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  2. So basically just flip flop around, and then claim you had the inside scoop all along.
  3. Has the huddle "sources" ever gotten anything right? I mean an actual prediction, not reading the tea leaves that's been reported for weeks, and then making the claim they have a "source".
  4. Well, there's still free agency, and the combine. Those two events really shape the draft quite a bit. We're talking about three or four prospective players right now, but in a few months it could easily be a different set of players entirely, with lineman falling out of the mix.
  5. That's not how it will workout though. Once the Panthers draft a new quarterback it's going to be half the of board being completely blind homers, and the other half either arguing the new guys flaws, or exaggerating them. That is, unless the Panthers get lucky and find the guy, which is unlikely. Every team with a rookie quarterback, even years later, argue about whether or not they should move on. It's actually usually the biggest contention for teams rebuilding within fan communities. Again, the only exception is when you find a quarterback that is obviously great.
  6. You would have to outbid the Dolphins, and the Chargers... I don't see it happening.
  7. They've already said they're not going to. Even if they were, how the hell would the Panthers have enough assets to beat out Miami? This is absurd.
  8. Yeah, it's the only correct move for Cincinnati. Though that's not going to stop a handful of delusional posters from now until draft night.
  9. The only quarterbacks worthwhile are Burrow and Tua. The rest are all risks that will cost too much to draft. Cincinnati will draft Burrow, no matter what, and the Dolphins or the Chargers will trade up for Tua. It just makes more sense to roll with Cam, or wait until next year to find a new quarterback.
  10. https://twitter.com/AdamSchefter/status/1218951095059451904?s=19 If common sense wasn't enough.
  11. Have you been following the sport long? The chances of Cincinnati trading away their first overall pick, and their chance to draft Burrow, is slim to none. The Panthers have about a 0.001% chance to draft Burrow.
  12. This is why we should not draft a quarterback this year, at least not in the first round.
  13. Then the Panthers would still, somehow, have to trade up, if not with Cincinnati, to the second or third pick, paying more than the Dolphins and Chargers are willing to. So if the first impossibility is eliminated, then you have to overcome the second as well.
  14. God, I really hope not. There's about 0% chance we can trade up for Burrow, and everyone else is very questionable this year. Tua would be the second best choice, but he's more injury riddled than Cam, and the Dolphins will make getting the second or third pick uber costly. So that leaves whoever you think is the third best quarterback where there is a large drop-off in talent, and polish. In some ways getting Rhule, and especially Brady, is a somewhat of a curse. Brady could probably make anyone we draft this year look good, for this next season. Though then what? Brady becomes a head coach for another team, and we're stuck with a mediocre talent at quarterback. I hope we have someone learning under Brady ASAP that can continue his system beyond next season, because I don't have a lot of faith in drafting a quarterback this year. It's possible to hit a on a star later, but it's not likely. Don't let recency bias get your hopes up.
  15. There's about a 0% chance the first overall pick is going to be traded this year. It's not going to happen.
  16. Guys it's simple, all we need to do is trade players for picks and tank, or trade up. It worked great for the Bears, and Rams. Yeah, maybe they'll need to pick a new quarterback after bottoming out next year, but whatever. Hell, just look at the Dolphins. They traded away anyone with value, got a bunch of picks, and now they maybe got a hot chance at the second best quarterback in the draft, that's just a bit injury prone, and will only probably only cost a few picks in a trade up with the Lions to grab him. Totally the direction the Panthers should move in.
  17. Didn't he trade back the year he took Beason? It's not like he's Dave Gettleman. Hurney has a history of picking more than the league average.
  18. Usually 3 years is a good indicator, but it really depends if Cam is healthy or not. With a healthy Cam, 3 years, without 4 years.
  19. I love this hire, especially after watching his interviews. He's turned around two absolute dumpster fire teams, and did it without building his own ego.
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