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  1. I personally don't care either way but i look at on both sides The seller has the right to sell his tickets for whatever price he wants The buyer/maybe buyer also has the right to refuse to buy tickets they feel isn't worth the money and when a team is losing most people are going to feel buying tickets isn't worth it unless they can get a- deal
  2. Yea they lost to Josh Johnson
  3. I think most people don't want to pay a lot of money for a team that's losing right now and many are expecting to lose tomorrow have to make it worth them going to the game and not just making your money back
  4. Palmetto

    Sunday Games Thread

    Ravens playing some old school football Flacco not starting means hes done in Bmore
  5. Palmetto

    Sunday Games Thread

    Lets go Dolphins they back in it and thats why you kick the FG before the half instead of going for it
  6. Palmetto

    Sunday Games Thread

    I see so much obvious holding not being called in these games
  7. Palmetto

    Sunday Games Thread

    Panthers could be tied with the Bucs and Giants this week who wouldve believed that a month and a half ago
  8. Palmetto

    Saturday Games Thread...

    Im glad the Browns won buck the broncos
  9. Palmetto

    Saturday Games Thread...

    Texans need that bye week if they hope to go the Super Bowl Don't want to go to KC or NE in January
  10. Palmetto

    2019 GM: Reggie McKenzie/ HC: Mike McCarthy

    Its the huddle every Qb in the league is not that good or overrated or carried by their Defense/running game/head coach and if you go to other teams forums they say the same about Cam Newton most fans cant except the accomplishments of other teams QBs makes them come up with easy excuses for their own teams Qb when he plays bad
  11. Palmetto

    2019 GM: Reggie McKenzie/ HC: Mike McCarthy

    No and NO Raiders have constantly reached on draft picks after the first round McCarthy is George Seifert 2.0
  12. Probably wont happen DJ and Samuel would still be sitting on the bench if it wasn't for injuries
  13. Palmetto

    Marty Hurney FIRED....in 2012

    Its only a matter of time. he was only brought back because of Jerry Richardson