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  1. Baker is a Grade A douche. He looks like it, acts like it, send that redneck back to his double wide where he can shotgun Busch Lights and put a dip in.
  2. Listen Folks.. if Cam doesn't come back the week after bye, October 27th @ SF. He MOST LIKELY will not play this season. That puts him around 43 days rest since the Tampa game wk 2.
  3. He missed two weeks during the preseason for it, don't be surprised if hes out for an extended period of time this go round. If Kyle Allen can bang out a couple W's and keep us in contention up to the BYE, I say let Cam rest till then. That would make his return @ SF, Oct. 27th. Equals to around 43 days Rest/Recovery from the Tampa game.
  4. LOL you killed me with that last one he should tho.. and he could.
  5. Bald White guy getting his ass kicked (Blue Cam Newton Shirt) waits for help then comes back for the sucker punch ahaha that puss
  6. dumb but how do I apply that feature? I don't see it in settings, i'll continue to look. I like it dark, just like I have it applied to my YouTube. Always prefer the Dark Theme as its much easier on the eyes.
  7. Cut Smith & Addison, use the cabbage to sign All Pro LT Trent Williams from WAS? Bold move cotton, we'll see if it pays off
  8. Luck will be a QB in my eyes who played like 4 seasons in total. Pretty bad you're 8 years in the league and played like half the time. He was never in the SAME CONVERSATION AS CAM NEWTON WHAT A JOKE.
  9. *** you Reid haters, he was all over the field and always by the ball. He's the best piece of secondary we got.
  10. Man the starters need to play the entire 1st half, they have to get in game/football/cardio shape for the regular season. Whatever you wanna call it. I've seen it happen, year after year, the 1st regular season NFL game and the players are gassed @ halftime because the lack of Preseason reps. RON PLAY THE F'IN STARTERS
  11. You do make a point!! Haven't looked at the numbers, but we better!!
  12. Tad off topic, but relevant. Didn't know this but apparently, Carolina has the LEAST amount of players signed through the 2020 and 2021 season of any team in the NFL. We have only 41 players signed through 2020 & 28 players signed through 2021.
  13. Those of you who don't know, Oliver is a rookie BTW. I can sense the "Damn i'm with the big boys" look on his face. He's still suckin from the teet.
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