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  1. Yeah get out was solid, I ended up bailing on US read the synopsis online, I just saved myself a hour, what a chuck of shite
  2. You should always be leery of restaurants that have too large of menu. 1. Chef/Kitchen staff can only focus on so much. 2. Access to fresh ingredients, the larger the menu the higher the probability that your eating Frozen,Canned, re-constituted food. I would rather have the choice between 6-12 Flawless Entrees VS 40 mediocre ones. If I see a menu with Tacos, Dumplings, & Spaetzle on it yeah I'm walking out.
  3. Because you don't want to slaughter a cow for a burger but you still like the concept.
  4. Not even a VEGAN restaurant will serve the abomination of vegan cheese
  5. started watching it last night, uggg,... it was cool too see Santa Cruz and the boardwalk in a movie but after 1hr in I punched out and went to bed, don't even know if i'm going to finish it.
  6. Anybody watch the massive upset in the Heavyweight division of Boxing? Anthony Ruiz Jr TKO 7 Anthony Joshua He was relentless and IMO exposed Joshua for what he was. Soft Now you know why AJ was dodging Wilder.... Congrats Anthony Ruiz the first Heavyweight champion of Mexican descent !!
  7. The end result was f*cked but the journey was a blast.
  8. I'm Readddddddddddddyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy
  9. I would say some roid use for sure, + the drinking,drugs, and women. And he still made it to 70 and is still going. FU*K YEAH!!!! I would sign that contract
  10. Isn't the 49er game in Santa Clara ?
  11. Make it happen. A Crushing D-line can mask any deficiencies in the secondary. And you don't get wins by having Cap Space. Make it happen
  12. John Wick was a solid non superhero action movie. This looks a little too cornball
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