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  1. If the NFL wants to give him another chance he needs to not mess this opportunity up again because the last time he messed himself up ruining the tryout session he was given by the NFL and that alone was enough to seal his fate.
  2. Can't have any players produce if there is no season and it will be hard to tell if he can play better without being on the field to prove his worth.
  3. Racism is not hereditary because it is a lifestyle choice so don't put accusations on someone that you have no clue about them and how does anyone know if you are one of those that have ancestors that were racists.
  4. Why do that when politics is brought in and not stopped dead like it should be. Go figure.
  5. Stop complaining about it or Mods may ban you for making this thread. Deal with it.
  6. Yes they can be held accountable for injuries on another player if the injuries were caused by targeting.
  7. Must be nice to hurling insults at people on how they spell or punctuate. You must be so proud of yourself degrading someone over words.
  8. The Panthers had put him in this position thinking he was a good interim HC and this is not his fault for not being that good of one especially with no experience in the position. The no business part is nonsense and this comment is as well.
  9. You sure sound like a big man hiding behind a keyboard with the name calling and so obnoxiously crying wolf on everything you see.
  10. Actually it is the Rooney Rule and this rule has just been modified/changed.
  11. Yet another nonsense post. How can a newly signed player hold us back that hasn't even played for us yet?.
  12. Social distancing would be useless when it involves all these because of so many people will be gathered in these places.
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