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  1. Unless he has the worst interviews in combine history, hes the clear #1.
  2. @ladypanther is the only person on this board who could make this thread and not get flamed. congrats!
  3. Bookmark it bro, I believe its already done. (about 87.6% sure) Side note, I miss @venom he could add legs to this theory....
  4. Never say never and all that, but no way Perry Fewell is the HC of the panthers come 2020.
  5. I believe the HC has already been picked and all the movement of coaches was done with their blessing. Same for shaq signing. The guy in Minnesota worked with Scott Turner and their team is paying big money to LBs Barr and Kendricks. Lots of smoke.
  6. Great question, the only answer is the head coach is already hired and the public doesnt know. The guy form Minnesota is a great guess, he worked with Scott Turner(the new OC). There could be a rely program being done between them.
  7. Heres another for people in this thread thinking in past sense. Back in the stone age, you know 2005, the NFL cap was 85.5 million Now in 2019 its 188.2 million...... more than doubled in less than 15 years.
  8. MFW reading this thread- After a down year the Huddle is finishing STRONG with this thread! Great original OP that makes plenty of sense. Then all the posters getting blown the fcuk UP by truth bombs!!
  9. Welcome to 2019/2020, in doing so please remember the market for ILB was blown the fcuk up this pass year. Shaq got the same deal as Kwon Alexander did and he was coming off a torn ACL.(less the most important guaranteed $$$). Honestly what Shaq got was the new "normal" for his spot. He also gets to re-enter the market at 29 years old, for one last shot at big money. I view this this as a win for all. Panthers get to keep a fast LB that can cover WRs, for about market price.
  10. Ive looked at Colberts 2-7 picks..... meh. Ben has covered many a misses. He did find the most WRs during his era, insane at the hit rate there. https://www.pro-football-reference.com/teams/pit/draft.htm
  11. Honestly so long the team is playing with effort, thats mainly all I ask.
  12. In the 2018 draft Virginia Tech safety Terrell Edmunds was a HUUUUGE reach in the 1st, that was a giant ??????? Besides that hes been rather good for mainly drafting late 1st etc.
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