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  1. They want to catch him slipping, as he’s clearly being targeted. Will be interesting to see how many times he’s tested this upcoming season.
  2. I will forever miss his signature dance after his TDs, and his arm points after first downs
  3. No thigh-fi lol. Shiieet, Im not going without that for a week, let alone a month.
  4. Good signing. Were good in free agency, at least until after the draft. Hurney has set us up pretty well. Need 3 defensive starters outta this draft (DE, FS, DT/CB) and some o line and lb depth.
  5. AggieLean

    Donald Penn anybody?

    He’s an Aggie!
  6. AggieLean

    Patriots release DE Adrian Clayborn

    Someone should get a Tyreek Hill thread ready. He’s in some trouble again
  7. Tepper is the man. Will be rooting hard for West Charlotte
  8. AggieLean

    Kenyon Barner to the Falcons

    The life of a NFL journeyman. Keep collecting those checks. Them million dollar checks add up.
  9. Didn’t Tepper hire a team therapist? Anyways, I’d love to have him here.
  10. AggieLean

    Bill Barnwell on Matt Kalil roster status

    What a horrible contract. DG really goofed on this one. Looking at the options, I’d probably just cut him post June 1 2019.
  11. AggieLean

    Isaiah Crowell - Backup RB?

    I’d like him, but the CJ situation last year has me thinking it would be a waste of his time and ours coming here.
  12. Saints doing what they have to do, and I’m not mad at it. Theyve been close the past two years, and realize with Brees about to call it quits, this is the time to go all in.