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  1. Even if Cam was doing his own thing on the field the opponents wouldn't feel the same way he does and would want to take Cam out the hard way. Before the season started the plan was for Cam to be a passer and not a scrambler like he was and that was the worst thing to do to Cam and put him on the road to ruin. This is the way it may be looking right now and why he is playing less than a high level as he was before all this. As long as Ron and Norv have Cam under their control Cam will never be the Cam we all enjoyed watching on the field of play scoring points.
  2. They did manage to get a better HC at that. JM did have a bad run as a HC with Broncos so they dodged that bullet.
  3. Pats are never going to let him leave N.E. since he is supposedly going to be BB's successor.
  4. "You will see Cam running the ball his usual 8-10 times." If this happens he will suffer intent to injure hits all game and will surely be out for the season and we do not have a viable back-up yet.
  5. You know the saying "It isn't over till the fat lady sings". I just hope she isn't singing for us yet any time soon because the season has just begun.
  6. You cannot hunt with an assault rifle at all legally for any reason.
  7. This dumb thread needs to be locked along with its maker.
  8. This is where the true kindergarten level fans start showing up.
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