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  1. There should be a competition of sorts between HammerinCam and Ace, loser banned, winner's thread posting privelege revoked. What sort of competition, I dont know. Rap Battle? Breakdance Battle? Zoolander style Walk Off? Cage Death Match?
  2. Cdw

    quick cap question

    As far as I know it does not free up money for FA. The cut player still counts against the cap until after June 1st. What it does do is help with dead money. Im no expert though and could likely be wrong.
  3. Oh, I could have swore that was a Saints game. God, it was probably both Edit: Just occurred to me, the Saints one happened before halftime... he called TO and they were able to kick the fg that they never would have had time for
  4. Any chance this another novel about Cam's shoulder not being hurt?
  5. No, I wouldn't be disappointed at all. Might be a couple guys I'd rather get, but I could get behind this guy. Will have to keep an eye on all these DE prospects and OTs as well durring the combine.
  6. From the TMZ report: http://m.tmz.com/#!2019/01/15/atlanta-falcons-takkarist-mckinley-detained-police/ "McKinley was with a friend at a high-end hotel around noon when something happened and the friend became concerned about McKinley's well-being. We're told the friend called police for help. We're told cops spoke with McKinley who agreed it was in his best interest to get help -- and he cooperated and left with police. We're told McKinley was NOT arrested or booked for any crime." Titling the thread 'Falcons Player in Trouble' is a bit low. Guy is obviously having some issues, lets hope he gets the help he needs.
  7. Cdw

    David tepper speaks.

    He's giggling in pic #1 cause hes thinking about the memeshirt hes wearing under that sexy vest
  8. My sources are confirming what your sources are reporting.
  9. We on the Huddle seem to have a thing for wanting all our old players to come back as coaches, or to be resigned cause they'll basically be 'player coaches' and were always talking about needing savy old vets come in to teach our young players. Not neccessarilly knocking it, but I think we may put too much stock in the idea. The coaches need to take that role. I do agree, Ryan Kalil's knowledge and experience will be missed. Just don't know that I see him as a coach. Plus I know he has other after football plans.
  10. It really is crazy, almost comical. Tepper's interviews today... "Q: What happened on offense A: Cam's shoulder, obviously. Q: Whats wrong with Cam's shoulder A: hmm, i dunno." I don't know what to think. If the Team and Cam himself are really that worried about it, they sure don't show much action with figuring it out, or either theyre just really tight lipped about it.
  11. Whats the basis for this? From what I gathered he's already had one.
  12. Cdw

    Tepper meets the press

    Glad to hear about the bubble, should prevent the 'bad weather' excuses we got a few times this year. Not knowing and having a plan about Cam's shoulder at this point is kinda crazy. MLS, I don't really care, but, cool for those that are fans.
  13. File it under questions that should have had answers months ago. They'll get around to figuring it out at some point, I guess.
  14. "I’d glad give the Steelers the Panthers’ first-round pick in 2019 (No. 16 overall) for Brown. If that weren’t enough, I’d add another mid-round draft pick or any player on the roster outside of Carolina’s top five players." Imagine that actually happening.
  15. Given what Tepper said in his little interview about the Oline and also how to approach FA, I think M Kalil may be as good as gone (thankfully) and Paradis could definitely be the kind of target we go after. If he's recoverd then I'm all for it.