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  1. Houston and alittle bit with the ravens
  2. I like how cortland is holding josh back, hope he has controlled his trash talking to a way to benefit us and could be a mentor to Norman on how to control. Seeing as how he use to trash talk as much as norman but also would be a lot more physical then josh and get fines. If both can control it man defense will be nice atleast on their side
  3. VGcollector

    New Bungie game: Destiny

    May have been answered, but does anyone have destiny for the ps3?
  4. This game feels off, i feel offense is being to light and only defense is focused
  5. VGcollector

    NBA Finals Thread

    ​the monstars from space jam got him lol
  6. 5 year 107 mil 54 guaranteed. thats my guess.
  7. VGcollector

    Avengers: Age of Ultron Review

    To me it was a huge let down of a movie, ill explain later why i thought it was im at work currently. But yea i just had higher hopes for the movie.
  8. its marina and the diamonds, a singer

  9. Search ten yard torrents into google

  10. whats the torrent site?

  11. how mush is the 1995 poster