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  1. Not over, but, its certainly teetering on the edge of the cliff. Both games were winnable though, even with us looking as bad as we did, so I'm still holding onto a sliver of hope that we get things turned around.
  2. Name a ref that isn't, they're all terrible. Every game I get to thinking that this guy is the worst, then without fail the next game comes along and I see who is officiating and think, gee we'd be better off with the shitty ref from last game.
  3. Yeah, he was bad tonight, no denying that. Still managed to get us into a position to win at the end and we probably would have had the ball been in his hands for a sneak. Gonna be hard to stomach this season if things don't improve drastically and quickly.
  4. I knew it would end on some dumb play call, what a disgusting game. We earned that loss
  5. Glad Slye was clutch with that kick, lets hope things look better after half time
  6. This tidbit scares me a little bit as we often seem to be the 'right the ship' game for teams to break these type of slumps. Still, we're spanking that tail tonight!
  7. He says the passes have a little less zip and a little more touch. People have been wanting that out of Cam for years, so maybe its a good thing. Game one I think its reasonable to assume the absence of deep passes was a combo of rust and trying to mitigate Donald. Hopefully tonight we see some downfield passes.
  8. I'm not a Ron Rivera fan, hoped he would be gone after last season... but, damn, its a little early in the season for these hypotheticals
  9. 34-10 We just abuse them all game. CMC 2 TDs rushing, Olsen and Samuel each with a TD catch.
  10. Nice, have fun building it! I just built my first 'gaming pc' several months ago, kinda similar to what you're putting together. I went with the 2600x processor to save a few bucks and went with a 2060 graphics card. Been happy so far, but have yet really play any newer games. Don't see a cooler on your part list, are you going with stock? You can add a good air cooler for less that $50 probably.
  11. Yeah, that was a pleasant surprise, considering so many thought he was going to murder Cam. We seemed to handle him pretty well. Also probably why we didn't really see downfield passing, the plan was probably get it out quick to counter the pressure. One of the few positives from today.
  12. nicks on the head bleed a lot, it looked nasty, hopefully it isn't all that bad. Also wtf t96...
  13. Seems like it should have resulted in us keeping the time out, but them getting the reception. None of it made sense.
  14. Said it before, I'm happy to watch someone other than Gano miss kicks. He also hit some, and they missed a FG. If it were a last minute miss I might be able to conjure up some animosity towards Slye, but as is, nope
  15. What dirt on the NFL did Hocculi have, getting to be a shitty ref so long and then pass the honor of being a shitty ref on to his son
  16. Sucks that we lost. On the positive side I think the D played a good game. CMC was a beast. Neagatives are the turnovers of course. Considering Cam coming of the rehab and didn't get any preseason play time to speak of, it could have been worse. The backward pass (that was batted?) really screwed us - freak thing. It was a competitive game vs a good team, I can live with that. Trying to not let Panthers losses piss me off so much this season.
  17. Glad we put up some points before the half. Keep up the good D after half time and cut out the mishaps on O and we've got this
  18. Well, the fumble sucks, but the offense was looking good and thats encouraging
  19. 17-10 Panthers victory secured in the final 2 minutes with a clutch stop by our D
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