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  1. In my day porn was a piece of driftwood floating down the stream that resembled a vagina.
  2. In other news. If you are stuck at home here is some entertainment in the meantime, There are no sports on tv so why not.
  3. I swear the O-Line absolutely needs to be addressed this season. How many multiple seasons have we been bitching about it now? I know I have been screaming it for years. If we can't get that solidified then we are going to be in no better shape then we have been in past seasons. Cam or no Cam, the next QB is going to get killed.
  4. The beginning episodes did have a slow arc but episode 4 really kicked things up for me. I am enjoying this show so far.
  5. Thank you kind sir. I also enjoyed it, along with everyone that participated. Finally pulled off a season win this year. I was rooting for your Mathieu TD pick. Bold move, I liked it.
  6. Then it would have been thread-worthy, right? haha
  7. What!? No new thread warranted for the Huddle Champion of 2020!!
  8. SF vs. KC Final score total: 45 pts First TD by non-QB: Matt Brieda First Reception - KC: Demarcus Robinson , SF Emmanuel Sanders First Scoring Drive - 10 plays As an aside, Joe Buck will mention Montana in the 3rd QTR
  9. I was secretly rooting for your picks. Would have been one hell of an upset. haha
  10. Rogers will be the next retirement annoucment.
  11. fug it I am all in too. Let's live on the edge. TEN @ KC - 10 confidence points, 45 pts total GB @ SF - 10 confidence points, 37 pts total Well, FPT's will need to copy my exact predictions like he did last week in order to retain the lead. In doing so, he runs the risk of losing the outright lead completely to someone else that can make some big gains if one (or both) of my picks are wrong. Or go out on his own and take that risk as well. Bronn will need to have his math game on this weekend.
  12. Agreed. He didn't want to be Hernandezed.
  13. Went from happy about a hire to absolutely sad within the same hour. Goddam!
  14. Same. I laughed until march when Foles, a back up qb, beat the patriots. And as this first half continues. I just might stop laughing.
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