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  1. Once this Covid Sh*t is over with, if anyone gets out my way to the Santa Cruz area my home brewery and a must see is Sante Adairus Rustic Ales World class sh*t especially if you are into Sours & Saisons, but they have some amazing IPA's too. http://rusticales.com/# https://www.sfgate.com/beer/article/Santa-Cruz-area-brewery-sante-adairius-ratebeer-15071049.php#:~:text=Capitola's%20Sante%20Adairius%20Rustic%20Ales,9.
  2. In my day, I WAS a consistent recreational user of various chemicals/substances/alcohol, etc without any issues. BUT, nothing strained my life like Playing World Of Warcraft from launch pretty much 24/7 straight for 2yrs jeopardizing my health, relationships, education, and career. Hearing that opening music brings tingles and memory's back just as much as any pussy or illicit substance I have consumed. What a awful affliction WOW was.
  3. Wash your hands people, keep clean Lather up
  4. Yeah same here my personal chef business is on hold, I have contracts so I still get paid for the rest of the month but after that nobody is renewing for April so yeah. I'm lucky my wife works in tech and is able to work from home and still draw nice paychecks so we will be OK, but the rest of my service industry friends are taking in the ass hard. I have friends that just opened a brewery and now are closed, they're beer rich and cash poor and are now trading beer for food and other supplies.
  5. My county just issued a "Shelter In Place" order Nor Cal is taking it hard.
  6. I'm half way through it, but enjoying it so far. Love Cavil as Geralt, even my wife who has zero knowledge of the universe is enjoying it and able to follow + she is super into Yennifer So its all good.
  7. "Sir Purr" My kids wanted a black kitten/cat like the panther mascot, but no shelter had one just a 3 legged cat that they wouldn't release cause he wasn't good for young kids. So we found this grey guy and kept the name, should of called him Houdini the way this F*cker can open doors and sealed containers. And that's how he sits at the counter when I'm cooking and just watches me.... WTF That's my son holding him up that long bastard
  8. All i have to go off are the Games, am I going to be lost? My wife who knows nothing about it will probably want to punch out then eh?
  9. Why does anybody still give a F*ck about Star wars
  10. Excellent!! I don't know if I'm 100% sold on the actress for Yen The Expanse is one of those shows I knew nothing of when it was on, heard about it from Neil Degrasse Tyson podcast on how accurate it was to science/space checked it out and it was f*cking great binged all the seasons with my wife Outstanding! can't wait for the next season on amazon ( does anybody know the premier date?)
  11. This thread has me jonesing to make some sweet tea & bourbon cocktails for the game on Sunday.
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