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  1. This team has surprised the fug out of me. I like it
  2. Good to know we won't be joining the 0-16 club
  3. Even being used to our game announcers being garbage, he was a pain to listen to
  4. Played through it 4 or 5 years ago with my two sons, we'd pass the controller after each death, good times, so much rage. We were stuck on that one pair of bosses for so long, we all came close to killing them, I think it was my oldest that finally finished them off. I forget their names, you'll know them when you get there... good luck The second one was much easier, but I was a mage and it felt like I was cheesing my way through at times. I have the 3rd one but haven't tried it out yet. Also, still have no clue wtf is going on in those games story wise
  5. @Jeremy Igo If you're serious about cleaning this place up and doing away with the toxicity, take that ^ post to heart. Over the last season it got totally out of hand, and I'd say it went from subtle to outright overt racism around here. Particularly but not limited to most every topic centered on Cam. There were trolls allowed to run amok and the only blow back seemed to be against posters that got sick of that crap being allowed to stand and would call it out. It shouldn't be controversial and relegated to tinderbox to call out racist BS. If it'd been nipped in the bud quickly, it might have been possible to have some critical Cam threads that didn't go to crap. Just my 2 cents as someone whos been more of a lurker than a poster around here for years.
  6. Hopefully this game reruns on NFL network sometime this week. I don't want to try to stream Pats games and be flipping away from the Panthers, but, I would like to see Cam play. Glad he had a good day
  7. Yeah, I didn't like the fake crowd noise. Maybe if they added some colorful heckling to it or something, idk. Maybe we should all record some one liners targeted at our home opponents and send it in to BoA and have them stick them in
  8. With all the change thats happened with the team, and with what the offseason was like, today could have been a complete shitshow and it wan't. Would have been nice to win. Would have been nice to give it to CMC at the end. All in all, I didn't know what to expect so I wasn't expecting much, made it pretty enjoyable to watch.
  9. No delay of games, no really dumb time outs, no turn overs, that was nice
  10. Awesome for Cam, look forward to seeing how it goes for him in NE
  11. https://portcitydaily.com/local-news/2020/06/24/fired-wilmington-cop-we-are-just-going-to-go-out-and-start-slaughtering-them-f-ni-i-cant-wait-god-i-cant-wait-free-read/?fbclid=IwAR0y5lFz9SiSp4kO_B_2QIz4-Gx463tHBtkJU4xM28KK8QNjkZy4oU2hCOQ Don't know if this has been posted in thread, just some cops accidentally recording themselves talking about wanting to murder Black folks
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