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  1. This may be a retirement moment for Ben. I for one, would not be disappointed if he were to announce it. Fug the Steelers and their ass-hat terrible towels.
  2. No idea, my #2 team is the Lions so there's no bandwagon in my future.
  3. Deal, and if we suck the rest of the season you will come back and tell all of us that we were right and you were delusional for not seeing it? Right?
  4. I agree with that. Can't see him anywhere else, but also can't see him continuing with the Panthers either.
  5. Then I hope Tepper stays loyal to Ron and Norv and the rest of the players too. Consistency is key.
  6. I like the Texans too, and my pathetic Lions. Will continue to hate all things Steelers/Pats/Cowboys/Packers - but won't waste much time watching football. I have a son on the way and that's all I can think about right now. Otherwise, I'm looking forward to the NHL starting back up! Go Canes!
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