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  1. As miserable of an experience as it is, yeah I couldn't turn over such a large purchase to somebody, I would want to handle it myself But there has to be a market for something like this I would think, people are always looking for somebody to take the "leg work" out of certain things, hell I'm paid to shop for groceries and cook meals for people so.
  2. Yeah I just started to look into that, that might be the way to go.
  3. 6:30am PDT on a Sunday for the england game is going to be rough, I'm hoping to catch the game at Levi though.
  4. Still working my way through it I'm on chapter 6 myself Its a fun game, but I'm kind of ready for it to be over and play something else.
  5. I drank to much f*cking wine on Sunday and don't quite remember the whole episode, need to go back and re- watch.
  6. I enjoy a good game, but it will take me 6-9 months to get through something. I'm still working my way through RDR2 and it got it when it came out. If I'm lucky I'll have 30min a day to play, its luxury time to me so its not until work/wife/kids are taken care of first that I will play. My kids are 8 and 6 and just now are getting into Minecraft, I have no problem letting them play at night when their responsibilities are complete, everyone needs a bit of down time. My wife and I are in discussions now to get a console or more family friendly games that we can all play together, there is only so much Candyland a man can take.
  7. Got a bottle of this for xmas, wasn't going to drink it, then I opened up another gift that were some panther shot glasses, and one thing lead to another. Bottle gone. It was some rough juice even being frozen AF like it supposed to be. But after 5-6 you don't notice it anymore.
  8. Not a "comic book movie guy at all" but I'm in with this.
  9. I'd give him another shot at being a HC, he's a smart dude and not everyone is successful there first go around + it was Detroit.
  10. I'll love it when it goes for us and yell and cuss at my TV when it goes against us. Same ole same ole
  11. Emu oil ?.... WTF There is a lot of snake oil out there but there are some worthwhile supps as well. But don't expect miracles
  12. I will usually punch out of a trailer early if I'm liking it to avoid them ruining sh*t. there was Ex Machina trailer that showed that the Japanese girl was robot, so when that was revealed in the movie i wasn't surprised, kind of ruined it.
  13. I used a topical CBD recently on a nasty foot contusion, and it cleared it up within 2 days. An injury I've had before and it usually keeps me gimping around for a week. Even if it was "Placebo" and all in my mind it still worked. Results are results period.
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