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  1. Watched the premiere, seems like its going to be a good show
  2. I love Trek, I'll get around to watching it some day, just can't be bothered to get yet another streaming service
  3. I kind of honestly wanted to make a thread title longer than that other dudes thread titles about Big Ben and Cam but we can still talk about the Panthers I think. How do you think Matt Rhule will use Christian McCaffrey in the same way as Norv Turner? Unfortunately you seem to have missed making a thread title longer than that other dudes thread title by just 2 characters. Missed opportunity.
  4. Win and embarrass the Saints, lose and improve draft position, its a no lose scenario. No way they can disappoint today... right?
  5. Disappointing but not shocking give Teppers comments. Things never change with this team
  6. I'll save that to read later as I am only a little more than half way through 'Lady of the Lake'
  7. No, I hadn't heard that... just, wtf was she even thinking
  8. They didn't mind at all delving into Yen's past, so it could have worked. Start the show with a young Geralt and some other kids doing witcher training, then going through the trials and show just how horrible it is and have Geralt be the only one to survive it.
  9. Witchers are created by going through the Trial of Grasses, it kills most who are subjected to it, but the ones that live are mutated and gain all sorts of useful enhanced abilities. Enhanced sight, hearing, smell, live very long time etc. The potions he takes enhance things even more for period of time, though they are toxic (would kill a normal human). Some are for combat, some for healing. As far as magical abilities, Witchers can't cast complex spells like mages, but they can use a few simple 'signs' with their hands, Aard for example is the force like push he used to knock back the guys in ep1 I kinda think the show would have done well to start out with a scene from the past with a witcher being created through the trials, would have helped explain things a bit, but would have been a departure from the books (Harbingers explained it better while I was posting)
  10. The timeline was definitely convoluted and jumped around way too much, thats my biggest gripe with the season. All the timelines finally converge in the last episode, so, hopefully next season everyone will be on the same timeline with no jumping around. Also agree that there was too much nudity - doesn't bother me too much, it just doesn't add anything. The people in the forest (where Ciri and rat boy wandered in) were Dryads, that part was a bit rushed through, probably due to the timeline jumping. The Elves that Geralt encountered will figure into the story more probably starting next season. Heres a timeline graphic that I saw on reddit that helps sort where everyone is time-wise during the season
  11. This is one of the silver linings of firing him before the season was over, there should now be no argument to keep anyone onboard from his staff
  12. I'm taking Tepper at his word on that until its proven otherwise
  13. CMC may have wanted to play a little more... Thankfully we only have one more week of this shitshow before Hurney can start the rebuild
  14. Looks to me like they're pretty much going to follow the books fairly strictly, just adding some things in a little earlier. Ciri may look a tad older than she was in the books at this time, but not enough that its anything to be bothered about, still looks like a scared kid to me. Would be problematic having a younger actress since she needs to age up within a couple seasons, you don't want actress changes. Don't know how far in you are but this season had a few of the different contracts Geralt went on and I agree an episodic series where Geralt roams around taking on random contracts could be fun, maybe they will continue to sprinkle in some random 'sidequest' type stuff in. I wouldn't get your hopes up about this extending into the video game stories though, I don't believe thats gonna happen. Speaking of the games though, I'm in the mood to start a new playthrough - I bought games for PC when they were on sale not long ago. I've only played 2 and 3, now I may start with 1 and go all the way through.
  15. You'll both be fine - as game only, don't expect game Triss and also Mousesack = Ermion
  16. Yeah, that was it, they were skipping around with the timeline and the different characters way too much the first 2 episodes, it evened out more after that I think. And yes, Dandelion was great
  17. Binged the entire season, thought it started off a bit shaky, can't pinpoint why, but it did get rolling very nicely after a couple episodes and it ended at a great spot for s1. Definitely looking forward to another season of this. Also, Henry Cavill did a great job as Geralt.
  18. I'm not expecting much, but, it'll be more interesting to watch than more Kyle Allen no matter how it goes Good luck, Will
  19. He fooled me and I'm a big Hurney critic, at least I can't be fooled again...
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