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  1. Yeah it is, completely irrelevant. A completely broken coverage results in a 25 yard touchdown pass, WOW! It showed nothing about how the Panthers will do this year, nothing. You would have to be an absolute fool to try and extrapolate this anyway into this season. If anything it's not Teddy's "touchdown", it's Anderson. If you wanted to create a thread on why Robby Anderson was a great signing, showing the play, and why the Panthers paid him, go for it, but the way you're framing this is a joke. It was so much of a non-event the commentators didn't even bring up that irrelevant stat, and they LOVE THAT KIND OF poo!
  2. Yeah, might as well post the singular passing touchdown of today over and over to generate some ad revenue. lmao
  3. Best part was the "hail marry" attempts at the end. He went stat mode instead of trying to win the game.
  4. Like I said, the bar for Teddy is so fuging low you have fans rejoicing over being able to complete anything over 20 yards. Even if it only comes on the most broken of plays. Trevor come on down.
  5. I hope to god he throws at least one that connects around 25, god damn. How fuging low is your bar? I stated he's going to throw a lot of short dump offs this week, because that's about 90% of Teddy's game, if you would actually go watch him. An example would be the LA Rams games last season, and it's readily available on YouTube. In fact fug it, I'll do the work for you. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PNrty78PMOI Lowest bar ever for a QB, Teddy Bridgewater 2020.
  6. Already have, and I backed it up using his previous career as an indicator.
  7. I can tell who's dreaming here, and who's actually watched all the snaps of Teddy that's available (some easily available through YouTube). You're going to see a ton of 4-8 yard dump offs in the center of the field this week.
  8. Teddy has never had more than 14 TDs in a single season. If you DOUBLE his production that's 28 td, so assuming he doubles his production that means he might score 2 td this week, maybe, but that's only if he does twice as best as his previous best years.
  9. That guy fuging sucks though. https://thespun.com/nfl/nfc-south/carolina-panthers/video-nfl-punter-has-embarrassing-punt-to-begin-practice Maybe the worst punt I've ever seen above a high school level.
  10. Remember when in years past fans would get worked up over players getting cut, or stashed, but this year the roster is so garbage there's nothing to talk about. The 53 is going to be stacked with bottom of the roster players.
  11. Sounds like someone is triggered by the question, so you're framing it as people are mad at the question and not the response. That's some 75 IQ poo.
  12. Okay, obviously you know poo about dick if you think China is the only country that has COVID under control. They did, by far, the best early on, considering the outbreak was discovered in their borders, but they are not the only country to have controlled COVID.
  13. My brother kept everyone on his shitty lawn crew employed through this year, and I know his business TANKED. What the fug is this bullshit sympathy for a multi-billionaire that could easily pay all these employee's salaries through the next several years, and not even FEEL it. fug me, the extra tips I've given delivery boys these past few months probably amount to more of a % of my income/savings that what this man had to pay to keep these people employed. Greed. Eye of a needle.
  14. Just what I thought, runningbacks are completely devalued, and a dime a dozen. He had something like ~1,100 rush yards with ~500 passing, 1700 or so combined last season, and couldn't even be claimed, and was forced to sign a contract for only a couple million over minimum. Meanwhile we have teams giving their runningbacks massively bloated contracts still.
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