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  1. If the Panthers want to move on from Cam and doesnt believe they will find a Franchise Qb this draft They should trade back and try to acquire a 2021 first round pick Ammo to move up and grab the guy you want
  2. If im The bengals there is nothing a team can offer for me to trade back
  3. Teams wait until the Panthers release him Sign him ro a cheaper contract That or the panthers get a low draft pick
  4. Pressure is on him now if he cant take the next step he wont be here for long if the Panther are rebuilding
  5. 8 seasons is enough to get into the Hall of Fame
  6. But Bill won 2 Super Bowls with the Giants as Defensive coordinator while Brady was in elementary and Middle school
  7. I want to Josh McDaniel coach NE offense without Brady for a couple of years
  8. Yea and then when these players dont sign here we'll have a bunch of "stupid hurney wont spend money" threads or the first bad game said player has we'll have a "See I told you he wasnt good" or "Sure glad we didnt sign that guy" thread and I wouldn't say Wr is much needed position can get one for much cheaper in mid rounds Draft is loaded with talented guys all depends on whos doing the drafting
  9. That was pre draft tweet looks like so as long as he's coaching and not drafting Qbs all is good.................. Oh and fire Hurney now that we have a coach
  10. Sooo... Tom Brady and Robbie Anderson threads until mid March huh
  11. And i agree The Bengals are picking Burrows Nothing you can offer them will make them trade out of that pick
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