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  1. At the same time the NBA is talking about having west coast games start early so people on the east cost can watch
  2. Pass rush and stopping Rbs from getting to the second level untouched
  3. Trading away former 1st rounders What took them so long to fire the GM
  4. Mizzou to Charlotte he came a long way To hold a sign And if this works the Panthers will have 10 players next off season in front of the stadium
  5. Would love to see Cam become more like Elway and Cunningham as he gets older A healthy Newton is the best Newton
  6. Better be glad we have Newton Could be stuck with the Bradfords, Staffords and Cutlers of the league the sure thing can't miss pocket passers everybody's always screaming about
  7. Charlotte is the perfect place for the Panthers to play FB
  8. Most of the Panthers playoff seasons have come after no one expected them to be a good team
  9. When someone cant defend the BS they say
  10. I may have missed it but give me an example of the Panthers poor sportsmanship and Panthers acting like fools Like i said before all the celebrations The Panthers did at the end of games teams are doing in the first qtr now All that karma BD is exhausting Everytime something doesn't go they way it's expected people scream Karma If the Panthers won that game everyone would be screaming Karma against the Manning family , the refs, or the NFL for hating on the Panthers Whoever loses in Sports it's because the Karma for all the things each individual decided was bad or they disagreed with
  11. Karma doesn't punish teams for having fun. And that's what the Panthers did have fun .eams were mad because they thought they could beat Panthers Unbeaten underdogs on thanks giving Teams didn't respect the Panthers and couldn't take a lost Teams/ players have always been dancing/celebrating and even now every team takes a picture after a turnover or score and no one makes a big deal out of it I had a Broncos fan tell me he dislikes Cam because he dances after Tds But he had no problems with Von Miller's sack dances.........
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