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  1. Rather have him than Matt Kalil, at least Remmers doesn't quit his on his team.
  2. Basbear

    Draftek New Mock Updated 2/20

    Didn't you use to do the c3 podcast, what happened?
  3. Treadwell is still on a 1st rounder contract, I believe he is getting around 2 million and doesn't play ST. Anytime a WR is 4-6 on depth, he better play some role on ST. offer up Veron, bust for bust.
  4. Basbear

    Draftek New Mock Updated 2/20

    I believe the guy drafting for the Panthers at drafttek is a huge self-proclaimed tiger fan. LG if you take a hard look at DT, it can get very scary. Veron is a bust(ready to call it now), love(played the best of the bunch) is UFA in a players market, Poe is either getting cut this year or next..... and if KK continues his downward trend, he could be cut next year too. I'm all for 2x LT and 2x DE, but I could easily add a DT to the mix. Wish they still had Norton as insurance.
  5. Basbear

    David Mayo undergoes hernia surgery

    bills have about 70 in cap space fyi .....
  6. What I don't understand is there are about 30 players on the roster worthy of 53. Around 15 million in cap space, you could easily cut a few(Smith, cap, Kalil, etc) and get to around 30 million. Now there's only 25 players plus 30 million and you need about 7 million to sign 7 rookies. That leaves 20 players for 20 million in space........ Panthers depth will be AAF level. Better hope no starter get hurt with this barebone depth.
  7. Basbear

    Draftek New Mock Updated 2/20

    Took a few tries to get to this, I mean its heavy in the line department. I totally disagree with horrific given 4 starters and 3 top backups. Gary is all over the place form #2-40s. Dillard can be an LT for the next 10 years, best feet for an OLman. Jenkins is a great C prospect, very high IQ. Jackson could easily start on the current DL. Sanders is a great complement to CMC, perfect #2. ARW is a great Funchess replacement. At the beginning of the year, Finley was the #1 QB and top ten on everyone's draft board.
  8. Basbear

    Russell Wilson wants out of SEA

    Seahawks would tag him three times in a row.
  9. If star didnt fall, Panthers would have picked Rhodes. Reports were they had him rated directly after star. Love to add Griffen too, D needs some crazy DE........ edit add- I believe Barr would be a beast at OLB in 3-4, be a game changer.
  10. Basbear

    Draftek New Mock Updated 2/20

    16: R1P16 DL RASHAN GARY MICHIGAN 47: R2P15 OT ANDRE DILLARD WASHINGTON ST 77: R3P13 C ELGTON JENKINS MISSISSIPPI ST 99: R3P35 EDGE JOE JACKSON MIAMI (FL) 115: R4P13 RB MILES SANDERS PENN STATE 155: R5P16 WR ANTHONY RATLIFF-WILLIAMS NORTH CAROLINA 189: R6P14 QB RYAN FINLEY NC STATE https://fanspeak.com/ontheclock/draft.php?d=hcyszh draftek, difficult. After many drafts, You must invest OT & DE in the first two picks. Afterwards the talent falls off a mountain, while RB, C, Saftey, WR, OG remain strong.
  11. Dave doesn't place a high value on DBs, but I still doubt he lets Collins walk. I know the tag price is high for safety still, you do not let great young talent walk. Dave did state one of the reasons he traded up for Funchess was during the beginning of 2nd " names on our list were flying off". I believe Collins was one of them. Collins also one biggest turn arounds form 1st year to 2nd. He went form AAF trash, to ALL-pro discussion in one offseason.
  12. My biggest take away is - Lance Taylor. He was the RB coach for CMC at Stanford, seems like if he would have been a great transition to RB. He talked glowingly about CMC and gave priceless draft intel. It's perplexing what the thought process is when it comes to recent coaching hires. I don't know if anyone knows, but CMC is the only RB on the roster currently. (not counting PS worthy). The position is at a huge need in terms of finding a trustworthy RB to take pressure off CMC. Plus depth, there is none. The new guy has never been an RB coach, while he does seem to be a smart offensive mind. Hes got a load on his plate now- learn a totally new system, help find a #2 plus depth, get caught up all while being a 1st time RB coach.
  13. I'm a terrible speller and awful at grammar. I changed nothing except removing an "s". I was going off memory and it was not a positive one about the highest paid OG in the league. I was wrong about games missed and off one year. He did make the pro bowl and still wasn't a success. LG is trying to understand the odd salary statements you posted, that's a difficult task. The thread is for Reid, I'll stop the derail over if wahle is a good signing or not. You think cause he made a meanless pro bowl its a success, I disagree.
  14. I didn't say he was a bust, that was LG. You also said all-pro, not pro bowl. I didn't believe he was a success looking back. Making the pro bowl just doesn't hold value to me. Many times its a popularity contest and or lazy pick cause the player made it last few years or a replacement. Do you think KK short was a pro bowler? Love outplayed KK the whole year, but KK was given it cause he got it last year and has a huge contract to match. He also got cut before the contract ended, for injuries/missed games and poor play.
  15. I believe he lasted 5 years, which is a long time given he was one of "the invites" during rookie camp. Less than 1% chance to even make the team, much less stay for 5 years.