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  1. Palmetto

    Should Ace Aladdin be banned?

    Most people voted for him to be banned But run to post when he starts a thread
  2. Didn't luck throw like 38 or 39 TDs this season
  3. Palmetto

    Draft Kyler Murray

    The Pats or Tom goat Brady
  4. Palmetto

    Draft Kyler Murray

    The Jags could keep thier first and sign a free agent and/or trade up next year and get the QB they want in the draft
  5. Palmetto

    Sunday Divisional Games Thread

    Cant believe this will be the first time KC will host the Championship Game Compared to a lot of teams Panthers fans have been lucky
  6. Palmetto

    Sunday Divisional Games Thread

    Most people had the Pats (every year) Saints and Rams after free agency The Chiefs had a Qb on pace to throw 60 Tds so yea who wouldn't pick them Nobody had the Eagles Vikings And Jags last season in the Final four
  7. Palmetto

    Sunday Divisional Games Thread

    Foles will go to another team make a lot of money and never see the 2nd round of the playoffs again
  8. Depends on the Defense if the Rams can stop the Saints they can win i think the Rams are better team than the Eagles and have Peters and Talib healthy
  9. Cooper has been a big deference for the Cowboys
  10. Just think if Vinatieri makes those kicks its 24-17 with the Colts defense playing good
  11. 25 years between AFCCG appearances for the Chiefs