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  1. Bill enjoy the ride Me as a panther fan the last 25 years- then the next year-
  2. They are not 5-0 good, but they are for real. @d-dave hit on good points. Kittle is the leagues least known super-star. He broke the ALL-TIME yards for an TE season last year, how many posters here knew that? He did so by destroying it. FYI the QBs that made that possible were Mullens and Beathard........ that is maybe the greatest season while terrible QBs were starting. That guy is a much better Olsen. Plus another unknown that no one bring up they signed Kwon Alexander who was playing for the Bucs the last few years. Shanahan controls the O and Alexander is the MLB leader of the D, both know the panthers well.
  3. Yea Im super confused. It does show how hard it is finding a QB, honestly I liked Trevor Simeon then(young better game manager type) and thought Lynch was a good late round first. Dallas tired like hell to draft Lynch, what a mess that would have been cause hes a XFL talent now. He suuuure is living off Peyton magic and John Foxs' defense. People can say what they want, John Fox could fix a defense. I love Vic as D cord, but as a old 1st time HC...... its looking like hes also calling the offense plays too.
  4. Very true. I remember the play calling and scheme is what tore apart the panther D, tho. Jimmy has happy feet if pressured and they will be without their starting OTs. If shannahan can come with with a great game plan that may decide the game. He knows how to attack the panthers well.
  5. John Elway said Joe Flacco is entering his prime, that maybe the biggest hoof in mouth statement ever....
  6. Games been great, minus the injury to Mahomes and early flags. I still think Denvers got a shot, no way if Mahomes was healthy.
  7. He was out for about an year and half, basically retired. Chad Henne went down with a injury, KC signed Moore. What a career for him, I think hes made close to 40 million(guess)
  8. Denver still has a ok chance to win this.
  9. Without Mahomes, KC is a 4 win team. League changer
  10. KC was about run the score up, then Mahomes gets hurt and a whole new game starts..
  11. It was a QB sneak, hurt his right knee. He was in A LOT of pain. Hes up and walking, , they may have popped it back in...
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