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  1. Liked his draft profile, loved getting him in the 7th, and really love what he's done in the preseason.
  2. Grier is playing like Cam was at the end of the Saints game last season when his shoulder was done.
  3. I thought Cam was suppose to have an ice wrap on? Am I blind? I don't see it.
  4. Boston helps the Panthers safety depth, and will likely start. From what I've seen he's still the player he was when he left, a hard hitting safety that you can rely on to catch the easy interceptions. He'll get some penalties, and will wiff some tackles, but he'll also every once in a while create a turnover by having sure-hands.
  5. Not really. He just lunged, and Burns being a good player recognized it, and used a swim move. If anything his feet were fine in that drill.
  6. Holy poo, people here need to chill. It's not even preseason and people are talking about this kid like he's a bust. Hell, he might bust, but you won't know it anytime soon. Especially from watching drill clips.
  7. It took like two completions for both scrubs we had last season filling in for Cam for people to start posting such nonsense. Then reality set in when they couldn't take a couple NFL hits.
  8. At this point you're just taking shots in the dark anyway, might as well have more shots.
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