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  1. I was secretly rooting for your picks. Would have been one hell of an upset. haha
  2. Rogers will be the next retirement annoucment.
  3. fug it I am all in too. Let's live on the edge. TEN @ KC - 10 confidence points, 45 pts total GB @ SF - 10 confidence points, 37 pts total Well, FPT's will need to copy my exact predictions like he did last week in order to retain the lead. In doing so, he runs the risk of losing the outright lead completely to someone else that can make some big gains if one (or both) of my picks are wrong. Or go out on his own and take that risk as well. Bronn will need to have his math game on this weekend.
  4. Agreed. He didn't want to be Hernandezed.
  5. Went from happy about a hire to absolutely sad within the same hour. Goddam!
  6. Same. I laughed until march when Foles, a back up qb, beat the patriots. And as this first half continues. I just might stop laughing.
  7. I"m curious. A year ago if I asked you if Tannehill could lead you to a superbowl. What would your answer have been? I know what mine would have been.
  8. After hearing this I am amazed at how he took that in such stride, dude even scrambled a little bit on a play after it happened. Wow. I guess adrenalin is one hell of a pain killer.
  9. As they say, it's any given Sunday. Especially in January when no team wants to go home. Lets do this! I am going to try and keep things short and to the point this week as to not trigger @MHS831 too bad. These are delicate times after all. MIN @ SF 2 confidence points 34 PTS Both of these teams are evenly well matched with both the running game and defensive line play and both finished the season with the least amount of penalties. I think Kittle will provide the edge over MIN for the win at home. No overtime game this week for them. TEN @ BAL 4 confidence points The Titans will obviously be leaning on Derrick Henry again this week. The best thing the Titans can do this weekend is to keep the Ravens offense on the bench. They are just too strong for the Titans defense. Another home game pick for the Ravens to advance. HOU @ KC 3 confidence points If I recall correctly Houston beat Kansas earlier in the season, so the realm of possibilities of them doing it again are possible. However, I just think Kansas is the better team. Andy Reid is something like 19-2 after a bye week. I see a rested Kansas ready to go with home field advantage for the win. SEA @ GB 1 confidence point 41 PTS The Packers at home in a playoff situation is just, well...we have all seen it. They got a break last week with the Vikings win. If Rogers can find that magic again Seattle will struggle, especially with a banged up team. I think the Packers defend their home turf for the win. So there we go @FakePlasticTrees All home game picks, that should be an easy one for you.
  10. I just hope this guy doesn't pull a Chip Kelly and start holding up big ass pizza and burger pictures on the sideline to signal calls.
  11. Victim?!? Only victim here is me with my terrible picks last week. Oh my.
  12. Yeah, I guess I did. At least you don't wait to make your picks until after I do like @FakePlasticTree haha
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