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  1. Hammerin'Cam1 has no clue what he is talking about. Only Cam would know what is going on with his shoulder not some clown bandwagon fan that thinks he knows how things are.
  2. rbsponsel52

    Panthers hire Hostler as WR coach

    Last thing I remember is that Ricky Proehl left to spend time with his family.
  3. Jack Nicholson phrase: "You can't handle the truth"
  4. Take yourself and your twin troll brother Truck Stick and go away and stop spreading those obnoxious zero relevance comments and take them elsewhere.
  5. The NFLPA will be there for you to and can help you with thinking how to post a comment before making it and not just ramble on about nonsense you always post.
  6. Question is "what that large amount of bills($) in wheel barrow was or is really for?". Payton's way of saying win at all costs no matter who gets in the way. Take the opposing players out no matter what and we are SB bound if we can pull this off without getting caught.
  7. By saying things like this makes one sound like a pedophile or something.
  8. He has better knowledge of football than many of us combined including you.
  9. Ok doctor. Not everybody has the same tolerance to pain like others do so it is a valid excuse.
  10. Don't need any pics of insignificant clowns on this forum.
  11. Rams did get beaten by Aints the recent season but hopefully the Rams will pick it up and win this time round and knock Aints out.
  12. rbsponsel52

    Sunday Divisional Games Thread

    Rams lost to them once already this season.
  13. You seem to have forgotten to take the blood pressure meds today.