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  1. This the fake stuff I’m talking about. I, mean, I’ll always fight, but people like you and the other moderates werent planning on helping or progressing my or black America’s ideals anyways. You and others in here have made that quite clear.
  2. If I were the Dems, I’d start listening to what those on the left and ones wanting tangibles have to say. I’d listen to them, and start to get serious about what is being said. Those, like you, who are voting Trump will definitely come out now that moderates are talking about “rioting” (they won’t riot, though).
  3. They ain’t gone do nothing. Kings and Queens of saying things to make them feel good inside and appear to be on the right side. No action will be taken though
  4. Ruthkanda? Yea, offer your condolences and move on.
  5. https://www.google.com/amp/s/www.si.com/.amp/college/2020/09/17/deion-sanders-jackson-state-head-coach Be interesting to see how Prime does as a college coach for a D1 program. Big ups to Jackson State. Prime should be able to attract some higher rated athletes to JSU and HBCU’s.
  6. So, Herschel is smarter than the ~85/90%? Is that what you’re saying?
  7. What makes Herschel or the small group of black Trump supporters more credible than the ~85/90% of blacks who don’t support Trump?
  8. I didn’t wanna say it. Im probably looked at as a jerk all throughout the board, lol
  9. Not surprised that OP brought this up, and for some reason, Luis Moreno Jr quoting Qanon conspiracy crap and other Trump nonsense isn’t surprising, either.
  10. Ok, this is the last post, and only because I need to make it clear. I never called you racist. I don’t really make those claims on the net, as I don’t really know you like that. Ok, now I’m done.
  11. Half of this is off topic. You’re flailing. Please don’t quote me anymore. If you choose to do so, that’s cool, but this is my last response. ”Most of what you see as systemic racism...” Yea, it’s no benefit aligning with those who think like you. Tootles.
  12. Give it up, goofy. You’re clearly not equipped for this conversation. This is a waste of time at this point, as I have already pointed out your guy doesn’t like black people (or any black person that isn’t elite or has access to the circles Trump is in). I gave you proof of that, proof that you choose to ignore. At this point the conversation will go nowhere, as it’s not beneficial for black people yo vote in large for a man that doesn’t like black people, and operates under a platform that doesn’t solve our issues. No benefit at all. Us voting Trump only benefits those like you, and from your most recent conservative comment towards me, we know you nor those who think like you really want to help black people. I don’t care how many black coaches you’ve had, the black individuals you f**ked, your black friends, etc. You showed your cards in this thread
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