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  1. I watched it a while back and enjoyed it. Shocker is right, it does get a little convoluted, but still overall pretty good
  2. Love that we are investing in the OL! I wanted DE and OT in the first and 2nd, Hurndog delivered, color me optimistic. what'd we give up to move up?
  3. Welcome to Carolina Brian! Yall should chill with the Everette Brown comparisons, try a little optimism sheesh
  4. I stopped watching after s4 I think... at the time I still had a glimmer of hope that another book would come out, lol me. Eventually Ill break down and finish the show
  5. So, are any of you ASoIaF readers and not watchers of GoT? I've had an easy time avoiding any spoilers the past few years, but this season seems like its gonna be a struggle... just random thought of the day
  6. I really enjoyed it, been meaning to do another play through, just havnt had time
  7. damn, has it been nine years already, how time flys when youre havin fun
  8. maybe we should preemptively sign him to prevent the Saints from signing him thus preventing him from injuring Cam or anyone else on the team... 4-D chess
  9. I thought he already played there and looked good when he did, why he didnt stay, you probably answered that
  10. Does Paradis have an underachieving brother who can't play LT that we could sign? Need this info before I decide whos better.
  11. Thats what I got when I did the math as well... Hurney's having himself a nice off season, I'll give him that... Ive bought into that before though... ... Gettleman sucks, too bad there are only two GMs
  12. Some how, some way, the Browns will still find a way to be the Browns
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