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  1. Pantha-kun

    Sunday Snap Counts

    No idea why Samuel would play only 3 snaps after what he did last game. That's on the coaches.
  2. Pantha-kun


    You will almost never win games where you turn the ball over 3 times and don't generate any turnovers with your defense either. Its kinda impressive we were in a position to win at the end despite shitting the bed in the first half of the game. But still frustrating loss. I think that game is totally different without the DJ Moore turnovers and Rivera punting on 4th and 1 to kill our momentum early.
  3. Pantha-kun

    What cost us

    We had a chance to win at the end and cam blew it with terrible passes
  4. Our defense is god aweful and offense is inconsistent at best . Add in terrible coaching and thats a recipe for 8-8 or 7-9 most .
  5. Pantha-kun

    PFF: Oline Grades so far

    I dont think it was undeserved when he was out injured for huge chunks of the last 2 seasons. When your pro bowl center cant stay healthy that usually causes problems for your oline. Of course when hes actually healthy it makes a huge difference. And also huge thing was getting matt and amini off the line and finally starting moton
  6. Pantha-kun

    Lack of Deep Threats

    We shouldve snatched up Desean Jackson the moment he left the Eagles. Pretty much no excuse, exactly the type of player Cam couldve used in 2014 and beyond. A sure handed deep elite deep threat who also killed it at KR / PR. We actually couldve drafted Allen Robinson or Jarvis Landry instead of Kelvin in the 2014 draft AND picked up Desean Jackson that offseason. Imagine how different 2015 mightve been with elite WRs
  7. Pantha-kun

    Cmc for Fournette trade?

    I think CMC is more versitile and seems to be able to stay healthy which is huge. Fournettes already missed a number of games in his young career because of injuries. If i had to guess Fournette might have a decent career but his body wont last as long CMC and hell have much shorter career with way fewer games played due to injury.
  8. Pantha-kun

    Ron says we good at safety

    Exactly this
  9. Pantha-kun

    I see you DJ

    The sad thing is rivera just refuses to do this . I think hed have to either get injured or have a couple of plays that lead to picks before rivera would replace him with dj or samuel when hes healthy
  10. Pantha-kun

    I see you DJ

    After what happened to garrapolo on the sidelines im glad cam decided to play it safe actually He had two defenders closing in behind him and another one in front of him
  11. I would be all for cutting him to bring in earl thomas or reid
  12. Good point but im glad Torrey is vouching for it and making panthers more aware of our problems at saftey. We definitely need SOMEONE much better than Colin Jones if we want to win any divisional games this season
  13. Pantha-kun

    Hurricane Florence

    People living right on the coast or close to rivers or sounds should have evacuated Im on some pretty high ground in fayeteville and stocked up for 2 plus weeks if needed. So only thing im concerned about are these old ass trees in my neigborhood. Imo all the ones right next to houses should have been cut down as a saftey precaution.
  14. Pantha-kun

    Hate Week #1 - Falcons

    I'm tired of getting beat in Atlanta . A win for us going up 2-0 and Falcons going 0-2 would be absolutely huge. Defense will have to perform well again. But more importantly we can not afford another sub 20 point performance from the offense or we could lose pretty easily. Us scoring 30 or more and limiting the opponents to 21 or less should always be a goal of ours.
  15. I dont care whose fault it is, we need to fix it. We havent had a deep passing game since the 2016 season and were still missing it. Thats going to bite us in the ass eventually when defenses just decide to camp down within 10 or 15 yards of the los and just dare cam to actually throw deep