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  1. That is complete BS. So I guess Allen plays special teams and defence now? What I was talking about is we assign a win or loss to a QB because they were playing and not because they earned it directly.
  2. If Cam is at his new normal of healthy and had good practices, he should start. I'm interested in hearing where the tug-of-war lays in the organization.
  3. It's so lame that a QB gets a win loss designation when there is a defense playing, special teams and other inputs on the outcome of the game. I like how in MLB, pitchers dont automatically get a win or a loss but the NFLs stats only go so far without having to extrapolate the data for useful meaning. How many of these games was Washington in charge of the defense and completely failing? Or other players craping the bed? Who was playing LT seems like a good one given our history. As for when Cam was hurt, I dont think any of us know and until its confirmed, it's more speculation to the extrapolation.
  4. Yes I have doubts, more than a few, but I still think we have a very good D and a freak on Offense in CMC. We should be and have been competitive but I don't see contenders yet, but it's still early.
  5. Tough question. I doubt Hirney and Ron would considering they have to produce this year. I think I would wait till the end if the season anyways. I dont know that Cam is still good, but I also dont know that Allen is winning games or just not losing them. My opinion, Cam could be anything and Allen isn't losing. Either way, I'm not celebrating the long term any time soon.
  6. We have a lot to see from either before pulling any triggers on a trade. One could be traded, we could keep both through next year or one could drop out of the running of good ideas before then.
  7. Same could be said of Allen. It's not like there is a great amount of play to base his future off of and he isn't going to be dirt cheap forever. Until something is taken off the table, ie Cam being done or Allen costing us multiple games, it's still unknown and widely speculated as fact. The hypothetical of Allen's value is no more or less ridiculous then saying Allen is a franchise QB right now. It's just too early for more than just speculation.
  8. The reality is we shouldn't be certain of Cam or Allen yet, beyond hypotheticals all of this is premature. Take the rest of the year and see what the next 10 games show us.
  9. I am interested in seeing Allen against SF but if Cam is ready, he should go. Keep the playbook simple like it has been and get rid of the damn ball. Dont ask that oline to do more than they have the last two games, regardless if Turner and Little come back then.
  10. I wish I had time to do an in depth statistical comparison of Allen's first 5 games to other QBs first 5 games. It's been chrunging in my mind for a while and I just can't get to it. It would seem that is valuble insight into the possibility of Allen being our future or just a good contributor with tantalizing value.
  11. Maybe this was genius. They all end up in LA anyways. That's a crazy stat
  12. Well put and I am still concerned plenty about both. The hype around Allen and the unknown fact of where Cam is actually in his career. I don't know how any of it will go but I would like to see Cam get out there and give it a go and see what he has left. A functional Cam is just flat better than Allen. I think Igo just said in another thread that we could go deep with Cam in the playoffs and Allen could get us to the playoffs. That sums up how I view this situation.
  13. Cam for a year or two and extra picks? Yes I agree that there is a lot if risk with Cam now. Nothing is guaranteed, I just want to see what he has left. I just dont see Allen as a long term answer anyways. Again, there is a long list of backups that played well, were highly valued, traded and proved they were not high quality starters. So far, that's what Allen looks like. And yes, he could be the next Tom Brady, but there has only ever been one of him where the list of good backups on good teams that went on to be meh starts with too large of contracts vastly out weighs that comparison statistically.
  14. Great. There is an long list of teams that traded for a great backup and didn't get a franchise QB. I know what side of the trade i want the Panthers to be on. Extra 1st? Yes please!
  15. I'm glad Allen is playing like he is. Unfortunately we have to listen to endless ridiculousness. I dont listen, watch or read any of these people so I am free to just enjoy the football. Hopefully a new hot button topic arises and they will all forget about the Panthers again.
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