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  1. Chargers seem to be the best current option. They got about everything except QB, so it would be worth. They are losing Gordon and maybe Henry, still unlike Herniay their GM does a great job of filling talent where is needed.
  2. Could fire Rhule and make him HC. Still I much prefer bring in talented coaches that may leave over Rons way- promote form within and no one is a threat to HC. Still pissed about the way handle his coaching staff.
  3. I was one of those young dumb-dumbs that believe Leaf >>> Manning. I learned a great lesson about mental strength and hard work beats talent when talent doesnt work hard. Leaf was not ready and super lazy, its amazing by talent alone he lasted as long as he did. Of course Jerry Jones gave him a few chances. A couple years ago Leaf FINALLY figured it out, better late than never I guess. Manning was the greatest regular season QB in NFL history.
  4. Does anyone know when where the last few times NFL teams have hired coaches form either Temple or Baylor straight to NFL. Not talking about "Tex Bishop coached Temple in 1988 and in 2019 got Lions LB coach" The next year hires, anyone??
  5. My fav hire thus far. Honestly rather him be HC. Super 2017 McVay feels here too. Sad part is if this gos great, Brady will be gone within 2-3 years. Hell hed be gone too if poo hits the fan. Just dont see him staying long either way.
  6. Thats true, its just hard to invest a early 2nd at center. I say that with the understanding that it maybe the most important spot on the OL.
  7. I still believe both Allen and Grier can get better. This team needs about 25 talented players, get them and if QB is one of them so be it.
  8. Maybe AL can talk Luke into coming back.
  9. Nagy was able to "smoke and mirrors" the league for that 12-4 season while Trub held down the QB. Then the league found out forcing him to throw was the golden ticket to beating them, especially after they traded away howard. Bears have a legit D, Trub by far is the weakest link. I would say giving him a TE or 2, may save his career.
  10. Depending on the picks, Id much rather have Cam. I honestly would not trade Allen for Trubisky, I think that low of his skills. If not for having a guaranteed contract, I believe Trubisky would be cut and bounce around the league for about 2.5 years before everyone knows how bad he is.
  11. That team would lose a best out of 10 against the bungals. Losing Cam and Luke.......kills the overall talent. Honestly need about 10-8 starters and about 15 depth upgrades. This year Herniay needs to hit on some UDFAs badly, (given the cap). 2020 will be a long year, be lucky to repeat this years record.
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