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  1. Poe is great... just every oline that we faced this year got zooted right before the game... Only for our games. Zero drug tests for any opposing players for any game against us this season. And the refs, don't get me started...
  2. Lasus83.

    2019 Free Agency

    Clark should come back in a depth role. All this dude has ever done was come off the pine and play well (except when they put him at RT). He isn't a world beater... but he's serviceable. Sometimes, that's all you need.
  3. Lasus83.

    DJ Moore’s Rookie year

    DJ needs 12 targets per game. End of story. The guy just makes things happen. Him and CMC should be the main targets on this team every game. Defense knows it's coming? Doesn't matter... it's still coming.
  4. Heard yesterday that (who was it... team president?) someone said that the Steelers did not anticipate him being there for training camp. That they were 'exploring all other options'. They said he wouldn't be cut, though. So, and correct my math here if I'm off, cut + play + trade + kill = all available options? Last time a big name WR had this kind of talk around him, I think he went to the Pats for a 3rd (Moss). that's IIRC. If we are getting him for a 3rd, anyone opposed to that?
  5. This post makes me less angry.
  6. A Head Coach caliber DCoordinator that won't leave after a successful season? Sign me right TF up! Seriously, best of all worlds. Washington is a helluva DL coach - where he needs to be. Rivera is a helluva DCoordinator - where he needs to be. If he can do both, let him. We gain all the way around. I'd run a dang-near dual/no head coach system if I could... not everywhere, but here. Two headed monster of Norv and Rivera. Both HC quality coordinators. Let them rock-paper-scissors for who gets the first draft pick and then round robin afterward.
  7. That mother fuger!
  8. Lasus83.

    Lance Taylor Gone

    Smitty vs. the Field? Bad bet in any situation. But I think it's a real possibility. I believe he said he wanted to get into coaching, Gettlemen is gone and he seemed to like Moore a lot.
  9. somewhere toward the end of the season there was some crazy overlooked stat that Christian had caught an insane number of consecutive targets. Guy catches anything thrown in his general vicinity. I think the streak was broken on a screen where cam intentionally threw it in the dirt.
  10. Cam vs. Luck = Tua vs. Trevor all over again?
  11. Is anyone else, at least, a little disappointed that we didn't get to see what he could do at QB? kidding... sort of... not really.
  12. yes... in the 2020 draft. Further, if your thinking logically and we assume that the arm really is long-term-toast, than you must consider the possibility of trading him. 'but a team won't trade for a Cam Newton with a bum arm'. They have doctors that would do evaluations, sure. But mistakes are made by front offices all the time. We present a Cam at 80% to a Jacksonville, Washington, Miami, NY etc. Teams that could use a starting QB and may consider the risk of a hurt MVP at 29 better than a 21 year old college player... There is value to be had. Hell, he would sell as a tip-tier backup (Nick Foles). He would sell as someone to shelve, until healthy, on teams with aging/good QBs. What is that value, I wonder? The market will dictate it, of course. Something is only worth what others are willing to pay for it... or you are willing to buy it for. I'd argue, with what we know if the injury, that he is worth Kalil Mack compensation.
  13. If we draft a QB in the 1st or 2nd, I think it should be considered a mistake by all. The quality of this draft matches our deficiency. Trade up to get 'your guy', here and there, but do so in a manner that benefits this team in the longer sense than a 'knee jerk' QB selection would mean. Get as many top 100 defenders and OLine men as possible.
  14. I feel like each year we get blindsided, in the mid rounds, with guys that have us all scrambling to look up who the hell we just drafted. Grier is on a lot of our radars, for better or worse, and I would welcome the addition. I think it is more likely, though, that we end up with someone that we have never heard of. We have not drafted a QB for many years... longer than any other team IIRC. I'll bet we break that trend with back-to-back 19/20 selections. I won't bet much... but if the worst case ends up being the case, we will have a long year in 2019 and a exciting draft in 2020.
  15. Lasus83.

    What have Rivera and Hurney been up to?

    touché. Now I've got to go get some Purell.