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  1. rbsponsel52

    Eric Reid

    "What does any of this protesting have to do with the NFL?" and "Why is it being incorporated in the NFL?" Reid is doing what is right and this issue needs to be addressed and he is on a mission.
  2. rbsponsel52

    RIP Officer Conner

    You are acting like you are more knowledgeable on these issues when this guy gives his views(which make sense) on it he is wrong and you are right. He made a lot of clear and truthful comments that seem to be educated ones at that. Nobody likes to hear the truth because they only want to believe what they want to see or hear and not from a legitimate source of informative.
  3. rbsponsel52

    Eric Reid

    Might be the comment you made on pg 7 this thread. If anyone as much as throws any insults or degrades someone is reported. There was a posted thread about a month ago that was about this and was a warning about doing these things to others here in the forum that could lead to being banned or suspended.
  4. rbsponsel52

    RIP Officer Conner

    This guy is only telling it like it is and he knows the facts on this. To bad many will say he is wrong with his stance on the issue.
  5. rbsponsel52

    Eric Reid

    Actually he did say he wouldn't kneel during Anthem. https://www.usatoday.com/story/sports/nfl/2018/03/22/eric-reid-says-he-doesnt-plan-to-protest-during-anthem/33187277/
  6. rbsponsel52

    What Eagles Fans Are Saying

    Been a Panthers fan since they entered the league so try again kid. There was no need to revert to a child with this reply but kids will be kids.
  7. rbsponsel52

    What Eagles Fans Are Saying

    You sure you aren't an Aints fan because that is how their fans talk.
  8. rbsponsel52

    NFL has turned every game into the pro bowl

    Good example of this is in the Patriots/Chiefs game. A defensive player went to sack Brady and had him by lower legs but let go because he feared a flag would have been thrown and after he let Brady go he threw for a TD.
  9. You already know the answer. RR likes his vets.
  10. rbsponsel52

    NFL drops cross-ownership rule

    Soccer is on the rise and becoming more popular than most sports.
  11. The way he is playing it is a surprise he is even still part of the team since he refuses to do route practice among many other things we already know.
  12. rbsponsel52

    Falcons Freeman to IR

    With that big money contract they gave him was kind of a waste if he keeps getting injured. With Ito aboard he may be a liability.
  13. Some seem to still think the ball was tipped but this shows Cam had his arm bumped and ball went slightly off when he threw it.
  14. You must be proud of yourself to call someone stupid. Must be nice to talk down on people.
  15. You stated estimates which are assumptions of what they think it is and where did I say I knew about we did not evolve. There was an ancient structure that was belong to King Solomon from bible days and it was said to exist but later it was stated that it didn't exist and this was science that made both assumptions and who is right here.