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    Corona Virus

    Just an update on the streamers I watch in China, as well as Korea. They're all going out more, and it looks like things are returning to somewhat normal. Too bad we let things get out of hand here in the US. It took until just this week to start advising people to wear masks. It's shameful.
  2. Krovvy

    Corona Virus

    Yeah, stores are going to be swamped for a while, but it'll probably slow down going into April, or when things peak. I hope they start passing laws to limit people from buying, and reselling products (if there aren't already some). I know a few countries have implemented some serious penalties for trying to profit on the chaos.
  3. Krovvy

    Corona Virus

    I think China has things under control. I watch live streamers that are from China to help learn the language, and things have gotten better, although locked down. There's more people on the streets now, although you have to scan an ID to leave your neighborhood, and get a temperature scan, and then in every store you need to have your temperature scanned again. Everyone stands apart, and everyone wears masks.
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