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  1. If we can get him cheap af, sure. He's fine as a back up and can improve. He just isn't the franchise savior so many wanted him to be. Also, should let Grier get some playing time in and see what hes got/let him get some experience - then decide which to keep as backup.
  2. Tepper needed to make a statement this past off season. I'm not hopeful for any change, it is what its always been in Carolina
  3. As a fan, I can cope by laughing, guess thats Rivera's strategy too
  4. The Kyle Allen Fan Club is mainly the Anyone But Cam Fan Club. Except for Snake, he's a true believer and today has to be hard for him
  5. Don't worry fellas - Ron's will get em fired up during the half, I'm sure he has a plan
  6. we're about to have 0 points in the first half.... vs the mf Falcons. oh wee mayne
  7. Looking like trash in a division game again. poo gets old
  8. I don't want to defend Rivera cause I've wanted him gone for a while, but, he is 5-4 while losing our franchise QB. Bradbury being out hurt today as well. There's a valid argument to keep him since the team has still been in it despite the injuries. Biggest factor will be how we perform vs the Saints and Falcons - he splits it with them or better and he probably stays, we get swept and I'd say he is probably gone.
  9. I've thought it before and been wrong, hes a floater
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