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  1. This article says last seen June 12th. That's six damn days! Wtf. https://www.charlotteobserver.com/latest-news/article231678193.html
  2. After thinking about the last episode in contrast. The humans had to suffer an unimaginable horror because of the lack of euthanasia, but the animals are given the mercy of a quick death. I understand the hospital may have been uninformed about what the firefighters were going to go through but seeing the shape those men were in, truly a bullet to the head and a quick end would have been far more humane and compassionate. Maybe that was the intended message.
  3. I was wondering why she was holding his shoes at the funeral. https://www.npr.org/books/titles/138350923/voices-from-chernobyl-the-oral-history-of-a-nuclear-disaster
  4. We all know nuclear fallout is bad. However, to hear it spelled out that it changes your DNA, rots your organs and destroys your veins to the point that not even morphine can dull the pain is more grim than a Hollywood horror movie. Reality is much more terrifying. The coal miner foreman was a needed character for this episode. We are so used to hearing so much bullshit from the bureaucrats he cut right through the fog of that and even brought some levity to the episode. "We're still wearing the fuging hats" got a chuckle from me. The fireman's wife and baby are probably doomed. I don't understand why she exposed herself to her husband even after the admonishing warning from the doctor/nurse. Is she simply that naive? Or you find someone that loves you like the fireman's wife does. Then attend a funeral where the bodies are sealed into a lead box only to turn around and find a cement truck rolling up. At a funeral. Jesus.
  5. Agreed. I just find it hard to believe Tyrion and Jon were even still alive. That Gray Worm didn’t kill them immediately in anger/grief is shocking. Why is Gray Worm going to listen to a king that isn’t his and is elected by Lords and ladies he doesn’t care about? Is it just because he’s followed orders all his life? That council meeting was a poo-show. Bronn, Master of Coin? Good luck, Six Kingdoms, you’ll need it. At least, Winterfell looks to be in good hands.
  6. When Arya and the Hound first rode into KL on horse back she said she was there to kill the Queen. She wasn't specific in regards to which Queen.
  7. Is it just me or did Varys attempt to possibly poison Dany or something with his "little bird" when the kid came back from the kitchen and said she wont eat.
  8. Anyone catch the premier episode the other night? I am old enough to remember when this happened in the 80's when I was in high school and this first episode seems, so far, historically accurate. I like how this first episode started, it was a nice break from how every other 'documentary' I've seen usually ramps up. There were some really chilling moments in the show that defy belief regarding the rank and file people involved while knowing this was an actual even that happened. I don't want to spoil anything yet in regards to the show. If you want to know about one of largest catastrophic disasters in world history you will find this show very interesting and terrifying. Really looking forward to episode two.
  9. I heard only one tune off the new one called Hickory Creek. I thought to myself "what is this poo? What happened to them!" Your comments give me hope as I am a huge fan of This is Exile. Please tell me the entire thing isn't like Hickory Creek.
  10. I'm just really happy the season didn't end on some arbitrary cliff hanger like all the other seasons have. I thought it was wrapped up rather nicely. It also seems the writers are trying to make Negan a sympathetic character now. And the nuance of him saying “It’s just that no one ever thinks that they’re the evil one.” Are we now to believe Negan is reformed after all these years?
  11. Datawire


    https://exitstrategyus.com https://www.theboxescaperoom.com Try out an escape room. Pretty fun stuff. Test your wits!
  12. This is an absolutely incredibly harmful comment. We have due process in this country. This should be common knowledge. If not, read up on your case law in order to reaffirm that basis. The four percent someone mentioned earlier is only the four percent that is documented, reported, and catalogued to be determined in a court of law. I'm curious the percentage that isn't documented. Women know the basics of the law now, or at least what will put a man in jail, all you need to do is accuse. That's it! I have been saying it for years and years. And now it has come to fruition in the public eye. I'm not talking about Frank here, I am talking about any Man that does not protect himself. Here is an anecdotal situation for you. Guy and girl get together at his house, they do the deed. Guy never wanted a relationship, and she did. That was never explicitly determined from the outset. Nonetheless, she did. As the story goes that's what she wanted and was very unhappy about the fact he didn't, so she called the police and filed a rape report. He was arrested on his job sight unseen as they say. No priors whatsoever. Boom! Tainted. Lost his job. Lost his house. Lost his savings, his 401k, and his retirement account all in order to defend this accusation. His lifes work in his very early 30's. Gone. What we didn't pay attention to was he had a roommate in his home, someone he rented a room to to help save some money. Turns out this roommate was a bit of a pervert. He liked to watch other people. So this guy set up hidden camera's in our defendants room to get his jollies, so to speak. The camera caught everything in regards to that night in question. Long story short, it was introduced into evidence as consensual and the case was dismissed on the spot. Justice prevails! But at what cost to him? He has been branded. Made the front page papers, spots on the locals news during that time. How exciting! After the case results you could find it on the back page of the paper. No local coverage on the news and he was left broken and scarred. Her? Well, she is doing just fine with a husband that lovers her. Gentleman protect yourselves.
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