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  1. Didn't realize at the time, but that 18 draft class was a foreshadow of the new 3-4 scheme. Haynes is a 3-4 OLB, Norton was nose tackle, and both LBs fit the 3-4 ILB profile.
  2. @Pejorative Miscreant edge would the group list as OLB above. It gets weird cause on certain plays KK, McCoy, Butler, Cox, Obada are playing "edge" too, but they are DL here.
  3. buy 2018 for a couple bucks and see if you want the "upgrade" or not. I tried to get back in gaming found out real quick that I maybe one of worst current players, no bs. Im pure trash at using 17 buttons each game.
  4. It was a mistake not firing Herniay once he bought the team. Now it's looking like a great move, we'll see once the season is over cause I sure do feel this was the best overall off-season in panther history. And boy did they need it!
  5. I referring to Cole Luke. Honestly, I don't know anything about the backup safeties. Just heard some noise about Parms making plays on the PS(last year), but Travell Dixon had the same noise. I know this about your guy Quin, he is not listed as a safety. Whatever it means they have him at DB, alone. That's all I got on the backups, o and the current DB coach I believe had Quin in Jacksonville. I saw what you linked, PFF loves him, but Carolina is his third team in a short time. You can not ask for better safety situation in Carolina if you're a guy like Quin. Lastly, I do know a former 3 year LSU starter just got waived, John Battle. He played all over the field, known for his smarts and getting trucked by Holyfield twice. Was a 2019 UDFA.
  6. He was my favorite UDFA two years ago, then they moved him to safety. What I mean is
  7. I would normally be your guy for this.........BUT............ after the best offseason in Panthers history and my personal favorite herniay draft......... I'll be gosh darn if that didn't inject me with playoff hope!!
  8. I concur. I love the mentality each brings. Irving is a pros pro and McCoy is that good side of being a goofball. Both are hard workers too. I already know each is sharing which is the most valuable thing in football- knowledge. Each has learned so much for 8 years, passing that to Burns, Miller, and Haynes is priceless.
  9. I just hope the contract doesn't go more than 13 million per. Top nickel backs are getting 10 million per now. The big issue is there is no replacement on the roster to fill "I got to cover that big mofo" role. Not to bring up old shiit, but no trade for Little or No QB 3rd comp... that would have been a great spot to draft some insurance. Justin Lane was there for the picking.
  10. The only reason I prefer Poe over star is the contract is 3 million less this year and you can cut Poe after this year with minimum impact. Star got more years before that happens. neither is living up to contracts, you can cut ties faster with Poe tho.
  11. Key is beside Fraizer, the team came away healthy. For me, it's super difficult to read all fluff and know what is really happening. Done this too long, TC/OTAs superstar rookies and FAs disappear once the season begins.
  12. Beta Richardson vs Alpha Tepper Being someone who lived the life of a person scared to make a mistake, its terrifying and not the correct way.
  13. About to give you a bruh moment.... it hit me too. Except for forced fumbles and solo tackles, Jordan's numbers are the same as Mack. Jordan doubled him in PD too, which are more valuable than tackles. (FF trump PD tho by far) Games, GS, INT, Yards, TD, Long, PD,FF, Fmb,FR,Yards,TD, Sacks, Combo, Solo, Asst, TFL, QB hits Average 15.6 15.4 0.4 6.6 0.4 3 3 0 1.2 0.2 0 10.6 53.6 16.4 15.6 20.4 Per 16 Games 16 16 0 7 0 3 3 0 1 0 0 11 55 17 16 21 RAI,CHI 78 77 2 33 2 27 15 15 0 6 1 0 53.0 268 82 78 102 Average 16 16 0.4 1.2 0.2 6.6 1 0 0.8 0 0 10 37.2 15.6 15 20.6 Per 16 Games 16 16 0 1 0 7 1 0 1 0 0 10 37 16 15 21 NOR 80 80 2 6 1 6 33 5 0 4 0 0 50.0 186 78 75 103 If you included Rushing defense which Jordan is also great at, I stand by my statement. They even have similar awards too; pro-bowls, player of the month etc. He's right there in the discussion with Mack. He also was having these monster years while be paid 8 million per until recently.
  14. I hope they don't fully feature John Gruden and his antics, I got a belly full of this on ESPN.
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