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  1. And there we go. This is not a charity league or some kind of social entertainment. This is a PROFESSIONAL FOOTBALL league, where players are PAID TO WIN football games. You surely can entertain the public and create family cultures by keeping the focus of the sport that is: WINNING IT ALL This topic should not even be opened.
  2. 50 points!! The fans? Laughing in the comments , saying that it was unlucky, that the other team is better, that this happens, that we are supposed to loose... Well, it’s easy to know why we are a mediocre franchise. people think it's normal what just happened. Let me tell something: 50 points IT’S NOT NORMAL
  3. Our team is the reality our fans allow. Another humiliation in a match of relevant importance (Steelers last year) and what do we do? NOTHING! we will still clap for these players and coaches in the next practice. It's very easy to be professional at Panthers. We only care about what athletes and coaches do for the community, we never charge for field performance. Losing is part of the game, being humiliated, that way, is not. And this only happens cause we don’t care. We are a mediocre team, just like our fan base. Accepting a coaching staff that makes us pass this shame just proves it. Do you know how many people will ask for Ron's head in the next game? ZERO! just pathetic
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