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  1. This thread is the most ridiculous one made because the race card was brought into it. Some people here just seem to get others to start their race ranting and getting an argument on the subject when it is very unnecessary to even do.
  2. Aints signed another former Panther OT Marshall Newhouse
  3. His pic raised a lot of responses from many teams fans including our fans. Saints and Cowboys fans were saying CMC will never top either Elliott or Kamara in any way, shape, or form. All this is going on in Twitter.
  4. As long as he doesn't try and stomp on Cam's shoulder.
  5. DE Wes Horton has signed with Aints and they have waived Darrell Williams. Just wanted to throw this in and not make a unwanted thread
  6. Must be nice to use insults by saying I am stupid and cannot read. This sounds like a insult which could get you banned/suspended for doing it.
  7. We need to see a lot of this but with one of ours hitting this hard to help knock Aints out of any playoff, NFCCG, and SB contention to retake the South again.
  8. There is a difference here between Sean "Trollface" Payton and Cam Newton. Cam isn't a manipulating dirtbag con artist HC like he is making plans to go out and telling his team "If you do these things in a game I will pay you each a big paycheck if you win any way you can and by any means necessary". Cam goes out and tries to play without deliberate injuries put on him by other teams especially the AINTS. Sean "Trollface" Payton deserved the suspension he had gotten and it should have been a lot longer even being fired which was the better choice for a trash pile but the NFL felt sorry for him and allowed him to stay and continue to coach dirty in the land of swamps and cesspools. Point is if Payton hadn't went out and planned and to pay his players to deliberately hurt specific key players on opposing teams he wouldn't have been implicated and suspended like he was. Many of Aints players were involved but made convincing stories to get away with what they were part of and did. And btw, This was an NFL news story not Wiki as proof of this.
  9. If you would read the article you just might find out how he does things on what type of program he goes by and he tell you what he does throughout the day during workouts and playing games. You have no idea of how wrong you are with this false assumption.
  10. The title is: Name your 5 Panthers receivers. This thread is on WR's and not signing any safeties or about safeties.
  11. TheSpecialJuan likes to make nonsense threads that are a waste of thread space. What else is new.
  12. It is so ridiculous to make a thread that should have been made during the draft not after it is over with.
  13. You obviously haven't been watching or paying attention to any games have you. Cam has put his body on the line constantly sacrificing it in just about every game he has played. You may just learn a thing or two if you would watch games instead of spouting off things you have zero knowledge on.
  14. You must be from the crowd that isn't even old enough to know about greatness of number 89 and say things you have no clue what you are talking about.
  15. Nice one Pessimist Pete. Stop being a pessimist and give the guy a chance because he just may be another Luke in time.
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