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  1. So did Tepper, basically telling Hurney and Ron to fix the line. Huddle experts are telling me it’s Cam, though...
  2. If Scarlett knows the playbook, and can protect, then he’ll be the guy. Ron won’t stick you out there otherwise
  3. @SBiii does black conversation get you upset or something?
  4. The racial dynamics here in the US is different than any other place in the world. The Irish and the Italians earned their whiteness by joining the fight against abolition and participating in the suppression of blacks alongside the Americans right at the tail end of slavery. Beforehand, they both were looked at as dirty immigrants just like Mexicans and Central Americans are now. History repeats itself, though, and they will be assimilated into whiteness as well. The Italians and Irish earned their “whiteness” by how they treated us. That individual who shot up that festival is white on this soil. Elsewhere (outside of the US), he would’ve been identified by his ethnic group
  5. In the US, one who is “biracial” has always been considered black. Hell, with our history and the fact that most of us AA’s have white in us, most of us have had biracial grandfathers, great grandparents, etc. Its only when you leave the US, that those who are biracial arent considered black. Stupid comment by Wiley, and to me it suggests he doesn’t know his history or the history of AA’s. He shouldn’t have made the comment.
  6. A stupid opinion, and an opinion that shouldn’t have been said.
  7. Getting ugly. An incredibly stupid comment by Wiley.
  8. Key will be getting off to a fast start for both Sanders and Warren. Biden, his gaffes, and his below average debates will help that as well. Still see him going up against Trump, though (which will not be a good thing for the Left). Sanders & Warren are the only ones with a shot, though. Kamala is done, Pete won’t get the black vote, and Trump will see a slight spike up in his black numbers, as long as the economy doesn’t tank until after Nov 2020.
  9. If I had to make an educated guess, I’d be pretty confident in telling you that the black vote will go toward Jim Crow Joe Biden. At least if we’re talking Black Boomers, as they are the ones that largely vote. Getting Trump out is above all for individuals like my aunts & uncles and grandparents. They’re going with who they feel is the home run.
  10. Couldn’t get past “I thought that Colin was a white dude” Okay “dude”
  11. I’ll look it over some more, but after a quick skim, it’s pretty sound. There’s quite a bit packed into this proposal, and would do a lot of good. It’s a start
  12. Jay tells you exactly who he is in his music. I can see why people are shocked, but we have to start paying attention to what people are telling us; especially us black folk. I see all up and down my social media’s how this is a win for the community, and no its not. This is a win for Jay. He’s used our struggle to make another few millions.
  13. Tepper says he was going to do any and everything to give the team an advantage. I can see it
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