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  1. CMC is the man. I wasn’t down for the pick when it happened, but now I’m thankful he was the pick. Both he and Cam are such a dynamic duo on offense.
  2. AggieLean

    Amazon Headquarters

    Glad Atlanta wasn’t the winner in this.
  3. And when Trump is out of office, and history proceeds to further clown Trump, there’ll be even more Trumpers who’ll all of a sudden state they didn’t vote for the man.
  4. Ron needs to step in, because it appears Washington is in over his head.
  5. Trump planning to get rid of Clinton Era criminal justice laws, or put his support behind removing.
  6. Bringing up Obama presents another issue when it comes to reparations. Barack is a US citizen, but Barack is a Kenyan American. His ethnicity is different than mine, as while we’re both black, I’m an African American who is able to trace my history back to slavery and indeed prove I am a descendant of slaves. That’s for later discussion, though. I see the apparent issues with capitalism, but I am willing to work in this system. Well, I’m more for a mixed economy; for example, I’m a firm believer in implementing a UBI in the near future. Certain programs, like welfare, I absolutely believe in and I believe the higher your income, the higher your taxes should be. Like Matthias stated, the unique situation of my people, as well as the racism shown towards me and mine globally has made me compassionate towards the plights of others. Just because I’m trying to look out for my group, doesn’t mean I’m trying to sh*t on others. My morality would never allow me to step on another group. When it comes to reparations, I just simply am asking for others to make sacrifices like my group has. As for your progressive comment; I wouldn’t call myself anymore or less progressive than the next man. The data and/or polling you showed represents me. Although young, I do operate and think along the lines of older AA’s. Besides a few things, I am pretty much my daddy and grandpa. I’m the AA that attends church on Sundays, I try to be tight with my money, and I try my best to live by the golden rule.
  7. Again, you’re not trying to hear him or anyone out on this issue. Insular? It now seems you’re trying to diminish the AA experience, while sticking up for everyone else’s. You should bow out. Also, while Barack was the first black President, Barack is not an African American and didn’t particularly share our struggle. He didn’t have people who shared our struggle. It was never a surprise when he gave his feelings on reparations. His father is from Kenya, and his white mother and her family were from the Midwest; while he grew up in Hawaii. Please don’t try to use Obama as one of your examples.
  8. There’s a reason that several polling places in South GA counties, predominantly black areas, were being threatened with shutting down. Your party doesn’t want AA’s/blacks to vote. As for your definitive “no votes are being suppressed” statement; I’ll let you continue to think that and keep your head in the sand.
  9. Actions don’t show that, buddy. Especially coming from the right. With voter suppression and gerrymandering, it sure seems one side is trying to continue with oppression. I was at my school the other day, NC A&T, discussing gerrymandering, and how it’s ridiculous how republicans split my school right down the middle, and placed us in districts that would essentially silence or be able to withstand our vote. I don’t give a damn about the left or right, or the politics of it all, but NCA&T is in a black area, and our votes should be able to represent for the community we’re in. I or other students shouldn’t be voting for a district that’s all way on the other side of town.
  10. @Harbingers I don’t dislike you, as I’d have a beer with you in a heartbeat. My mantra on here, and what I do in real life is call out what I see wrong. I try to keep it real in everything I do. Now, you might see me as wrong, and that’s cool. I just want the discussion to take place.
  11. If there’s a minority on the ballot, chances are said minority will look out for us, and not try to keep us oppressed. Stop and think for a second.
