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  1. It was s short week on the road against a great team after all... uhhhhhh - never mind. LOL
  2. Maybe we should re-examine SB50 while we're at it???
  3. Yes, I sure am. How many SB's have we won in that time? The Pats have won 2. Thanks for playing.
  4. I follow the Patriots, I watch the Patriots. Some Patriots fans are friends of mine. Panthers... you're no Patriots.
  5. That's the play that signaled to me that it was game over. From then on I just laughed at our pathetic ness.
  6. I've been calling him a bust for years... anyone who doesn't accept it by now is just not very smart, or related to him.
  7. Steve_Smith_Sr.


    Good fan = delusional people who refuse to accept what they see Bad fan = people who can be honest and admit what they see These are the new definitions per the huddle. I am a bad fan who can admit that we are a streaky team that got some good breaks the last few games, and the streak ended last night with a complete implosion. Deal with it.
  8. Steelers had a short week too... so quit with the short week excuse nonsense. We got exposed and we are not a good team. IF, and that's a big IF - we make the playoffs, we don't go far.
  9. Don't be so salty that your boy took a cheap shot and got ejected for it. 52-14! LMFAO this is amazing. Never seen an implosion quite like this.
  10. Can you imagine all the other NFL players sitting around watching this game clowning Cam and the rest of us?! LMAO