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  1. https://catcrave.com/2020/01/20/carolina-panthers-luke-kuechly-open-coaching/
  2. Aints are already in hopes to have Luke as their ILB coach. https://saintsreport.com/threads/kuechly-as-our-lb-coach.424386/ One of them even insulted Luke by calling him a cheap shot artist. "Don’t want the cheap shot artist and ankle twister"
  3. The NFL isn't going to let the 2 greatest perfect cut gems to lose their shine and not be on pedestals in the HOF.
  4. Now we all know that drunken bum Kraft was manipulating everything to throw McDaniels out there on a hook only to screw any team over that even tried to sign him to any deal and not let him go. It is The Patriots Way.
  5. Remember RumHam always relies on Muh Sources and they often fail to come through with anything being of truth.
  6. There is no proof it isn't happening either. Nobody has a clue on anything yet and for all you know Mr. Scot could be correct.
  7. This is a totally false statement since we have no clue on what will happen or take place and power control is just not going to happen.
  8. Cam was doing same thing till he became a target for headhunting and look where he is now. Lamar Jackson will probably receive the same treatment by opposing players soon enough with the "take him out" plan.
  9. Why would they need to video the Dolphins practice same way a few years ago and were caught doing it.
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