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  1. Less running means more passing More passing more sacks and INTs
  2. They thInk i read fan forums....... I dont.. busy taking their money
  3. With Ron or without Ron this team is just not good The huddle just overrated the Panthers (Playoff thread after the titans win) (Super Bowl talk in pre season) Ron brings zero energy. The team has been inconsistent since 2011 A change was needed
  4. Good he doesnt deserve any steak sauce until Hurney is fired
  5. A quick turn around.. Yep going backwards I can see the Trevor Lawrence threads now Hey we could pull a Cardinals fire our new coach (after we go 1-15 )and bring in Dabo so he can draft Lawrence...........
  6. If the team feels like Cam is 100% draft an O-liineman if hes the best player on the board If not draft a Qb only if you feel like hes a franchise guy Dont draft a Qb because you need a Qb Imagine the threads of we get a Jp lospman .EJ Manuel or Josh Rosen
  7. If we beat the saints in week 17 The draft position threads
  8. If the Panthers draft a Qb in the 1st Kyle Allen may not even be on team next season that or we will have a 3rd round Qb as a third string or on the practice squad
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