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  1. Man, Jones was the truth. He seemed to always get good yardage on his returns, and you didn’t really have to worry about ball security.
  2. No need in even down talking Allen, as he’s done an admirable job in Cams absence. This team is 2015-ish ready. Let’s go get that super bowl, and I don’t care who’s at the helm. I say that as a Cam fan.
  3. This is what has got me tight. Get someone in there who’s going to actually catch the ball and is sure handed. If it’s Samuel, then so be it. I’m not even asking for him to advance it. Too many times Ray Ray has passed on catching the ball, and we’ve been down right near our end zone.
  4. This team is too good for us to have someone back there unreliable.
  5. Ray Ray makes too many mistakes back there for me to want to give him another shot, and it’s not just the fumbling of the rock. Honestly, we just need someone back there who is going to catch the ball; they don’t have to do much else.
  6. Just too many people counting him out and doubting him for him not to come back and ball out. On the Sunday broadcast, they said my mans had flamed out. He’s coming! I cant wait!
  7. Mario has that lisp when he speaks like Thomas Davis.
  8. If he’s healthy, then yes. He’s better than Kyle.
  9. I’d probably get fish and chips every day if I was out there lol
  10. Lol yea, I figured he wouldn’t like it. All that stuff looked bland
  11. No, he’s endorsing the candidate he said he endorsed. Yall kill me with this. edit: sorry, meant to quote @CRA
  12. I can’t wait until Cam comes back, I’ll say that.
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