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  1. AggieLean

    Kamala Harris

    Meanwhile, he had no issues singling us out in his Morehouse commencement speech. At least when Mr Cosby called us out, he was doing for the community. Many of us was able to attend college due to him. I’m not going to vote for Kamala and allow her to do that. Use the fact that she went to Howard to appeal to us, then when it comes time to help us, she has amnesia. In this country, there will always be an underclass, and right now and since we’ve been here, it has been AA’s. If you help everyone, then that underclass remains full of people that look like me. We’ve waited in line long enough; it’s our turn. Kamala’s mother and father were immigrants, with her mother being an immigrant from India. From her actions so far, that is who she is going to look out for mostly. I have no problem with that, but again, we’ve been waiting Ill pass.
  2. AggieLean

    Kamala Harris

    Immigrants? If you say that, then you are strongly misinformed.
  3. AggieLean

    Kamala Harris

    If you say so. You kept begging for an answer, and I gave you one. I gave you the truth, and that’s whether you want to accept it or not
  4. AggieLean

    Kamala Harris

    Oh, I know. I just wanted him to not be a chump, and @ those he was talking about. Its quite clear by his responses on here that he’s not smarter than any of us on here, let alone the entire demographic. If anything, I’d say he has a slight obsession.
  5. AggieLean

    Kamala Harris

    Obama is/was scared of pissing people off like you, and alienating a chunk of his base.
  6. AggieLean

    Kamala Harris

    Who are you talking about? Name names.
  7. How so, your mans still called a black staffer the n word
  8. Bingo. Its more than likely a pride thing. No grown man wants it to seem he’s being told what to do.
  9. AggieLean

    Kamala Harris

  10. AggieLean

    Kamala Harris

    Harris more than likely won’t get my vote.
  11. Stop it, Skiiiyyup. Skiiiyuupp!
  12. AggieLean

    Pelosi Shuts Down State of the Union

    You’re not going to see too many men or women admit to being conned or duped. You’re going to have a good majority of those who were duped double down on their mistake again in 2020. Thats why the good book talks down on Pride. When Pride comes, disgrace follows. With humility comes wisdom.
  13. AggieLean

    Atlanta player in trouble

    Why do you think he’s on drugs? You just had a poster above basically say Takk is a stand up guy; why would the first place you jump to is drugs? Also, I’m not going to explain why I think it’s ptsd, because I know the type of person I’m dealing with in you. It’s not worth it, as if you know you know.
  14. AggieLean

    Pelosi Shuts Down State of the Union

    And even though they’ve all said how Trump should be impeached and gone on and on about how moronic he is, they’ll vote for him again!