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  1. Everyone's saying the same thing and there's anc extemely low chance this happens. Wed have to have a 2-3 win season AND Lawrence could have to declare for the draft , remember how luck went back to school when many panther fans were expecting to draft him for the longest time ??
  2. It's a lot smarter to keep our pick or trade down and gradually rebuild the defense over time . I think the offensive skill pieces look pretty good but the oline is still a huge question mark. The defense will stop us from being anything higher than .500 imo . There's just way too many missing pieces and you can't fix it in one year .
  3. I've got about 70k overall debts including student loans and any other credit accounts that affect my credit score. Schooling was a waste for me. I'm going 5000 more in the hole for trucking school and that's that . I'm not expecting to be able to pay it off unless I win some sort of lottery or devote an ungodly amount of income to monthly payments. I could eventually consolidate all my debt into one account I could pay on but id have to make a huge sacrifice life wise to keep up with payments , probably living in ultra cheap shared housing arrangements for the vast majority of my life . If I could redo the last 10 yrs of my life idve gone to the military for 4-6 yrs and then became a trucker with 0 debt . If I did that I could've been easily making 70k+ per year by now with no debt and in a nice small house before 30.
  4. Love what he did for the franchise, sucks that it had to end in this way. Really hope he gets healthy and has a really good 2nd half of his career elsewhere. Felt like post 2015 the only thing that held him back was injuries. If he can stay healthy I fully believe he'll be a great player again.
  5. It's unlikely we'll lose enough games to get either assuming Bridgewater stays healthy
  6. We might field the worst defense in NFL history next year .
  7. Immediately lost my job due to coronavirus shutting down all schools. Doubt most companies are hiring right now. So.. I'm going to trucking school next week. Get paid in school, during training , and get a job automatically if I pass the CDL exam
  8. Looks like the draft is still happening in late April , it's just not going to be a huge public event. Probably the players will just stay at home and get phone calls when drafted, which is what a lot of them were doing anyway .
  9. I'd rather get one of the top 3 OTs than D.Brown DT , but it's admittedly a solid draft. I just feel like we're a really good LT away from having a good oline, whereas one dude isn't going to change our dline that much imo
  10. IDK about that. Dude will be 23 heading into his 3rd year with almost 2000 yards already . He did that on a 7-9 and 5-11 team that was giving another player way more touches than dj got
  11. That's good point some of the top tier guards might still be there at the top of R2 since it's too heavy OT draft
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