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  1. Feels like this is a BOOM or BUST staff experiment I don't know
  2. When I'm doing a long endurance bike ride or difficult climb I'll use a product called Trace Minerals 40,000 Volts Electrolyte Concentrate https://traceminerals.com/40000-volts/ Helps prevent cramping, and I feel i don't have to drink as much water which can cause bloating.
  3. Watched the first one last night, and enjoyed it. Like a lot of shows though keeping that consistency is key I hope it doesn't drop off.
  4. Feel like we traded in our old 1990's beat up pickup truck for a new shiny Tesla cyber truck
  5. Yeah WHY is Hurney still here? Thought this was a complete overhaul tear down rebuild
  6. Yeah Phil Snow makes my dick soft..... Got to believe if the guy was a legit defensive mind he would have found his way to the NFL already and had even minor success. Bring him out of loyalty get him a nice paycheck find something "important" for him to do, but giving him the keys to the defense
  7. I'm on the last Episode of Season 4. I love it. Hard for me to compare it to other seasons because I binged the entire series seasons 1-3 last year so it just seemed like one giant kick ass story. Love the special FX with Amazon behind it vs Sci channel. No Complaints
  8. I'm all in with Rhule and hope its a JJ Harbaugh Carroll moment and NOT another Chip Kelly (that's my fear)
  9. All i have to go off are the Games, am I going to be lost? My wife who knows nothing about it will probably want to punch out then eh?
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