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  1. O-line is mess, even if he comes back for week 1, unless the line fixed he is going to take ANOTHER beating all year.
  2. Got a 3lb Prime grain fed Tri Tip Roast, that I was going to grill but my grill is acting up, so going to oven roast it reverse sear indoors. Green Beans & mushroom saute garlic roasted creamer potatoes No booze tonight.
  3. I have a ton of green tomatoes to use so everything I have been doing this week has been trying incorporate them/. Starter: Chilled green tomato Caprese with fresh mozzarella drizzled with local 5yr aged balsamic vinegar. Dinner: Homemade Black Bean Pasta ( got some fresh bean flower from my baker friend) With a spicy green tomato & garlic sauce. Organic Rotisserie Chicken with rosemary Steamed mixed vegetables on the side ( Broccoli, Carrot, Cauliflower)
  4. Something simple Either going to do a Grass Fed Beef Hamburger W/ organic white cheddar, red onion, heirloom tomato, romaine leaf on a ghee toasted sesame bun. OR Baked Organic Chicken sandwich w / buttered onions, organic white cheddar and some homemade blonde BBQ sauce on a ghee toasted sesame bun.
  5. Love QT Grindhouse, highly underrated IMO, the dialog between the characters is Outstanding! Bastards is one I seen in the theater and didn't really care for it, seen it at home several times after that and its incredible also great dialog. Prbly in my Top 5 now
  6. If it was the Saints or Falcons then I would say he can go f*ck himself.
  7. Can't blame him, that's good money, + hes putting that old burned out body at risk for further injury that could hinder his quality of life. So go for it, we got the his best years.
  8. My question, Is Boston a better player since he left & is the talent around Boston better NOW then it was when he was here? yeah I know 2015 was the SB year but the following 2 were a mess I'm on board with the signing, in fact I'm pretty happy about it. Seems like we are going all in to win now, or its gets blown up.
  9. I'm on EP 5 I think, it started out good it was different its like a R rated "High School" drama, but I'm losing interest the pace has slowed and I don't give AF about the characters. The acting is good lots of new faces I've never seen before. I think its only 8 EP long so I can hang until the end. The wife really likes it maybe its suited more for chicks....
  10. Why does he have to be depressed or have mental illness? why can't he just decide he doesn't want to play football anymore and go through the rigorous workout and nutrition regimen it takes to play professionally. If he wants to be fat and sell used cars doesn't = f*cked in the head.
  11. Watched the trailer and was able to sell the wife on it so I'll be watching this, trying to catch up on Euphoria at the moment.
  12. Two of his movies I use to watch a lot when I was younger were Blind Fury and Wedlock.
  13. This is so close to me, my wife and I have gone a few times, its nothing really special wondering around in the heat in a hay field eating carnival food, listening to bad cover bands. ( basically like any other festival) I was debating taking my kids for the first time this year just for the experience since its a big thing locally, we opted to do something else instead, when we returned last night our phones were exploding with txts from friends and family thinking we went and if we are ok, scary Woke up this AM to see a 6yr boy killed, that hit home my youngest is 6yr and if we would have went that could of been him its just f*cking brutal Its f*cked up beyond words man. It just seems like so much a deeper problem then to have guns or not, pissed off angry people that want to hurt others will find a way whether with a gun or not.
  14. Daniel Day Lewis couldn't of saved that abomination that was Blade Trinity.
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