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  1. Cool, was wondering if you were going to do it again this year. Count me in. TB @ CAR: CAR, 35 points DAL @ WAS: DAL IND @ TEN: TEN SEA @ PIT: PIT BUF @ NYG: BUF NE @ MIA: NE JAX @ HOU: HOU MIN @ GB: GB LAC @ DET: LAC SF @ CIN: CIN AZ @ BAL: BAL KC @ OAK: KC NO @ LAR: LAR CHI @ DEN: CHI PHI @ ATL: PHI MNF: CLE @ NYJ: CLE, 42 points
  2. In the 4th preseason game I would rather use the word superfluous.
  3. Cam will come out like a boss on game day. Count on it. If anything, this team bounces back like a motherfuger.
  4. December 24th 2015 - Cam had his first child. Call me crazy but its seems things haven't quite been the same since.
  5. Or just throw the ball to the ground, IG be damned. Unfortunatley. This post is correct.
  6. Well that explains why he was able to follow the white sideline down the field so well.
  7. Just finished episode 1 and 2 last night. I like the direction things are headed so far.
  8. This is the hard hitting stuff I have been waiting for all off season.
  9. I never bought into the Rivera mantra of him being a stoic and emotionless drone. Not since I was at a game a few years ago and I saw him pull the defense together on the side line and absolutely rip their asses up one side and down the other, I could hear him yelling from where I was sitting. And they were winning! haha I was like damn coach!
  10. Oh stop. Everyone knows that cheese was harvested from the moon.
  11. I think Bob Lazar had a lot to do with this. Not that he instigated any of this but the fact he came out on Netflix and went on with Joe Rogan stirred some things up, I think.
  12. How can anyone beat Trump with this? I dont get it.
  13. Not like this poo show. Do better.
  14. Is this real life? What the fug is going on here?
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