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  1. Ford could have easily added 20 lbs and been a 4-3 DE, plus he would have been cheaper and they keep the 1st AND 2nd. Not to mention all the off-field risk and Ford had none of that too. KC traded Ford, a first, and extra millions for Clark.
  2. Andy always makes a GREAT move and follows it with a terrible one. Beyond dumb to trade away Ford and do this deal.
  3. Both Winovich and Bush owe Gary millions for doing all the unpopular hard work, while they had no/favorable matchups to load up on stats. Gary got the attention allowed Winovich and Bush glory. That would not happen if Gary sat out ala bosa.
  4. I can not get over the fact less than one year ago this guy was traded up for and drafted 10th overall......... paid his bonus money.......... and his value is a 3rd??? what in the wide world of sports is happening, why the overthinking?? In a nanosecond Id give either 3rd for Rosen, he is the best QB in this draft. You still have the 5th year option too.
  5. Im still butt sad over this major mistake. Once playoff odds are 0%, start the young ones and lose all you can.
  6. Gray put up 26 reps with this shoulder and if it was truly torn, why did the league doctors pass him beforehand? Sweat and Gary are being targeted by a few teams drafting mid-late first with these questionable leaks.
  7. That was one of the biggest reasons I warmed up, he is the most versatile defensive player in the draft. OLB, 3-4 end, 3tech etc. With not knowing what the Panthers want in this hybrid system, at least Gary will have a fit.
  8. I know Dave has done PLENTY of terrible moves, but in a draft that super heavy on both lines....... I sure would not mind him as a GM for this draft and as soon as he signed the UDFAs, fire him. I blasted him for not drafting Sam Darnold, but he selected the OROY along with other great picks. Early returns on that draft class look great.
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