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  1. Classic disrespect on Cam by typical swamp muck Aints fans. https://saintsreport.com/threads/cam-newton-giving-up-sex-for-a-month-to-make-his-mind-stronger.406407/ I hope they don't even make it to through the season well and tank in playoffs badly.
  2. rbsponsel52

    Panthers Currently At 6.73M Cap Space

    Saints cap is about to get more interesting since they are supposedly going to land TE Jared Cook.
  3. rbsponsel52

    I don’t believe in the 3-4 transition

    Sounds more like the posts you are making.
  4. If one don't like being criticized about a comment made then don't comment or make a thread that can lead to that point.
  5. Who is them? Please elaborate on this.
  6. Then stop making nonsense threads and comments and you won't get banned for it.
  7. rbsponsel52

    I don’t believe in the 3-4 transition

    Learn to research before posting this nonsense. You have no clue what is going on and what Tepper and staff plan is for us.
  8. rbsponsel52

    Panthers Currently At 6.73M Cap Space

    Former Vikings’ G Nick Easton is signing a four-year, $24 million deal with the Saints, per source. Supposedly Aints have around 19.6 cap so they must pull money out their behind or something. Supposedly contracts for Teddy Bridgewater, Malcom Brown, or Mario Edwards Jr. haven't been taken out yet.
  9. It does not matter because he abused the NFL on personal conduct policy and this puts the team in an awkward position to decide what to do with him. Cutting Hearn can be a very reasonable action to take. No team cares for one of their own getting into a situation and getting the media involved which make things worse.
  10. rbsponsel52

    Lets talk Nickel

    Have you forgotten what happens when a player is placed in a position that he does not play especially when RR is involved with the changes. Disaster hits.
  11. rbsponsel52

    Eric Berry Released

    Berry can get surgery on his deformed heel and take a few months or a bit longer to heal and we do sign him. If that surgery does correct the heel problem and it only worked a short time and it happens to come back with same issues again. He would be benched for who knows how long and not play anymore games with us. Berry would be a great asset for us but is it worth it in the long run.
  12. rbsponsel52

    Saints C Max Unger retires

    Free Agent TE Jared Cook (Raiders) was visiting them and they are attempting to get their meat-hooks into him. Aints are not fully into Pass rusher Ziggy Ansah anyway because of injury concerns.
  13. You are strezzin everyone else out with these threads and comments you make.