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  1. I wonder has @Brooklyn 3.0 heard of Caricom. A group from the actual Caribbean fighting for those on the islands and their descendants outside of them to get reparations from the British. I wonder does he know of the organizations on the African continent fighting on behalf of continental Africans and those outside of the continent? Edge Lord contrarian should’ve done his research before name dropping me. So, should I be involved in those claims as well @Brooklyn 3.0? If and when Caricom gets what is owed to the West Indie descendants here in the US, should I also barge in on some, “where’s mine at?” shxt too?
  2. Bro, you are the white moderate MLK was addressing in his Birmingham letter, as you have displayed that time and time again, not only on this topic, but others. If you are saying reparations aren’t a solution in 2020 or ever, then you are not my ally. You are against reparations. Lol @ being for them morally. How does that solve our crisis, dude? The same type of dude that would’ve been against slavery, but stood by and did nothing about it. The same dude that would’ve been against slave revolts and uprisings, as I’m quite sure you would have argued that “there’s another way.” Hustling backwards is me trying to convince you. That is hustling backwards.
  3. Another divide tactic by the colonizer. What he doesn’t know is that Black Americans have fought tooth and nail for other blacks, and we don’t plan on stopping. What he’s essentially saying is that it’s ok for everyone else to look after themselves, but it’s not ok for Black Americans too. We are to be used by everyone...we are to fight for everyone, but when we finally decide to fight for ourselves, we’re told to stand down and accept our fate as a bottom class.
  4. See, this is the problem. @Brooklyn 3.0 doesn’t even know what reparations is for, or the purpose of them.
  5. You do know that those that descend from the West Indies have organizations fighting on their behalf, attempting to get reparations from the countries that enslaved them such as England, France, etc. Am I entitled to their claim? It’s so sad that you are using them as your shield, because you are too chicken shxt to admit you are not for reparations. That is such a colonizer tactic. You try to present yourself as this edgy cat, but I guess true character comes out eventually. You do know reparations cover more than just slavery, right? Reparations cover lost wealth not only from slavery, but from the Jim Crow period, civil rights era, all the way up until now. That’s 400 years there buddy, and data shows that 85%+ of those from the West Indies, that you’re cowardly hiding behind, didn’t come to this country until the 70’s and 80’s. But yes, I would gladly tell them. Now, let me tell you a little about myself and where I’m at. I’m in College Park, GA which is 95% Black American. The difference between a Black American and any other group outside of native Americans is we did not come here voluntarily.
  6. Also, most of what @CRA is trying to bring to the discussion can be disproven or argued by simply looking at wealth data. No matter how you try to present this “we are all struggling together” picture, the data clearly shows one group is doing a lot worse than the other. Ones struggle is not the same as the other.
  7. So, essentially you are telling Black Americans to forget about the past. To forgive a debt that is rightfully there’s. I’m sorry, but if you were in the same predicament, I highly doubt you’d be this non chalant, and willing to just take a debt on the chin “It’s tough what happened in the past, but tough cookie...now get out there, strap those boots up, and make a way!”
  8. Details, that you choose to ignore, have been presented. They’ve been presented in this thread. Economists have presented plans, and logistics have been discussed multiple times in this very thread. I mean, how many times do I have to bring up Economist Dr William Darity and his plan that answers the majority of questions in here? At some point you need to be honest with yourself, and admit no matter how much research is done, you simply aren’t for them. You haven’t met a detailed argument that doesn’t make sense, and won’t find one. Everyone who says they’re for reparations aren’t. Those fighting for reparations need to understand that.
  9. Who cares if one chooses to spend THEIR money on luxury or entertainment; it’s their money. You can’t withhold what you owe me, because you don’t think I’ll spend it right. Anyways, while there would be many that blows through their cash, there’d also be many who wouldn’t. Financial literacy is key, but that’s something a great deal of this country lacks.
  10. Yep. We waited and waited on Rivera to figure shxt out, and it resulted in 3 or 4 winning seasons out of 9, and the man still making rookie mistakes well into this last year of coaching. He gets this year to sort out the kinks, and afterwards I expect a winning season or at the very least vast improvements from the first. Losing and rookie mistakes in year two will and should bring out the insults.
  11. Yet, you and others will come and yell at the moon in regards to Hurney. It seems those who chastise others of being emotional for other players, are being emotional with this looming situation and player.
  12. Been away from the tinderbox for a few months. Gotta get my feet back wet in here
  13. Millions of acres of land was stolen from Black Americans throughout the south from the end of slavery up through Jim Crow and the civil rights era throughout the entire south, with Mississippi being hit extremely hard. That’s land that one would have been able to make money off of. Trillions of dollars lost is right, and like most would expect, if there’s a debt then it needs to be paid. A debt that I, and other Black Americans aren’t willing to forgive But but, those that suffered are dead!!1! Well, inheritance is passed on. My great granddaddy and grandpa would’ve passed on their wealth to the likes of my daddy and myself. So yea, those currently living are owed.
  14. How is it absurd? There’s a debt that’s owed, and numerous sources that show you what was either stolen or diverted by the government that locked black folks out. If you owe me a debt, that number increases as the years past. The government should’ve paid that debt. Waiting so long has naturally caused that debt to balloon. Pay it, or that number continues to increase. If I loan a mafucca money in 2020, through inflation and other factors, you’re going to owe me more in 2100
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