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  1. Well, our left tackle is limited in games, so they still have the edge here.
  2. Tua is massively overrated as an NFL prospect. He's talented, yes, but 1st overall or even top-5? I don't see it. IMO, Jake Fromm is the best QB in next year's draft if he enters. He may not be as physically talented as Tua, but the guy is accurate and ready to play day one in the league.
  3. This has Redskins written all over it, but I also have a hunch the Pats will make a run at him.
  4. The truth is we don't know what the OL is just yet. One bad pre-season performance isn't enough to hit the panic button yet. The talent is there, for the most part.
  5. Suddenly Cam's foot injury doesn't seem so bad...
  6. That play alone is cut-worthy for a guy like Manhertz.
  7. Well, it certainly won't take away from any "excellent play" from the Bills game...
  8. Honestly, I'd rather us come out and look flat all around than have one unit in particular play like trash. That probably just means the team as a whole was unfocused, which isn't a good look on the coaches, but it does happen from time to time. I'd much rather it happen in week 2 of the preseason than week 2 of the regular season or postseason.
  9. They must be enjoying the nice upgrade over their locker rooms at home.
  10. Has Brian Burns gone up against Daryl Williams at LT yet? I'd be interested to see how he looks compared to his reps working against Greg Little.
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