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  1. Steve_Smith_Sr.

    Ha Ha Clinton Dix worth looking at?

    Nobody with a hyphen in their last name has ever been impressive. Change my mind.
  2. Steve_Smith_Sr.

    Trouble in Steelers land

    Fug Sh-ittsburgh, I love it. Hope Big Rapist retires and the whole team implodes.
  3. Steve_Smith_Sr.

    Mike Tomlin perhaps?

    He's a horrible coach. fug no.
  4. HUDDLER 651 1,221 posts Report post Posted 1 hour ago This list is in no particular order. Here we go James Bradberry- Nope. Vernon Butler - Oh hell yes. Vern Bustler needed to go about 2 years ago. Devin Funchess - Yeah. Captain Munnerlyn- OMG yes... see ya! Matt Kalil- Yes, along with his brother. Both of you to the curb. Julius Peppers- Nope, I'd give him another year. Corn Elder, Colin Jones, Torrey Smith, all are wasting roster spots. - Maybe. If Greg Olsen break his foot again - Not even "if"... it's time to say to goodbye to the Viking. Too bad the foot didn't hold up because you were our rock. You will be missed. Thomas Davis - Bye, Bye Bye... see ya... later... you're outta here.
  5. Steve_Smith_Sr.

    Taylor Heinicke Presser (Full)

    I hope this kid lights it up.
  6. Steve_Smith_Sr.

    Was CMC Worth the #8 Pick?

    The 2 people who voted no need to get back on the short bus and go back to the asylum.
  7. I've torn both of my rotators and its a LONG slow recovery. Like years... and it's still nowhere close to 100%, it never will be.
  8. I think it very well may be coming to a close, and nah I don't feel bad about admitting what my eyes have been seeing on the field. That's just being a realist.
  9. He's going to play, and it will be a repeat of what we saw last night offensively.
  10. Steve_Smith_Sr.

    Matt Kahlil fuged this team hard

    This. Signing "fan favorites" to extensions when they have no gas left in the tank ends in mediocrity.... but we aren't even that good at the moment.
  11. Steve_Smith_Sr.

    The moment our season ended

    Yeah, but his brother makes really cool movies!