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  1. https://www.espn.com/nfl/columns/story?columnist=pasquarelli_len&id=1785927
  2. https://www.espn.com/nfl/story/_/id/7656028/indianapolis-colts-peyton-manning-part-ways-14-seasons
  3. There is not a team in the league that would take Samuel over DJ even for a deep threat he still averages less yard per catch than DJ Samuel is slot or 3rd maybe # 2 DJ can be a number one on most teams in the NFL I watch the games seen DJ make catches Samuel cant
  4. Samuel has to be the slot guy going forward. DJ had a good season last year hes the go to guy can make any catch and run any route plus the yac
  5. Im more worried about the up coming Hornets type regular season
  6. Or they were looking for a cheap back up who knows his role as a 2nd string behind a young Qb that was drafted a year prior
  7. Nothing wrong with a change of scenery I'm glad he let everyone know he wasnt seeking a trade and it was up to the team
  8. If they were going to get anything for Newton it would have been before Free agency and wouldn't have been the 1st or 2nd round pick people had hopes for The Panthers had no intentions of trading him They wanted to look good by saying they are allowing him to seek a trade. But if you couldnt see this release coming i dont know what to say
  9. Happy for Teddy glad to have him here We're going to need a lot of points next season to win games
  10. Steelers Saints im betting on If he's willing to sit on the bench
  11. The Panthers dont wont Newton he wont be playing in preseason I doubt he even lasts that long on the roster they will have to release him eventually If they wanted to trade him they would be aggressively looking into trades themselves instead of putting out the statement that "we have allowed Cam Newton to seek a trade"
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