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  1. You seem to have left out he is not a starter and nothing more than a back-up if that.
  2. SO it would be ok if CK did try to sue them again if nobody from a team to sign him and get back at NFL like before. The NFL played it smart to prevent him from suing them again and not one thing was wrong with it.
  3. After Falcons exposed Aints like they did I hope to get this win because it will be a rough game since they suddenly have a defense and oline play. The defensive calling change seems to have worked on their end and it would be nice if we had that same game mentality here.
  4. Earlier this morning on NFL radio the talk was about this workout and they were saying that the NFL had failed to fulfill that promise on what teams would attend.
  5. Hopefully the Tinderbox toxicity will slow down and stop overflowing into this forum along with it's Tinderbox minions.
  6. This workout is happening at a bad time since the games are on Sunday and a majority of teams will be in different states to play opponents and all concentration will be on these games not a workout for a 32 year old QB that has been out for 3 years. Not a good time to hold this event.
  7. You and this weak tough guy act is really funny. What you going to do if I don't stop stating my opinion?. Whine some more.
  8. The teams that will attend the Colin Kaepernick workout session will see what he has to offer but the guy is 32 years old and many teams won't want a player this age(he is no Tom Brady). After all is said and done if nobody signs him to a contract the media will explode with Kaepernick not being given a chance to play in the NFL again and his agent(lunatic brainwashing girlfriend) will possibly encourage him to start lawsuits rolling against the NFL for not signing him.
  9. This just may have to be explained to some here on a childs level on how to use this option.
  10. It is a problem when you come to this forum crying wolf because someone said something that ridiculously makes you act childish because you cannot handle it and have everything to run the way you want it to. You also have an issue when you are told by a mod not to talk Tinderbox in this forum but you do not seem to understand the instructions from a mod to stop doing it. What happens in the Tinderbox stays in the Tinderbox and not drag that crap in this forum.
  11. You just may get some takers if had said this instead.
  12. Just as long as it is not us doing the signing because there are more QB needy teams that need one more than we do.
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