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  1. This is too funny reading these same posters peddle conspiracy theories to revoke Gettleman's biggest mistakes. Check out the Giants subreddit and read their opinions on the many overpaid bust signings from last off-season, and then seriously tell me there's a difference. This is hilarious.
  2. Krovvy

    Kaep/Reid Collusion Case Settled

    Yeah, this "I guess it's not because of social justice" take I'm seeing everywhere is just plain stupid. How do people not understand the difference between suing the league for collusion, and their advocacy for social justice? Ridiculous.
  3. Didn't the Saints give Kurt Coleman a five million a year contract?
  4. From what I've read there's a lot of incentives in the deal. Is that wrong? Betting on Matt Kalil was absurd. He's never been a good left tackle in the NFL, even in his rookie season where he was just being overrated. Vikings fans were so happy when he wasn't re-signed. How often are fanbases excited to release an early first round pick, especially when it created a huge hole in one of the most important positions on a roster? Never, they knew he was garbage. He was coming off a season where he missed 14 games, and had hip surgery. It was STUPID, especially considering that Andrew Whitworth was on the market. Go read those threads again. You're not going to find much trepidation, you'll find a lot of this fanbase rationalizing the deal as somehow greatly negotiated.
  5. This is funny as hell reading peoples takes on a 3 year, 10 million guaranteed contract with heavy incentives. These same assholes were loving the Matt Kalil contract, and how it was structured, even though more than half that atrocious contract was guaranteed. They kept parroting that there was "an easy out", when in reality no matter what Matt Kalil was going to get paid as a top 5 left tackle in the league for at least 3 years.
  6. Oh, it's only 10 million guaranteed. That's not bad.
  7. I'm just telling you what I'm reading on Giants' boards. They're not happy with some of the large contracts he's given out, and the players he's let walk.
  8. You should look at Gettleman's moves, especially in free Agency for the giants. Giants fans aren't too happy when the players he let walk, or cut, and are especially not happy about some of the contracts he gave out to aging free agents.
  9. Fourteen pages over the loss of a seventh round pick. Where the fug was the fourteen page thread about trading a fourth round pick for a punter?
  10. He was already one of the most expensive, maybe the most, kicker in the league from Gettleman's contract.
  11. Hurney tried to keep him on the roster for a while, until the defensive backs started getting injured. This forum was flipping poo for Hurney keeping two kickers on the active roster.
  12. When Dallas had no receivers? Okay. It's the same thing that happened with Funchess, Butler, and Worley, all this young potential, almost no one admitting the obvious flaws.
  13. I saw missed tackles, and playing out of position, nothing that showed him being a first round selection. He just didn't play well.
  14. That excuse doesn't work when you realize that Thomas Davis was suspended for the first four games last year. Shaq did not step up, he played far worse than Davis did when he returned. Fans expected Shaq to flash, and play well, even take over the reins. He couldn't.