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  1. Palmetto

    who is ur top choice @ sixteen?

    Sweat But like I said before if Josh Allen is gone or the Raiders don't get a very good trade offer to move to 17 or lower I think he's a Raider
  2. The Panthers really need Lbs on the out side this defense is not that good and needs a lot of help "We" have overrated this defense for a while now
  3. Palmetto

    Around the league FA moves

    The Colts over paid but Houston is better than Irvin
  4. Palmetto

    Which do you prefer??

    I don't know how good Gary could be But NFL teams seem to get fooled by combine numbers (alone) every year Didnt they learn from Vernon Golsten
  5. Palmetto

    Which do you prefer??

    You could be right but I think he has the speed and athleticism to play olb and cover Rbs and TEs even slot Wrs Offenses are out playing defenses in the modern NFL. speed ,athleticism ,and intelligence can counter that
  6. Palmetto

    Which do you prefer??

    1.Sweat (Devin white) 2.Ferrell 25. Gary
  7. Palmetto

    Montez Sweat has heart issue.

    Star went first round Mo Hurst went 5th? Hurst seemed like a bigger deal than Star The thing about Star or Sweat is how could.a team leak info that every other team already has
  8. The same Newtons health and a great draft would make me feel better about the up coming season
  9. Palmetto

    Post FA Draft (Final)

    If Bosa and Josh Allen are gone I think Sweat is a Raider
  10. Palmetto

    Post FA Draft (Final)

    I hope the Panthers dont take the best DE on the board just pick the best player on the board period besides QB, RB, WR