  12. Show me where he’s said that about immigrants. If you can’t find it, I can flip your words just like your doing his, by saying your doing the same towards AA’s. You see, I find it quite offensive that y’all are doing to my mans what the media does to AA’s/blacks quite regularly. He brings up something that makes you and others uncomfortable, and instead of fully taking in what is said, you rebel and try to trash him. He hasn’t made any of those claims against immigrants, and all he’s done is attempt to look out for his group like everyone else does there’s. Only difference is, when we attempt to look out for ours, the excuses and harsh words start flowing. “Oh, you’re anti this” or “You hate so and so.” No, that has not been said at all; in fact the actions of the group, and I’m sure Matthias voting records shows the opposite. This man has presented recommendations and plans on how he’d go about reparations, but you still have folks, like yourself, who come in here and dishonestly says that no plan or suggestions have been brought forth. That’s a lie, as this man has been discussing this and bringing forth suggestions for years now. It just shows you don’t want to hear what he or what anyone who is pro reparations has to say. Either argue in good faith or don’t argue at all. Be real with not only yourself, but everyone in here; if you’re not for reparations no matter what, state that and move on. I’m coming at you because you have presented the most blow back, and it’s quite clear you haven’t paid attention to what has been said at all. To those who question are solidarity with POC, again, look at the poll/voting numbers. We’re out here standing up for groups, and voting in favor of said groups more that those groups! We have been in solidarity and been on code since we’ve been in this country. We embrace the whole “POC” idea more so than any other group. Now, when we want to bring up a topic and idea that’s going to help us, it’s pandemonium and we’re wrong. GTFOH.
  13. Nah, it’s you. You’re the racist, and there’s ample posts to back that up. Blacks in this country don’t have the power to be racists, anyways. Now, are there bigoted black Americans, I’d say yes. My grandfather, through history and what has been done to him and his family, has some bigoted views. My father, doesn’t believe in interracial dating, but the cause of that was him getting into a fight back in his East Forsyth days because he tried to talk to a white woman, and said white womans father threatening my family. He could’ve been done like Emmitt Till. But, even with that, that view of his is still bigoted. You see, I have no problem calling me or mines out. You on the other hand, ehhh....
  14. Last paragraph is not true at all. We’ll exist, but with a net worth of 0, that means a good portion of the group will be in debt. With the net worth dropping, that means the group is being projected to take in more debt; hence us saying AA’s will continue to fall further and further behind; which is why i’d assume Matthias is saying there needs to be action taken now. I am allies with those who are for the betterment of my group, just as my group has always been for the betterment of others. People forget between 50 to 75 years ago, America was pretty much black and white. It was pretty much black and white, and AA’s gave blood and through that blood, it opened up the door for a lot of other people. One thing Matthias mentioned that I 100% agree with him on, is putting in work. Whether it’s the protesting, voting, action, etc; AA’s put in work. There was a poll that showed AA’s were against any Trump policy that would hurt illegal immigrants here in the country already, more so than any other group. Folks want to talk about how bad Trump is and all that, and AA’s vote against him more than any other group. We prevented that pedophile in Alabama from getting into office, and now I’m wondering what he has done for AA’s in that state. I’m not saying others don’t put in work, but when there’s an injustice, we put folks on our backs. We put folks on our backs, but when we want ours taken care of, nobody wants to sit down and talk then. It’s “oh, reparations just aren’t feasible and we’ll discuss it later.” “There’s more important issues to discuss” This country needs to take care of its own, like it took care of white Americans during the Great Recession, setting up benefits and programs to help set up a white middle class. It’s a lot easier in this world to make it when you come from something, than when you come from nothing. Its almost as if when others come into the country, AA’s have to get jumped over again. I am completely fine with immigration and going against Trump and the repubs on the issue, but there also needs to be discussion on the black community. Multitasking needs to be going on, as the grumbling amongst AAs are getting louder. People keep bringing up how it’s not fair to others coming in who had nothing to do with slavery, well It wasn’t fair to the Greensboro 4 who sat in Woolworth, either. They could’ve specifically said they were doing what they were doing for black rights, but no, they did it for equality and justice for all; for the oppressed everywhere. Harriet Tubman, even though there were only blacks then, would’ve been looking out for all. Not just selfishly looking out for black slaves. As far as allies go, as I get older and get more in tuned with self, history, and the plight of those who look like me globally; I realize that ally list is quite small. I don’t take offense to those who oppose me and/or my beliefs.
  15. Our projected net worth is expected to drop from 1500 to 0 in the next 30-50 years. So, that answers your question on what about AA’s in the future