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  1. Then take some late round no name. Statistically it's about the same.
  2. What happen to winning? You don't think they'll be able to win games with a rookie quarterback with question marks? Shocker. If the Panthers need a quarterback they should look for him next year when there are several franchise prospects.
  3. Again, the idea that the Panthers will be able to win with a rookie mid round prospect is just stupid. The end.
  4. That's nice and all, but the fact remains that mid round quarterbacks rarely pan out. If you're going to take one it's better to do it in a quarterback heavy draft where quarterbacks with dings (like size) get pushed down the board.
  5. There's really this many people here that actually think a rookie mid round quarterback is likely to be able to come in and win games if Cam can't play? Does anyone here watch the NFL? That doesn't happen often, and when it does it's usually a ticket to mediocrity. This rookie would be playing for the Panthers, just think of how married the offense is to Cam making plays, even in the run game. I guess some of this fanbase really need a new Derek Anderson. The reality of seeing the backups fall the pieces at the end of last season doesn't give them much ammunition to push the trade, move on from, Cam narrative. God knows they tried after a couple of completed passes, but it fell apart really quick after those quarterbacks couldn't take an NFL hit.
  6. I would rather go bust or nothing with Cam than waste a pick on Grier. At least then you'll get a shot at drafting a legit quarterback next year, instead of wasting time with a guy that has the ceiling of Ryan Tannehill. I also don't want to read threads every week advocating for benching Cam. I've had enough of that from the "start Derek Anderson" crowd.
  7. Krovvy


    You have to keep in mind how often first round receivers bust. It doesn't matter too much where you're picking in the first round, it's always a gamble at receiver.
  8. Krovvy


    Only 16 million in dead money.
  9. Krovvy


    I'm shocked. jk
  10. Krovvy

    Checking in on the Hurndog

    It was the same thing with Gettleman, and for good reason.
  11. I don't like the signing. I've never seen this kid look passable.
  12. Mmm compensation picks.