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  1. The play is to now trash Boston and Whitehead lol. Talk about KK to distract even further, lol. They’re both trash, but going after them takes the heat off of Teddy
  2. Also, Teddy is a dud, but everyone in here knew that. He’s a great back up/low end starter, but with the weapons we have, we definitely need a new QB.
  3. Would be a mistake to get rid of DJ; especially if we’re basing it on his play with Teddy. Teddy hit him with a long gain early in the game, but ducked it up there. Any other QB gets that to him and that’s a TD.
  4. Sorry about your loss. Good to hear your health is getting back up to par, and it appears you’re going to beat this Covid monster.
  5. Cam doing something our QB can’t; come back and win from behind.
  6. Cam with a comeback. Did it with scrubs. He’s the only one out there that’s a threat
  7. I like going on to those places and letting it be known I’m a black man. That’s when I’m bombarded by 94 crime bill and Dem plantation statements. Thats when I hit them with the “what’s the Repub/Trump plan?” That’s stumps them and I get the bootstrap talk. I then hit them with my wealth data and then I’m usually ignored after that lol
  8. When he went to one of those universities and acted like he was familiar with the Bible. That was when I was for sure these dudes don’t really mess with Christianity like that. That man knows nothing of the good book.
  9. Reminds me of the temper tantrum my daughter through yesterday.
  10. From Here to Equality by Sandy Darity Black Labor, White Wealth by Dr Claude Anderson Black Wealth, White Wealth by Melvin Oliver
  11. This is what I mean when I talk of grifters, and the Repubs being the only party with them. Again, there are grifters on both sides looking to capitalize off of whatever regime is in place; get in good and be the go to for whoever is in charge
  12. This is why Mr Clyburn isn’t really one you should hear from when it comes to the plight of Black Americans. He is a politician first. Those same Republicans he has trust in has kept their foot on the necks of blacks long before Obama. Black elites aren’t who you should be conversing with if coming to the aide of black Americans is your goal. They (he) is fully fine with integration of this current America, while using his race as a tool when it’s convenient(aka much of BLM and politicians such as Bakari Sellers).
  13. It’s also why placing individuals such as Obama and Kamala in leadership roles isn’t reparations. While black, they don’t share the same history as us. It’s why they don’t go hard for things such as a black agenda or reparations. They don’t share the history or pain that black Americans or those native to this country face when it comes to this country (no matter what a Black Elite tells you).
  14. The most important thing right now is passing a bill that will set up a committee that will set some parameters. It’s also important for our government to set aside funds for black Americans to trace their ancestry. Right now, I’m able to trace my ancestry back to the plantations in present day Columbus, MS on my fathers side. There is data out there, now, that details our ancestry and who owned them and where they were located. Slavery isn’t the only thing this is based off of, as the Reconstruction era and Jim Crow is just as important, because again, we were left out during all of this. You could never fully repay the descendants of slavery, but the US Government can start that healing process. This is the only way this country could begin the healing. You can place Black Americans in all the leadership positions you want, but the only thing that will truly erase the gap is reparations. Nothing else will solve that, as we have already seen. You also can’t ask a people to move on when they only own 1/2 of 1% of the total wealth in this country. The ills you see today won’t be fixed or healed until you fix that.
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