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  1. Have you ever heard the saying "Never say Never". There is no such thing as "Never" because when it is said something does happen and we will beat the Steelers sooner or later. Stop being a pessimist all the time and have some positive thoughts or you will have high blood pressure.
  2. rbsponsel52

    Marvel Hero was lost

    It is a sad day to lose the creator of Marvel Super Heroes Stan Lee and he had left a good message for all to hear. He will be missed greatly but his legacy will be here forever.
  3. The NFL will continue to allow Cam to be beaten down regardless of the new rules set in place. Nothing will change new rules or not.
  4. rbsponsel52

    Cam Newton

    Rumors are just hearsay and which contain zero truth to them.
  5. rbsponsel52

    NFC South

    Using 2 TE sets will get us to the SB then right.
  6. If Steelers could drop 52 on us so could AInts which could be 60 or more.
  7. rbsponsel52

    Video of how you feel right now

    This game is a must to study on what went wrong and what we need to work on and fix(or try to fix)the serious problems we had.
  8. rbsponsel52

    Luke Kuechly being a true leader

    If Washington gets fired who is next to get internally promoted to interim/full time DC because there aren't any good ones on the market.
  9. Brady is the worst of them all with special protection that is why opposing players are afraid to even touch him without being penalized. All QB's should be under same rules and not a certain handful.
  10. There are no replacements in the market for a DC
  11. Actually the Falcons had the blueprint on how to beat us to give us our first loss in 2015. The Broncos just followed the Falcons steps.
  12. rbsponsel52

    Antonio Brown cited for driving 100mph

    Autobahn in Germany
  13. rbsponsel52

    Bruce irvin to falcons

  14. AInts want that ring for Brees badly.