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  1. Friendly reminder, lot of people on this board thought leonard fournette was the best thing since sliced bread and cmc was far from a universally praised draft pick at the time. The worst draft we had recent years is 2016 by far and away with Bradberry being the only pick worth a damn
  2. Really looking forward to seeing EVERYONE of the starters in for at least the 1st quarter of play. Particularly looking closely at the Oline and Dline performances against very good competition. Even if the game planning/play-calling isn't going to be all that intricate, I'm looking a lot at who's winning and losing the 1 vs 1s in the trenches on both sides of the ball.
  3. Greg Little getting baptized in fire by the Bears starting defense in the 1st quarter
  4. Id rather bet on Daryll who is playing for a long term contract, and hope Little gets some time to develop into the long term answer.
  5. we haven't won a single playoff game since 2015, the odds should be fairly low imo
  6. IMO Cam's just getting into his prime years as a QB, with sports science where it is now. I bet he'll play into his late 30s. IDK if he'll play as long as Brees/Brady seem to be going though. He's had a bit of an up and down ride for the first half of his career. But in that 8 years he's: Won Rookie of the Year Won MVP 3 Pro Bowl Nominations Has won 56% of games he played (regular season) Carried a young small market franchise to its best season and 2nd super bowl berth Already broken the record for QB total rushing TDs , and well on his way to outstripping Cunningham and Vick as the all time leader in total QB rushing yards Amassed 240 total touchdowns Got almost 30,000 passing yards and almost 5000 rushing yards, which is particularly bonkers If he doubles his current numbers by the end of his career or wins a SB within a few more seasons he's pretty much sure fire HoFer IMO.
  7. Hopefully T.Moton is okay. It's sounding like Greg Little's going to get a poo ton of reps in the pre season.
  8. If the Bears are planning on playing starters including Kalil Mack? I'd say fug no! Let him play for a couple drives vs the Bills and for the first half at the Pats and he should be good IMO. No need for him to play in the 1st or 4th pre season contests.
  9. He's got 3 winning seasons to 5 losing seasons and hasn't won a playoff game in 3 straight seasons. Reality is if we have another poor season in 2019 he'll have a pretty sour looking 3 winning to 6 losing seasons record and Tepper probably wont have the patience to retain him. Even IF cam DOES get injured again. Its on the coaches to put the best QB in there to win games and Rivera didn't do that late in the season when Cam couldn't throw down field. Even in 2017 we got 3x swept to the Saints and wild card exit, that 11-5 is a bit deceptive in what actually happened that year. There's a lot riding on the 2019 season for Cam, a bunch of Dline members, Greg, Rivera, Norv, Hurney, almost everyone. Tepper might just blow the entire thing up and start from scratch in 2020 if we end up sucking this year.
  10. If he doesn't get a winning record and a playoff win this season , Tepper will clean house and install his own coaches and staff
  11. damn I hope Luke is OK. No idea what happened based on those tweets.
  12. So hyped to see DJ and Samuel ball this season.
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