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  1. Define terrible owner. Often there is misalignment between the owner's version of success and the fan's version (eg. the Hornets). I would imagine to Tepper, he's doing just fine; profitable team, having fun, and part of a very exclusive club. He's taking big risks with his new regime and time will tell whether it will work or not, but they're his to take. We're merely consumers of a product. We either keep buying or not.
  2. would you take $2MM and know that someone you personally know, chosen at random, will die from it?
  3. I like baseball much more when I was younger. And that may have had something to do with being a Braves fan back when they played for something. But would like to see baseball come back soon so it can serve as a template to get pro sports back in action.
  4. Chalk it up to another example of ya' never know... I don't think it was reach to draft him, as at the time, we had a starter and were hoping to develop the next gen, while also giving assurance to Cam that this was not a threat to his starting position. Lots to balance at the time. Also, I would imagine the coaches felt that they could work on his mechanics and get him some zip on the ball. But alas, things change and he was put out on the field without that development. I'd like to see what the new staff does with him, but I wouldn't feel let down if he's cut and moves on.
  5. Click bait... And if there ever was a sure way NOT to land a Super Bowl, it'd be to put a stadium in Rock Hill, just far enough away from any of the infrastructure required to host
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