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  1. how weird would it be to go play for the team that beat you in the super bowl..
  2. Bradberry could demand a poo ton of money this offseason. I could see him signing with the highest bidder and going elsewhere.
  3. 49ers have the best pass defense and top 10 run defense, I've seen them absolutely shred Oline's recently with QB pressures. Its going to be a tall order for Allen OR Cam to win vs them. If anything this game might be more about their Dline vs our Oline.
  4. Carolina Panthers Defense through 6 weeks : #1 in sacks (27) (NE 2nd with 25) #2 in interceptions (9) (NE 1st with 14) #2 in total takeaways (15) (Tied with Steelers) (NE #1 with 16) #4 in turnover differential (+6) (3 way tie with Packers + Steelers) (NE #1 with +9) #11 in avg yards allowed per game (344) (NE 1st with 235) #9 in avg passing yards allowed per game (225) (49ers #1 with 150 damn!) #21 in avg rushing yards allowed per game (119) (Bucs #1 with 68) #14 in avg points allowed per game (22.2) (NE#1 with 8.0 holy poo.) What I gleaned from this , we're doing great putting pressure on opposing QBs and taking the ball away, arguable the two most important defensive stats. Still top 10 passing D, above average almost everywhere except for rushing yards. I'm also realizing that the Pats defense is nasty this season. Also Niners have an elite passing (#1 in passing yards against) and run stopping defense (#6 in avg rushing yards against) , which could be problematic.
  5. 49ers game is a measuring stick game this season , just like the Steelers game last year. Hopefully we rise to the occasion this time.
  6. some of these numbers I've looked up for the 49ers are head spinning, they have a top 10 defense and top 10 offense.
  7. If he remains the starter he's staring right down the barrell AT 49ers and AT green bay. Let's see what his stats are after the next game we play, 49ers might be the best team we play on our schedule.
  8. Once we get back from our bye, we're seeing a grand total of 3 NFC power house teams all away games, yeesh. This mid season stretch might be a little tough. How do you think we'll fair?
  9. In our next 2 NFC matchups are both critical games vs NFC powerhouses : AT 49ers and AT Green Bay. Yikes. If Kyle wasn't tested before he's going to get murderer's row coming up shortly.
  10. You and me both know that if cam was inserted back into the lineup in the middle of a 8-0 kyle allen win streak and cam proceeded to continue his losing streak, absolute chaos would erupt.
  11. Get off Cam Newtons nutsack. Come on man. Every single thing he does is held under a fuging microscope.
  12. the last time i remember hearing rivera say something about "the new normal" he was downplaying how bad cam's shoulder was fuged up last season
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