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  1. If he goes to Chicago; man, I’d have to get a jersey. Cam and Tariq Cohen! Greensboro already got a sizable population rocking with the Bears too
  2. My dad grew up telling me how he was a fan of Roger Staubach. How he just knew that if the cowboys were down, he was going to bring them back. I find it hard to believe, with the demographic that I believe to be a bit older being heavy on this board, that fans on here aren’t able to grasp folks having favorite players. I’m a Braves fan, so I’ve been around older gentleman who’d rave about Dale Murphy, and how they were his biggest fans. You talk baseball with a Red Sox fan, he’s going to rave about Carl Yastrzemski and how he was the man. This downing of people for being player fans is weird to me, when I know some of your daddy’s, uncles, grandpas, mamas, sisters, and cousins had favorite players.
  3. Cam is a super star, and that is something that panther fans have not had to deal with. Fans did the same for your MJs, Peyton Manning’s, Lebron’s, Barry Bonds, etc. You see it more in the NBA, as that league is more player driven, but your other sports have those players like that as well. Players that bring something to their respective leagues that would be seen as rare, also have legions of fans. Hence why you have so many ppl that still love and follow Vick, and why folks will follow Jackson wherever he goes I know plenty of people who dropped the colts once Manning left, and became bronco fans.
  4. It’s amazing the reach Cam has been able to make to where he’s got numerous ppl willing to follow him wherever he goes and still support him. He’s a true super star. Me, I’ve been a fan of this team for 20 years. If Cam goes, I’m having 2 favorite teams. NC is my home so, even if I’m upset with them, I’ll always root for the panthers. I’m also going to root for whatever team he goes to.
  5. I love seeing this from Lamar. Love that he’s proving the majority wrong. In my eyes, there’s no competition between he and Cam. Both he and Cam have and continue to change the league, showing that they can beat you with their legs/feet and their minds.
  6. Well, if we’re not going by stats then what are we measuring by? He was benched, and then inserted right back into the starting lineup. While inconsistent, he’s still showing the capability to be elite. I don’t think Bradshaw was all that.
  7. Ehh. They both turned the ball over at an extremely high rate, and have around the same completion %’s. Only thing really different is team wins/losses, but both teams were built differently. Its just a suggestion.
  8. I want Cam. But, if the team is looking to move on, then I’m just throwing out potential replacements. He’s shown flashes, and has been showing it since his rookie year; more than we can say of Kyle Allen. He’s in year 5, going on 6; he could be about to turn the corner.
  9. Fair to bring that up. Is there away to bring up both Jameis and Peyton’s garbage time stats?
  10. I’m quite serious. Go look at their stats, and look at how young Jameis is. To me, he has shown he’s not worth giving up on yet, especially in a league where’s there are so many terrible QBs. It’s hard to find a franchise QB. If you’ve got one that atleast shows flashes of elite play, and has done it on multiple occasions, then you don’t give up on that. He’s a young guy too.
  11. If you compare Jameis’ stats to a young Peyton, they’re nearly identical. Both a lot of TDs and both a lot of turnovers. The elite play is what I focus on. He shows it, and has shown it his entire career. He has some duds in there, but he has shown that if he gets it together, he can be elite. He’s a franchise QB
  12. If Jameis is going to be ousted from Tampa, and we’re moving on from Cam, then I’d consider Jameis. Dude flashes greatness, and literally is following the path of Peyton Manning. Plus he’s young. Just something to consider.
  13. He may not be a returner, but I would’ve like to see him as a receiver. Maybe that’s just the Deac fan in me wanting to make it work at all costs for the brother
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