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  1. I believe the panthers like most teams are in FULL draft mode. The remaining free agents either want too much money, have issues, or just plain bad. i wanted to sign Andrew Billings, he played at Baylor and I thought thats all it took. Guess not he signed for a low 2 million 1 year deal. dem the breaks. Still a good list of CBs, ANYONE would improve this roster. If the league started today, Cole Luke(did like YEARS ago) would be on the starting 11.
  2. That was what I explained earlier too. Build big ton-age dump truck beds that take up loads of surface area, ship them across the world, unload them, and transport them to your operation. THAT is WAAAY cheaper than local production!?!?!?! That is wrong, plain wrong. Right now China is already replacing slave labor with robotics in some fields. Its already happened is a few areas, the problem is start-up cost. A robot arm doesnt need sick leave/vacation, doesnt need a union, works 24/7/365, much faster, etc etc.
  3. Thanks, Ive got most of it figured out(except for CBs). Vildor is a guy I love and I mainly target 2 CBs(early 1 and late 1) in my mocks. I learned if you dont draft Okudah, you better draft a CB in round #2. Panthers need a starting level prospect and you must spend some primo draft capital for that. Got lucky with this one with Arnette being in the 3rd. Daryl Williams is another one of my targets- he can play OG/C and could start this year at LG or next year at C. Same gos for Hennessy, I agree hes a 3rd grade but C is a weird spot come draft day. They always fall and I can not remember any C being a top 10 pick, even though its super important. My mock draft are drafting for 2021 too. Its a unique blend of now, future, my likes, what the team likes/wants, combine winners, needs, talent. etc. I got Blacklock as 1st rounder in 20s, if hes there at 38, I can not pass. KK does not factor in my drafting, sort-a of surprised hes still here. Roy has three things going for him- maybe strongest draft player, Baylor, and DL.(Bonus he moves well for a NT type). Im off the Brown train. For as great as his tape is and its the best, that combine is NOT a top 7 pick one. Simmons is my 100% want, followed by Okungah. I just dont like spending my 1st on a CB or LB for that matter. Still better than a DT with an undrafted combine profile. Others mock draft stuff- I focus on 2 CBs, 2 DTs, 2 OL, then 2 wildcards form TE, WR, Safety, Edge, LB. Value drives this and mainly the whole draft. OL is at its best in rounds 4-5. DL is best 2-4. WR I try for him be a kick returner or tall outside type, never spend a pick here before round 3.
  4. Yea everything is nearly made there and the "new" made in the USA is "assembled" in the USA. Entire towns are made around what products are needed, they have all the control. China wanted to make everything and nearly have. One of my dads friends makes dump truck bodies and started out local. Soon it was taking off and he simply couldnt keep up and profits where going down. He went to China (a few times) spend a couple weeks and found a smaller foundry that gave him INSANELY good prices. Now hes the worlds largest producer of dump truck bodies. Both have become multi-millionaires, both where small time at the beginning too. Its funny cause over the years hes gotten plenty of offers, but he will not leave the first Chinese guy. Apple has been over there for years too, EVERYONE with a brain is, its simply part of every business model now. That doesnt need to change, just make it more equal for small local to compete. Many where on deaths door and the 19 finished them.
  5. The draft capital that he phins got is game-changing. I would use it to always trade for furture picks. Each year Id always have atleast 3-5 picks in the first two rounds.
  6. https://fanspeak.com/ontheclock-nfl-mock-draft-simulator/draft.php?d=bczzqe 7: R1P7 LB ISAIAH SIMMONS CLEMSON 38: R2P6 DL ROSS BLACKLOCK TCU 69: R3P5 CB DAMON ARNETTE OHIO ST. 113: R4P7 C MATT HENNESSY TEMPLE 148: R5P2 EDGE JONATHAN GARVIN MIAMI (FLA.) 152: R5P6 C DARRYL WILLIAMS MISS. STATE 184: R6P5 CB KINDLE VILDOR GA. SOUTHERN 221: R7P7 DL BRAVVION ROY BAYLOR @Verge who are your top 8 CB and where do the satarter level players stop? Im struggling there, bad.
  7. Pats- I learned the hard way, do NOT bet against Bill. fyi he went 10-6 when brady injured his knee. Hes the goat coach and has plenty of video proof on teams. Skins- Simply the panthers have the least talent in the NFL and Rhule with not get OTAs/rookie camp/or any function to build this team.
  8. I found out years ago, a person form china could ship a item to a customer cheaper than I could. I like many others want to buy "USA" etc, but using slave labor makes buying Chinese mech so much cheaper. Many times you could buy 4-10 products for one usa one. Plus the magic part is now they are MUCH better at copying the better product, where as before most items where junk. Past time for a need in charge, unless its a specialty item, USA simply can not compete. Need to even up the playing field, but also USA needs to find other ways to "make" it too. Thats a whole another topic. Middle man and consulting is what USA has become, and thats a big joke.
  9. I somewhat remember him being cut and bounced around, before landing back on the Saints. A former 2nd rounder too, I think. I dont know if he fits what Rhule is looking for. He had a bad rep as being lazy and unprofessional, but you either learn or someone else takes your job. He may have changed, no idea. I do know the Saints are with the "Cowboy/Bengals" , we will sign anyone no matter the issue. Honestly the no idea how Rhule and company will solve the CB problem. The CB coach has no pro exp and one of the Baylor bros, hell he doesnt have much lead CB coach exp either.
  10. Just to add undrafted/late rounder, cut, great team-mate/locker room, hard worker, ties to Temple/Baylor/other staff teams, and willing to play for a loser. Most have a good mix of those, no judgement here. Rhules' task will make Rons' first year lock out look like kindergarten with all the 19 stuff. He may get a full year tho. I thought that was fantasy land thinking, but unless a legit vaccine(it maybe here) is found AND given to all... just super super super complex and looking dire.
  11. Darqueze Dennard is the guy I want, panthers need a starting level CB. Okudah may became a burn victim with the WRs in the division.
  12. If you look into 2021 free agents the chargers have Bosa, Hunter, Mevlin Ingram, K.Allen, Pouncey, Mike Williams, King,Lamp, And about 20 others...... THATS A TON OF prime FAs. Plus no QB either. The smartest thing for that is draft a QB, cause that is about the only way to sign a few of those FAs. Cam doesnt fit, unless he plays for around 8 million. Get that rookie QB contract and say no to Cam is best thing for the Chargers. FYI, pats have about 3 million in cap space with no WRs and a D that lost some talent. Cam needs to do some soul searching and may sit out a year.
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