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  1. Do you know the funniest thing in all this ? Falcons fan at work was like yeah but you got cam Newton and I was like and who is your QB and he backed right off because he knew! HE. KNEW.
  2. Man if you don’t get Bent..... Can someone tell me what this doesn’t get you warning but silly joking can. penises are gross and commands involving them are even worse.
  3. Aww adorable baby and co-sign on original post
  4. It looks kind a like my pubic hair not like a cleanly shaved beard or kept. It's sexy when done right and horrible one done wrong so many people need a beer to cover their ugly faces
  5. It's so sad that they don't get they are exactly on the same side that was against Martin Luther King people go out of their way to see your disrespectful just to get you to shut up they wouldn't care about your message even if you did it the right way because they don't believe in your message and they don't care about it
  6. He means that most of what we learned about is white people even though there are black people contributing and society we highlight white people so in order to bring to the forefront any black pioneers in this country we have a specialized holiday to highlight them otherwise we would never talk about them squeeze black people in the shortest month of the year please get E.D.
  7. To be honest I like both I like big guys Just cause your big doesn't mean you're NOT cute it's 2017 everybody just about every size is getting shine. Like I said before you were still cute just fluffier
  8. I know that feeling I'm honestly very scared to befriend white people because I've met so many that will still say that my friend and have such a racist outlook on black people like is the craziest thing how can you be my friend and still be racist the backflips and the mind tricks just to be racist to justify it is crazy
  9. Never tasted that but I'm pretty sure I would absolutely hate it do not like alcohol like that but continue I love people when they have a good time Sent from my iPhone using CarolinaHuddle
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