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  1. @rodeo has pretty much echoed my sentiments. Not voting for Trump is a given, but I WILL NOT vote for Biden and you can pretty much add in Harris for me, as well. Any other Dem candidate, I could be talked into. I’m for MW, but I’m also pretty much on board with Warren also and would vote for her in the general.
  2. speaking of Hughes.... Dude used us for his personal gain, and then sh**ted on us during this hearing. This has always been a big problem. Repubs knew what they were doing.
  3. Nah. I’m going to read more on her. She is definitely an ally.
  4. It’s going to take more than us to make this thing happen. Women like her, who have skin in the game, are important. Our government knows she’s dangerous, as well, which is why they avoided her. Theres a reason white guilt is used as an insult. They don’t want her or anyone like her getting involved, as she has the ability to drum up support fast. I care for her opinion. We need John Browns.
  5. I want to hear her opinion. She acknowledges her past history, being the descendant of slave owners, and is for reparations. She’s an ally and trying to help. There’d be plenty of people who wants to hear her opinion.
  6. They’re ignoring the white lady, Katrina, for a reason. A white descendant of a slave owner, who is for reparations; they know she’s dangerous and could be of help to the reparations movement.
  7. Oh, and this is a good thread for it: Happy Juneteenth! On this day, back in 1865, chattel slavery was abolished by law, completely in the United States. While the country declared its independence from Great Britain in 1776, it wasn’t until 1865 that all its citizens were liberated by law, and we know through sharecropping, being terrorized right after the civil war, Jim Crow, and the civil rights movements, some AA’s weren’t completely liberated until the 1960’s. A resilient group, and were still standing. Made the best of a tragic situation, and were still standing. I took my fam to some Juneteenth events this weekend, as I want my daughter to fully understand her history, and I want her to be fully aware when it’s her turn to step to the plate and fight!
  8. Not shocked by this at all; in fact, this is what I’d expect him to say. McConnell is what my daddy and grandpa would call a “good ole boy”. Lol at Obama being our reparations. So, I guess every single president we’ve had in this country has been reparations for Caucasians, and if we go there, then THAT even illustrates how the wealth gap is so wide. This is why we don’t press or don’t ask Republicans. There is no group of people more loyal to the Democrats than the black populace. Overall, we don’t fool with Repubs. There’s data out there that shows and projects your most loyal supporters are about to cement themselves into bottom of the totem pole; what are they going to do about it?
  9. They all want Williamson to go away so bad, lol. Pay attention to Congresswoman Ayanna Pressley from Massachusetts. She’s an ally. In regards to Conyers, ill just say he’s aware of all that’s going on. He knows who has really progressed his bill. There’s behind the scenes action that’s taking place. There’s a lot going on, and this is bigger than a “hashtag”. Letters go out to politicians on a daily, phone calls, letters to authors and people in the media. It’s been a slow grind, but people are coming onboard. It’s much bigger than 2 people. The data is starting to resonate. I had a conversation with my daddy the other day, and he’s quite conservative in his views, but he was even bringing up things like wealth that we were locked out of, and acknowledging that if things don’t change, we’re finished. I showed him the data and some charts, and it was a wrap.
  10. Damn, MKG has an ugly a** shot. Anytime folks start talking about having to fix a shot, you stay away. Little’s form is nice, but again, anytime folks start talking about your shot and how you have improved or worked on your shot, the red flags should come up.
  11. I sure as hell wouldn’t give him 200 mil. Anyways, Kemba isn’t going anywhere. Dudes loyal, and loves Charlotte. He’s going to stay. Y’all just gotta thug it out until you can get some of those horrid contracts off the books. Gotta eat them too, because the only way you’re getting rid of them is by including 1st rd picks, and that’s the last thing the Hornets should do.
  12. Any dislikable kickers or punters out there? If not, I’m going Incognito or Ryan.
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