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  1. I didnt remember Johnson playing even as a reserve, thats was incorrect. Those examples where to show great offensive players on one team for their long career, had big issues adapting to the Pats way. Its a HUGE adjustment, I mean during Olsens time here he always helped Cam with play calls in the huddle. Thats another issue for Cam adpating, maybe Julian Edelman could fill that role. Nope just talking, I know its hard to keep up with everyones Cam feelings. I gave plenty of support for Cam many times here. Said Id take him over Teddy and if Jerry had any sense pull Daks tag to sign Cam. Hes going into unknown environment that nearly all have trouble adapting, especially for a QB. Pointing that out doesnt mean I want him to fail. Besides Cam, I never liked the Rhule hire or ALL his Baylor bros. He made the job harder by dumping Cam too. See Im not 100% on Cam or Rhule, I can talk about the good, bad, and reality.
  2. I disagree, this is the toughest NFL start in coaching history. Ron was during a shorten lockout, but he had Cam and a much better roster. Atleast Ron got to meet players and have some sort of OTAs/rookie camp/TC. Who knows what TC will be for Rhule, i doubt they have 4 preseason games and no way they have similar coaching time with players. Rhules been coaching form Zoom, which he had to figure out too.
  3. If there is a one team that does things different, its the the Pats. Many former players all talk about how the Pats system is the toughest to grasp. Chad Johnson was a elite WR traded to the Pats, they cut him during training camp. Same thing happened to Reggie Wayne. Side story- Hoyer was in the draft process, it started to look like hed go undrafted. His agent told him -" If you go undrafted, we will sign with the NE". Hoyer couldnt understand why, they didnt have room, and brady was still in his prime. Once he got there and went thought their traning camp he understood. He gives lots of credit to the Pats training him the correct way, hes gone back a few times and hes there now. Cam has a tough fight on his hands for the starting job, Stidman has a year head start too. Who knows how TC will go with covid. Like I said before it wouldnt shock me if Cam was struggling then got a minor injury, Bill could just focus on the others that already know what Cam is learning. Cams contract gives NOTHING for protection, so no cap issues. Chuds system was very simple to how the Pats do offensive.
  4. He does have questionable hands, which have been the the reason why QBs never targeted him. Still that can be fixed or improved. In a league where no one gets wide open regularly, Samuel does. Take a gamble that his stone hands can improve, given his other talents are elite level.
  5. Id sign him long term while his value is at the lowest, he has the rare ability to get WIDE open. If Brady is some sort of OC genius, he will make Samuel into a Star. Its up to Samuel and his health too, does he want it or not?
  6. Whole roster for roster, Id still trade Carolinas for Jax and/or Miami. Did people already forget the recent draft? Miami had a few early picks and Jax had a great haul along with two first and a early 2nd. Washington it depends on how you view Haskins, if you are a believer they have the better team. Other than the DLine washingtons roster is down right terrible, but that maybe the best DL in the NFL(plus they are young). I feel sorry for Rhule and all his Baylor Bros.
  7. Why? Teddy is a check-down QB and thats one job Moore can do well. To me hes great paired with Teddy, same for CMC, Samuel, and Reggie. All them fit with Teddys strength and if Ds are over playing them.... Anderson will be open for 70 TDs.
  8. Only if Matt Rhule is indeed the chosen one, he has the toughest coaching job in NFL history. It maybe easier to land a human on Mars than Panthers superbowl within three years.
  9. Bill will use Cam to figure out why mobile QB give his D so much problems, then two weeks later cut him. Wouldnt shock me if that happens. Cam learning a total new O thats very difficult for all, during a shorten camp, with convid stuff too... all it would take is a minor injury and Cam falls further behind, Bill would just cut him and roll with the other two exp NE QBs. Also Cam was signed to cover up the lost 3rd the NFL gave to NE, again too smart for everyone bill working the media like its his. Plus everyone here seems to forget- late in the season the Pats D was giving up around 10 points every game. If Cams is the guy he doesnt need to bring his cape.
  10. Andre Smith could be the answer, just got to stay healthy.
  11. The constant 12-4 to 7-9 killed my hype for future panther seasons. This total new staff is rather "meh" at best too, especially all the Baylor Bros. Neither OC or DC has called a NFL play, Rhule has only been a HC since 2011(at powerhouses Temple and Baylor), panthers lost about 90% of the leadership and stats in one year, and 19 BS. 3-13 with lots of pain....the bad type.
  12. This needs repeated every few days for the people who want to know why no team has hire him along with the NFL has blackballed him. I used to remember a few more to add this list; lost job to blaine gabbert..... and wore pig cop socks....... lost around 25 LBs of muscle going vegan..... did not vote for anyone while complaining about most things......Now hating on cops is soooo hottttt currently, so that maybe a plus for some teams/people. All that happen and he didnt want to take 700,000$ backup contract, but blamed kneeing. Colin needs to look in mirror for the reason he isnt on a team. Years have passed also, hes more into talking rather than playing. Why put out effort and sweat when you can talk about hot topics and get paid? In the end got what he truly wanted- money.
  13. ESPN is dead to me, except when they come out with Winstons 30 for 30. Id buy that for dollar!
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