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  1. I would love a true LT. I'm not sure who that would be this year. I wish it could be Moton but the staff seem dead set against that. William's looked awful at LT and RG, and he is on a one year deal so I'm not putting too much hope in that option this year or going forward. I have no idea what we will do. It could be a good move or a complete disaster. Hell, I dont even know what we think a LT looks like if they feel that strongly against trying Moton more last year.
  2. It's a hype train. Last time Grueden coached and was fired he had 6 QBs and not one was worth starting. I belive in Oakland as much as I belive the Browns are turning a corner or that this is Jaxs year. Gruden runs an overcomplicated offense that never lives up to his expectations and is always the players fault. Guys that succeeded with Gruden? Dilfer and Gannon. He won with Dungy's team and completely deteriorated after that. Last year was a true representation of a Gruden team for them. Being good on paper and in April does not equal winning during the season.
  3. Gruden is the HC embodiment of disfunction. He is a control freak that makes continuously bad decisions. They will be exciting to watch but not because of good football. They were 4-12 last year so I dont have a clue what you are talking about being better, since the two years before were 12-4 and then 6-10, which is not an improvement.
  4. Because the Raiders are a full on dumpster fire. They dont want to spend the money and they usually have high picks so they just keep on being a train wreck. What Gruden has done to that team is awful but then again Al Davis had some awful years.
  5. Poor Cam. His boss is incompetent. If I thought this was draft smoke, I would still have hope. I can see us putting Little over at LT and pretending we fixed anything. Ugh and fug
  6. What is the season for this? Is there any overlap with the NFL schedule?
  7. I could care less about prime time and sharing the team with non fans. 1pm games are watchable and more fun for me. I will forever wish we could play on Saturdays.
  8. I could see it happening and that's fugging terrifying. Ugh, we will see.
  9. He is worth a lot but that just seems crippling with where the cap is currently and if the trend continues, be in the future. The gap between QBs and the non QBs is widening at an alarming rate and in a league where competion is even in contracts that is alarming.
  10. I'd say the outliers would be Reid and TD leaving. The rest looks remarkable similar with a dash of pressure from ownership, which is still reduced because he is entering his second year in that position. I don't really have any poo-happens left in me after the levels of accountability I have witnessed from these two. Don't trade a 2020 pick but a 2019 pick if he is their guy. I wouldn't like it but it would be their burden to prove it was a good decision if they were sold on this guy. I'm just not a fan of living off next years options unless it is 5th round and later picks.
  11. Tepper still has training wheels and Hurney and Ron's tenure together is well documented. I love Cam, but I would not endorse a long term extension until he proves himself this year. Why would I give Ron and Hurney a different standard when the statistics show that the one successful year together was when Hurney was brought in before training camp. If Tepper signs Hurney and Ron to extensions, that expectation would change.
  12. No. Everyone this year needs to prove they should be apart of the future of this team moving forward. Trading future draft picks away to do that would be a contradiction. There are legitimate questions about a few people for different reasons throughout the football side of the organization. They want to win, do it. You want to switch to a hybrid D, prove you can do it without excuses. If Cam isn't healthy, do something about it with what you have and make it work. If he is healthy, get someone who could at least survive a game and not lose it. A big fat hell no to trading picks next year to make it happen. I personally would rather not try and replace Cam if unhealthy with anything more than a stop gap til we had a shot at a franchise QB. If Rosen was such, we wouldn't be talking about being able to get him with a 2nd next year. There are too many teams that would give up more to get a shot at the hope of a QB answer on their team. Especially with a year of tape on him in the NFL, while still having 4 years under his rookie contract available, vs unknowns coming from College.
  13. I would rather have OL, Safety and DL picks with the first 4 picks. If Cam situation is that serious, I would rather have one of the top guys next year.
  14. Hire new people to run the team, please check that box. The stadium is ok, the last renovation helped but the practice facility is huge and maybe turning the current practice field into a parking deck would help. Better food would be nice and always cheaper booze is welcome. Partty decks would help to further change the wine and cheese BS, I guess. And always, finding a way to ruin "the statue" is a great idea.
  15. I'm not very enthusiastic about trading away any of our first 4 picks outside of using the 1st to trade back to later in the 1st and grab another 2nd or 3rd round pick. There look to be a ton of quality players in the 2nd and 3rd rounds at positions we need.
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