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  1. nicks on the head bleed a lot, it looked nasty, hopefully it isn't all that bad. Also wtf t96...
  2. Seems like it should have resulted in us keeping the time out, but them getting the reception. None of it made sense.
  3. Said it before, I'm happy to watch someone other than Gano miss kicks. He also hit some, and they missed a FG. If it were a last minute miss I might be able to conjure up some animosity towards Slye, but as is, nope
  4. What dirt on the NFL did Hocculi have, getting to be a shitty ref so long and then pass the honor of being a shitty ref on to his son
  5. Sucks that we lost. On the positive side I think the D played a good game. CMC was a beast. Neagatives are the turnovers of course. Considering Cam coming of the rehab and didn't get any preseason play time to speak of, it could have been worse. The backward pass (that was batted?) really screwed us - freak thing. It was a competitive game vs a good team, I can live with that. Trying to not let Panthers losses piss me off so much this season.
  6. Glad we put up some points before the half. Keep up the good D after half time and cut out the mishaps on O and we've got this
  7. Well, the fumble sucks, but the offense was looking good and thats encouraging
  8. 17-10 Panthers victory secured in the final 2 minutes with a clutch stop by our D
  9. Maybe Ryan can talk the Jets into picking him up
  10. Thats the truth. Allen/Hieniken, either way its a bunch of losses if they have to start or even come in for multiple series. Best we can hope for is that things click for Greir sooner than later and he becomes a serviceable backup... and also that Cam stays healthy and none of this matters
  11. This just played out recently when we kept both Butker and Gano hoping someone would offer someone... didn't happen, doubtful its gonna happen now with Gano nursing a sore leg.
  12. No worries, plenty of room on the Slye bandwagon, hop on
  13. Just able to tune in... just in time for a nice kick
  14. Rather watch Slye miss than Gano miss. Will I regret those words? Maybe, but I doubt it.
  15. To me, keeping Gano over Slye at this point just seems like it would be a hard headed move to try and prove it was right keeping him over Butker. Go with the young cheap guy, even if he ends up sucking I won't miss Gano.
  16. Best wishes Mr Scot - Keep Pounding
  17. If the injury is more serious than what they have said and playing him would cause it to get worse, then yeah, I'd sit him. I'm optimistic that that is not the case and he will be fine and ready to go, and lets be real, it doesn't matter to Rivera either way - Cam is playing.
  18. Yeah, I really do want to dive into WoT, especially with the upcomming series. Also, a while back I found my old Kindle that I'd lost for a few years and I have the whole series on it - probably a sign that I need to jump on that. But I need to finish up Gentleman Bastards first. I tend to go on reading binges and then quit for a while, its about time to binge again.
  19. Kaep would make sense and add much entertainment value to the Huddle for the season
  20. I always thought the guy that played Charles Vane in Black Sails would have made the perfect Geralt, but from what I saw in the Trailer Cavill looks alright.
  21. Cdw

    Keto Diet

    I never worried about meeting any fat % when doing keto or doing any of the crazy things like adding tons of oil to different things to get extra fat. Only thing I bothered to do was count net carbs, and if you do just one meal a day, which is pretty easy on keto because you usually aren't too hungry, you can have a pretty big helping of veggies with your dinner. Its a suprisingly clean way of eating really. One thing though is if you don't get enough salt and potassium you can get to feeling like crap on it cause you flush out so much water on that diet that stuff goes too. I started using that half salt half potassium lite-salt and it solved that problem for me. Its definitely not for everyone though.
  22. Dont know if you saw that Bronn, thought it might interest you. I still havent finished Red Skies... built a computer recently and have been wasting my free time gaming, need to get back to it
  23. I stopped watching after s4 I think... at the time I still had a glimmer of hope that another book would come out, lol me. Eventually Ill break down and finish the show
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