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  1. They went 18-0 and if they had won SB that year it would have been 19-0. We need to show up and get that 19-0 and go undefeated all season and get to SB with a win to shut them Cheatriots fans up and stun the rest of the world.
  2. Was the impactful story on Bountygate brought up because it seems to be resurfacing causing an uproar with Aints fans again.
  3. This is what none of us will know until he starts again and how many opposing teams will exploit this and try to take him out again. On the back-up QB side who knows who will make it and who will be the one that the Pats swoop in here and take Grier(if placed on practice squad) since he was supposedly their target for their back-up to Brady(and or his successor).
  4. Not if Bill may still have tricks up his sleeve with a drone that looks like a tiny fly and still steal plans from other teams.
  5. This would be the best thing to take place but Aints may have different plans for Brees. https://247sports.com/nfl/new-orleans-saints/Article/Drew-Brees-playing-age-Saints-GM-132961719/
  6. KFC messed it up when they changed how they cooked their chicken which ruined the flavor and not that great. Popeyes just makes better chicken that tastes a lot better since they have 3 different types to get(regular, mild, and spicy). Only thing KFC has which is good is Mashed Potato bowls and Cole Slaw.
  7. You want to see true salty go to Saints Report and take a look to see who the real salty ones are and it isn't us. Here is some of that saltiness. "Panthers are so garbage that they have to troll in other sports to try to take shots at us." " Regardless, pathetic trolling on the panthers part. I'm sure Payton will hook him up and embarrass the panthers in the process knowing coach's attitude."
  8. Where did this bandwagon troll Stoney come from and coming into this forum. We don't need these trolls here.
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