just flooding the players have to deal with and they should also be used to that by now.
  5. Someone with a NFL football front office experience and from a non-defunct organization, not a journalist bootlicker.
  6. That's it. Get the GM search underway so the new person can have as much time as they can get to prepare for the coach search and offseason schedule. I don't want a heap guy or warm body. Tepper will be pulling the strings for the first time, do it the easy way before trying some of the more challenging approaches. I hope the unofficial GM search is already underway. Ron continues to stink and Hurney should be the first move. Let the new GM see what needs to be changed and why. Hurney staying is like saying we are just doing a practice run and the big one is yet to come.
  7. Fire Hirney first and get a new GM to change the culture first. Cut out all of the cancer
  8. Waldo

    Protecting Cam Newton

    No, he will not protect Cam. Keeping Shula, allowing Cam to carry the Offense on his legs for years, lack of adjustments when Cam is getting slammed in a game, waiting to allow Cam to get surgery way past the end of the season....Cam is going to take a brutal beating if someone doesn't step in and sit him this year.
  9. I think Pacman Jones had one for a while too.
  10. If you are rich and famous you better pay someone to stop this kind of stuff from happening or it will because rich and famous attracts crazy and motivated. Hire a bouncer and stay at a secure location. Whatever went down, it's a bad look for him, the Cheifs and the NFL.
  11. https://profootballtalk.nbcsports.com/2018/11/28/panthers-designate-danorris-searcy-to-return-from-ir/ I have a hard time believing this guy is the answer to helping us turn it around.
  12. Waldo

    Happy Thanksgiving Everyone!

    Happy Thanksgiving everyone! Eat, be marry and be safe! As for football today, I hope all of the games end in ties
  13. Waldo

    “Missed Opportunities”

    Thread title is a perfect description for Rivera's time here as our head coach.
  14. Rivers is becoming another Fox. Defensive minded coach with very similar philosophies. Rivera has a real QB and not a jag that has bailed him out so much it is ridiculous. He refuses to adapt and is not a strategist. A terrible team would benifit from his ability but he is not going to improve at this point, only grow more inadequate as the league moves along and he stands firm in his ways. Maybe he pulls a Dungy and figures it out but his heels have been firmly planted for some time and it's very frustrating as a fan. Hurry up offense? Only when it is too late even with suscess when we use it. Play vets over young and better options, always. Learn clock management and situational playcalling? What's all that? It's a shame because of all he does bring to the table but he is looking like Fox 2.0 for us. Nice dude, but not getting it done and I dont expect him to at this point.
  15. Is anyone else exhausted by seeing DLmen dropping into coverage? I damn sure am