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  1. Enough suggestions in this thread to keep busy reading for a year or more, so hitting that goal will just take finding the time. I used to read scifi when I was younger, mostly Star Wars, wouldnt mind reading some other scifi. I just ordered the three Gentleman Bastard books, will dive into those when they get here. Now that Sanderson has two votes, Ill dive into one of his series after GB.
  2. I have not read Mistborn but have heard before that its a good series, I should have said it was also one I was considering. As for Wheel of Time, I'm not sure if I want to start, its a hell of a commitment. Ive heard good and bad about it - that some of the books are great and that some are worth skipping. I do love world building and getting immersed in the authors universe so it has that going for it. I had that entire series on my kindle and was actually going to read it, unfortunately I lost the kindle several years ago.
  3. Thanks for the recommendations and descriptions! All of these sound pretty interesting and worth checking out. Youre giving Rothfuss and Lynch some pretty high praise so I may go with those first, in particular Gentleman Bastards with the description you gave. Also, Silo sounds pretty good, might be a nice change of pace.
  4. Im trying to decide what series to dive into next. Any of you Huddlers have any good recomendations? Ive read LotR, ASoIaF, first 6 of Realm of the Elderlings (could continue on with this), First Law, Saxon Tales (up to book 5, not fantasy but historical fiction which I like also) I was leaning toward King Killer Chronicle or maybe the Witcher books (are they all translated?) So, suggestions? I'll go with whatever gets the most votes, even if its not on my list or even not fantasy - As long as I havnt read it aleady.
  5. Guy who murdered this man was 73 years old and donated money and equipment regularly to the sheriffs office and was a reserve officer. Pay enough and I guess you get to go play cowboy. http://www.tulsaworld.com/newshomepage1/sheriff-s-office-reserve-deputy-who-fired-fatal-shot-was/article_3d1f3fe7-43cd-5fa1-9e8c-d8b3aefe2504.html The 'F*** your breath' and 'You ran' comments by the cop as the guy is dying... no regard for life at all. I'm still trying to pinpoint where the suspect 'reached for his waistband' as they claim.
  6. After listening to both those calls, unless I see some pictures of this girl and she looks like she's been beat to hell, I'm not buying it. Sounds like they got in an argument, girl went nuts, whoever was there while Hardy was on the phone with 911 tries to restrain her, not unreasonable. Girl that keeps interrupting the second call... well, not even the guy who called 911 buys what she is saying. However, Hardy made the decision to surround himself with people like this. If she's doing coke I'm sure he was well aware of it. None of this looks good for Hardy, but I don't think he beat the crap out of the girl.
  7. The CotF are definitely a little creepy, as with anything magical in the series, there is darkness to them, but I don't think they're evil. I think its hard to judge their motives because they aren't human and don't think like humans - Bran thinks about how different they are in one of his chapters where he thinks how men wouldn't accept their fate like the CotF have, that men would be angry and fight. They just seem to have a different outlook on things. I don't think they would join up with the White Walkers who have been their enemies for over 8000 years due to holding a grudge against men since revenge doesn't seem to motivate them. I never got the vibe that Bloodraven was an evil guy either, definitely a darker character, but he did help Dunk and Egg out in TMK. Of course It wouldn't exactly shock me if GRRM revealed them all to be evil and the WWs to be decent in the next book either...
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