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  1. It took like two completions for both scrubs we had last season filling in for Cam for people to start posting such nonsense. Then reality set in when they couldn't take a couple NFL hits.
  2. At this point you're just taking shots in the dark anyway, might as well have more shots.
  3. What the fug? Suspended for 2017 due to theft by credit card fraud Missed bowl game as freshman due to misdemeanor marijuana charges He's the anti-McCaffrey. Poor technique as pass-catcher with atrocious drop rate Bad adjustments to swing passes outside the frame
  4. Panthers needed a new backup runningback. Probably should have just waited for free agency.
  5. poo man I have to watch these games. I keep reading different takes of the same games.
  6. So why is it that he's just now finishing school at 24? What exactly happen with him?
  7. Actually, I think he was highly rated last year, and then played the season where he fell down draft boards. At one point he was considered a first round quarterback, until last season, and this off-season.
  8. Nice, I hope he learns as quick as Tom did. Though he's pretty old already.
  9. I'm pretty sure Tom doesn't give up that many negative plays. If that stat is true then the kid clearly doesn't know how to either escape pressure, or get rid of the ball — much unlike Tom.
  10. Guaranteed, this guy will not have any impact on Cam. Cam has been compared to much, much, much better prospects and shown he's legitimate time and again while the freshest "franchise" quarterbacks fell to pieces.
  11. Please don't post this jackass. I don't care if he's fluffing up the Panthers picks. If anything this vulture is just trying to pump up Grier for the inevitable narrative "Is it Time to Move on from Cam?", "Should the Panthers Sit Cam?".
  12. I'm glad the Panthers grabbed premier positions early. It's starting to look barren at tackle and defensive end.
  13. If the Panthers are going to take Grier, I won't cry about it at 100. Especially with the players that are off the board.
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