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  1. Steve_Smith_Sr.

    Gronkowski is a moron

    I'm looking forward to a Gronk-free NFL next year.
  2. Yeah, I was a lil' salty.
  3. Steve_Smith_Sr.

    How much longer is our Super Bowl window?

    It's closed bruh.
  4. Steve_Smith_Sr.

    Reporting live from New Orleans

    What a glorious day.
  5. Where's that broom? Ah using it to clean out the locker room for the season. Blew DAT indeed!
  6. Steve_Smith_Sr.

    Official NFC Championship Game thread.

  7. Steve_Smith_Sr.

    Saints4lifeagain, hey bro

    Who dat? Oh, it's just the aint's heading home for the season.
  8. Steve_Smith_Sr.

    Ha Ha Clinton Dix worth looking at?

    Nobody with a hyphen in their last name has ever been impressive. Change my mind.
  9. Steve_Smith_Sr.

    Trouble in Steelers land

    Fug Sh-ittsburgh, I love it. Hope Big Rapist retires and the whole team implodes.
  10. Steve_Smith_Sr.

    Mike Tomlin perhaps?

    He's a horrible coach. fug no.
  11. HUDDLER 651 1,221 posts Report post Posted 1 hour ago This list is in no particular order. Here we go James Bradberry- Nope. Vernon Butler - Oh hell yes. Vern Bustler needed to go about 2 years ago. Devin Funchess - Yeah. Captain Munnerlyn- OMG yes... see ya! Matt Kalil- Yes, along with his brother. Both of you to the curb. Julius Peppers- Nope, I'd give him another year. Corn Elder, Colin Jones, Torrey Smith, all are wasting roster spots. - Maybe. If Greg Olsen break his foot again - Not even "if"... it's time to say to goodbye to the Viking. Too bad the foot didn't hold up because you were our rock. You will be missed. Thomas Davis - Bye, Bye Bye... see ya... later... you're outta here.
  12. Steve_Smith_Sr.

    Taylor Heinicke Presser (Full)

    I hope this kid lights it up.