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  1. darrybear

    A dose of sanity for those in need.

    Right on! my man ( mustache voice) Although I miss the game because I was traveling. I did happen to stop in Ohio if that’s any consolation . Let’s be real people we all hope that we would have a good game but did we really think we were going to win ? It’s OK lick your wounds and keep pounding #pussyposse #We gone be alright
  2. darrybear

    Cam Newton lost this game

    I hate when people say this. We can all agree people make assumptions off looks . But the topic of race applied to this thought process it just ain’t possible smh. I know you might not but stop acting as if you are the only one he was addressing
  3. I swear to god if I was Tapper I would fire him. Basically tepper told him to cut off fingers and he’s cutting finger nails. We aren’t going anywhere, To even mention the playoffs... lolz We really want not 100% Cameron Newton doing anything in the playoffs.
  4. If I recall they try to rehab without surgery it was the very last resort
  5. Now you know that’s not gonna happen I think that’s really why he never truly recovers it’s been ongoing thing for like seasons now. They’re just going to trot him out there again
  6. Shut your ass Jeremy shut your ass You little jinxer but fr stop thinking negative
  7. You know what I don’t really care all right! I hope that he can get it done but I have even stronger hope that if he doesn’t they don’t keep trying to force it.
  8. darrybear

    Big Cam Newton news

    Cam in a couple years
  9. darrybear

    Big Cam Newton news

    it seems like they have a kid every year I kind of forgot that she was pregnant again. And she already has a kid and she used to be a stripper and her baby daddy is in prison #tea And he cheats on her with strippers lolz
  10. A game with multiple ending possibilities
  11. A game featuring the panthers and the bucs
  12. A fan was on record saying “ rah rah panthers! Inconsistent rah rah! Talent rah! Which team will show rahh! Rivera rah rah! GANOOOOOOOO ! DEFENSE RAHHHHHHH! aw cute babè