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  1. Just give him to Washington and throw in a steak dinner for Synder, Ron and Hurney to seal the deal. Seriously, I can never believe again that we will be good as long as Hurney is here. Rhule would have to fart gold dust and wishes to compensate for his negatives.
  2. I agree about Moore, Samuel and CMC but the whole oline is underwhelming. Tre used to be very good and is now ok, Moton might hit very good but hasn't taken the next step in development (i hope he can for sure) but the rest is very questionable. Armah and Thomas are guys I think can make a leap this year but that is far from certain. It looks depleted until a couple of those guys improve dramaticly. It's not that i am against that but it hasn't happened yet.
  3. PFF is garbage and a broken measuring stick. To me, that's like quoting David Newton. The guy looks good but it's a deep calss and we should be able to snag a good WR in the first 3 rounds and a project in the 5th or later.
  4. I'm sure they will listen and consider offers for anyone but Cam is here for now and we only bumbled once today and it was a small one. That's an improvement. Tepper needs to learn better trade talk, there are times to keep it professional and others to have fun. One of the most creditworthy off the cuff coments in team history led to the Gettleman vs Smith meltdown, which was 100% avoidable. Too many new parts for me to know anything for certain at this point of much. It's not a bad theory but there is a lot that could be going down behind the scenes as Rhule settles in with this staff.
  5. I'm sure it's still fluid and there could be surprises left for us fans but it's great to see them to start handling this the right way. Most of the last month concerning Cam was poorly handled and could have been nullified by what Rhule did today but they waited for whatever reason to let this drag out. 2021 QB class looks better and the fact that Cam wants to come play here with one year left should be a no-brainer baring any ridiculous temptations or unforeseen obstacles. I still feel bad for Cam because we are depleted of talent and there is no indication of a quick turnaround, even with Cam making us at least competitive, but we are better if Cam can stay healthy and if not then we pick high in 2021.
  6. Plus NY landed the QB the trade was based on since Eli publicly said he wouldn't play for the team that picked him. That is a lot of leverage and they still had to send their 3rd that year and then their 1st and 5th the year after and a player. And that was from the 4th spot with the QB they really wanted once Eli told them no. I would only want to be on the other side of this proposed trade.
  7. It still sounds fluid but it was handled acceptably by Rhule, which is a nice improvement. Beyond the coach speak, I'm interested in seeing what traits he values in players. Chip Kelly was looking at player's knee size and I hope Rhule can be the polar opposite of that BS. I also worry about his kind of players taking longer to learn positions if they get real crazy with the traits over position SOP but it's early and hope is still alive with Rhule. I thought the we have 3 good QBs comment was BS coach speak and his kissing Cauglin's butt was a little much but all in all it sounds good so far and he seems to be learning the ropes well.
  8. We need a positive desperately on the decision makers side. I hope he is everything thats advertised.
  9. If we trade away 2 or three years worth of picks and we miss, we are tanking for the next 4 plus years. Maybe it's all part of the 5 year rebuild, burn it down twice so there is lot's of fertile soil?
  10. His level of denial is comical now that it's not our problem. He is the HC Snyder deserves and it should be fun to watch and laugh.
  11. It was cathardic to see Ron as who some of us suspected he was when he went to Washington and blamed everyone else for his crap performance. I'd like to hear what McCoy thinks or any tidbits about the behind the scenes bs. I wonder what Williams would say but at this point he is probibly just worried about becoming a backup somewhere. If Cam does leave then that could be a whole different bag of worms but I think most from him would be more unintentional.
  12. It's fine. This year will be different and guys who played poorly last year will be better just because and the injured will be healthy...just kidding. We should build a better Oline but im not holding my breath with how things are looking. By keeping Marty we have estitially tanked this offseason, again, which means Little & Paradis are likely the answer even if it's a bad answer. These coaches better work magic because they are going to need it. At this point, I'm hoping Moton hits the next level and Tre can look close to what he was pre-contract. Those two seem realistic, the rest I will belive once they do something positive.
  13. Kiss of death for the poor kid. Whatever it takes to get Hurney fired again I guess. Why we are tossing this offseason away is a mystery I'm afraid to find out.
  14. Well it's really bad but Hurney is still here so I guess it's possible.
  15. All of the above and it's not like he would be a pivotal piece of next year's D or want to stay with a non-contender. Good luck, too bad last year was a complete mess.
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