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  1. Alex Smith, every media guy repeats that winning is all that matters No matter what his stat line was The guy went a whole season with out throwing a TD to a Wr
  2. No need to rush the team is winning and Allen is dong his job
  3. I hear ya But living in Charleston ive been hearing the replace Cam Newton Crowd for the longest before the draft i had guys telling me how much Ryan Mallet in the 2nd made more sense than Newton 1st over all
  4. I dont thinkthe niners Defense is that good If Allen has a bad game I won't hold it against him I'm not expecting him to be Russell Wilson or anything I think Newton is a Vet and is held to a higher standard tho
  5. I agree But it's been 9 years of this for Newton The saviors keep changing though DA Grier Rosen Now Allen
  6. Whenever Newton comes back i get the feeling a lot of people here will be hoping is doesnt play good
  7. Sports options aren't based on truth it has more to do with What team, player or city " I "like the most "I " will bend , ignore and not except any truths that makes my likes look bad
  8. I think Drew Lock is there guy next season
  9. Just met a met guy from N.O. costing Charleston Told me he hopes Cam "gets his head on straight" because is a really good QB I think it's the first Saints fan Ive met that actually said something good about Cam
  10. He's playing better than some 1st and 2nd round picks in the league
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