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  1. Same issues today, not taking to the coaching of two different staffs. If he added strength it would solve 2 of his big issues.
  2. Zod called this before the season. props
  3. We just disagree. Herbert was a different topic, hes been insanely great. Id pick him 2 overall, hes that impressive.
  4. I agree, just disagree that Miller or Burris are Jags/bad. How many times do you watch the games? BTW if they had a league wide draft with all players in the pool, Justin Hebert would go #2 at this time.
  5. When both where out the team struggled more than when Davis replaced CMC. Week 5 the OL was doing great and Miller missed a couple and been playing injured since. Same thing happen with Burris in a way, both had negative out-comes when out of the game. Baseball term WAR, both matter and are better than replacements. I hope each are on the 2021 roster and more.
  6. Look at the players drafted. Again Ben and great cold weather D scheme covered it up. Its like me saying Bill Bliacheat has been been awful at drafting(he has), but you point to wins. You can draft poor and still win. Those two are proof and theres others. Peyton covered up for Polian during his era, he never hit on 3rd rounder in his whole career.
  7. During that time I looked at Colberts draft history..... I swear hes another Herniay, if not worst... Ben covered up many misses and they have the best WR scots in the league by far.
  8. I disagree about Burris and Miller. Both are not even in the top ten issues with this team. Hope Miller comes back along with Moton.
  9. I dont think thin is good wording. Scott can play both Ts and Okung had 2 weeks to get "fully" healthy. Moton has been a rock. Hes at the panther fork, lucky for him the panthers have about 9 spots open and his pay is peanuts. They can not replace all the spots with UDFAs and bottom tier FAs. Thing is he'll be 24 with two full years and if a UDFA or flyer on cheap FAs beats him out next year..... Call Eric Flowers agent and fool the next few teams into giving him millions based on "potential".
  10. Wouldnt shock me if hes gone this off-season. Rhule has plenty of magic tricks, I hope he can use one on fixing him. Panthers badly need him, AT least be a swing tackle( would be a plus given the 2021 outlook for OL). Daley has let me down about the same, thought he would be a starter this year and grow into core player.
  11. Our DBs are sus at best. Best one is form a team that needs CBs and released him, thats the deal. Pride is trying hard for a 4th round rookie, same for STO. Djack has a toe and other issues. If burns doesnt get to QB, our DB are burned most times. Snow shouldnt trust the DBs and hes still doing a great job.
  12. 99.9% need that and some rookies may be older than Greg this year. Sewell is the best LT Ive seen since Anthony Munoz, be a miracle for the panther to draft him. College rules have just about killed the OL, no one is ready and each needs tons of time/work. Im at 10% belief in Little, this off season, hes at a career fork.
  13. Im not fully ready to bust out the bust label. Greg needs to be locked in the weight room with 50 gallons of bull semen. After that visit an OL guru here is one of the better ones - https://lbolineperformance.com/ Hes still only 23 years old and has about all the wants in a LT frame. Just needs confidence, body armor , and a mind set. Plus about 5k snaps.....
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