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  1. While we're at it. The Hornets & Hurricanes will make the Playoffs too. SMH.
  2. JakeDel5674

    Should have tanked

    And yes, trading Kemba off of this dreadful team would result in a top 5 pick for sure.
  3. JakeDel5674

    Should have tanked

    So, doing it once and going full retard and picking MKG over Bradley Beal (who I wanted), Drummond, and even Damian Lillard for instance. Means we shouldn't do it again? There's some logic there, I'm sure.
  4. Good read man, thanks.
  5. JakeDel5674

    Hornets Gameday Thread

    TP and Lamb hit some decent shots in the fourth from what I recall. Lamb has come into his own. On another note. Can someone explain to me why Willy is not getting any minutes anymore?
  6. JakeDel5674

    bP Eats Crow on MKG

    I wouldn't call any of this poo in this NBA as "evolution" but yeah. Other than that, you're right.
  7. Just have to pay him well. But, with shitty Rivera making 5 mill per year. It wouldn't be that much more of a raise.
  8. Lincoln fuging Riley. DUHHHHHHHHHHHHHH.
  9. First time in my fandom, I might try to ignore the game today. The team is too talented and the Coaching staff is complete garbage. I'm tired of watching it.
  10. JakeDel5674

    Good Under The Radar Move

    We cool but this move, I can't go with. Fultz reeks of bust dude.
  11. JakeDel5674

    105 points last night!

    Paging Lincoln Riley. Paging Lincoln Riley. Are you there Lincoln? The Carolina Panthers and David Tepper are on line 1, and we would like to pay you around 7 million to leave Oklahoma. Please Lincoln, we have two Hall of Famers on this team. Please come save us, and be innovative on offense. So we never have to see Ron Rivera's moronic ass ever again.
  12. Panthers and Sooners fan, I've accepted that Defense does not exist for the teams I root for.
  13. https://www.pro-football-reference.com/coaches/RiveRo0.htm LOLZ. This doesn't look like a "consistent winner" to me. Looks exactly like an inconsistent HC to me. But, ALRIGHTY.