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  1. Yep. Unfortunately, with today’s climate and Biden more than likely not doing much of anything, the 2024 election will create apathy from those on the Dem side, and an insurgence of voting on the Repub side. We are on a course for extremism after this election. This is one reason why I don’t necessarily agree with the vote blue no matter who or what crowd, or those who tell us nothing matters but getting Trump out. Honestly, this is the perfect time to fight and get what you want out of these politicians. Many don’t see it that way, and what’s going to happen, when a dude like Cotton does run, the Dems are going to roll out the “vote blue no matter who”, “most important election of our lives” talking points again, and it’s going to fall on deaf ears.
  2. Cotton is going to run in 2024.. He is the type of candidate that will be the Republican candidate from here on out.
  3. You’re entitled to believe what you want, just like you’re entitled to “fan” however you want. I believe he did earn it.
  4. I generally haven’t “lambasted” Hurney. Yes, Cam earned every cent he was paid.
  5. Right. I still say if Funchess catches that ball (which he should have), then I fully expected that 2017 team to get back to the Super Bowl. It was amazing what Cam was able to do in that game with the scrub receivers available to him. I can’t even remember the name of the guy who dropped an easy TD pass on the 1st qtr of that game. Nvm, Kaelin Clay. Clay didn’t really see anymore action from any other team beyond that season.
  6. I have moved on from the Super Bowl of 2003, and with them being in the AFC, it does the panthers no harm if they continue with their winning ways. I’d always root for my hometown Panthers to win it all, but if we can’t(and I don’t believe we’ll be in the discussion for a long time), then I hope Cam can get to the promised land. Hes my favorite nfl player, ever.
  7. Going to miss seeing him in a Panther jersey on Sundays. The flying around the field before games, the cleats, the dabbing & dancing, the exciting plays, the winning. He’s going to have millions missing him all over the Carolinas, and if there’s a season, he’ll have quite a few Carolinians on the Patriots bandwagon. I hope he carves out a nice career in New England, and it wouldn’t be the worst thing in the world if he continued the Patriots dominance. I think he has a chance.
  8. 1. They don’t expect Teddy to be here long. Most expect for us to be bad enough to get Lawrence. 2. Teddy is quiet, and you won’t hear much about him. This is why you saw an earlier post referring to Cams time here as a clown show. When you go back and analyze Cams time here, you realize he hasn’t really done anything to garner that label. They didn’t like him from the beginning. Teddy is quiet, and not expected to be here long. As a fan, I hope Teddy succeeds and he’s our QB for the next 10 years.
  9. With this, and the incident in Pembroke, East NC is trash. Sadly, East NC is where it’s blackest in the state; percentage wise. No telling what cops have been getting away with over the years.
  10. lol you talk all that shyt about Cam, go in threads trying to bait “huggers”, yet you always run to the mods crying. One minute you’re crying for the “huggers” to leave, them you’re running to Igo crying some more. You can dish it, but cant take it. That’s usually how most edge lords are. It’s all good when they can get their pokes in, but the minute it’s reciprocated then you can’t handle it.
  11. In exchange, you now have to deal with more pats fans in the Carolinas lol.
  12. It does the job when you ain’t got much to spend, and growing up, my dad ain’t have much lol
  13. I used to drink E&J brandy. That’s what my daddy drank, so I followed suit.
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