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  1. or maybe its the dlinemen in front of him doing their best matador impressions all season long so Luke cant easily get to the ball carrier through a sea of olinemen ??
  2. We have the number 4 WR and number 2 RB in the league and yet we can't win games when it matters. That has to be an indictment on the quality of the coaching despite the sub par performance of the olines and dlines this year .
  3. His words have no meaning at this point Neither do Teppers. Only thing I care about now are actions and positive results
  4. We already lost too many fuging games My faith wouldn't be restored unless we won out the rest of the season
  5. I didn't even think about that. I'm pretty sure they have a top 10 run defense as well. Sunday could get ugly. The good thing though is the Bucs are the only team so far who have completely shut him down once.
  6. I completely agree with that narrative. It's not that Rivera in general is a bad coach, it's just time for us to get a better coach for the Panthers organization specifically to achieve our goal of a Super Bowl Win. Or at least achieve consistent winning seasons and consistent playoff runs. Riveras had 9 years and 3 winning seasons, none of them consecutive. He's not the answer to solving the franchises long term problems with mediocrity, he just continued it.
  7. That's a huge honor. Hoping he gets 1st team all pro, pro bowl, offensive player of the year as well he fuging deserves it.
  8. Ill probably be just listening to the game and playing PS4 if it gets ugly early like I'm expecting it to.
  9. L W L L L W 7-9. OBVIOUS answer.
  10. bruh Rivera your middle name might as well be "mediocrity"
  11. Tepper can't say that he doesn't want to hold on to mediocrity and then keep Ron for another season. Words have no meaning without action to back them up.
  12. If that's true the stadiums will be half empty next year at best
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