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  1. oh okay that's good, I was lookin at his sacks since his 2013 year, I hope he can put up it least 6+ next season
  2. Gerald McCoy's sacks been in decline each of the past few years. This concern you guys for a 31 yr old vegan?
  3. Oh its not? You got a better theory? I'd love to hear it.
  4. Had no idea he lives in Charlotte, a plus!
  5. I know it makes you wonder. Maybe TD got 4 for being the man he is. Man of the year award, veteran leader, etc.. I'm sure Jerry pulled some strings around the time TD got caught and it's not surprising he only got 4 games. Peterson getting 6 doesn't shock me, that's probably protocol now. Also, maybe it use to be 4 games, could be 6 now, who knows.
  6. Vets going on year 10 will do that to ya! TESTOSTERONE IS A HELL OF A DRUG FOLKS
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