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  1. maybe we should preemptively sign him to prevent the Saints from signing him thus preventing him from injuring Cam or anyone else on the team... 4-D chess
  2. I thought he already played there and looked good when he did, why he didnt stay, you probably answered that
  3. Does Paradis have an underachieving brother who can't play LT that we could sign? Need this info before I decide whos better.
  4. Cdw

    2019 Challenge

    Thats what I got when I did the math as well... Hurney's having himself a nice off season, I'll give him that... Ive bought into that before though... ... Gettleman sucks, too bad there are only two GMs
  5. Some how, some way, the Browns will still find a way to be the Browns
  6. This is certainly welcome news to come home to
  7. Sad thing is, the twtter GMs and armchair coaches figure out and point out what needs to be done usually weeks ahead of when the mighty Panther braintrust gets around to doing exactly whats been pointed out.
  8. Cdw

    Fantasy Series Fans

    That happened for me reading Realm of the Elderlings books, got insufferable at times, but that got better in the second trillogy. Im still looking forward to KKC. Been busy lately so my reading time has been cut quite a bit, still on Red Seas and still enjoying it.
  9. Cdw

    Sporting News Mock Draft

    Wouldnt be upset with this at all.
  10. No suprise at all, and it wont be a suprise when he is on the field while Sammuel or Moore is on the bench. It is what it is.
  11. Cdw

    Gronkowski is a moron

    oh, I think you know the number.....
  12. Cdw

    Gronkowski is a moron

    Whenever I see Gronks tide pods commercial, I imagine him doing the tide pod challenge. Id be hard pressed to get offended over anything he says
  13. Well, if they sign him, I hope they pay him way too much