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  1. lol “best athlete” - I could say some things about that, but I’ll slow my roll. IMO, the best/top players in Carolina history are: Cam Smith Luke Peppers Gross Also, Jake and Walls shouldn’t even be mentioned as they weren’t even the best at their positions within the franchise; ie, Olsen is better than Walls.
  2. I said the same thing after seeing a picture of his on IG earlier today. Looks like he realizes he needed that extra weight.
  3. I’m rooting for Teddy and I hope he succeeds. Hopefully, as a fan, I don’t have to go through another QB change for a long time.
  4. God?! Lol Come on now; the love for Cam is no different than ya grandpa being a huge Tom Landry or Carl Y fan. It’s no different than folks who were big Gretzky, MJ, Chipper Jones, Dale Murphy, etc fans. Biggest thing now is with social media and other media outlets, you’re able to express that with how you see fit.
  5. For every action there is a reaction. This board and many other people & places were filled with dog whistles and outright racist statements towards Cam during the draft process, and during his career. I was here when the blacks can’t win Super Bowl comment was made and Grits. Not to mention the Nolan hit piece, calling him a running QB from the very beginning, questioning his intelligence and boldly stating he wasn’t able to read defenses, calling him inaccurate from the start, wanting to give up on him, while wanting to stick with other inaccurate QBs. There’s been more; questioning his leadership and saying he wasn’t a “leader of men” all the while, his teammates were telling all these people they were wrong. A lot of that was based on racial stereotypes. Those who took a liking to Cam noticed, and it’s been attack mode ever since. Maybe if many others spoke up then, all this wouldn’t be happening now.
  6. I’m rooting for Cam, and I hope he makes all who did give up on him look foolish. Hes not done.
  7. Meanwhile, there’s a huddler in here who claims to be annoyed by Cam Newton, yet he’s in another Cam Newton thread. He seems to find himself in Cam Newton threads You can’t make this up lol
  8. So, you think Rhule is going to lead a cast of “nobodies” to multiple division crowns and a possible Super Bowl? Chances are, he’ll have to grab a star or two to make that happen. Are there any consistent winners now that don’t have a star or two? Im curious, as I can’t think of any. Most consistent teams have a QB that is their star and in the headlines or talked about mostly. Seems y’all are going to have to get over your fear or hatred of stars. Last team I remember that was a consistent winner and didn’t have any stars or elite players was the Detroit Pistons, and that was in the NBA.
  9. Some fans showing ill will towards Bridgewater right now, and then you’ve got some fans being fake, while hoping for Lawrence after this years up. In all honesty, both those sets of of fans are giving Teddy a big F U. Good luck, Teddy. At this point I hope he wins quite a few games this upcoming season. I’m rooting for him
  10. I wouldn’t say I plan on trolling, but if Cam has a good year then I have no problem letting people on here know about it *shrugs* Or, let’s say Teddy misses on a play that I feel like Cam would’ve made. Or, if there’s an underthrown ball that a healthy Cam would’ve easily made. I might point that out, but as far as trolling....nah lol.
  11. Cam Hugger / Panther Fan for 19 years thank you very much. I don’t have to let anything go. I’m rooting for Cam wherever he goes, and rooting for the panthers. You’ll be crying about the crowd this upcoming season you crybaby. Waaaaaahh, why are there so many Skins fans in the stadium!1 Waaaaahhh, our fan base sucks. Damn near half the state of NC and most of SC will be Steeler/Skins/Cowboys/Falcons fans, and clueless fans like yourself won’t understand why that is. You and the other losers who think like you are mentally weak and pathetic. You hate the fact that others adore a player so much that it causes you to dislike said player. You’s a loser ya chump.
  12. lol I love Cam, but he’ll be another Booger or Magic Johnson on TV. I don’t see him being good at it. He’s going to continue playing the game. He’s still got a lot left to give.
  13. I forgot; you don’t really care about the panthers to begin with. My bad.
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