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  1. Saints are a top 5 team, its a adjust period for all including the bucs. I asked my friend about the game and he said Brady looked GREAT, minus a couple plays. He's normally right and said his still got a live arm and accurate too. Said the OL was the main reason for the loss.
  2. Still the same applies, youre less willing to get back on field once you cashed in. You pass on getting treatment and doing all you can to get back. Then it stacks up and youre waay behind, but who cares I got mine! Just like when people win the lotto and most quit working. Very few have that drive, I believe with everything Jerry Rice or Kobe would be the same player getting 100.00 dollars or 100,000,000 million.
  3. Thats the issue, not playing him that year hurts the case for drafting a QB. You're one year closer to the 500million(if youre that lucky) or one year closer to drafting another one. @Jon Snow mentioned the browns and Joe Thomas never helped them reaching the playoffs. Browns where the worst run franchise during that era, they spend about 5 early draft picks(if I member right) on QBs. Id gladly take Thomas over those QBs drafted. Once you list QBs and LTs, plus factor in age, skills, talent, and volume. Its clear right now and for the last couple years, its harder to find a good LT. Look at free agency this past year, plenty of options at QBs (Cam, Teddy, Phil, Winston etc) nothing at LT. If a team gets a Walter Jones, no chance he hits the open market. College and NFL have offensives that are QB friendly now, its the opposite for OLmen. Im dying alone on the "draft Sewell" hill.
  4. Yep, it was one of the few boards I like to vist time-to-time. I when there recently and was like WTF?!?!
  5. Thats was my guy, he out-played KK in 18 BADLY. Still last year his play fell off big time, age finally got him. I think hes done.
  6. I thought he played well all things consider. No rookie camp, OTAs, weird TC, 4th rounder rookie, didnt get 1st team reps til Apple had injuries etc etc. Hes wasnt very willing to tackle, but made a couple. Better than I excepted for 1st yr rookie picked in the 4th, honestly he shouldnt be starting but thats on herniay..
  7. id still take the bucs to cover. I hope no saints fans see this, but they have a top 5 WITHOUT Brees. At every level/position group they have a legit star.
  8. Yea it seems age hits CBs the hardest, but we have no clue his conditioning. That one CB for the viking played until last year, was 38... Im bugged I dont remember his name. Still pride didnt play poorly at all, but at any point could become shocked toast. I have little to no hope for Djackson or Apple. I have seen teams throw fresh WRs at CB to wear on them(mainly go routes), its almost a trend now. If they see you tired, its on.
  9. In your opinion has he always been that way, to me he just recently got this way. Was Boston signed before or after Rhule became HC? Cause I feel hes not what Rhule wants in a safety or football player.
  10. Are people seriously upset that a rookie DE didnt play well in his first game and pissed he got concussed in practice?
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